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This is a nationwide project, but it is being launched from Florida. That is where the 850 bias comes from. Note that there is a state by state activism page on the site here, which links to a page for all 50 states, individually.. It is under construction but I have a few states listed.


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that you publically oppose them...
As they hunt us activist.
Be covert!

Always use a fake facebook name and try to mask your ip even, if whistle blowing on the official departments social media comments section that suffers the corruption. Otherwise, their team using metasploit, will see, and notify the rest of the gang. You must understand these domestic supremacist pagan crime cults are using metasploit to monitor targets phones and computers ( a hacking tool, see kali.org and learn more online readily, from YouTube, free ebooks on Amazon.com etc )

The quickest way for me to find these was with with a Yahoo search BTW for "Wkrg facebook.com.. weartv3 facebook.com..." etc etc..

Vote back in: Surgeon General Dr Joseph Ladapo

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New News April-2024-____-2024

This has replaced the previous "new news" page.

So to recap: The first news page ( Nov/21-__/22 ) is here.

The second page ( __/22-April 4/2024 ) is newnews.html for now.

This page is NewNewNews.html representing April 5/2024-___/2024

Random: http://alltheinternet.com/ is the best for shopping. Never shop on Google. Support small business. Shopping is voting! Help support the non-socialist economy.

New section: My blog section


Jeremiah 23:30 Therefore, behold I am against the prophets, saith the Lord, that steal my words.. every one.. from his neighbour. ( Don't be a poser )

Wednesday May 29, 2024

If I didn't already blow the whistle on this, the Internet Archives ( archive.org ) is under attack. Someone launched a ddos attack against it ( distributed denial of service ) The data is still there ( everything archived ) but it just caused the page to be inaccessible temprarily. The neo nazi's and freemasons both stand to gain from this. Socialist in general hate the internet archives. Please back everything up that I share on here, via them and use YouTube Video Downloaders to archive those og live oklahoma city bombing and 9/11 clips. See if you can find civilians with copies of them as well, and have them pass out copies. Here's the news story: https://blog.archive.org/2024/05/28/internet-archive-and-the-wayback-machine-under-ddos-cyber-attack/

I want to encourage everyone for the rest of this year to make the goals of: being a better Christian, influencing others for the better, taking a better and more effective, loving, and less discriminatory mindstate when preaching to secular people, and... to take your money to non-socialist businesses.. People who are not with fortune 500 companies need your support. America had their small business windows smashed in, and shopping is like voting. I enjoy living a more humble and simple life, where I support other humble non-socialist shops online via herbspedia dot org..

I want to point out again ( I find reiteration necessary to pull off successfully activism ) that people in biblical days lived much longer than they do today Here is the bible verse to back that up: Genesis 7:11 See! People lived WAY longer in Biblical times! This shows that we're being killed by being herded down the path of poisons and complacency.(not doing anything about it) ( I need to check my pharma blog and make sure that I point that out on there, That blog is at: https://stonedaimuser.neocities.org/nbctvnews/pharmaceuticals-are-ungodly-violations-of-the-second-commandment-on-multiple-counts, and is one of my best pieces of work! ) Here is an old bible study guide I need to finish: https://d-dos.angelfire.com/bible-index-(-study-guide-).html, on my Angelfire blog. I love Angelfire. I've been so happy sense being saved by the Lord.

If you tell anyone about this website, make sure you tell them to use a VPN before they access it. Those local hackers getting in your device is a real concern, and I have web-analytics on here that they can exploit. All websites monitor and track ip's so use a VPN!!!

Ecclesiastes 9:18 "Wisdom is better than weapons of war: but one sinner destroyeth much good" Translation in my own words: Wisdom wins wars, above all else, and Gods wisdom is that which does this. and It only takes one sinner to bring bad luck upon an entire vessel. Tony Crisp talks about a similar phenomena with the family, and preaches out when the parents are out of line, their kids will also become influenced by the serpent at the same time as them. Psalm 91:1 Stay in the Secret Place of the Most High God. Please stay active during this time guys. We need to be vigilent and always fighting the enemy. I want us warriors to stay ambitious about the mission. Anything and everything you can do to better yourself and the world, please do during this time. Let being a practicing Christian be the successor that helps us accomplish all of our righteous goals.

I'm not really sure what to share in terms of bible content, so I will just bring bak old stuff that I point out to other people. The few verses below offer more evidence on top of the great flood ( Noah and the Ark ), and Revelation 1:15, that God controls and speaks through the weather ( or can ). There's some other verses that are very comforting ( and true ) as well as about Gods protective nature over his chosen ones.

