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Last update: April 5, 2024

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Here is a new 9/11 page, I'm working on. More organized, concise, and with more videos, and more content. It is under construction. Here is a link to a page with academic sources that confirm elohim city and its ties to the oklahoma city bombing and white supremacy / neo nazi organizations, including the cult or secret society of the "odin brotherhood". A scholarly search yields results surprisingly for "odin brotherhood"! Cool! We have them exposed! I am trying to be better about citations.

Note: 9convert.com lets you download YouTube Videos.

More on my testimony about the local neo nazi organization

Update: I want to drop a link to the black panthers nbpp.org Black Panthers Defense Militia and encourage all non-whites in Santa Rosa County Florida to prepare to defend the minorities here( the whole 850 really ), as the odin brotherhood a neo nazi cult is here and your people will appreciate you. Establish contacts throughout the Florida panahndle. Their names are in the source code of this website and scattered throughout the page.( Joe coleman sr, deputies: brad baney, joshuah greenberg, and captain , oh and Danna kissick and conner kissick and corey ward anderson ). Remember Psalm 91:1. The black panthers are a patriotic and legal defense militia, not a terrorist organization. Another link: https://theblackpantherparty.com

I wouldn't put it past these neo nazi groups to rig juries too. Someone at the Santa rosa county level deleted my email. Back in 2021-2022ish, when those neo nazi punks in the police were over here pounding on my door trying to intimidate me and my dad into silence as I sought to expose them, someone deleted my emails at the state attorneys office. I told the state attorneys office then about everything about dana kissick and his cult and the neo nazi organization were doing via an email, and , , joe coleman sr , and corey ward anderson. I called to ask them if they had my email, and the woman on the phone says with a quick proud and cocky tone "nope.", really fast too. I mean she didn't even think about it. Just Nope. It was a proud "I just blocked you what you gonna do about it" kinda "nope". This was around the same time that the poo was about to hit the fan. It was before 2022 in Nov 2021 I believe. We have come along way sense then in our progress in this battle. I apologize for the times I slack. I wax and wane.
More at 850.NEWS #news #nwfl #850 #pensacola #fwb #destin
#maryesther #milton #pace #holly

I want to share more resources on the odin brotherhood, a neo nazi organization(cult/secret society) in the NW fl panhandle.. The feds and gov need to recognize these creeps officially, and ban them. I'm not sure if it is officially recognized by the gov but it should be, but God told me this is them. I believe it, I mean they're into odinism aren't they? Here are those screenshots of his sons facebook linked to on my gab account(social media platform): https://gab.com/Lightnings/posts/111428170643337498


Mirabello, Mark. The Odin Brotherhood. Mandrake, 2005.

Note: This page is not meant to offend people who have religious rights, it is meant to inform.

We can see from the academic source cited above, that this cult believes in superiority. They believe they are hunters. They are pagan so they worship false Gods and idols, and are heavily into symbols and sigils ( occult phenomena ). The swastika was a symbol as well, and in the bible referred to as an idol or graven image(Exodus 20:4, second commandment) They lust after knowledge(the fruit of the tree of knowledge, genesis) freedom, and power. They don't want you to have freedom though, they are pro slavery, and feel entitled, and like the rules don't apply to them. They are sociopaths. They believe in pride over humility, and knowledge over faith. They are the opposite of Gods teachings, thus is the source of their being cursed, and their poor luck. I believe this stems from inferiority complex. Their beliefs are the same as those of the nazi's. These societies(cults) stem from the same pagan origins as the nazis.

They are a neo nazi organization tied to elohim city as shared in my testmony on the main page herein. Remember dana kissick knew about elohim city before I could explain it and they stock nazi stuff. ( A bbc doc exposed the neo nazi connection to the attack here and elohim city is tied to that attack and timothy mcveigh! that makes him connected to the attack! ) Kissick gets stuff from his "friend" in Germany. They are maga and pro trump. Elohim city is an off the grid community of white supremacist and neo nazis, and timothy mcveigh is connected to it. This group is in santa rosa county florida. I know this because I am an eye witness and I shared it with the feds what I saw and heard. They moved in across from me and tried to brainwash out by the mailboes and street casually and slowly. They are in with those satanist creeps too. They are stock piling guns and stolen drugs. I def believe they are running this delta8 industry (locally I mean, speficially ) and these alt cannabinoids. I have seen a lot of pagan symbolism on new legal drug products, and believe pagan cults are seeking to rig anything medical which includes over the counter drugs like the new amanita mushroom gummies popping up everywhere, including holistic(herbal/natural/supplements) for their supremacy and pharmakeia(soreries)[cheating,rigging the system, the market, tainting prods with poisons] The american cannabinoid association seems to be sporting some freemasonic symbolism from what it looks like to me, check it out here. The freemasons idolize the Egyptians, and the Egyptians were pro slavery, so that should bother you. Also remember JFK's speech.

Linder, Douglas. "The Oklahoma City bombing and the trial of Timothy McVeigh." Available at SSRN 1030565 (2007).

