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1) Britney spears:
"Sleep with me I'm not too young" reverse speech
[ academic search here ]

Reverse speech tool free

2) Mickey mouse ( wicked 666 )
3) Taylor swift symbolism ( 5 serpents, concert amnesia )
4) Freemasonic drug cartels ( on FACEBOOK )
5) Aladdin indoctrination ( familiar spirits, LOA )
6) It's All Too Much (Beatles)
7) Pedophilia in "Back To The Future"

I want to start this page off with a great sermon by this dude named Scott Mayer(cool name dude) This is one of the dudes from my current favorite Christian talk show, called "LED". Apparently he is a teacher on the side, and a Christian teacher at that. I love how he exposes Disney. is the url for the video below.

You can download this video and others using:,,,, Search

Reverse Speech Brittney Spears
"Sleep with me I'm not too young"

All I did to find this was I typed "brittney spears 'sleep with me I'm not too young' reverse speech" and it came up. I prefer to use alt-search engines for stuff like this, because it seems that Google tends to oppress them ( from my experience )... Here is an example search on a search engine I love to use when looking for stuff like this, because it is the type of stuff Google doesn't want you to see ( imo ) While you can find this stuff on Google, it is much more challenging to do so often-times. For the official music video click here. is the URL. This is the segment specific version, and 1 of many online. A search for "one more time reverse" rendered the most results. Here are 5 more url's to the same video on different channels: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4, and 5. Please always be a patriot and back these up. The socialist def are working to whipe them off the internet, and they don't like the internet archives and entrepaneurs. If you have the money, FIGHT THEM. Note that they are sneaky and don't play by the rules. This post was inspired by this awesome episode of Light Exposing Darkness (

URL Below:
Full song in reverse. "Hit me baby one more time"
( "Sleep with me I'm not too young" in reverse )

Mickey upside down is "wicked"
(Mickey reflects wicked)
Also "666" can be seen..
( It's in the video where both "mickey"
and the reflection below it are visible.
There are three six's in that video )

mickey wicked
URL to Image here

To illustrate further what has been right in front of your face all these years/decades, look at the results rendered from this search ( Look at Mickeys sorcery cap and magick wand! ) "Mickey mouse magic" search on, one of my favorite search engines of all time. Google is good for news ( but not for shopping ). I don't shop on Gab ads either, or faebook ads because they are controlled socialist markets, not in favor of the little guy. AllTheInternet is best for conspiracy stuff and shopping for non-fortune 500 shops(the little guy!).

The 666 is in the video below.
Mickey and reflection of "wicked"

Notice the date ( 4-3 [=7!] )

This can be thought of as electronic hypnotic subliminal programming of a human being
(human beingS rather, as it is being done on a mass scale)
The original Gab post is here

You can download this video and others using:,,,, Search

Taylor swift

I've been trying to expose a lot of in your face symbolism lately. Here's a new great post on serpent symbolism and the number 5 with Taylor swift, Gab Post Here. 5 = grace/death in numberology. In this case death. 5 pointed star... police wear it.. "biblical numerics". I came from the occult so I love exposing them. THERE ARE FIVE SNAKES IN THIS PHOTO. Via: #taylorswift A clip from the actual performance is here: biblical numerics:

All of the numbers on the page using the pythagorean method tally up to 16, 1+6=7 Vlad has the full story here on Taylor swift and satanic crap in the music industry : Don't get sucked into divination by going too far with the number thing. I merely show it to illustrate that these things are real and exist. The occult loves to hide the truth in plain sight. Here are a few other post as of late I don't want the right peopel to miss. They illustrate subliminal symbolism:, and then the second one:, and the third one:, a fourth one:, and this fifth one illustrates the X symbolism oh and twitter is now calling itself "x".. Again, X in Pythagorean numberology = X [fox=xxx, xxx=666]. Remember any time you see an upside down five pointed star, it is the official satanic star, and 5 means death. They're all satanic, but the upside down one belongs to the church of satan. Finally, the main post on Gab is backed up on the internet archives here

5 Pointed satanic Star On Wizard Of Oz

This is a really good example of a covert sigil in the background that acts as a subliminal charm, and de-sensitization device. It gets the victim used to the presence of this symbol, thus getting them used to whats behind the symbol being around, and being normalized. It's indoctrination. is the original Gab post that I made on this. It's a screenshot from the movie "the wizard of oz", where Dorothy is visiting the phoney psychic. We can also see the republican party symbol using upside down satanic five pointed stars. Some have laughed at the idea that that's what those symbols are... and yet... that's what those symbols are...

Remember what the bible says about stars? They represent angels!(ministering spirits) [ Revelation 1:20 "and the mystery of the seven stars which thou sawest is now revealed unto thee, the seven stars represent the seven angels of the seven churches ] and also remember what the bible says about things made in the likeness of that which is in the heavens above? In Exodus 20:4-xx? ( like the sun, moon, stars, etc ) ? A 5 pointed star, no matter which way it is pointed, is made in the likeness of that which is in the heavens above, which makes it a clear violation of the second commandment. Pagan religions associated planetary objects with pagan dieties, and God does not like anything made in the likeness of anything in the heavens because of this.

Freemasonic symbolism found on illegal drug ring profiles..
that are cheating...
getting protection from friends at social media..

