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Last update: Jan 27, 2024

revelation 911 regarding the beast images
See also: Definition of worship [ Original Gab Post Here ]

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As of Dec 15, the page below has 3 or 4 embedded YouTube videos and a handful of images. My goal is to inform the public and government officials who may not know these things. I assume not too many are aware of the graven image phenomena, and that a lot probably think the witchcraft-demic is a hoax. It is NOT a HOAX, it is REAL NEWS. Commense operation "Real News".

Identifying hate symbols, A guide for investigators

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I have put together or am putting together, a "field guide", so to speak, for investigators, vigilantes, and all other forms of patriots and activist. It includes symbols used by neo nazi's, white supremacist, and other supremacist groups, incluing the freemasons, and other occult groups. These groups are all involved in forms of cheating(supremacy), and other organized-criminal enterprises, like stealing drugs, poisoning products, framing patriots, and intimidating journalist, activist, entrepreneurs, and whistle blowers, as well as investigators(so I would imagine).


Remember to use discernment when using the searches below. Look for authoritative sites or actual people who engage in these cults, and there you can learn their symbols for investigative purposes.

Graven images: pagan symbols[google search],
List Of Occult Symbols On Wikipedia,
craftofwicca.com wiccan symbols,
dogpile.com search "germanic pagan symbols"


The best place to learn hate symbols is Gab. Follow all the nazi social profiles ( I am sorry I block them, can't deal with the trolling ) but if you work for the FBI or GOV watch them, obviously. I know that regular non-scholarly internet searches are not scholarly, but in this case they make a great tool for finding and learning pagan and nazi symbols because these groups often list their websites and social media groups publicly online, and you can see their symbolism there. Follow pagans on social media too! You can spot them by their idols and their symbols. Where there is witchcraft, there is nazism and supremacy. Remember that! They go together! I suggest using Dogpile.com to look for nazi and white supremacy sites online, then you can learn their symbolism, archive the pages for evidence purposes with The Internet Archive Save Tool, and we can be one step ahead of the idiots at all times. Never throw away a URL As a public service and assistance to the feds, I will compile a list of the url's below but I won't link to them. You can cut and paste.

Use your discernment as you skim through the search results and look for authoritative, some are there. Here's an image search for germanic pagan symbols. Keep in mind neo nazi groups will sport these, as will white supremacist groups. They are identifying marks and you should know how to recognize them as a patriot and whistle blower or whatever role you take. I'm here to inform.

I use jstor.org and google scholar and .edu's for my academic sourcing.

Pagan symbols are tied to neo nazism and white supremacy.[academic source: | Citation: Kurlander, Eric. "Hitler's monsters: The occult roots of Nazism and the emergence of the Nazi 'supernatural imaginary'." German History 30.4 (2012): 528-549.]

These groups often stem from pagan cults, and have pagan origins[like the nazi's and their idol the swastika[a graven image]]. They may claim offense to this, but these cults often don't recognize evil, and the Christian and Jewish people, as well as minorities, are all under attack. Prayer has been banned from school, and the church is under attack. They are the culprits. They are serving satan.

Remember to look through the images on my social media because I post interesting finds there as I discover them. They are all hidden in plain sight. The saying " If it were a snake it would have bit you", comes to mind.

Occult Symbols:

These symbols are tied to hate groups and supremacy! Learn them please!
Remember occult symbols and hate groups/terrorism go hand and hand. The odin brotherhood and neo nazism are tied, the nazis and pagan "religions" are tied ( I call them cults ). These symbols are key for investigators to understand because they are identifying marks of those we need to be watching, because of their affiliation with terrorist organizations and mass genocide throughout history. I share the evidence all throughout this site that this is so with credible sourcing..