Believe it or not, there is an odin brotherhood website at https://www.odinbrotherhood.org/ and they are openly racist there. They call theirselves elite. "Elite" is a slang term for supremacist. In Satanism as well as Odinism, and any other elite group, the goal is the same, self exaltation, the worship of self, and a life of self pleasure and indulgence , greed, hatred, oppression, lies, and all obtained through cheating, using occult symbols and various snares to seduce and enslave their enemies into various traps and ungodly political systems. The website claims that Odins believe "A mob of nominal Christians-bigots who were black with hate-burned her alive on a pyre composed of green wood." The "she" this line is referring to, is some pagan goddess of theirs. Here is the site on the wayback machine for evidence purposes: https://web.archive.org/web/20231118184845/https://www.odinbrotherhood.org/

Here are some of the traits that they theirselves list on their website to describe theirselves. "6. The Brotherhood teaches absolute self-reliance. Members would "rather steal than accept charity." and 7. Sin is denied and "contrition" is denounced as a "totem of decadence." Odinists see repentance as a mark of weakness because "only the terrorized repent." Neo nazism is birthed from these germanic pagan cults. The kissicks are into odinism and neo nazism, the two are related. Keep in mind this group is in the panhandle and keep in mind I am a legit whistle blower and the FBI in Pensacola and Mobile know who I am. You can trust the non-whites to confirm my testimony. I enjoy what I do and thank God for appointing me. It has been fun. :)

Freemasonic symbolism
(and graven image, covert idol)
The cannabinoids they speak of are not those of God but are pharmakeia(sorcery[poison]) versions of the substances. They are tainted products with the fda approved neurotoxin "proplyene glycol"[archived here] which I expose on the main page

Remember the freemasons are the worlds largest power hungry secretive cult, and they're bad news. JFK warned about such cults and I believe they were tied to his assassination and I believe they should be banned or at least monitored and de-exalted. They are supremacist. Get on board. Monitor their communications. Their practices and studies involve the use of occult graven images(magic symbols, talismans, charms, and sigils [archived]), and they idolize the egyptians and their ungodly ways of life. They were also pro slavery ( the Egyptians ) so that tells us a lot about them. These groups tend to hang together, and imo and research they are generally all united in satans kingdom. This is what we're up against. Those idols and graven images ( symbols etc ) are their biggest weapons, along with lies, and gaslighting. I was surprised to find a lot of academic information on the oklahoma city bombing @ Google Scholar, but remember what you saw in those live news clips because it was the truth. Neo nazis and elohim city are tied to the oklahoma city bombing. I cover this on page one

Academic citation: Zakroff, Laura Tempest. Sigil Witchery: A Witch's Guide to Crafting Magick Symbols. Llewellyn Worldwide, 2018.

Recently I started exposing more and made contact with some military folks and even another whistle blower!
Here is the url to her profile she rocks:

Dana kissick and his neo nazi organization[cult](the odin brotherhood) are in possession of ( it is somewhere they had time to move it so I dunno where it is ) 10-11 25 kilo bricks of stolen kratom at max. They know where it is. Joe coleman is tied to them as he wound up in possession of it as well. "Kit" the bong/knife guy from the gulf breeze flea market is also involved and collects nazi memoribilia. What I'm saying is true and there are non-white members of the FBI in Pensacola that can vouche my story is true. I also know that corey ward anderson is connected with the satanic temple of north west florida as well, and he is also in with Danna so the odin brotherhood and them are practically friends. These groups seem to inner-twine. You may think this is balogne, but I found academic sources that confirm this group as well, plus conner kissick has odinism stuff all over his facebook profile go look. Here is the search of google scholar for "odin brotherhood" and odin secret society to illustrate these are facts.

Point of this post is to expose neo nazism's ways, so as to defend and inform America in our war against evil. This is an example of Serpent medical pharmakeia(sorcery,poisoning). For by their sorceries(poisonings) were all nations deceived. The swastika was a covert idol, aka graven image, aka sigil. The five pointed star as well as the u.n. and w.h.o emblem are also graven images aka idols. The odin brotherhood is in the panhandle, and they are into sorcery openly, as stated on their YouTube channel, and according to the scholarly sources on them as well. https://youtu.be/1E98Sx3mTQU?si=P2o094GvBDr-Zh7z Use 9convert.com to download YouTube videos.

Content above Added Nov 21, 2023

New News Below: (Updated April 5, 2024)

They're in supremacist rivalry cults, they SABOTAGE, they steal, they cheat, they infiltrate, they divide, they segregate, they seek to covertly steal and divert the other authorities attention away from them, and on to to their targets.

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9convert.com has been acting up on occasion lately. If you have any problems, use https://y2nb.com to download YouTube videos in case the socialist remove them, or find more on duckduckgo here. Google doesn't list these services because they're not patriotic Americans like the rest of us.

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New section: My blog section


Jeremiah 23:30 Therefore, behold I am against the prophets, saith the Lord, that steal my words.. every one.. from his neighbour. ( Don't be a poser )

New news has moved here so all News from April 2024 through ____(dunno what month yet) 2024, will go on this new page. This page is now the official archive for __'22-4/5/24 See you on the NEW, NEW NEWS page

I found my new favorite bible verse that's not in all bibles though. Ecclesiasticus 38:4 "The Lord hath created medicines out of the earth; and he that is wise will not abhor them." Abhor means to hate. I love it when the bible confirms what I feel to be true. I was right! Ecclesiastes 3:1 "For everything under the heavens has a time and purpose.", even the fruit. I can't tell anyone to eat it however. lol Don't be a God-hater, and judge each tree by its fruits. Don't hate any of them. "Herbspedia" is coming along good. Ecclesiasticus isn't the same as Ecclesiastes, and it isn't in every bible. It's from the Hebrew. All the major bible sites list it however.

