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Site being updated daily lately! Having issue with analytis tracking code above, reached out to them and am awaiting response from their customer service. Will have it fixed eventually!

This is a nationwide project, but it is being launched from Florida. That is where the 850 bias comes from. Note that there is a state by state activism page on the site here, which links to a page for all 50 states, individually.. It is under construction but I have a few states listed.


I have a unique and original message to share with the church. I have been oppressed by the mainstream social media services and Google(YouTube), but that won't stop me. I am here to correct the disinformation that is pandemic level within the church today. I want to encourage everyone to: use a dictionary, thesaurus, and remember the bible was translated from Hebrew. Look up the original Hebrew words and their meanings and remember that in Hebrew, and word can be both singular and plural. Use multiple translations of the bible, and check each word used in the various translations, to get a better idea of what they mean. I am passionate about educating, and am taking up my time to become a teacher as of 2024. I did a little teaching in 2021 through my Angelfire blog, but am finishing where I left off with it today! Keep in mind, I often make my sources clickable, so you can click the word off underlined segment of a sentence to be taken to its source. I will cite them at the bottom of the page as well, and otherwise just insert them as I go.

Let's go over that bible study advise again...

  • Seek God for answers
  • Use a dictionary(look at all definitions)
  • Don't folow the crowd just to follow
  • Use a thesaurus(find alternative words)
  • Remember translations are not perfect
  • Question teachers(test the spirits!)
  • Be original
  • Note that Hebrew words can be plural and singular..
  • Take the book as a whole
  • Expect others to not know what they're talking about.

  • While I have exposed this here and there throughout my websites, I want to make a more thorough blog specifically on the topic. I want to expose how most of the church is being misled by satan(Narrow is the way, Great flood(Noah and the Ark), and his pagan cults, ie freemasons, etc. God is against pharmaceuticals and everything to do with them, especially those graven images(sigils; occult symbols; charms;) tied to false Greek/Egyptian gods that the freemasons worship and serve to this day.. "Sorceries" in the bible is not talking about recreatioanl pot, or kratom(if the context is not unGodly anyway), etc...(those are God made seed bearing herbs, and yes they are there for you to use) It is talking about pharmaceuticals(an American idol, tied with graven images[medical caduceus(similar to the swastika, exodus 20:4) and false gods(hermes trigsmagistus and asclepious), and violations of the second commandment on numberous counts) They are violations on multiple counts because 1) they are a copy or immitation of chemicals that God already made, ones they told you were bad so they could maximize their profits, and herd the church to their pharmakeia sorceries. and 2) they are tied to the medical caduceus, which is a graven occult image with serpents on it, and a staff of a pagan god(hermes trigsmagistus and asclepius) Like the swastika, this pagan charm(idol) is bad news. Don't pump faith into it, or bow down to it, or serve it. Pharma's are ripped off from Gods design. Fentanyl for eample, is made in the likeness of that which is already in the opium poppy. God doesn't like this copying and trying to steal faith and praise that belongs to him, and the deceptions that come with it. It is idolatry.. It makes it where man gets praise, science gets praise, and credit for the drugs, but not God. God made opiates, not serpent medical folks. SCIENCE IS AN IDOL They are GOD POSERS. They wanna be like God. That's what this end times deception is all aboutt, humans trying to be like God. They wanna be their own creators and don't wanna give God credit or do things his way. They wanna do things their way.