Ankh - egyptian(supremacist) symbol, some pagans consider it a spirit of "lust swelling within you". It is a demonic graven image.

https://www.nps.gov/afbg/learn/historyculture/ankh.htm Freemasons love the Egyptians and want to be like them. They are a supremacist organization and pull secretive favortism. This is a graven image [exodus 20:4-xx]




You need to know about the skull and cross bones. It is linked to pirates, the skull and bones secret society ( a nazi cult ) , and nazi's from WWII, as well as the occult. Can you spot the nazi graven image below? Try to develop an eye for these things. We need covert civilian informants.

wikipedia skull and bones nazi  wikipedia nazi symbol skull and bones

Check out the skull and crossbones symbol on nazi helmets from WWII

Notice the smiliarity to pirate symbolism:

Interesting, local highschool emblem:

The Navarre High School Baseball team also sports pirate/nazi symbolism: See my Gab post on that here: https://gab.com/Lightnings/posts/111593243093340692 Feel free to copy and paste the post, or paste the link to it on your social, or simply repost it on Gab. Please participate in this information war. Here is a direct link to the screenshot of the symbol on their page: https://media.gab.com/cdn-cgi/image/width=568,quality=100,fit=scale-down/system/media_attachments/files/154/876/280/original/c787f09694ae0029.jpg Let me see if the internet arhive will save it: archived. Word! It worked!.

Pirates: Kill, steal, and destroy.
Nazis: Kill, steal, and destroy.
Odin's believe in stealing over accepting charity.[source]

These are identifying marks tied to hate groups, learn to recognize them! The Anti-Defammation League has it on their website as well and they are legit and authoritative: https://www.adl.org/resources/hate-symbol/totenkopf along with an archive of hate symbols. It's best to find these people on Social media and follow them, and scroll through their images. (pagans, wiccans, satanist, odinist, wired cults, secret societies, freemasons, etc) What's hidden in plain sight is so valuable, and so easy to obtain. It's the best evidence. There are local pagan groups as well, and it is easy to identify these creeps online. You should have a huge list by now. Calling all patriots, RED TEAM GO RED TEAM GO.

Notice the other graven images visible on this wikipedia article, great source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skull_and_crossbones

Nazi symbol: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Totenkopf [ skull and bones ]

https://scholar.google.com/scholar?hl=en&as_sdt=0%2C44&q=Totenkopf&btnG= A google scholar search for 'totenkopf' a nazi skull and crossbones symbol. Keep in mind the smilitary in the symbolism between this and pirates. Pirates do what? Kill, steal, and destroy.

https://scholar.google.com/scholar?hl=en&as_sdt=0%2C44&q=pirate+flag+symbolism&btnG= Pirate flag symbolism, scholarly search.


Five Pointed Stars

Revelation 14:9-11 Whosever worshippeth the beast and its image shall be cast into the lake of fire where there will be weaping and gnashing of teeth. Abide. Psalm 91:1 He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High, will abide... in the shadow of the Almighty. 91:3 91:13 NASB By Zondervan.


These images are satanic graven images, exodus 20:4 and they are associated with those individuals mentioned in Deuteronomy 18, and the occult practices tied to them, and the secret societies which are tied to them, and that maintain their hidden knowledge ( knowledge of the fruit of the tree, the forbidden one from Genesis ).

Five pointed star graven image archive on my Gab (in plain sight):

Drugs can be idols, or have idols on them.
(aka graven images, see pharmakeia(sorcery;witchcraft[Deut 18]))


soldiers arm patch (californicated media)


Hurlbert field(Eglin)
(In bible numerics, 5=grave/death)


US Spaceforce (occult symbolism)


US gov using satanic inverted pentacle(pentagram) http://army.mil


msm pentacle, see it?


src fl realty

gov idols everywhere


srcso brotherhood ooo=666 = owl sound.

Pythagorean numerology chart, f=6, o=6, x=6


Pagan five pointed star on "hemp derived" products.. ( pharma THC ).
A lot of brands are sporting pagan symbolism, avoid them like the plague. Pagans are poisoners by profession, and deceptive by nature. They are supremacist by practice, and back stabbers day and night. They are in numbers.