I noticed recently that bouncing bear botanicals has their shop back online. I was an idiot to reach out but felt compelled too (serpent at work) ( that was stupid ) [ There shall not be found among you... Deut 18 ] On t hat note beware, the serpent has been at work heavily this month(rough tide) Psalm 91:1 Anyway I went through a temporary curse for reaching out to them ( God didn't like it and I now remember why ) Anyway, I was trying to find out if it was the same owners or not. It's the same owners, the sloans and millers, the guys who invented the spice "k2" revolution as it turns out. They are back and at it again. A shop called Meridian Botanicals gossiped to me about rumors of bouncing bear having a breif case full of drugs(research chemicals) no one had ever heard of before. This was back in the day. I noticed the dudes email address was barking bear 666 @gmail.com which pretty much confirms my theory about them being in a satanic cult. Dont believe me? Go to bouncingbearbotanicals.com and email them and when you get a reply you'll see. It's the same bbb from back in the day. I got dude to admit they were making spice. They were involved in a multi million dollar international spice ring (k2) I didn't believe this at first but upon looking up the justice.gov stories and talking to the dude, I can see it is true. You can find sites online that share their private emails. They were mislabling the "k2" product and trying to trick people into thinking it was "natural"( and not laced with drugs ). Then there is the krystle cole connection to the story, bouncing bear, and the worlds largest underground lsd manufacturing facility in an underground abandoned missile silo in Kansas ( bbb was in kansas too, and edens ethnos was from kansas as well ) She was an affiliate marketer for bouncing bear botanicals as well. She ran a website called neurosoup and at one time me and her were competing for the first slot of the first page of Google over the keywords "plants for lucid dreaming" among others. She was involved with this guy who was involved with the worlds largest underground lsd manufacturing facility. There is the vice news story on this and they actually go into the missile silo where this took place. I cover this on my Angelfire blog It's the "lsd as the fruit from genesis" story. This conspiracy goes all the way back to timothy leary and aliester crowly. I embedded the video on that blog and kristle cole eventually removed it (made it priate) I know she knows who I am. They're def all involved in a satanic pharmakeia conspiracy. They used the word "entheogen" and some false teachings to pull some serpent crap, and started a witchcraft revolution. Here are some screenshots from our email back and forth recently I swear communiating with him brought a curse upon me for a minute there until I figured it out. Oddly enough he ghosted on me first.(I'm slow) Him and Jon probably saw my website and realized I was Christian now, and the enemy has a similar teaching, there shall not be found among you anyone who is saved. THERE SHALL NOT BE FOUND AMONG YOU ANYONE WITH 666 AT THE END OF THEIR EMAIL ADDRESS. DEUT 18, serious business folks. I also want to point out that he says he is importing kratom so (screenshot), more proof others are importing kratom and having no problems. Yet they meessed with Edens ethnos and Me over it. He also bragged that he has credit card processing (felt passive aggressive to me) Turns out Eden founded the American Trade Association and helped scholars study a lot of these plants(on his site on the wayback machine it confirms this says for scholars only), and was also a part of the formation of the American Kratom Association. They go after influential people who mould society.

This is Sebastian guthery, the dude who was wrongfully raided and arrested and charged for doing something that's not illegal and is still being sold across the country legally, mostly by supremacist cheaters these days. See the occult objects? He has stones and crystals and stuff hanging around his neck in most of his pictures. Those charms(occult objects), give the enemy access to you. Both me and him were into the new age occultism crap and were both targeted. They took down bouncing bear botanicals, edens, and tried to get me all in the same run. around 2018-2019. There's a connection between the new age stuff and bad luck for sure. I put together a tribute video for the dude. He was cool. He had chicks too man, and kilos. lol Edens Ethnobotanicals was a legit entrepaneur who was wrongfully destroyed. He used to send me kratom samples all the time. He had chicks who would try to sell to me lol I miss those days. I just purchased seedbearingherbs.com and I'm making that my shop, it works side by side with the marketing page herbspedia.org Here's that video I made on YouTube The music is rad. Music by Bensound License code: V7M8LRN847TKKDZM Heres the blog I wrote on the wayback machine. https://web.archive.org/web/20240303063629/https://botanicalguides.com/what-happened-to-edens-ethnos-disclosure.html In a bunch of his photos he has new age occult crystals hanging from his neck. That's a big time clue. That was what attracted the bad luck. Here is one photo

I've started a new project, a "botanicalguides 2.0" so to speak. It's called Herbs Pedia ( like wikipedia ) and the url is https://herbspedia.org It's so much more professional than Botanical Guides. I'm Christianizing it too. I've learned so much from this whole thing the last 13 years or so, and it has been tremendous. I now plan to warn people about the dangers of shamanic teachings and even certain plants, and the benefits of others. I'm here to serve the Lord. God bless all patriots. I'm still doing 850.news and I post the links on comments on local pages across the 850 still. I post a graphical map of all the local traffic every now and then on my social media pages. Please follow me! If you want some news shared, email it to me at scottThewarrior@juno.com I'm going through this news feed and doing some spell checking, and other touching up. I really like the new slate. Botanical Guides was fun. Starting from a new slate has such a good vibe to it, it's totally rad. OH I gotta upload that zip file full of the emails to the state about my grandma and the gangstalking again because I replaced botanicalguides with herbspedia and gotta re-upload it. Here is the link(once it's uploaded) God spoke to me recently about not getting too wrapped up in personal ambition. Always put God and family before everything else. Do not be too into yourself and your goals and dreams, because God and family come first. Remain humble.

