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This page is under construction and really isn't anything here YET.

You're going to see ALL the evidence my friend.

State By State Activism

Quick note: Here is a DOJ Hate Map by state via Justice.gov, showing the most infested area's of the country. I am going to start working on those states first. Please do your part and spread the word about what you learn here, and call, email, and write your representatives and even those in washington, not just your state. Spread this truth by word of mouth, or in person. Know that I have evidence that local neo nazi's in my area are using something called Metasploit to spy on victims, it comes with kali linux at kali.org and there are tutorials online on how to use it. They are also known to gangstalk activist and journalist, and are in police and medical. I tell you this so you can protect yourself from gangstalking. Be discrete, but effective. Get organized, and remain peaceful. Our goal is to get through to the righteous folks in Government, because not all of them are bad, and a lot of them are just being distracted and manipulated. We gotta hold nazis accountable and get them out of our land.

Get involved.

I work on this page a little at a time. It's a lot of work. Always check back later.

Check the Department Of Justice's Hate Crime Database (By State)

Important: This page is new, and these are being constructed. I share them on my socials.

Alabama | Alaska | Arizona | Arkansas

California | Colorado | Connecticut

Delaware | Florida | *Georgia*

Hawaii | Idaho | Illinois

Indiana | Iowa | Kansas

Kentucky | Louisiana | Maine

Maryland | Massachusetts | Michigan

Minnesota | Mississippi | Missouri

Montana | Nebraska | *Nevada*

New Hampshire | New Jersey | New Mexico

*New York* | North Carolina | North Dakota

Ohio | *Oklahoma* | Oregon

Pennsylvania | Rhode Island | South Carolina

South Dakota | Tennessee | *Texas*

*Utah* | Vermont | Virginia

*Washington* | West Virginia | Wisconsin


They are attacking small business in general. Nazi site's like "nobodyhasthe.biz" are a dead give-away. They even tell you in their URL "nobody has the business.." Neo nazi website's are all over the internet. These groups exist, and yet the public and law enforcement, as well as our politicians and even news media, seem to be obsessed over other issues that are not as important as ridding these sabatuers from our land and government.

Phones are the least censored form of communication, so I suggest calling. I would email, write, and spam their social media pages with truth and real news as well. Feel free to share my link to this website all over the place It is Jehovah.agency and type up a quick blerb to go with it. Alternatively, any url I use forwards to: this url so bookmark that one.