2016 and Trumpism brought with it a suspecious rise in occult branded shops, shops that tend to lean towards herbalism(over the counter pharma) and ethnobotany(modern slang term used to soften the blow for "witchcraft"(it means witchcraft 99% of the time)) These shops seem to have emerged in the wake of the destruction of other businesses ( businesses that were sabotaged out of business by freemasonic gangs, neo nazi's, and other supremacist cults ) Freemasonic occult symbolism on lots of these illegal drug ring profiles that seem to be getting favortism from both social media and the government. strange. almost as if some sort of organization full of cheaters has woven its way in with the police departments, medical, political, and even military... ... . could it be the... FREEMASONS!?!?!?!

Here are three Gab post that I made to illustrate this. I will pull from them for this post. Here they are: Post one, Post two, and finally Post three. Here are the images that I am using as examples: screenshot of masonic/psilocybin operation

Aladdin (Disney)


Aladdin depicts a young thief who befriends a demon ( basically ) a "Genie in a lamp" and the symbolism depicts a familiar spirit(the Genie) that does favors for its master, the human that worships it and serves it. The two are "friends". This is what witchcraft is about at its core, the befriending of familiar spirits, who just happen to be Gods enemies. So this is occult indoctrination right here, on a subliminal level.

At 34 minutes in the movie above, Disney introduces to kids a genie in a lamp that grants wishes("manifesting" law of attraction prep/magick prep) So it is a demon that serves you, so long as you serve it , and worship it unknowingly. This is how familiar spirits work in the occult. Robin williams does the character of the genie. The genie makes hoe's appear for him, and wealth(money) "you aint never had a friend like me". Notice the martial arts symbolism, at the very start of the song.

The story is about a thief who befriends a familiar spirit that makes him lies, so he can loveth those lies , and get what he wants. ("and whosoever maketh and loveth a lie") The serpent at work. Disney is enchantment. Enchantment is being spell-bound, or undergoing the recieving of a spell(an intangible hypnotic seductive influence from familiar spirits or anything physical as well really, in this case tantilizing graphical arts/entertainment equipped with strong symbolic subliminal suggestions geared towards kids just before puberty hits) ie supernatural and or natural manipulation. So enchantment works by both natural and supernatural means. Your kids imagination can open supernatural doors though. Whats a genie?

The following two videos are NOT by me! ( not my work! )

In the video below they illustrate how one person is usually behind a big artist. Like this Max Martin character who wrote that Britney spears song ( or supposedly channeled it rather ). He "writes songs" for lots of artist, and has tons of number one top hits under his belt. Just to see what the community is saying about this topic, I did an internet search on I don't see a whole lot of in your face proof or evidence that this writer is into automatic-writing, but I know it exist, and celebrities have been known to embrace this. For example Coolio makes an interesting comment in an interview about his song "Gangsters paradise".[should start at 3 minutes 4 second mark] I feel I provided more evidence here than Scott from LED BUT automatic-writing is a real thing and it does exist.

The Beatles

The Beatles were obsessed with a man named Aleister Crowley, who was a British occultist(Ozzy ozbourne mentioned him in some of his songs, "oh mr crowley"). The man called himself "the beast". He was an open satanist as well. His face can been seen on the artwork for "Yellow Submarine". The lyrics to some of their songs doesn't even need to be played in reverse to hear the subliminal contents.. For example, the song " It's all too much ", is quite blunt. It's like a type of subliminal message that is hidden in plain sight. The song is portrayed with a positive uplifting vibe, but the lyrics are dark and suicidal in nature, "It's all too much for me to take". All too often this is how it is done. The enemy knows that no one looks for hidden secrets in plain sight, so he hides them there. Plus they can be dismissed as silly conspiracy theories. Casting doubt is one of Satans most effective weapons.

Pedophilia in "Back To The Future"

In this scene, the little boy standing next to dude and his old lady on the train, makes a "come hither" motion with his finger, and then points to his crotch.. This is one of those 'over the top' finds, that no one can deny. Even the biggest skeptics have no way to down play this clear subliminal message slipped into a Walt Disney movie and placed in front of kids and adults alike, in the same room together.

Here is that clip again on and again [ archived here ] and here it is again on Unfortunately, there is a covert attack on this type of content being posted online. Google has purchased YouTube and is turning it into the new cable television.... To quiet whistle blowers ( even just people who point out these subliminal messages, because Disney is fortune 500 and pointing out the hidden symbolism in the movies is anti-fortune 500 so.. ).. They are policing YouTube and Google for this reason, and to boost fortune 500 profits while hurting the little guy, and entrepaneurs who were the victims of hate crimes during the planned-demic... The enemy waged war through his masonic organizations and other pagan crime cults. Supremacy, and media is a way to enchant, seduce, and herd the population, so the enemy is making use of that.

This is a form of enchantment or witchcraft. TeleVISION. TV puts you in an alpha brainwave state which makes you open to suggestibility or "programming".

Academic sources:

Citation: Walker, James L. "Changes in EEG rhythms during television viewing: Preliminary comparisons with reading and other tasks." Perceptual and Motor Skills 51.1 (1980): 255-261.

Krugman, Herbert E., and Eugene L. Hartley. "Passive learning from television." Public Opinion Quarterly 34.2 (1970): 184-190.

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This is a nationwide project, but it is being launched from Florida. That is where the 850 bias comes from. Note that there is a state by state activism page on the site here, which links to a page for all 50 states, individually.. It is under construction but I have a few states listed.


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