Mae coleman has spread lies about me in the past but what she has to say about what she witnessed in that abusive negelctful nursing home in gulf breeze with her sister, (my grandma) is true. She gave me and my dad reports about her not having her dentures or glasses for nonths and months. I have the emails to prove ├Čt as well in a zip file(scan it with http://virustotal.com) so shes an eye witness that the place framed her as a mental patient and then spread lies about us to justify it. She wasn't an eye witness to my grandma falling on her butt in the morning when she went to put on her slippers, but she was an eye witness as to what happened in that home, and they are the ones who started the slander, and the cops, and joe. Their friends in the SRCSO run protection for them. They are connected to mr kissick and his neo nazi organization. I experience two false arrest in less than two years, an was baited with 100k in stolen kratom less than a year later.

To everyone who tried to destroy me over kratom I want you to think about how I blew the whistle in the neo nazi cult "the odin brotherhood" in the 850 and remember, you tried to destroy the guy that did that. Were you the hero? God is the hero and we must remain humble. Police who prey on heros thinking they are the heros need to wake up and get their intel right. You were put in your place don''t pretend.

Finally got some new good news ( sorry I've been slack on that ) I've been posting on local facebook pages but haven't noticed anything that caught my eye for a while. BUT, I decided to search the internet real quick to see if I missed anything and I did. https://www.pnj.com/story/news/crime/2024/02/15/ronald-lee-murray-arrested-for-nazi-memorabilia-possession-of-weapon/72620207007/ Here's a Pensacola News Journal story coming out of Escambia county of a local neo nazi arrested!!!! Praise Jesus! He was caught with nazi paraphanilia and guns. See, if the politicians would ban the paraphanalia that would be extra charges and we could keep them behind bars. Remember "Kit" the bong/knife guy from the flea market is one as well, and collects nazi stuff ( he also knows where that stolen kratom is ) He's a loser who pretends to be an OG. Here's another https://www.wfla.com/news/florida/convicted-felon-with-nazi-memorabilia-arrested-on-weapons-charge-fhp-says/amp/ Feel free to email me anything you'd like to see here @ ScottTheWarrior@Juno.com I also want to suggest Juno free email ( non socialist ! ) webmail.juno.com

More disclosure and proof about what happened in 2018 with the kratom ( and reiteration ) Here is a photo of the shipping label on one those boxes of kratom the corrupt authorities sent ( there's tons more if you scroll down to the last few post on this site that I've made including convos from me and mike at phytoextractum ) Ok so we have the justice.gov article about the illegal raid on edens ethnos that proves the authorities were the ones who sent it as bait, , and here is me telling mike about it when it first happened and me explaining to him how I found on the ftc website that the law said I could keep it and there's tons more below if you scroll down the next 7 post or so on here are about the kratom. ( the 400 kilos )

I told you I'd prove everyone wrong and show how stupid the SRCSO is AND THE FBI. They think they're soooo smart ( or did ) [ be offended, you're offensive and descriminate and fail to look into things for people for bias reasons ] Here is a photo of the kratom when it arrived to prove that joe coleman sr, captain jason erlemann, joshuah greenberg, "kit", and danna kissick came over here and stole it, conned my dad out of it while I was at the flea market because THEIR GROUP ARE THE ONES WHO SENT IT. ( odin brotherhood, a neo nazi white supremacist cult ) What else? Oh I also share the disavow reports that Mike from phytoextractum sent me to combat the negative seo attack on my site ( a way of cheating meant to keep victims from making money and getting rightfully earned traffick ) but the idiots lied and said that I cheated. Nope. Here is another screenshot of our convo If you keep scrolling, I disclosed even more further down the page and even show the emails as well. We know it was a neo nazi cult that did it because they used THEIR domain names in the attack ( one of them was nobodyhasthe.biz, which can be pulled up on the wayback machine ) FYI the convo between me and mike can be confirmed just talk to Jeff the owner of phytoextractum. There's over 400 kilos of stolen kratom in this county and I want everyone to know that loser joe coleman sr and friends stole it. It was sent to me as bait to destroy me and now they're copying Me and Eden, because they're haters. Coleman isn't cool or tough like he acts and he is a poser/loser/white supremacist beta.

I took botanicalguides.com offline the other day and it has been deindexed as a result. It is for sale for $1,130 ( domain only ) ( Godaddy apraiser says it is worth $1,313 ) [ the name only ] It's back online for now. It's for sale at https://afternic.com/scotthermann850 Thanks. I'm going to keep Grey Hat Laboratories. I was going to sell it but nope. and I'm starting 3 new websites ( one is a shop ) selling non-grey area stuff just for survival. I'll do my Kratom activism on the side and this project as well. I pray that Marijuana will be legal soon. I could use safe legal access. Most of these hemp products are poisoned, big time deception going on. Grey Hat LAbs I may keep.. I'm putting a huge price tag on it because all my software links to that website so it would be free advertising for whoever buys it.

I haven't seen any new interesting news in a while but I still keep up. I'll post more eventually, I promise.

