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Last update: Dec 6, 2023

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Here is a new 9/11 page, I'm working on. More organized, concise, and with more videos, and more content. It is under construction. Here is a link to a page with academic sources that confirm elohim city and its ties to the oklahoma city bombing and white supremacy / neo nazi organizations, including the cult or secret society of the "odin brotherhood". A scholarly search yields results surprisingly for "odin brotherhood"! Cool! We have them exposed! I am trying to be better about citations.

Note: 9convert.com lets you download YouTube Videos.

More on my testimony about the local neo nazi organization

Update: I want to drop a link to the black panthers nbpp.org Black Panthers Defense Militia and encourage all non-whites in Santa Rosa County Florida to prepare to defend the minorities here( the whole 850 really ), as the odin brotherhood a neo nazi cult is here and your people will appreciate you. Establish contacts throughout the Florida panahndle. Their names are in the source code of this website and scattered throughout the page.( Joe coleman sr, deputies: brad baney, joshuah greenberg, and captain erlemann, oh and Danna kissick and conner kissick and corey ward anderson ). Remember Psalm 91:1. The black panthers are a patriotic and legal defense militia, not a terrorist organization. Another link: https://theblackpantherparty.com

I wouldn't put it past these neo nazi groups to rig juries too. Someone at the Santa rosa county level deleted my email. Back in 2021-2022ish, when those neo nazi punks in the police were over here pounding on my door trying to intimidate me and my dad into silence as I sought to expose them, someone deleted my emails at the state attorneys office. I told the state attorneys office then about everything about dana kissick and his cult and the neo nazi organization were doing via an email, and erlemann, brad baney, joshuah greenberg, joe coleman, and corey ward anderson. I called to ask them if they had my email, and the woman on the phone says with a quick proud and cocky tone "nope.", really fast too. I mean she didn't even think about it. Just Nope. It was a proud "I just blocked you what you gonna do about it" kinda "nope". This was around the same time that the poo was about to hit the fan. It was before 2022 in Nov 2021 I believe. We have come along way sense then in our progress in this battle. I apologize for the times I slack. I wax and wane.
More at 850.NEWS #news #nwfl #850 #pensacola #fwb #destin
#maryesther #milton #pace #holly

I want to share more resources on the odin brotherhood, a neo nazi organization(cult/secret society) in the NW fl panhandle.. The feds and gov need to recognize these creeps officially, and ban them. I'm not sure if it is officially recognized by the gov but it should be, but God told me this is them. I believe it, I mean they're into odinism aren't they? Here are those screenshots of his sons facebook linked to on my gab account(social media platform): https://gab.com/Lightnings/posts/111428170643337498


Mirabello, Mark. The Odin Brotherhood. Mandrake, 2005.

Note: This page is not meant to offend people who have religious rights, it is meant to inform.

We can see from the academic source cited above, that this cult believes in superiority. They believe they are hunters. They are pagan so they worship false Gods and idols, and are heavily into symbols and sigils ( occult phenomena ). The swastika was a symbol as well, and in the bible referred to as an idol or graven image(Exodus 20:4, second commandment) They lust after knowledge(the fruit of the tree of knowledge, genesis) freedom, and power. They don't want you to have freedom though, they are pro slavery, and feel entitled, and like the rules don't apply to them. They are sociopaths. They believe in pride over humility, and knowledge over faith. They are the opposite of Gods teachings, thus is the source of their being cursed, and their poor luck. I believe this stems from inferiority complex. Their beliefs are the same as those of the nazi's. These societies(cults) stem from the same pagan origins as the nazis.

They are a neo nazi organization tied to elohim city as shared in my testmony on the main page herein. Remember dana kissick knew about elohim city before I could explain it and they stock nazi stuff. ( A bbc doc exposed the neo nazi connection to the attack here and elohim city is tied to that attack and timothy mcveigh! that makes him connected to the attack! ) Kissick gets stuff from his "friend" in Germany. They are maga and pro trump. Elohim city is an off the grid community of white supremacist and neo nazis, and timothy mcveigh is connected to it. This group is in santa rosa county florida. I know this because I am an eye witness and I shared it with the feds what I saw and heard. They moved in across from me and tried to brainwash out by the mailboes and street casually and slowly. They are in with those satanist creeps too. They are stock piling guns and stolen drugs. I def believe they are running this delta8 industry (locally I mean, speficially ) and these alt cannabinoids. I have seen a lot of pagan symbolism on new legal drug products, and believe pagan cults are seeking to rig anything medical which includes over the counter drugs like the new amanita mushroom gummies popping up everywhere, including holistic(herbal/natural/supplements) for their supremacy and pharmakeia(soreries)[cheating,rigging the system, the market, tainting prods with poisons] The american cannabinoid association seems to be sporting some freemasonic symbolism from what it looks like to me, check it out here. The freemasons idolize the Egyptians, and the Egyptians were pro slavery, so that should bother you. Also remember JFK's speech.

Linder, Douglas. "The Oklahoma City bombing and the trial of Timothy McVeigh." Available at SSRN 1030565 (2007).