Psalm 34:7 The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them.

God rescues: Psalm 18:6-7

1 Chronicles 25:1 The importance of music in Christianity. Music is a form of worship. 25:5,6

1 Chronicles 28:9 God searches all hearts, and understands all the imaginations o the thoughts; Seek him and do not forsake him, you have free will.

Job 33:14-18 God speaks in dreams, and visions. among other ways.

Job 38:1 The Lord answered Job out of the "whirlwind"

Psalm 10 God hears and acts

Todays health bit: This is random but some foods that help with dreaming are cilantro, nutmeg, cinnamon, and anything that is generally detoxifying ( spicey foods, soups, etc ).. I want to point out that Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies have Proplyene glycol listed on the ingredients now... It's that same neurotoxic stuff they're putting in thc gummies and vape pens.. I cited the source on here a few times from the National Institute Of Health.. Here it is again: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3366500/ It's also listed in time release tylenol now too. I highly want to encourage everyone to learn about whats in your food, and try to grow your own organic stuff. Potatoes, cilantro, fruit, are the easiest thing in the world to grow, and so are herbs. Start a health garden!. Avoid MSG(monosodium glutimate ( and the wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monosodium_glutamate ), and proplyene glycol, and processed stuff made by fortune 500 companies. I'm sure you've noticed the quality in food go down in price. BTW: MSG is in doritos, taco bell, and a slew of other foods. It kills brain cells. Please only buy from entrepaneurs and not big corporations!! They're trying to destroy small business!

Monday, May 27, 2024.

The Garden Of Eden was near the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. I wonder what ethnobotanicals grow there? I heard rumors of ayahuasca-like plants there, and confirmed them to be true. It says in the bible that the Ark Noah built was made with Acacia wood. It's a fact that various forms of Acacia contain a psychedelic substance called DMT. DMT is connected to both divination and prophecy, as well as the fruit. With Ayahuasca, an MAOI plant is combined with DMT containing plants.. In Mesopotamia(where Eden is believed to be), a MAOI plant called Syrian Rue, which when combined with dmt containing acacia, would also produce a psychedelic experience. Human beings first conversation with God was in that garden the Garden of Eden, and pertained to the eating of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.. Here is the National Geographic documentary with Morgan Freeman in which I am discussing: https://youtu.be/gwIb6S8suSs?si=wDZf2EoyxmEWGZ_l Jewish, Christian, and Muslim traditions, trace us all back to Adam and Eve. Adam and Even can be traced back to the garden of Eden. So this fruit, and that garden, are a big deal when it comes to the formation of religious doctrine. Because all primitive cultures on this planet are tied to religions that are built off of the consumption and influence of various psychedelic, and poisonous plants, we can see the evidence. We can also see the rest of these facts and how they relate. We can see the evidence that the "fruit", was psychedelic/poisonous plants associated with shamanic practices forbidden in Deuteronomy 18, like fortune-telling, divination, necromancy, etc.

May 26, 2024. Sunday

It's been some time sense I have put in new updates on here, so here I go. I wanted a break from this project a while back, and started that new project, herbsPedia, as a result, but I am thinking of moving it to the back burner. I want to keep this project priority, and have it HerbsPedia something I work on here and there.. I want to emphasize the importance of us staying in Gods shelter going from 2024 into 2025. Socialist typically stike around election periods, so expect trouble from them. I'm not saying anything will happen but it may, and we must be prepared. Let us continue to share facts pertaining to history, and expose freemasonry, and psychedelics connection to the occult, and the pharmaceutical agenda. I want to wake the church up to the serpent medical deception(pharmaceutical pharmakeia), and bring back herbal medicine. It's important that you teach other Christians not to discriminate, and not to spread hate. The church needs to find better and more effective ways of ministering to people. Most importantly, we need to continue to influence and make sure that Christians are not following these pagan cults, white supremacist, neo nazi's, freemasons, and other socialist ( they herd ) . Remember to spread the truth about the second commandment and those state sanctioned idols, and continue to fight the good fight, but the way in which God wants it faught, from a place of love, and not discrimination. We live in America, remember that.