Other hidden in plain sight symbols:

The srcso's "saferwatch" symbol is half of a thules society symbol(a pagan cult tied to nazism in Germany) There are academic sources on this cult linked below.
Look: https://gab.com/Lightnings/posts/111473087056145676

Here is an image search so you can see all of the cults(secret societies) graven images.
nazi symbols  

On that note here are some academic sources on the subject to show legitimacy: an ebook here[suggested by scholarly search, (archived here)] and here's a google scholar search on that( I archived the search too, here ), and here is a University website that confirms the legitimacy of Google-Scholar, not to be confused with regular Google.. See also jstor.org

It is very important to keep the following bible verses in mind when seeking to understand the mystery of the graven image. God revealed to me this truth. Freemasons are the guardians of this secret. The revelation of this secret, is the prevention of their agenda from gaining any more progress. Revelation 14:9-11 KJV [ Notice 911, and 1+4 from 14, = 5. ]

Here are some examples of the new hemp industry, which is divided. On one hand, it appears to be a supremacist operation, on the other hand there are small sellers doing it right ( in a safe culinary arts style fashion, rather than supporting serpent medical and their pharmakeia(poisoning) ) So shopping is like voting, and one must avoid these pagan supremacist shops. I def believe they are the ones rigging industry, as I have provided academic sources to confirm the pagan connection to the Nazi phenomena, and even the Egyptian connection to freemasonry ( more pagan connection ), and how they operate like supremacist. If you're not in their group, they will come after your business. Christian and Jewish authorities, please consider these tips, and carefully un-do their evil-doings. It is our duty to bring them down as we serve the Lord. He guides us, and uses us to fight evil. Abide in him, and use your weapons or prayer, obedience to God, and worship thereof.

"Kandyboy" was told he couldn't sell thca flower. The other shops are selling it though, with no issues. I call that supremacy. Patriots.. please stop being caught up in your own selfish world, and do something. Kandyboy should be allowed to sell thca flower because it isn't illegal and everyone else here is selling it. Supremacist cheaters gotta go. Someone defend the segregated. see my safety guide for shopping hemp products, and never shop on Google because they segregate and favor fortune 500. Small sellers do better on duckduckgo and other alt search engines. Pay attention to search results, and not rumors and conspiracy theories about the search engines. Results tell all. More exposing of supremacy at http://850.news I even reached out to the Department Of Agruculture and they ignored me. They can't tell me why they leave some sellers alone and go after others. The state of Florida is infiltrated by cheaters and organized crime and confederates, they gotta go.

A Link to that post again is here url: https://gab.com/Lightnings/posts/111578404466614514 . Below are some examples of the one eye occult symbolism common in todays Cannabis and Kratom industry(they are trying to rig the game), and this symbolism is tied to ancient occult Egypt, and freemasonry. The enemies children are all connected with this monitoring eye. When you step out of God's protection, their "eye"(aka divination) can monitor you. They all share this "eye", which is really symbolic of divination and them being "United in the spirit", as the bible puts it. As Christians, we are to be united in his spirit, the holy spirit. So you gotta learn to be an effective real christian, that hears in the spirit, and discerns. Worship, prayer, and service towards God are your instruments, not charms and snares. They (the odin brotherhood at least, and the satanic temple) also "hack" phones, and pc's, with metasploit. Avoid snares like charms and idols. #occult #exposed

Like I said, a few are doing it right, but they are hard to find. I can't share all my connects on here, because I don't want to attract the enemy to them, but I link to some good sellers on BotanicalGuides.com for no profit, only the cause. but I can tell you if you shop on Google, you'll be buying from the rigged market. Use Duckduckgo, metacrawler, qwant, and dogpile, and other alt search engines to shop, even lycos.com but not Google. Use them all, and my advise is to pay attention to the search results, and not the rumors about the engines. Try to remember this is the age of haters, and gossip and disinformation are everywhere. Judge by your own intelligence rather than by gossip and haters smear campaigns.