Believe it or not, there is an odin brotherhood website at https://www.odinbrotherhood.org/ and they are openly racist there. They call theirselves elite. "Elite" is a slang term for supremacist. In Satanism as well as Odinism, and any other elite group, the goal is the same, self exaltation, the worship of self, and a life of self pleasure and indulgence , greed, hatred, oppression, lies, and all obtained through cheating, using occult symbols and various snares to seduce and enslave their enemies into various traps and ungodly political systems. The website claims that Odins believe "A mob of nominal Christians-bigots who were black with hate-burned her alive on a pyre composed of green wood." The "she" this line is referring to, is some pagan goddess of theirs. Here is the site on the wayback machine for evidence purposes: https://web.archive.org/web/20231118184845/https://www.odinbrotherhood.org/

Here are some of the traits that they theirselves list on their website to describe theirselves. "6. The Brotherhood teaches absolute self-reliance. Members would "rather steal than accept charity." and 7. Sin is denied and "contrition" is denounced as a "totem of decadence." Odinists see repentance as a mark of weakness because "only the terrorized repent." Neo nazism is birthed from these germanic pagan cults. The kissicks are into odinism and neo nazism, the two are related. Keep in mind this group is in the panhandle and keep in mind I am a legit whistle blower and the FBI in Pensacola and Mobile know who I am. You can trust the non-whites to confirm my testimony. I enjoy what I do and thank God for appointing me. It has been fun. :)

Freemasonic symbolism
(and graven image, covert idol)
The cannabinoids they speak of are not those of God but are pharmakeia(sorcery[poison]) versions of the substances. They are tainted products with fda approved neurotoicn "proplyene glycol" which I expose on the main page

Remember the freemasons are the worlds largest power hungry secretive cult, and they're bad news. JFK warned about such cults and I believe they were tied to his assassination and I believe they should be banned or at least monitored and de-exalted. They are supremacist. Get on board. Monitor their communications. Their practices and studies involve the use of occult graven images(magic symbols, talismans, charms, and sigils [archived]), and they idolize the egyptians and their ungodly ways of life. They were also pro slavery ( the Egyptians ) so that tells us a lot about them. These groups tend to hang together, and imo and research they are generally all united in satans kingdom. This is what we're up against. Those idols and graven images ( symbols etc ) are their biggest weapons, along with lies, and gaslighting. I was surprised to find a lot of academic information on the oklahoma city bombing @ Google Scholar, but remember what you saw in those live news clips because it was the truth. Neo nazis and elohim city are tied to the oklahoma city bombing. I cover this on page one

Academic citation: Zakroff, Laura Tempest. Sigil Witchery: A Witch's Guide to Crafting Magick Symbols. Llewellyn Worldwide, 2018.

Recently I started exposing more and made contact with some military folks and even another whistle blower!
Here is the url to her profile she rocks:

Dana kissick and his neo nazi organization[cult](the odin brotherhood) are in possession of ( it is somewhere they had time to move it so I dunno where it is ) 10-11 25 kilo bricks of stolen kratom at max. They know where it is. Joe coleman is tied to them as he wound up in possession of it as well. "Kit" the bong/knife guy from the gulf breeze flea market is also involved and collects nazi memoribilia. What I'm saying is true and there are non-white members of the FBI in Pensacola that can vouche my story is true. I also know that corey ward anderson is connected with the satanic temple of north west florida as well, and he is also in with Danna so the odin brotherhood and them are practically friends. These groups seem to inner-twine. You may think this is balogne, but I found academic sources that confirm this group as well, plus conner kissick has odinism stuff all over his facebook profile go look. Here is the search of google scholar for "odin brotherhood" and odin secret society to illustrate these are facts.

Point of this post is to expose neo nazism's ways, so as to defend and inform America in our war against evil. This is an example of Serpent medical pharmakeia(sorcery,poisoning). For by their sorceries(poisonings) were all nations deceived. The swastika was a covert idol, aka graven image, aka sigil. The five pointed star as well as the u.n. and w.h.o emblem are also graven images aka idols. The odin brotherhood is in the panhandle, and they are into sorcery openly, as stated on their YouTube channel, and according to the scholarly sources on them as well. https://youtu.be/1E98Sx3mTQU?si=P2o094GvBDr-Zh7z Use 9convert.com to download YouTube videos.

Content above Added Nov 17 2023
New News: (Updated Dec 6, 2023)

They're in supremacist rivalry cults, they steal, they cheat, they infiltrate, they divide, they segregate, they seek to covertly steal and divert the other authorities attention away from them, and on to to their targets.

Please don't slack on your prayer life team! Prayer and obedience to God is the glue that holds our operation together. RED TEAM GO

The ADL has some great resources on hate and hate groups.

" DEA agents accused of attending sex parties funded by Colombian drug cartels "

More in your face, in plain sight proof, that the DEA and prohibition is a supremacist operation. These nazi cults have been in there the whole time, and sadly the other sheep are idiots enough to follow. We said we want it legal, and for you to leave us alone, yet you continue to help yourselves to other peoples drugs and property. Thou shalt not steal Thou shalt not kill Feds and DOJ, please defend America by going after corrupt DEA and cops who just want to get free drugs and sex parties, thanks.