Everyone has been presented with all the truth herein. I even posted the emails on my gab ( under photos, may have to dig ) of all the emails I sent to the government trying to get help and justice for my grandma, and the complaints about the stalking ( sense before 2018 and that shipment of Kratom ). Erlemann took the complaints about the stalking. [Erlemann is in their group, and "Kit"] I was ignored. I want to share a sermon on gossip, and slander on that note. The word "Satan" is greek for "diabolos" or "slanderous". The bible says satan is the "accuser" Oh and the entire time, Kratom remained legal and is still legal. Walmart gasstation sells it but no-one baited Walmart gas-station with a bunch of kratom nor is anyone feeding them marked bills... It's cool, they're fortune 500.. Idiots who believe things and believe them, when they're told where to go look here and there, and they're told who to talk to, and where the proof that what you're saying is true, and the slander is false, REFUSE to look into it, are incosiderate buttholes.

Here's a sermon on slander, gossip, and back stabbing.
url: https://youtu.be/lJk0-uSnLJQ

"Slander is the most cowardly thing you can do to a person."

"You've got them in a position where they can't defend theirself."

"Don't let satan use you as a tool for others destruction"

"If you have a complaint against someone, go to that person"

"Gossip is a cowardly attack. You're attacking someone who is not there to defend theirself"

Bible says God hates when people sow discord among brethren, a heart that devices wicked plans, a false witness who speaks lies. It also says God gave man every seed bearing herb that they shall be for nourishment, and yes that includes Marijuana and Kratom. If you got your RNA modified, don't ever preach to anyone about anything, ever again.

Far too often are authorities discriminatory aholes and predators.

I'm launching a new website called https://kratomwar.com a simple website to combat the socialist efforts to take over kratom by means of cheating. And I am launching two more websites one is a simple shop. I will be selling seeds and live plants and non-psychoactive herbs, nothing grey area. From this point on my kratom ambition is purely activism. My other new site is a second botanicalguides except totally different layout and new plants!!!! #r God told me dont sell kratom plants(not because they're bad but because of vauge law) and he said my selfish ambition was getting in between him and family so I took note of it. Oh bg is for sale. You can always pull up my botanicalguides project on the waybackmachine and I will even link to it from all of my new projects. Again, I am launching three new websites! One is a small shop and I won't be selling any grey area ethnobotanicals this time because I want to keep my credit card processing. https://web.archive.org/web/20240000000000*/botanicalguides.com is the link to pull up the entire history of Botanical Guides on the internet archives. It's still valid. I just felt I needed to start a new slate, a new project. I'm stoked about a new clean layout and design too. I will get back on the 850.news ball too. I don't need to slack here but haven't noticed anytying interesting in the news yet. I get more local traffic to this site than ever before. Been posting on all the local pages in the 850 on facebook.

More disclosure. (There's another post below this where the kratom first shows up and I tell Mike) Here is the post on Diaspora(social media) (15 total I believe) with more disclosure images from the convo. For those who don't know: Years back, I was head-hunted by a big kratom entrepaneur named Jeff(technially his tech guy mike did the recruiting I believe, but it was his job to do so) who owned phytoetractum left coast kratom and soulspeciosa among others to do affiliate marketing for his shops(via my website botanicalguides.com which to this day still has pages on the first page of Google (google "what happened to edens ethnobotanicals"). They wanted me to come work with them as a marketer using my site botanicalguides and they paid me 20% on all sales (so commissions ) my site generated, plus $100 bonus and $100 free prod every month. They also had a tech expert named mike that I enjoyed chatting with. He handled payouts and helped affiliates. He helped me overcome a negative seo attack on my site which I didn't even know about until meeting him and the company, so I was very grateful to have this type of benefit(company benefits). I really enjoyed our small talk and I had the coolest job in the world, still do. In 2016 they deleted my facebook, thus removing all my customers that I had selling kratom to on the side. So I began to focus more on my site, which at the time wasn't making hardly any money. I was getting ripped off from bouncing bear botanicals the whole time, as they just threw me product. I was grateful for the product though. Anyway, here are some more of the convos between me and mike, discussing payouts, small talking, and having run at our rad jobs. I love disclosing this stuff because I never stop proving that the things I said are true, which means I never stop disproving the lies that these crooked cops in the SRCSO spread. I sleep better at night knowing there are righteous authorities around here who now know I was the one telling the truth. Credibility is beautiful. The truth is so much more satisfying than lies. "and whosoever maketh and loveth a lie." I could write a book on this crazy story that is my life man. It's been cool. Been feeling really good about myself lately, looking back at everything. It's just been like, wow. Praise God man. God bless. Thanks for following all, I hope I help. I promised to disclose everything. More to come! p.s.(I may have to make a new new news page soon.. but nothing will ever get deleted from this website.) P.s. In 2016 they deleted my facebook account and I lost all my customer base there so I went from working on selling kratom on the side, to working on the site more beauase I lost that income. I wanted to get my page making more money. I'm not 100% but I believe that phyto came to me in 2016. Mine and Mikes convo on hangouts started in 2016. He emilaed me before the convo.

May need to turn your phone side ways for this.