If you want to help, please backup all the important clips I share on here related to 9/11 and oklahoma city. You can also help show people the academic sources on elohim city and the attack as well I gotta reupload the police report(but you can find it on the src clerk of courts site), and some other stuff. Another great way to help is to help RJK to get elected. Obviously Trump is bad news, and Biden isn't much better.. JFK was killed for a reason ( and I believe the masons or neo nazi's or some other domestic group did it ) Because they went after JFK, that tells me that RFK is our man. It's critical that we keep them disemboldened and execute a well executed defense plan if they strike again. If the odin brotherhood and freemasons in the SRCSO execute their supremacy operation again, you need not fall for it this time. Freemasons and others(neo nazis) are in police departments and the righteous cops must defend America from them, rather than serve them. Remember that you're with the Cross, not the five pointed star or the serpent on the ambulance. I want to see if the SRCSO continues to drive by or knock as I open my new business this year. If they're doing it to me they'll do it to others. These losery supremacy cults, don't want you to run a business, and the idiots that fall for their social games alwaysa help them destroy their victims. We need government employees to start serving God and stop exalting government and theirselves. It's always a government employee that executes evil thinking that it's good. It's sad that there are police in this world dumb enougnh to baker act people and have them forced on synthetic drugs, and then help the state steal property over cannabis(medicinal herb). Unforunately , the police are the ones helping to destroy America the most. Do not worship them nor serve them. Remember, I link to local news agencies, and I have a playlist on YouTube that I updated frequently for news of 2024 as it happens. Check it out! Those links are above on every page. Tell everyone to use a VPN when viewing this website or any others and warn them about the neo nazis and masons in the SRCSO and DEA that are illegally using metasploit to hack peoples phones. They're stealing money also and after property of people who grow their own pot. They're socialist scum, and think they're the good guys.

Biblical minute: I want to share something from the bible on every new post. I want to remind everyone that the bible says that we give the enemy permission to interfere in our lives. God will allow the enemy to come upon you if you do wrong enough. Jeremiah 11:9-11 is the best example of this. Others include: Luke 22:31-x "Satan has asked permission to sift you like wheat". So do we grant permission for the enemy to rough us up? Yup. Psalm 91:1 "He we dwells in the shelter of the Most High, will abide in the shadow of the Almighty." (NASB by Zondervan) and finally Mark 14:27 "I will strike the sheppherd, and the sheep shall scatter". Pastor Tony Evans talks about this a lot. He says the parents behavior has an impact on their kids in a supernatural way. In other words, if a mom and dad step out of Gods shelter, their kids will be punished by the enemy along with them. Tony Evans states that the parents are what bring stability to the kids, and it is their obedience to God that keeps a hedge of protection over the family as a whole. I see it to be true and can testify that it is true.


I've brought this up before, but I want to reiterate it. I want to squash this stupid satanic propaganda that says the government is controlling the weather.... God controls the weather... While there is such a thing as cloud seeding, God is still the one who controls the weather. From Noah and the Ark and the great flood, to plenty of other verses in scripture, the bible is clear that God both controls the weather, and can speak through it. Revelation 1:15 "and Gods voice is as the sound of many waters". It also tell us in Genesis 9:16 that he set his rainbow in the sky as a symbol of his covenant with man. It also mentions that God spoke to moses in thunder and lightning in some verses. Here's my old angelfire site where I wrote a blog on this https://d-dos.angelfire.com/god-s-voice-as-weather.html Gods voice as the weather! On that note, I want to take this time to promote my Tropics Archiver APP For Windows. It's free and lets you download snapshops of the satellite feeds throughout the day automatically while you're out doing whatever. Also check out the free Desktop Organizer app. Remember VirusTotal.com

Got my meds today, hemp from https://fieldsofhempllc.com up in Oregon family owned. They're way better than these synthetic shops. Zero synthetics. Legal, within the legal limit too. I suggest them for locals for sure. They sell $50 pounds of trim of cbd and lots of strains. Try the pineberry! The rest of that crap will rot your teeth cause brain fog and is way too expensive. Fieldsofhemp is a rare legit hemp company, so many fakes.

SRCSO sissy knocked on our door at 12 playin tough. I called the SRCSO and found out erlemann gets off work at 1am. Gotcha punk, and nothing on my sites changing, and now I'm ramping it up even further. It's either him or someone else Kissick knows. They're pretending to be intimidating again trying to influence me into not doing what I do and I'm not gonna stop. I told the Christian cops and dea I'd get them this intel, and I'm doing it. I'm legal fool. Nice try though. Don't like it tough.