WEAR "Bay Breeze Employee Arrested For Elderly Abuse"
Hmm... I told the SRCSO that there was both neglect, malpractice, and elderly abuse going on in that nursing home, and they did nothing but proceeded to try to frame my entire family, left all the heaters running in the house after they asked us if there were heaters, lied on the police report, slandered us, ignored our allegations and refused to investigate, and helped the place medically torture and murder my elderly grandmother. I reached out to the county slash state numberous times about the neglect, and abuse, and they did nothing.. and even proceeded to try to be intimidating and scare us into not helping her. My mom Debbie Barker was involved in the whole thing, the false allegations, and worked maliciously with Jason Erlemann from the SRCSO, slander, etc. I have the emails in a zip file for download here where I tried to get the state to do what was right but they failed. Feel free to scan them and the zip file with Virustotal.com They are screenshots from the state where I emailed them about the abuse and everything going on. The gangstalking took place sense before 2018. They used that shipment of Kratom to make it look like I was full of crap. My mom was thrilled the whole time and even said cocky things after it was all said and done like "How's your business?" ( all proud and narcissistic-like )

Everyone is aware of what happened in 2016 through now I hope? Masses of Americans of all colors were segregated out of small business and their future. We were robbed by supremacist cults, the same one's JFK warned of(secret societies, cults). Credit card processing has been taken away from many, but not others... Too many people don't even see it... idiots.. all too happy to be a fortune 500 slave.. Supremacist groups had their friends at facebook, paypal, and credit card companies, target and destroy small businesses like mine. They baited me with a large shipment of kratom ( not illegal to accept a package with your name on it ), so I took it, and it backfired on them. Now I know and am an eye witness that the SRCSO and local DEA in Pensacola are stealing large quantities of drugs, and baiting civilians to ruin their credibility, and destroy their business, and so they can steal it during a raid. Prohibition is a fraud. Stop being a segregationist ahole. Thanks. If you're a cop or FBI agent that had it in for me, I sure you hope you've repented. I'm still bitter from time to time about your crappy behavior, segregation against me, and hatred, as well as taking so long to help.

Academic source: Herd, Denise A. "Prohibition, racism and class politics in the post-Reconstruction South." Journal of Drug Issues 13.1 (1983): 77-94. [arhived]

Pittsfield nurse sentenced in drug theft case
There are tons more of these out there. I've shared enough to illustrate the pattern across the USA. Supremacist in government are stealing drugs. This is what prohibition is about. If you're an authority and you can't accept that most of us want you to leave weed alone, and you can't accept that you were lied to about pot being bad, then you are part of the problem and you don't belong in government. God gave man every seed bearing herb. The bible never complains about someone stoned on plants, but it rambles on and on about people drunk on wine. Get your facts straight instead of following the crowd of idiots.

This guy was angry at the police. Stop acting like nazi's huh? Don't follow these white supremacist losers please. Here is another clip of a gang of militarized police surrendering to civilians. Neo nazi's in police are why people are angry, please get them out of there. They gotta be brought to justice. They are confederates. They are hiding. Confederate sissy pants.. You lose again, but keep pretending to be the men you hate though. To all the rare real cops out there, thanks for being a 1% cop.

"Mayor's administration backs no-knock warrant ban - NBC 15 WPMI"

Good! Now Americans will have time to defend theirselves. Prohibition is a supremacist operation, and any authorities that continue to go out of their way to enforce it and prey on innocent Americans are not with Jesus. Supremacist groups are stealing drugs as DEA and Police, and they gotta be removed and put behind bars. Do you want to be part of the problem or the solution? Then stop running protection for some shops and going after others.. Hearken upon the voice of the Lord God. Pick one, the five pointed star, or the cross.

https://online.ucpress.edu/nr/article-abstract/2/2/245/94173/Elohim-City-A-Participant-Observer-Study-of-a?redirectedFrom=fulltext More academic sources on elohim city and its connection to neo nazism, white supremacy, and the oklahoma city bombing.

CBS How the Oklahoma City bombing has influenced white supremacists: Part 1
URL: https://youtu.be/jxaujYa9NAY?si=Pg7805vRM8oQTkOh

Elohim City: 20 years after the Oklahoma City bombing
URL: https://youtu.be/3eejdO6bw2s?si=EeeIkSMdpWBVPge8

Remember what you learned from the live news clips related to this attack, and the BBC documentary that exposes the neo nazi conection to it as well, and Elohim city. The residents thereof will always gaslight and deny they are white supremacist, but we have enough evidence to know they are. Remember my eye witness testimony that Mr. Kissick in Navarre has ties to Elohim city, which makes the local odin brotherhood connected to the oklahoma city bombing. This CBS clip further confirms the connection to the attack. Despite the fact that the FBI an news try to down play the connection, it is obvious to anyone that is it real. My testimony further confirms it. The feds have already questioned mr Kissick and coleman and his group, and are aware of the facts, and that they are involved.