Here they are individually(15 total), hosted on neocities:
Convo1, Convo2, Convo3,Convo4,Convo5,Convo6,

Here is Botanical Guides in 2017, man it looked sharp. This was the Desktop friendly design before Google made us switch to mobile friendly. I miss those days and I miss the old desktop design so much. That was back when it was still http:// and not https://. Nostalgia. I'm so glad I started this project and became an entrepaneur. I woulnd't have it any other way. How it all played into Gods mission for me, was way cool too. I still can't get over the "edens ethnos" thing ( Eden, as in , the garden of eden... )

Here's a photo of that kratom from 2018 when those socialist punks posing as "authority figures" first baited me with it after illegally raiding edens ethnobotanicals. This proves that Joe coleman sr and his friends in the SRCSO aren't cool like they was pretending to be.(they were selling it pretending to be og's) They left the boxes and took the big 25 kilo bricks out of the boxes during the robery and left some. That kratom is old and the lowest grade out there. Get it from Indonesia and you'll have better kratom than all of them. Anyway.. Then all of a sudden the authorities here were interested in "getting to the bottom of it", but coleman wasn't a suspect... hmm. Yeah he's connected to the supremacist group that illegally raided edens ethnos and is selling his stolen kratom across the US. Nice try girls, but your diabolical plan has really back-fired and now everyone knows what losers and posers you are. and that Kratom is not illegal to import. I decided to not sell live kratom plants. just non grey area herbs and seeds. I'm just tryna chill man. I'll sell seeds and live plants. Not everything on the site will I sell. The page is as much of a marketing site as a shop now. I still link to other sellers including wholesalers in other countries to support entrepaneurs and the consumer too. Unlike those pooppy pants posers in the srcso now selling stolen kratom, I'm not afraid of competition nor am I worried about other men. My site again is BotanicalGuides.com Oh need I remind everyone, that neo nazi sissy dana kissick across from me once said to me out by the mailbox when I was checking the mail "why don't you stop selling kratom plants and sell tomatoe plants instead?" Yup, they're losers, haters, and posers. They try to take on your identity, and then project their losery self onto you. They want to switch places with you. It's a compliment. The last thing my mom said to me was "Hows your business?" all cockyily and proud. Sadistic.

Psychedelicspot.com is openly selling meth and all kinds of illegal drugs. I have a big time problem with privlage. I was gangstalked for not breaking the law and these jits are selling illegal drugs out in the open online? Another tip for the authorities. If they were just selling Cannabis illegally and not toe stomping or selling stolen pot, then we woulnd't have a problem. Privlage has to end. It would be nice if the government employees could arrest other government employees but again, it comes down to privlage. Government employees are all supremacist because they all get privlage. They break the law, and no other gov employee does the right thing and arrest them becuase of this privlage. Be a leader and put an end to that by taking the lead and setting an example. If the good guys in government don't lead, the socialist will. Don't follow them, rather set an example that others may follow. Random note, I only spoke to my mom once sense 2021 and will never again. She said to me all cocky and proud, "Hows your business?" She had everything to do with what happened to my grandma. She's a snitch, and a psychopath. Her name is debbie barker. Don't trust her.

More disclosure on what really happened with the kratom from edens ethnos. In a previous post a couple post down I link to the IRS article that proves he was illegally arrested which shows I was right, the authorities illegaly raided edens ethnos and they're the ones that sent that 100k in kratom to me, as bait. I can't believe I took so long to question what happened or to google "what happened to edens ethnobotanicals". See? I was telling the truth the whole time. Here are the convos between me and mike from phytoextractum ( I was an affiliate marketer for them at the time. My site was pulling them in between $1500 and $2500 per pay period. They paid me 20% of everything my site generated. This convo is where my dumb-butt tells him. I shoulnd't have kept that kratom but the law said I could(ftc rule), and the 400 kilo's really has a way of working on a man. It's long gone now thank God. I accepted the package because it had my name on it and I knew who sent it. I didn't find out until later that it supposedly belonged to someone else ( that was a lie though ) Edens ethnos was illegally raided by neo nazis in the gov, then they sent me that kratom(nobody has the dot biz remember). It was the authorities I spoke to on the phone, posing as Edens ethnos. Remember the wayback machine also confirms they went offline in 2018 mysteriously. Here are the screenshots where I tell him about the kratom showing up: mike1.jpg, mike2.jpg, mike3.jpg, mike4.jpg, mike5.jpg, mike6.jpg Everytime I think I have disclosed everything I find more. I am flattered that they targeted me along side Sabastian guthery. They saw my potential as a very big deal. My website is a powerful agent to direct money towards areas of the economy that I see fit and apparently still is!. Way cool! At this point, any srcso deputy that pushes the lie that it is illegal to import kratom or that kratom is "bad" or will be banned soon, is suspecious... The odin brotherhood ( the local neo nazi cult that's in the military, medical, and the srcso )[conner kissick has odinism stuff on his fb remember? So we know.] clearly was involved in this scam. I believe they were also behind the illegal raid on bouncing bear botanicals in 2010. Remember, I became an affiliate of bouning bear botanicals right after that raid because I didn't like how they mistreated John and falsely arrested him, nor the sabotage on his legal business. Bouncing bear went out of business in 2019 because they took his credit card processing awway. Other shops that sell the same stuff still have their processing.

I don't post this to brag but to show that while others were slandering me and calling me a loser, they were actually haters. Here's a screenshot of some of the earnings from bouncing bear botanicals to give an idea how much doe my page was generating. This disproves ruth halsteads lie that "Scotty don't do anything". Here's an email to mike about the attacks and me asking for more disavow reports And Here are some emails from mike to show he regularly sent me disavow reports to combat the negative seo attack on my site. One of the spamdex pages used to attack my site was "nobodyhasthe dot biz" ( a neo nazi site ) So we can connect the dots. The "odin brotherhood"[odinbrotherhood.org] ( neo nazi's in the 850 ) are connected with the thugs that illegaly raided "edens ethnos". He was a millionare and they are selling HIS KRATOM in shops around the country. I have the story on the first page of Google just google "what happened to edens ethnobotanicals" SRCSO deputies are in posession of it as well. Joe coleman sr and friends are involved in this group(they stole it from our property(praise God),and my dad is an eye witness, so know they're not cool like they pretend to be, nor are they OG's). If you have any information about them please contact me at ScottTheWarrior@juno.com and I can forward it to the proper authorities. I'll eventually post more new news guys.. I just haven't seen anything worth while in a bit yet.. It's coming. I promise.