fake weed synthetic pagan
pharmakeia pharma pot

One can argue I waited for the time to hit 1:51 in the image above, but look at the numbers at the top of my facebook notifications bar(friend request, notifications, messages, etc), they are: 1+5+3+1+1+5=16, 1+6=7!

occult symbolism on hemp products

That last symbol, the tat on dudes arm, is the "eye of horus", and it dates back to ancient Egyptian occult magic. It represents the pineal gland, or "third eye". The clickable terms and phrases above take you to a scholarly search that yields many results to confirm these beliefs exist, are tied to the occult, and are not merely just bogus hear-say, or me playing smart.. I love to back things up.

New York University confirming legitimacy of Google Scholar search engine: https://guides.nyu.edu/google/scholar ( Use this to combat nazi propaganda that aims to dumb down the population )

ReFaey, Karim, et al. "The eye of horus: The connection between art, medicine, and mythology in ancient Egypt." Cureus 11.5 (2019). | [Archived]

Priskin, Gyula. "The Eye of Horus and the synodic month." Discussions in Egyptology (2002): 75-82. | [Archived]

Agrippa, Heinrich Cornelius. Three books of occult philosophy. Simon and Schuster, 2021. | [Archived]

Rampa, Tuesday Lobsang, and Tessa Theobald. The third eye. Corgi, 1956. | [Archived]

Hall, Manly P. The occult anatomy of man. Pickle Partners Publishing, 2018. | [Archived]

Follow my GAB for great clues. I share really good post, back stuff up with credible sources,
connect it to my testimony, and point out some really good hidden in plain sight clues.

Pirates connection to the occult,
and how the nazi's were inspired and emboldened by them. Real quick, here is a Gab nazi who uses the skull and crossbones as a further confirmation for you: screenshot and their profile diretly: https://gab.com/Helenkapatou and finally my post on the subject . Patriots, we need grey hat hackers and legal feds to go in and monitor their communications for national security reasons. Try to anticipate their next move. I think they'll want to ramp up censorship even further. They usually strike around election time. Stay on the ball everyone, please. God bless. Archive YouTube with 9convert.com and save with internet archive save tool.


Please cite your sources!

I want to learn more about the occult connection to pirates, so I can better expose the connection in the symbolism to that of the nazi's(and neo nazi's), and supremacy movements in general. Nazi's got their inspiration from pirates, that much is obvious to me. We can see it in their symbolism and life styles. The jolly rogers flag the pirates used and the nazi symbol the totenkopf are basically two of the same:

Citation: Bohrer, Ziv. "The 'Jolly Roger'(Pirate Flag)." International Law's Objects (Jessie Hohmann & Daniel Joyce eds., 2019, Forthcoming), Bar Ilan University Faculty of Law Research Paper 18-17 (2018).
Archived[x] | Direct url to pdf: here, archived here

The images below,
are provided by the academic source above.






I asked AI:

https://poe.com/chat/2roa7fkwwiyws3fmasv ~ AI , CHAT GPT. | on WayBackMachine

https://gab.com/Lightnings/posts/111465937220710831 is my Gab post with the screenshots of the chat GPT's response to my question. It gives good answers.

Scholarly Electronic Databases: https://jstor.org, scholar.google.com, researchgate.net, sciencedirect.com

There isn't a whole lot of authoritative information out there on pirates (other than the history channel), but I am determined to find more. Today, I am looking for documentaries and any credible sources out there to confirm the occult connection to the pirates. I know it exist, just need sourcing. This page will be updated today! Nov 24, 2023. Sense YouTube now has credible authoritative sources like mainstream media, the history channel, etc, someone check there and use your scholarly discernment to find credible information: YouTube search for "pirates documentary" I'll update this page today.

If anyone has any better sources on this subject, please let me know. According to lore shared in various history channel documentaries, pirates were into occultism in forms of divination, talismans, charms, astrology, tarot, poisonings, etc.