News stories: Salem Satanic Temple Bombed, FBI Investigates Sure they'll help the satanic temple but they woulnd't help me when I had a report of elderly victims being framed as mental patients among many other things... Idiots.., Next story: Satanic temple furthering its inlfuence in schools... They're at it again.. I want to make sure the church is watching these creeps and working against them. Do it without hate though, because you're hate is not Godly. God is love, not hate. Oh!..., and it looks like the local hacker gang is getting ip's from my web analytics and hacking them. They've been hacking the indonesians profiles on social media, and I def believe they're getting those ip's from herbspedia analytics and this one. Make sure locals know to use a VPN and about the hacker op going on around here. It would be nice if we had intelligent people in the government who would work to unstupify the others. OH! and We've had insane amounts of bad weather. RECORD STORMS across the country. Record everything... from temperatures, to storms, to heat waves, and all sorts of other natural phenomena including the northern lights moving down to further south than ever before recently.. Iowa Tornados Reek Destruction NEWS I added more of these to the news playlist on my YouTube as well.

Google "joe coleman stole kratom 850" You'll find this site on the first page of Google. Google "srcso drug theft ring kratom 850" top of page one. (feeling accomplished) =) Praise GOD! Sticking it to the arrogant, hateful, self exalted, unGodly, and cruel. and if you google "srcso edens ethnos kratom" you'll find my other page herbspedia on page one at the top! Man I feel so accomplished. I was right about not submitting the page to Google it seems to have combatted their oppression campaign(traffic reduction) If you google "srcso odin brotherhood" you'll see my diaspora post exposing the odin brotherhood. If you google "srcso odin brotherhood 850" you'll find "real news" on there. Spread the word.

April 3rd the srcso drove by, and on April 29th. Not taking anything down or playing into your manipulation. Ads stay, my business is still being launched this year, and everything I'm doing, will continue. One knocked last night at 12 am I think it was Erlemann. He gets off work at 1am so it is likely. It's not gonna work or change anything. Ima just ramp things up and still start my shop as planned.

I love Psalm 91:1 He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High, will abide.. in the shadow of the Almighty...
For it is HE who delivers you from the snare of the trapper and from the deadly pestilence, and he alone

For locals interested I am blowing the whistle on legal plants that contain controlled substances. The corrupt(specifically) authorities think they can single people out, and target people who are participating in their democracy (being influential, an activist, political participations and petitioning), and discriminate so now I am going to push their buttons even more. It also exposes the satanic "entheogen" agenda, so this is a good thing times 10. The Occult ( freemasons, neo nazi's, supremacist, wiccans, etc ) do NOT want this information to get out to the right people, especially Christians. So here I am exposing it. That website again is herbspedia DOT ORG as in HERBS PEDIA ( like Wikipedia ). Any Christian DEA and L.E. that are interested, it's good info. I back everything up with academic sources. I'm going to go through the pages and add more disclaimers and bible verses. The information is non-bias. I still promote this page on local social media pages and have regular visitors. I post them on my social media every now and then. 850.NEWS has never had so many return local visitors. Consider the new herbspedia project part of this project, just from a different url. I want all Christians across the country to understand this serpent medical agenda going on. I used to want to study chemistry in school but never did and I am glad. I'm torn between two worlds, having an interest in medicine pharmacology, but also knowing that the serpent has a side in this industry as well.. There's medicine, and then there's sorcery. The two are closely related, as there's a line, and when one crosses that line, you're leaning into the occult realm of sorcery. Definition: The administration of drugs, medicines, and poisons, in association with idolatry, and the magical arts. I am sorry I have been slacking on news. I just get so tired of the same thing sometimes and wanted to mix things up. I'm still starting up a business this year when I sell my old domain botanical guides ( it's for sale for $1,310 ) I want to keep it small and plan to pay taxes on it. I want to remind Christians to talk to others in the church about being hateful to other religions or outsiders. The bible says love thy enemy. God is love, and I want to encourage Christians to not be hateful, be loving. You have not been commanded to spread hate and discrimination. It doesn't matter if they're in the wrong religion or if they're a dirt bag. If they're an American citizen they have rights. Don't you dare violate them. If you have issues with the SRCSO, don't call them, go straight to God first, and then the DOJ justice.gov civil rights division

Some whimpy SRCSO deputy drove by on April 3rd for the first time in a long time.