    The story above is one example. My grandma was medically murdererd as well, from a nearly identical experience. The Santa Rosa County Sheriffs office helped, and is or was running protection for these places. The department probably took credit for my blowing the whistle. MOST police want praise and worship, don't give it to them. They don't deserve it for one because they are not God. Why are so many people ignorant enough to believe dope is medicine and seed bearing herbs are dope? Anyway, here's some more about the Florida surgeon general calling out the FDA and the covid-shots that are linked to cancer and death: https://youtu.be/oD345Ln-nbw?si=z7yXORATLRlPANIu and to further illustrate the murder going on in serpent medical here are more mainstream news articles: CNN "Man with vaccine sided effects warns against it", Inside Edition "Paramedic used eye drops to poison wife", NBC News "California doctor arrested for poisoning husband", Nurse poisoned patients at Stockport hospital, Medical student accused of poisoning wife, BBC Nurse poisoned babies with insulin, and there are tons more. Look for mainstream authoritative news via this search Oh.. and I TOLD YOU. This is mainstream news, yet it doesn't seem like the word has gotten out enough.. and it is because people who don't use the internet are not informed on the same level as those who rely on the nightly news(assuming you use authoritative sources). Tons of stories go un-noticed. Check the archives! Here is an entire documentary on medical murder

    Pharmaceuticals are modern occult alchemy, and they come from the knowledge of the forbiden tree from Genesis. Science(knowledge) is mans attempt at being God-like, and the occult is just the deeper spiritual science(knowledge) side of that(deceptions built on demonic communion). God said no for a reason. Science also works by observation and conclusions based on those observations..., so it is not full proof at discovering the blueprints of reality, because it only measures that which can be observed, and can not touch that which can not be observed. There's the visible and then there's the invisible. Science is not God, it is mans quest to be LIKE-GOD(philosophers stone). Sorcery is from the Greek "pharmakeia", where both pharmaceutical and pharmakos(medical genocide), both derive from. Nazi's in WWII framed victims as mental patients and murdered them. Nazis drugged their troops on pharmaceutical grade methamphetamines as well(video source, academic sources). This is witchcraft(sorcery, pharmakeia), poisonings and the use of drugs for manipulative purposes. The same thing is happening with cannabis(hemp products are being poisoned with PG AND), Cannabis has been sparyed with paraquat / agent orange by government and corporations, to proplyene glycol being added to "hemp" products. I am in the mood to minister. I am not here to tell people lies. Ouja boards are not ok , nor are tarot cards, etc etc. but the church is being misled big time. I am here to call it out. Hate all you want. I will provide citations of academic origins and cite the bible. I will update this blog as I create it. Here is another scholarly search on alchemy.

    Links: https://www.getty.edu/news/potions-and-poisons-classical-ancestors-of-the-wicked-witch/


    Fentanyl vs God-made opioids.

    MSG kills braincells and causes health problems! It's in Taco-bell, doritoz, yellow rice, and other processed foods. It's very bad for you and should be illegal. Cannabis protects cells and kills cancer cells, and msg in food kills them. We see what the law is doing. Health and wellness are illegal or grey area(unpopular). MSG is also ILLEGAL in some countries

    Academic sources for Cannabis protecting cells and killing cancer cells:

    Pellati, Federica, et al. "Cannabis sativa L. and nonpsychoactive cannabinoids: their chemistry and role against oxidative stress, inflammation, and cancer." BioMed research international 2018 (2018).

    [1] Shrivastava, A., Kuzontkoski, P. M., Groopman, J. E., & Prasad, A. (2011). Cannabidiol induces programmed cell death in breast cancer cells by coordinating the cross-talk between apoptosis and autophagy. Molecular cancer therapeutics, 10(7), 1161-1172.

    [2] Semlali, A., Beji, S., Ajala, I., & Rouabhia, M. (2021). Effects of tetrahydrocannabinols on human oral cancer cell proliferation, apoptosis, autophagy, oxidative stress, and DNA damage. Archives of Oral Biology, 129, 105200.

    scholar.google.com academic sources on MSG

    I will update this blog more as it is not finished!

    Romans 1:20 "20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse"

    Revelation 18:23 "For thy merchants were the great men of the earth, for by thy sorceries(poisonings,pharmakeia,science, scientific advancements) were all nations deceived."

    CDC stats show us how dangerous pills and pharma's are. The CDC tried to cover this up but I pulled it up on the wayback machine. I was linking to this source from my blog and they removed my citation. This is why I encourage folks to backup academic facts and use that waybak machine to do it.