Freemasons Expose As Egypt Idolaters & Pro Slavery Supremacist Cult

I put together a new blog on this site on the freemasons and how they are the keepers of ancient Egyptians occult magick. ( I've been making new pages within the site, rather than adding to that huge main page. ) I cite and link to academic sources to confirm this, and even back those links up with the Internet Archive Save Tool as I cite them, and then link to the archived version. This is to back up the truth in the event the socialist try to delete it from the web. I anticipate that they may attack again with round 2 of internet segregation, so we need to be prepared. Please make use of tools like 9convert.com to backup the original live oklahoma city bombing clips and the 9/11 clips that I use on this site to show the truth about 9/11. You can download the BBC documentary that exposese the neo nazi connection to the attack with a vimeo video downloader as well. Never shop on Google, always use duckduckgo or qwant or an alt engine that doesn't suppress and segregate real normal Americans who aren't supremacist cheaters.

https://www.wkrg.com/northwest-florida/santa-rosa-county/victims-poisoned-with-narcotic-at-pace-japanese-steak-house-sheriffs-deputies/ Because it is mainstream news that there's a neo nazi cult in the 850, I def think they did this. Surely seems like a hate crime to me. All they would need to do is to have one of their people employed there, and then they slip it in the food. This really pisses me off. They are targeting non supremacist shops with sabotage. Someone go question the Kissicks everytime something like this happens, because their group is the local hate group around here. They targeted me as well and my entrepaneurship. I know they do things like this from experience. I marketed for small herbal shops around the country and watched them all get harassed and abused out of business by credit card companies that are cutting off people and allowing others to still have processing, for selling the same stuff. Buy your kratom from Indonesia as these groups are rigging the industry. I am trying to get the local media to help me expose them. Here is the archived version of the article on wayback.

https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/louisiana-police-officer-sentenced-civil-rights-violation-dangerous-assault-non-violent-man Always love stories about violent sociopath cops being arrested by the DOJ and FBI. They are worthy of chanting the words "Praise the LORD". I'm trying to include more variety in my news stories herein. I think if you take this website as a whole, it a very thorough illustration of how the puzzle pieces fit. We're fighting hate, supremacy, and mass incarceration of the innocent.

https://www.wuwf.org/local-news/2020-06-05/community-health-northwest-florida-administrator-fired-over-racist-social-media-posts?_amp=true This article is a little older, from 2020, but it is significant, and OF THIS AREA, so I am listing it. Anything that illustrates HATE groups being involved in medical and police here, I am all about blowing the whistle on. Don't forget the old news page ( the main page either. Tons of great stories there. We can see the patterns of hate crimes in medical and police, which backs up my statements about them using 911 as a means to "drain the swamp". They're attempting to drain our swamp, so we must drain theirs. After all, they're the bad guys, not us.

https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/florida-man-sentenced-racially-motivated-hate-crime I'm always thrilled to see stories like this, but the best part is that this is LOCAL AND IN FLORIDA. It isn't 850 local, but it is in Florida. I see these for other states, but really wanted to wait for local ones only, because Florida really needs to ramp up their crime fighting against hate crimes. Hate is the biggest problem in our country and planet right now, and it is all driven by pagan ideologies. Serving the wrong god leads to narcissism. It is the way of the enemy. Haters gotta go. Thank you to the righteous police and FBI backed me up while the odin brotherhood nazi cult was hunting me for blowing the whistle. Love you guys and a special thanks to Mrs or MS(not sure which), "c", (you know who you are). oh and black dude from the flea market, you're rad too. Love you guys.

To everyone on the opposite side of team confederate, please reach out to the Black Panthers and inform them of any neo bull crap going on around here. Call upon God for deliverance, but don't hesitate to build a patriot army. The second amendment guarantees the right to self defense. Neo nazi groups should not be allowed to own guns, and should be red flag lawed, as this is the regulation the 2nd amendment was talking about.. Why has Coleman and Kissick and their supremacist cell not been red flag lawed yet? Patriots, get on board. Please press forward. I'm very ambitious about ramping this up lately and I pray you'll follow. RED TEAM GO. STAY IN PRAYER!

https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/texas-man-sentenced-antisemitic-hate-crime-after-seeking-burn-down-synagogue Nazi's burned down the Reichstag in Germany(academic source), and now we have neo nazi's in the US doing the same. Nazi's get angry mobs of people who were lied to, behind helping them hunt their prey. They slander their victims, burn down buildings, and carry out false flag operations, to blame on their targets. This helps them create fear, which helps them disarm patriots using nazi laws like the "red flag law", a nazi policy that relies on fear to justify its means of bypassing the 2nd amendment of the US constitution. Don't fall for this please.

I plan on getting and finding new suspects for the patriots in the FBI and police and military around here (the real ones, the humble and righteous ones who want to take down neo nazi's and supremacist) Keep in mind I post those on a PUBLIC LIST that I made, both local and national suspects to watch. I'll add to the local list more and more. Trust me, I am good at finding them online. Anyone who is racist, or plays the mental health card, or says sadistic things, or has nazi symbols on their profile, or wiccan/pagan affiliation, etc, will be listed. I'll try to get you the names of some corrupt DEA and Police as well(like "Terry" from the DEA in Pensacola), will be on the hunt. Guys, we've made huge progress, but this isn't happening fast enough. We have to identify who in the county is pulling favors for who and find a way to get them behind bars and exposed. I will gladly expose them and post their name here. I will try to work on this for you and come up with some ideas. I find that I can do more from behind a computer than you might think. Like how I found out Terry from the DEA in Pensacola is covering up for organized crime in the SRCSO. God bless you patriots, and know that I have never been more motivated with this project, expect tons of new content.Would a righteous deputy talk with ex deputy Thomas Wilkie, and get his side of the story.We need more minorities to move down here. Please do not move because of them, it will only embolden them further. Fight back.