At any rate, what is described above, is the use of talismans or charms. This is idolatry. So we can see that pirates allgedly engaged in this as well, and rumor has it they were into divination as well. Again this makes sense, and I will continue to hunt for more sources on the subject. Here is a wikipedia source on a pirate that poisoned his victims: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacque_Alexander_Tardy "Jacque Alexander Tardy (1767 - June 15, 1827) better known as "Tardy the Pirate was an unsuccessful and atypical pirate who usually poisoned his victims." There are also books on Bookshop.org and the Gutenberg project(free ebooks) Based off the lore shared on the history channel, pirates engaged in occult activities. I find lore to be true in my experience, and even chatGPT says that academic sources on the subject are scarce, which means limited, but not "none existence", which means they exist. Most of the shaman lore I studied wound up being true, and the bible 100% true too. Therefore, I personally conclude the lore about pirates is accurate. I accept it as sourcing, and valid. It holds true. It checks out. I do apologize for my lack of credible sourcing on this, but the history channel works. It's at least one credible source, and with tons of documentaries on pirates.

#pirates #occult #nazis #skullandbones #r #realnews

see also: realnews.agency

I can def see the occultism in piracy. They kill, steal, destroy, cheat, lie, covet, etc. They used charms, talismans, poisons even. Sorcerers use poisons. In the movie shipwrecked a pirate is depicted poisoning a captain on a ship that he snuck on board, posing as a naval officer. Pirates hung out in the wilderness, on islands and at sea. Sorcery and this type of natural, primative lifestyle, go hand and hand. They knew about plants, and poisons. Pirates were like sea shamans. Makes sense? I enjoy learning about and exposing these cults because modern cults and terrorist/crime cults/groups have found inspiration from the pirates and nazis and use their symbolsim and often collect their paraphanelia.(spell check) Forgive my spelling. This makes it easy for you to idenfity them. Make use of social media, it is right in front of you! get on metasploit feds. Keep in mind the modern industrial meaning of the skull and cross bones is "poison". It is a symbol for poison! Keep in mind, poisoning someone is sorcery(pharmakeia), and is tied to the occult. Scopolamine is a perfect example, as exposed by Vice News Here Pirates were among those that Deuteronomy instructs shall not be found among you. Pubchem page on scopolamine and a scholarly search for it as well, and finally erowid.org's scopolamine page. It is the perfect example of sorcery.

Industrial symbol for poison

The british used it as well. Here is a wikipedia page with a british crew using it, and here is a direct link to the image I speak of. I've seen it on WWII documentaries, and know that the thules society and nazi's both used this symbol as well. It can be seen on their helmets as well. It was often vandalized on the victims of krystalnacht in the nazi days of pre-WWII. [I will get a screenshot and timestamp link of the documentary where you can see this for yourself.]

It seems with a quick internet search that the masons seem to gladly claim affiliation with the skull and crossbones symbol. I consider it a sigil, an occult symbol, a graven image, a covert idol, a "magical talisman", a "charm", it is witchcraft. sorcery. black magic. bad joo joo. https://search.yahoo.com/search?ei=UTF-8&fr=crmas&p=skull+and+cross+bones+flag+connection+to+freemasonry

Look at the first 4 results...

freemasonscommunity.life > the-skull-andThe Application of the Skull and Crossbones Symbol in Freemasonry Apr 17, 2023 · The skull and crossbones within Freemasonry. Within Freemasonry, the skull and crossbones are typical on third-degree tracing boards within many Masonic jurisdictions. Moreover, it is a prominent feature within the Knights Templar and Kadosh Degrees of the York and Scottish Rites. [ archived version ]

www.freemasonry.bcy.ca > skull_cross-bonesThe skull and cross-bones - BC&Y Other Freemasons believe that the Knights Templar flew a skull and cross-bones flag, basing this belief on an imaginative legend created in the eighteenth century to connect Freemasonry with the Crusades. There is no documentation of any ship, boat, or encampment of Knights Templar flying a skull and cross-bones flag. [ archived version ]