    Prescription Opioid Painkillers and the Epidemic of Drug Abuse and Overdose:
    - Drug overdose was the leading cause of injury death in 2013.
    - - Among people 25 to 64 years old, drug overdose caused more deaths than motor vehicle traffic crashes.
    - There were 43,982 drug overdose deaths in the United States in 2013. Of these, 22,767 (51.8%) were related to prescription drugs.
    - Every day in the United States, 44 people die as a result of prescription opioid overdose. 44*365=16,060 per year people die from opioid-pills. (2015) (zero died from Cannabis, Khat, Kratom, or even Coca. etc.)

    These stats from: CDC website

    So the CDC tried to cover up some truth in the form of stats, by deleting a page on their website. I first noticed this when I linked to this page from my blog at botanicalGuides.com , where I cited gov stats, to show a correlation between death and violent crime rising, directly following Marijuana prohibition, and how pills have contributed as well to rising death and violent crime stats... The CDC removed the page... or someone at the CDC rather, the web guy/gal... I believe they have an extensive cyber team(the socialist). Socialist operate like covert pirates, remember that. They sneak on board and sabotage the ship, an safety of its crew.

    Proof: removed link: https://cd.gov/drugoverdose/data/overdose.html# same link on the internet archives: https://web.archive.org/web/20150410030937/https://www.cdc.gov/drugoverdose/data/overdose.html# Notice this is from 2015, right before the attacks by socialist regimes across the country. Please save and archive these yourself. I recently reached out to the CDC to get thier response about this and to inform them and hopes they'll spread the word ( talk ) . Here are the screenshots: 1) deleted page 2) "Oops! Page not found" cdc site.. 3) Me emailing the CDC 4) Email confirmation ( working on it now ) I will add the response when it arrives, and make a note at the top of this and the main page. I've pinned this post. My pinned post rotate. If it is pinned, I find it significant and wwant people to see it in large numbers. and talk about it. CDC: Pirate on board, red team go.

    #cdc #pharma #stats #coverups #intenet-arhives


    Local news sources for 850 (official websites):

    Eglin News  Hurlburt News
    WUWF  WFGX  PNJ  NWFl Daily
    Fl Press  MyNWFl.com
    NorthEscambia.com  Navarre Press
    FBI.gov/NEWS  Justice.gov/NEWS
    Defense.gov/NEWS  NPR.org  PBS.ORG
    AJ News  Vice.com  FBI  Justice.gov
    Rolland Martin D.D.S.  SSRNews.com
    LED[Light Exposing Darkness]

    Official social media pages: Why keep up with these? To stay informed, as having all the puzzle pieces makes it way easier and faster for you to solve the puzzle. Think of the truth like Wheel Of Fortune. You don't need every letter, just enough of them in the right places, in order to solve the puzzle.

    WKRG Facebook, WEARTV3 Facebook, FOX Ten News Facebook,
    WUWF Facebook, NPR Facebook, The Weather Channel Facebook
    ECSO Facebook, SRCSO Facebook, OCSO Facebook, WCSO Facebook.

    Always heed my warnings below.
    Expect trouble if you make it known,
    that you publically oppose them...
    As they hunt us activist.
    Be covert!

    Always use a fake facebook name and try to mask your ip even, if whistle blowing on the official departments social media comments section that suffers the corruption. Otherwise, their team using metasploit, will see, and notify the rest of the gang. You must understand these domestic supremacist pagan crime cults are using metasploit to monitor targets phones and computers ( a hacking tool, see kali.org and learn more online readily, from YouTube, free ebooks on Amazon.com etc )

    The quickest way for me to find these was with with a Yahoo search BTW for "Wkrg facebook.com.. weartv3 facebook.com..." etc etc..

    Vote back in: Surgeon General Dr Joseph Ladapo

    Kennedy24.com  FlSenate.gov  Legiscan.com
    uflib.ufl.edu/find/databases/  scholar.google.com  Jstor.org
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    congress.gov/members  OpenPolice.org  FlexYourRights.org

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    DerekPrince.com  TonyCrisp.org

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