Another thing, or new "tip" rather, I wanted to point out that Joe Coleman sr also has a meth dealer/prostitute on his facebook friends list(Kimberly Barcena), who was dating that dude Jeremy, the one that's racist and uses meth and that Joe coleman sr had pissed off when he was pissing on the side of the road late one night, remember me telling you bout that? He(joe coleman sr) has her on his friends list. She's a meth dealer and a prostitute. and Joe coleman sr is friends with her! and Jeremy is racist.. I suspect he's in their group as well. He's missing his front tooth and walks around with a backpack and a beer in his hand and those cheap $1 packs of cigar/cigaettes. She lives over near Avaneda de sol area, off salamanca I think? Somehwere near there. Jeremy lives over near holly by the seaish, off 399 ( last time I knew anyway ) He claims that coleman followed him home one time and told me he owns a gun. He brought a weapon over once as well. ANOTHER TIP: This dude name "mikey", he's missing most of his front teeth, has dark hair, rides a bycicle and is a meth addict, is also an informant and informs for the satanic temple of nw florida as well as the odin brotherhood(a neo nazi supremacist cult in the nw fl panhandle) and in the srcso and medical here. They're in the military too, all of the neo nazis on joe pruitt road in Navarre are current or ex military. They're all cowards too, and can't defend theirselves.

Dec 1, 2023:
I have no problem with thc, but I do have a problem with cheating. The DEA in Pensacola is running protection for illegal synthetic delta8thc and thca flower. "Terry" from their office was told this by me, I pointed out that the DEA says synthetic thc is illegal, so why are you going after illegal pot and not illegal thc?.. and he laughs.. and says... "and?"(proudly with a tone).. The DOA says synthetic thc made from cbd is illegal, but only certain shops are being told to remove it. The DOA made "kandyboy" stop selling thca in fl, but cbd genesis still sells it. Hmmmm... sounds like supremacy. I called the DEA in Pensacola to interrogate them, and the punk says his name was Terry, but was too scared to give me his last name. I asked him "why don't you do your job and arrest supremacist getting favortism being allowed to sell illegal thc while the rest of us can't", and brought up the neo nazi cult in the srco stealing drugs and selling them, he laughed and says is there something I can do for you?. He won't give me his last name, says don't worry about it. Feds please find out his last name and add him to your suspect list. I called back and this time I said "can u guys hear?", then asked him again about the srcso stealing drugs, and this time he acted like he was interested. BUSTED! So now we got him busted.. They're covering up the drug theft ring and the srcso is running protection for them. The nazi cult is called the Odin brotherhood ( see conner kissicks fb ). Sense Corey anderson and danna kissick are in with the satanic temple of nw florida, and the neo nazi cult the Odin brotherhood, I suspect the temple is involved as well. Shops are lacing hemp with proplyene glycol and synthetic illegal thca and selling it, and the dea is protecting them, while going after ordinary people for selling illegal pot. Both are breaking the law, but one group is getting protection. Look at all the occult symbols being put on these "hemp products" which are really just chemical made fake dope. THIS IS SEGREGATION BING RUN BY PAGAN CULTS. Jason Erlemann, and Danna kissick, and Joe Coleman Sr., and the rest of them including brad baney, and joshuah greenberg, have friends in the DEA. They're protecting them. I told him all this he laughed, refused to help, and is clearly involved. He wasn't interested. Terry was his name, find out his last name. Please Investigate him and the DEA in Pensacola. I'm giving tons of leads here guys, get on the ball. Not hard to find them. Gotta up our communication with civilian informants.

https://weartv.com/news/local/report-deputies-find-dead-dogs-in-milton-mans-apartment-while-responding-to-suicide.html I 100% feel that this was witchcraft related. I knew this guy, acquaintance. He was normal then. His gf too! I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS. This just makes no sense. Who has that bad of a day, or week, or month? It just makes no sense that he would starve two dogs then call the cops to report a suicide?????? Wt?? The look on his face, coupled with the bizarre story makes me think witchcraft was involved. more at 850.news see the new news page ( page two ) Here's the post on my Gab and here it is on the Internet Archives I archive 'em as I add 'em.

Today, I also updated the list of sociopaths whose swamp needs draining, a local and national list.

https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/addiction-treatment-facilities-medical-director-sentenced-112-million-addiction-treatment More medical corruption. Remember my testimony about the neo nazi organization in the nw florida panhandle, and how they are in police and medical. Don't ignore this intel, it is legit. There are FBI agents in the Pensacola office who can vouche. There are also some corrupt ones there pretending to be real agents as well, and their agency is infiltrated. Patriots be on high alert in the panhandle and keep on the hunt for information and leads. Beware of stolen kratom being sold by kissick, coleman, and erlemann's group ( corey anderson is in with them as well and the methenies )

Just look at all the Department Of Justice arrest related to Florida doctors involved in organized crime: google search for "justice.gov florida doctor arrested"

https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/two-florida-doctors-convicted-31-million-medicare-fraud-scheme Some of these stories are old, but not too old. They are relivant ( history is but old news, and they're no more than 2 to 3 years old at the most, some are newer, and some brand new, days new even. Anyway, this article again illustrates recurring large scale organized crime in medical. Combine that with the corruption in police, the dea, and we can see the priority should be with policing the government, and not the people.