www.midnightfreemasons.org > 2015 > The Skull & Crossbones and Freemasonry You're Doing it Wrong Feb 9, 2015 - The first being "The Skeleton", which is simply a symbol for death used by the ancient Egyptians, which reminded them of mortality. 3 The second being the "skull", which it says "The skull as a symbol is not used in Freemasonry except in Masonic Templarism, where it is a symbol of mortality." 4 And the third mention is that of the "skull ... [ archived version ]

www.knightstemplar.org > KnightTemplar > articlesSymbol of the Skull and Crossbones and Its Masonic Application May 23, 2013 - There has been a great deal of controversy of late concerning the symbol of the skull and crossbones and whether or not it should be regarded as a legitimate Masonic emblem. [ archived version ]

Deuteronomy 18 basically states: There shall not be founda mong you, anyone into the occult. Occult symbols and sigils, are Graven images, and they are part of the occult.

Pirates of the Mediterranean waged a holy war against the west, and kidnapped people. They had many deadly weapons. They kidnapped people and held them for randsom. ( sounds like the police and bond, and medical(baker act, etc)) Source: History channel documentary above.

Wiccan Symbols (Video)

Nazi Symbols (Video)

How to spot hate symbols/signs

How to spot hate symbols



"The Oath Keepers" Exposed, In the 850

On the new news page, I expose some authoritative news stories that share how members of the Oath keepers were arrested by the FBI for involvement in Jan 6. This shows they are in the 850 folks. It looks to me like a bunch of supremacist haters who don't like the feds because they arrest corrupt cheaters like them. They simply don't want to be held accountable for being sneaky confederate cheaters. Here's what the academic source cited below has to say about the Oath Keepers, " Oath Keepers (OK) is a prominent organization within the militia/patriot movement in the United States. The group rejects the legitimacy of the Biden administration and played a major role in the storming of the US Capitol on 6 January 2021. Reasons for OK’s predominance include not only its record of opposition to the federal government but also its national reach and its ability to recruit former military and law enforcement personnel. Members have also been elected to public office on state and local levels. OK draws on historical memory of the American Revolution and presents itself as the heir of the Founding Fathers. " Source: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/17467586.2021.1912375 [archived here], ( found with Google Scholar, credited via: https://www.lib.ncsu.edu/articles/google-scholar Citation: Lokay, Andrew, Kaitlyn Robinson, and Martha Crenshaw. "The Oath Keepers." Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflict 14.2 (2021): 160-178.

List of white suprem / nazi / hate / local satanic cults / groups to watch:

Warning: Always use a VPN, or a live linux boot, or proxychains to mask your IP when accessing these sites. These groups are involved in cyber crime and you don't want them to have your ip address. All websites log ip addresses of the visitors which visit them.

Feds: I hope you know how to do a whois on a domain name (.com or url), and that you remember to find out who owns these domain names and add them to your list. You can find out who host the website with a whois, and then contact that company and report abuse, to have the webpage taken down! Find out who they are and document that first. Whoever owns this nobodyhasthe.biz one targeted me locally. Check out urlscan.io also, it is a rad tool.

NobodyHasThe.Biz [offline now]
The satanic temple of NW Florida 850 [tstfl.com]
Firedance Church of Wicca (850) in SRC Fl
The Oath Keepers


Skull and bones
(nazi cult)

Academic source to confirm existence of skull and bones cult at Yale university:

Jarrett, William H. "Yale, Skull and Bones, and the beginnings of Johns Hopkins."
Baylor University Medical Center Proceedings. Vol. 24. No. 1. Taylor & Francis, 2011.

URL of source via Google Scholar legitimacy confirmed via nyu.edu

Sutton, Antony C. America's Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones. TrineDay, 2017.
Via: Google Scholar Legitimacy confirmed via: nyu.edu

url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TY2K_Ssiq8M  Download YouTube Vids With 9Convert.com

[This page under construction]

See also my internet directory