(I've sense ended botanicalguides sense posting this but check it out on the wayback) Google "what happened to edens ethnos" and you'll find my page towards the top of page one. It seems I'm not as banned as I thought. Only SOME of my kratom pages are blocked, and a lot of others rank. I will do SEO and have as much of my site back on the top of Google as possible. I'm writing new blogs that rank well and show up on the first page. Google "what happened to bouncing bear botanicals" wow I still got it! I'm not blocked as bad as I thought, it looks to be mostly an algorithm thing. I'm going to get all my pages back at the top of the first page now that I can. Rad! The socialist really had me doubting myself towards the end of the attack there for a second with all the projection and using that bait as a way to turn me into them and them into me. Always look back at your accomplishements and remind yourself that you're you and they're them. Feeling really good about myself lately. Hope everyone is well. Stay on the mission. I'm removing that Iboga dude. from bg.

Look what I found... It turns out that the Edens Ethnos guy played a part in the foundation of the American Kratom Association and the Kratom Trade Association, and was also a big time activist. They targeted him for this reason and others. Remember me talking about kratom-k and how they were paying me $500 dollar cheks at a time for advertising? Turns out he owned kratom-k. https://creativemornings.com/individuals/sebastianguthery and here is his oficial site https://sebastianguthery.net/ "Faced with the possibility of an outright federal ban on kratom products, Sebastian knew he had to move quickly to protect the interests of the herbal community. He established the United Kratom Association (UKA), now known as the Kratom Trade Association or KTA, which has worked with other advocacy groups to fight restrictions and bans on kratom importation and distribution." Does anybody else find the name "edens ethnos" interesting? Eden? As in, the Garden Of Eden from Genesis? As in, here take this fruit, ye shall not surely die? Turns out they were illegally raided and the authorities sent that kratom as bair. ( the odin brotherhood is tied to this crime and the freemasons ) They mysteriously went offline after that, but the website can be found on the waybackmachine. https://www.courthousenews.com/major-kratom-importers-guilty-plea-stirs-questions/ He was charged for illegally importing kratom (It's not illegal to import kratom guys I importeed some a week ago here's the post) ALL US SHOPS ARE IMPORTING KRATOM. They went after eden because he helped kee kratom legal and so did I. Look on https://gaiaethnobotanicals.com/ It says they import it from Indonesia right on their website. Here's a screenshot. THIS PISSES ME OFF TO NO END. I import kratom to this day and will continue to to prove to everyone it is a bunch of b.s. If you have millions of dollars fight them. I will post it online every single time that I do. Serve God not government. Praise God.. I post an IRS article about the raid below so the story above is true. It was sent on purpose as bait. There's businesses all across this country that sell kratom to this day. You can find it all over the place and it ALL IS IMPORTED FROM INDONESIA. IT takes years to get potent kratom and no one in the USA is producing enough of it to supply all these sellers. You can go to the local corner store and find it now. These are socialist groups and they make up lies and maliciously prosecute people for NOT BREAKING THE LAW. Just like I was arrested in 2017 for something that wasn't illegal, removing a family member from a nursing home. We had the right to do so and the hospital gave us an option, out patient care or bay breeze. Shops every day import kratom but it is only illegal for people they don't like. I can't believ I took that long to google about edens. The truth is revealed. It's sad to see what this country has become, and even sadder to see how little government employees are willing to defend America, God, and the people. I still can't get over what my own family did to me and my grandma and how the SRCSO refused to help for the longest time ( they descriminate against cannabis and seed bearing herb users ), even the FBI and authorities wouldn't look into anything I said for the longest time.. You woulnd't believe what I had to go through to get their help. You go talk to just about any shop and they'll tell you they import kratom from Indonesia. Customers across the country do it everyday and so do I and I will continue to. Just like bouncing bear botanicals. Shops across the USA are still selling everything that bouncing bear sold but because his business brought millions of dollars in revenue, they illegally prosecuted him. People go to jail every day for crimes they didn't commit. It only takes a jury to say guilty to put someone away, even if they broke no law. All of this and phytoextractum is still standing, and I can assure you they're most likely not buying kratom domestically... For someone to buy kratom domestically from a wholesaler, that wholesaler had to IMPORT IT. There's favortism and privlage going on in the industry ( the little guy gets their financial services cut off one by one ) https://www.irs.gov/compliance/criminal-investigation/kratom-company-and-owner-plead-guilty-to-illegal-importation-and-money-laundering Oasis kratom has a blog about edens ethnos and it isnt honest and they went into business in 2018 that is suspecious. Sabastian wasn't laundering mnoney his business was legal. The Government maliciously and falsely prosecuting ONE PERSON for selling a legal product, a legal product that COMES FROM INDONESIA. There's no way to sell it without importing it. This is supreamcist trying to rig the market where sellers have to buy from them domestically. Same with bouncing bear, botanicals being falsely prosecuted He wasn't selling spice nor was he even prosecuted for that but the local news story says such ( they got the story wrong ) . He was selling herbs but they falsely prosecuted him for "manufacturing drugs" (no drugs were found nor was any spie found) and Yet his shop continued to operate for 10 years after the arrest. These are FALSE PROSECUTIONS MEANT TO INTIMIDATE THE ENTREPANEUR WHILE ALLOWING SUPREMACIST TO CHEAT. THEY BAIT PEOLE AND THEY STEAL AND THEN THEY GO IN BUSINESS SELLING STOEN GOODS.