Old but relivant https://youtu.be/EyA8S2ZiHc8?si=h4TWjXUOmEI3uKvd Government supremacist

I do believe these neo nazi's are doing the mass shootings, and I share a story about one who was busted planning a mass shooting already on the main page, so we have proof and then this to boot. The occult is all tied in with it as well.


https://www.justice.gov/usao-sdtx/pr/former-deputy-sent-prison-second-time-child-pornography-convictions-began-online-game More police charged with CP. Again, never seen so many Gov employees getting busted for CP. To illustrate this further, check out how many stories exist with a quick search Knowing that neo nazi groups are using metasploit to hack phones, I suspect they're framing the good guys this way. I also know for a fact, and am an eye witness that they're doing this to civilians, so why wouldn't they to gov employees that know what they're doing? Nazi's are sneaky, you gotta remember that. Their whole goal is to decieve you, divide you, and get you behind helping them destroy who should be your team-mate, but you were dooped into believing was your enemy.


https://www.justice.gov/usao-dc/pr/florida-woman-sentenced-felony-charge-actions-during-jan-6-capitol-breach-0 I see stories like this one all the time but never share them. Point is, a lot of these people reside in Florida. Neo nazi's are in mass numbers here. They gotta go. Get involved, start taking names. More at http://850.news see also http://realnews.agency

https://www.justice.gov/usao-ma/pr/psychiatrist-convicted-billing-medicare-and-private-insurance-companies-services-never More proof of cheating and organized crime in medical. I believe neo nazi's are involved in these crimes across the country based on my eye witness testimony and the stories coming from the DOJ and FBI.

https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/pharmacist-and-clinic-owner-sentenced-6m-pill-mill-scheme Bingo. I am an eye witness of the odin brotherhood, a neo nazi cult in nw fl, having ties to medical, and def know they are stealing drugs. They are in the santa rosa county sheriffs office and DEA. They are in posession of over 100k in stolen kratom that I know of. Names in source of main page. Evidence suggest, these are groups doing this, and not just individuals but rather organized supremacist cells. They're in police and medicacl 9/11, 911. This is not bad intel, I promise you.

https://www.fbi.gov/contact-us/field-offices/sanantonio/news/former-san-antonio-health-services-employee-sentenced-for-receiving-kickbacks More cheating aka supremacy. These guys gotta go. Get on the santa rosa county sheriffs office already.


https://www.fbi.gov/contact-us/field-offices/phoenix/news/tempe-man-arrested-for-antisemitic-email-threat-to-execute-local-rabbi-and-every-other-jew-i-can-find More neo nazi's..

https://youtu.be/J82L5pkNbmE?si=HMA2LQEgd5h0GEdx " 8th Circuit ruling ENDANGERS Section 2 of Voting Rights Act and Black Power " - The Rolland Martin Daily Digital Show ( Exposing Racist Aholes )

https://www.justice.gov/usao-sdtx/pr/former-deputy-sent-prison-second-time-child-pornography-convictions-began-online-game Never can tell when these are framed or legit bust. Neo nazi's in src fl I think, are planting cp on targeted victims devices. I know they're hacking phones with metasploit, so this is very plausible and most likely. They're monitoring targets. We need righteous vigilantes to do the same on them, and informants to infiltrate their groups and plant spy devices. They are using metasploit to "hack". There are insane amounts of gov employees that are being jailed for CP and I believe neo nazi's are planting it on their devices with metasploit.

https://weartv.com/news/nation-world/vehicle-explosion-at-rainbow-bridge-was-not-terrorism-federal-authorities-say I call b.s. on this story. This is called gaslighting. Like we're to believe this isn't suspecious. Car's don't just blow up dude. The news isn't fake, but this is the perfect example of reporters repeating what they're told.

https://www.fox5dc.com/news/member-of-maryland-commission-on-hate-crime-response-and-prevention-suspended-for-alleged-anti-semitic-posts.amp More antisemitism

Chauvin has been stabbed!! Told ya. Psalm 91:1 bish.
#breaking #news #r

https://www.fbi.gov/contact-us/field-offices/charlotte/news/charlotte-child-psychiatrist-is-sentenced-to-40-years-in-prison-for-sexual-exploitation-of-a-minor-and-using-artificial-intelligence-to-create-child-pornography-images-of-minors So we can see doctors, psychiatrist, involved in crime, CP, theft, stealing, and selling drugs, via all the .gov news stories I have shared all over this site. The patterns are there. They are supremacist gangs of cheaters, including the freemason and odin brotherhood of nw Florida. They gotta go.

I thought this was, beyond suspecious...

These aren't the droids you're looking for.
Sure, because cars explode randomly every day.
Perfectly normal, nothing to see here folks.
Move along. Move along
See my gab post here

https://www.justice.gov/usao-ndca/pr/bay-area-doctor-convicted-health-care-fraud-and-kickback-scheme-referrals-medicare Busted.

https://www.justice.gov/usao-edky/pr/four-east-tennessee-doctors-convicted-drug-trafficking-and-fraud-scheme More to show that what I called is happening. There is wide-spread organized crime cults in police and medical, cheating, running supremacy rings, having rivalries. The odin brotherhood is connected to this type of organized crime, and neo nazism / white supremacy. They're in the Florida panhandle.