I just want to call out favortism(supremacy)[aka cheating] going on some more. Some sellers get bullied by government officials for selling morning glory seeds and related seeds(hbwr and ololiqui), and others don't get messed with at all... Here's Sheffields Seeds openly telling people that the seeds contain LSA, a controlled substance similar to LSD. I have found to this day, still in existence, shops openly telling people these seeds are barely legal and contain illegal LSA and they're having no problems with the law. I don't get paid for mentioning these shops, nor am I affiliated. I merely mention them to prove a point, and that is that these things are not illegal, and discrimination exist(and persist). Facts, nor the seeds, nor the plants are not illegal, and that means not illegal for everyone. They are only illegal when the intent to manufacture a scheduled substance and the processes come together ( that is illegal ). I am baffled that the government has allowed it for all these years. Not that I want to see more prohibition, but it shows something suspecious going on behind the scenes, and I believe it originates from the heights of academia, specifically coming out of pharmacology ( medical/phytochemistry/ethnobotany/ethnopharmacology ). I think scholars and chemist want these plants legal, and people to stop talking about them, because they're secretly free-basing drugs from them. Their legality enables the black market to operate much easier.

April 8, 2024 4:20 Monday

I feel really guilty about a lot of stuff in the past. That's a good thing I guess. I repent to this day. Things have been so nice. I pray for Gods will to be done with the hemp market thing in Florida, and for recreational to be legal soon, it will be on the november ballot in 2024 as the supreme court approved it. Anyway. I'm liking this fresh new, "new news" page for 850.news... I will start focusing more on this project. It seems to upset God when I vear away from it and focus too much on selfish ambition. oh and "there shall not be found among you", means online too. block and unfollow.

Welcome to the NEW, NEW NEWS page representing April 5/2024 on.

Updates soon.

Random, cool documentary about Finding The Garden Of Eden.
YouTube link here

I'll be adding a blog on this on "herbsPedia" soon. Exposing scopolamine. Scopolamine is a diabolical dilerant psychoactive drug slash deadly poison that's used as a mind control drug to rape and rob victims in Columbia. The drug erases the victims memory of the crime as well. It can also kill. It is said the smell of the drug alone is enough to hypnotize a victim. It is found in Datura, Henbane, Mandrake, and Atropa Bella Donna. It is 100% LEGAL in the USA. Law makers are uninformed about the nature of drugs and medicine. They and the FDA are jokes. Jokes that arent funny. Kids have died from trying to get high on Datura. I am also linking to a vice documentary on this drug below. Ima add some academic citations to this post as well.

scopolamine blog of mine from BG A very thorough blog, and good intel for law enforement and DEA, even civilians. Not too many are aware that there's a drug worse than date rape, and it is legal in the USA and has already killed teenagers. Even I am against it, that bad. ( lol )

Vice documentary: Worlds Scariest Drug (scopolamine, devils breath) Vice Documentary Here

Great news story on the deadly plant: https://youtu.be/3cIRVsbkQ4M?si=nBe__sdi-xN6vkbr

https://youtu.be/u12SZAyMp54?si=y-m-n53sxTb6Hmjb is another great video on the subject.

https://www.ojp.gov/ncjrs/virtual-library/abstracts/jimsonweed-datura-stramonium Proof the government knows, but doesn't care.

#scopolamine #pharmacology #ethnopharmacology #phytochemistry #ethnobotany

More Academic Sources:

House, R. E. (1931). The use of scopolamine in criminology. Am. J. Police Sci., 2, 328.

Balmus, I. M., & Ciobica, A. (2017). Main plant extracts’ active properties effective on scopolamine-induced memory loss. American Journal of Alzheimer's Disease & Other Dementias®, 32(7), 418-428.

Scholtz, S., MacMorris, L., Krogmann, F., & Auffarth, G. U. (2019). Poisons, drugs and medicine: on the use of atropine and scopolamine in medicine and ophthalmology: an historical review of their applications. J. Eye Stud. Treat, 1, 51-58.

Alizadeh, A., Moshiri, M., Alizadeh, J., & Balali-Mood, M. (2014). Black henbane and its toxicity–a descriptive review. Avicenna journal of phytomedicine, 4(5), 297.

More at:


Florida is about to legalize recreational Marijuana and ban synthetic delta8, hhc, etc, PRAISE THE LORD! Finally some justice. https://www.politico.com/news/2024/04/01/florida-supreme-court-approves-ballot-measure-to-legalize-recreational-marijuana-00150018 Pray for Desantis to do the right thing.

DOJ Get Justice For African American Victims Praise God

Kratom legalization in indiana https://youtu.be/9l5GaOrfnOg?si=ksOjLOdmwPfuyuR3 America wins Again! Thank you God!