[Added Nov 23, 2023]

https://www.justice.gov/usao-md/pr/florida-man-sentenced-maryland-over-five-years-federal-prison-nationwide-scheme ( TOLD YOU ) So thrilled to see this arrest!. It also backs up what I told the local FBI and the right police. They're in the police departments as well using their positions to assist their crime cults. Do NOT be mislead by wolves in sheeps clothes ( Derek chauvins )

[Added Nov 23, 2023]

WPBF "Jury awards Boca Raton family $20 million in medical malpractice death of husband"

[Added Nov 23, 2023]


Another God-send! On Nov 16th too! Don't forget to praise GOD for these great BUST! They also prove the corruption going on in medical. These supremacist organized crime cults, have infiltrated police and medical, and are using their positions to have rivalries with competitors on the street, and to dominate the illegal market. ( or are attempting too anyway ) It is supremacy, and these jezebels must be stopped. High-level organized crime is clearly a priority to the sensible. We are witnessing their operation, "9/11", "911".

[Added Nov 22, 2023]

I started to back these up as they come out using the internet archive save tool.


"Florida law enforcement officers charged with drug involvement worked on DEA task force, FBI says"

Yup. This is what I was talking about. It is happening on a much larger scale than you think, and I can tell you as a user, someone is lacing drugs and it is a problem that's become a thing sense 2016. Makes me think it is the socialist supremacist behind it. I believe they're stealing weed, lacing it, and reselling it as "thca hemp flower". A lot of this "thca flower" is laced with something ( I can tell you as an eperienced smoker, that makes my testimony valid ). They're lacing it with something to cause brain fog, probably fda approved proplyene glycol, as it is legal and a neurotoxin, fda approved, and not tested for. I think they're reselling America weed they stole, and laced with poison. Pharmakeia. and Yes, they absolutely would do this. I'm 100% sure they are folks. Please take this seriously if you work for the FBI and DEA or DOJ. I promise you it is true. [ keep in mind the vast amount of occult/freemasonic symbolism in the new "hemp" market ]

[Added Nov 22, 2023]

Looks like the CDC tried to cover up some truth in the form of stats, by deleting a page on their website. I first noticed this when I linked to this page from my blog at botanicalGuides.com , where I cited gov stats, to show a correlation between death and violent crime rising, directly following Marijuana prohibition, and how pills have contributed as well to rising death and violent crime stats... The CDC removed the page... or someone at the CDC rather, the web guy/gal... I believe they have an extensive cyber team(the socialist). Socialist operate like covert pirates, remember that. They sneak on board and sabotage the ship, an safety of its crew.

Proof: removed link: https://cd.gov/drugoverdose/data/overdose.html# same link on the internet archives: https://web.archive.org/web/20150410030937/https://www.cdc.gov/drugoverdose/data/overdose.html# Notice this is from 2015, right before the attacks by socialist regimes across the country. Please save and archive these yourself. I recently reached out to the CDC to get thier response about this and to inform them and hopes they'll spread the word ( talk ) . Here are the screenshots: 1) deleted page 2) "Oops! Page not found" cdc site.. 3) Me emailing the CDC 4) Email confirmation ( working on it now ) I will add the response when it arrives, and make a note at the top of this and the main page. I've pinned this post. My pinned post rotate. If it is pinned, I find it significant and wwant people to see it in large numbers. and talk about it. CDC: Pirate on board, red team go.

#cd #pharma #stats #coverups #intenet-arhives
~ Added Oct 24, 2023

I asked God, that if this cop was innocent, that he get out of this and not be put away. Here is the local news story: https://weartv.com/news/local/former-santa-rosa-county-deputy-charged-with-child-porn-possession Lets pray for deputy Thomas Wilkie. I think he is innocent. There are plenty of cops that belong in jail, but nothing seems to be happening about it on a fast enough scale, and their major crimes are going un-punished. They hide behind the badge in fear, the graven image, the idol of the state. There are cops and gov emplyees being busted for child porn though. I believe they are framing gov employees too. I know they're framing civilians, they tried to do it to me and my whole family. They are trying to drain our swamp, so to speak. We must drain theirs. They are evil, and want power, control, and oppression to reign supreme. Anyway, the police report is on the santa rosa county clerk of courts website, and the report clearly states that some chick at his house went into his room and "used his computer". This man should not be found guilty on that alone. When someone else accesses your computer, they can plant anything on there, and they can download anything. There are malicious people out there who seek to frame the innocent. It happens, every single day. Wilkie if you're reading this, I asked God to deliver you if you're innocent. Just stay in the spirit, abide, pray, and SERVE GOD. Psalm 91:1 91:3 91:13 Anyway please pray for this deputy. He's out on bond, I was glad to hear he is still enjoying freedom for now. I don't know if he is innocent or guilty but if he is innocent I pray for his deliverance. If he is guilty, I pray God deliver him from that stuff and turn his life around. Either way he needs our prayer, but anyone who can vouch for the character of Mr. Wilkie, and him being a good man , please step forward. Let's get something organized to help him. I emailed the judge. If he is guilty it is in God's hands. I don't know, but from what I've seen, there are socialist in the 850 and they are framing victims. ~ Updated Oct 25, 2023

Some safety precautions I'd like to reit for cyber security awareness month because of this case: Never share your wifi password. Make other people get their own wifi. Never leave your computer accessible to other people while you're not at home. Lock the door, unplug it, and put the cord in your car, or bring the computer with you, leave it in your trunk. I would even bring the router with me so no one can use your internet, period. Don't save your wifi passwords, don't let people plug things into your device etc. Here's the Santa Rosa County Clerk of Courts Site where you can go pull up his name and view the police report. I suspect the local neo nazi cult is framing good cops who they feel are a threat to their operation. Sound evidence this is happening is shared via my testimony and all throughout this website centered around facts from authoritative[spell check] sources. Do not let anyone plug anything into your device, not a phone, not a jump drive, cd rom, anything.

https://www.abcactionnews.com/news/state/impact-check-new-bill-file-to-end-fls-free-kill-law-for-everyone We as righteous defenders of all who offend have made tremendous progress sense 2021 when this ball was set in motion. I'm so thrilled to see how the feds and everyone around here that's normal has stepped up to the plate and dis-emboldened these punks. Now we have to keep pressing forward, keep modding the laws towards righteousness, and keep running surveilance on them. ~ Added Oct 12, 2023

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-jPzAakHPpk This is the clip of Larry silverstein admitting that buliding 7 was "pulled", a term used by contolled demolition crews. I saw this clip on the TV in the early 2000's so I know for a fact it isn't a deep fake. Back in those days, most of the televised clips online were pirated, and uploaded to YouTube. Google got so tired of fighting piracy, that they teamed up with the networks, and now YouTube is basically TV. This way the content is there, and there's no need for people to pirate it and upload it, because it is already there. FACT CHECKERS ARE LYING AND SAYING THIS NEVER HAPPENED!! The media was gaslight, there are coverups. ~ Added Oct 11, 2023

Eglin.af.mil "Don't be a target, how to identify adversarial propaganda" by Captain Dorothy Sherwood Published Oct, 5 2023 I was very impressed with this article. I will start monitoring the military news and share it here as well! I totally forgot they did this. So thrilled to see the military on board doing their own news and blogging. The propagandist want an infowar, let's give them an infowar, and one of truth.~ Added Oct 11, 2023

George Santos Faces Charges Of Using Donor's Credit Cards To MAke Unauthorized Purchases ~ Added Oct 11, 2023

https://www.ojp.gov/ncjrs/virtual-library/abstracts/how-investigate-destructive-cults-and-underground-groups ~ Added Oct 11, 2023

https://weartv.com/news/local/florida-settles-lawsuit-over-covid-data-agrees-to-provide-weekly-stats-to-the-public ~ Added Oct 11, 2023

https://justice.gov/usao-wdny/pr/springville-nurse-arrested-charged-possession-and-distribution-child-pornography This illustrates further corruption in medical. So far I've exposed going on in medical with mainstream news and fbi and doj news stories, that their are racist hate crimes being committed, malpractice operations, and now child porn. Sounds like we got criminals in medical to me... 9/11, 911.~ Added Oct 4, 2023

https://www.justice.gov/usao/wdnc/pr/office-manager-senior-assisted-living-facility-charged-15-million-embezzlement-scheme Yup. This shows that they steal and are greedy and want tons of money and self exalation. Are they getting paid extra money for covid19 related stuff? So we have stories of malpractice, drugging, child porn, hate crimes, and even more now going on in medical. I told ya, they're in police, medical and the military. By They, i mean the "socialist", the sociopaths, the organized criminals, confederates, kkk, neo nazi's, white supremacist, freemasons, cults, satanist, and they gotta go.~ Added Oct 4, 2023

https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/woman-pleads-guilty-359m-fraud-involving-claims-unnecessary-respiratory-tests-submitted You've seen all the stories of fraud, you've seen the malpractice, the stealing, the hate crimes, the illegal baker acts, you've heard my story bout what they did to my grandma, and now this. It is obvious there is genocide going on, and all other forms of evil. The nazi swamp must be drained. ~ Added Oct 4, 2023

https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/indiana-man-indicted-sending-violent-anti-semitic-threats-four-offices-anti-defamation-0 Another reminder to those who think there is no justice for neo nazi cells and hate groups acting out. We've come a long way sense then. The military knows who you are, vigilantes know who you are, the NSA knows, we all know. =) ~ Added Oct 4, 2023

https://fbi.gov/contact-us/field-offices/newyork/news/twenty-seven-defendants-charged-with-federal-crimes-targeting-the-united-states-postal-service Another story about the postal service being targeted. With the twin towers coming down ( and representing the global economy ) and the attacks of the pland-demic (krystalnacht 2.0) the smashing in and vandalism of small businesses across the country, and the attacks on the postal service? I'd say this is just another attack on the economy as people rely on the mail for their small businesses. Remember the Anthrax attacks targeted towards the USPS workers in the early 2000's? ~ Added Oct 4, 2023

https://www.justice.gov/usao-wdwa/pr/former-husband-and-wife-real-estate-investment-team-indicted-225-million-fraud-0 Bingo. I tol you there was something going on in real estate. I def believe Captain Erlemann is involved with this as he owns property according to a quick internet search, in Bob White circle, which is where my old friends that were wrongfully screwed out of their house used to live... In fact they lived right next to a cop.. According to what I saw online on real estate sites, he owns the same house right next door to where my friends were screwed out of. Kissick and coleman and his buddies thought they were gonna steal my grandmas property. ~ Added Oct 4, 2023