This sunday I want to remind everyone to make an impact in the world as a way to serve God. You gotta combat socialism with your actions and where you spend your money. Google is only good for finding news and little things but they are horrible for the economy. Cheaters aka supremacist have google rigged now. They are selling stolen kratom and weed and lacing hemp with proplyene glycol and synthetic thc and there is genetically engineered marijuana going around that is now poison. They will play it off and gaslight like it is real and has always been poison. Be selective when you shop. I don't trust any US seller that popped up in the wake of other businesses destruction. They ruined my career. Negative seo attacks were the old way of oppression and the new Google algorithms are the new. They baited me with that kratom, law said it was a free gift but it was a snare, a trap. I watched shop after shop go under from sabotage across the country and the socialist found a way to discredit me. I pray God will reveal the truth to people. I was always the good guy and that deception, and the theft of my career along with being baited and decieved into theft bothers me to this day, as well as all the other lies. Still to this day not one authority figure has asked me a single question. I'm disappointed in most of them for the most part. They simply don't know what they are doing nor do they have good intel, and lack being thorough. Socialist herd within departments. Confirm what other fbi and police say to you. Fact check. Use https://alltheinternet.com for shopping but also experiment around with different search engines, there are over 300.. This week I want to hunt for shops to add, oppressed ones. Here is a sample of the latest evolution of my webpage: https://botanicalguides.com/Cancer-Bush-Sutherlandia-frutescens.html I can't believe they stole mine and tons of other entrepaneurs traffick and page one of Google position. I'm going to be working a lot on it and promotion in the near future. I will try to keep up with both projects though. I promised to help spread my connections and that I shall do. I am now supporting a rad shop in south Arica too. I bet they do wholesale, which will be rad for sellers. I miss what I do. They stole it from me and set me up to look like the bad guy. Makes me sad. Makes me even sadder that the government hunted me when I was the good guy and wanted to help and needed their help. God will appoint the right people to give you a hand in times of crisis so call upon him. I'm replacing as much gardenshaman.eu as possible because they have wiccan crap on there. I only link to them because of those kratom seeds wanna see people have access to them. I found one new seller in Malaysia that has them as well.

This Malaysian supplier has kratom seeds for sale https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100083981847630 I just noticed gardenshaman has witchcraft bs on their shop so I will replace them with these guys. Ticks me off I didnt see it back in the day now they're blogging bout the occult. Dude I link to is a Malaysian kratom supplier. I can't believe I put all those links up then dude started blogging about the occult. I will replace them with this guy. It will take some time. I hate that. I don't trust shops in the US no more. It's hard to find seed suppliers anywhere and I don't trust the ones in the US beause they're probably cheaters. I gotta give a shoutout to https://africanbotanicals.com/ as well and worldseedsupply.com who also deserve business as they are also oppressed and cut off from CC processing. They sell live kratom plants and a-z. I also support MountainRoseHerbs

Note to entrepaneurs everywhere: Due to supremacist cheaters stealing and toe stomping, if you want to sell anything these days or go in business, in the botanical market ( kratom, cannabis, hemp, ethnobotanicals, supplements, etc ), then do it from a store front(or even a flea market), only accept cash, ( don't keep too much cash at the store, have someone move it out periodically, a trustworthy family member or something of the like ), and keep it small. You don't need to order more and more stock to make more money. It takes more effort to upsize constantly than it does to remain at the same level. More stock only makes you a bigger target and induces more tendencies towards narcissism anyway. I am sorry that I have been slacking on the official news, but I havent' noticed anything too interesting lately anyway as I check. Beware if you take things like paypal or credit cards that socialist haters will eventually try to cut you off. Unfortunately, if you're not a freemason or in some type of rivalry supremacy cult, then you will be attacked by haters and pushed off of the first page of Google, so I wanted to give you that heads up ahead of time. Those days are over, the supremacist ruined that for the normal person on Google. I don't trust any business that popped up in the destruction of others during the planned-demic. They use negative-seo attacks(they did it to me[nobodyhasthe.biz]) and shadow bans. They have been known to delete social media accounts too. Please pass this wisdom on to your friends that are entrepaneurs, and also let them know that Mewe is the best platform to promote a small business. They are not socialist at all there. It's the closest to what facebook used to be for me. I'm experienced in affiliate marketing and selling too, so I know these things. I wish all entrepaneurs the best. The best protection for your business is following Psalm 91:1 I have been adding wholesale connections I made over the years on botanicalguides.com if anyone is interested. Remember you can find Indonesian Kratom dealers all over social media. Again, I suggest Mewe.com Also, never shop on Google. Shop on alltheinternet.com and you will notice a huge difference in the shops that show up. They're legit. I'm working on BotanicalGuides lately and promoting on Mewe. I want to see new entrepanuers give these haters something to cry about. Praise the Lord. The government has done such a poor job I encourage all to just sell kratom uner the table out of their house. It's none of the gov's business nor should we tip them, as they are entitled. If any of them give you a hard time give me their name and I will post it here.

These drugs were probably stolen too ( lots of that going on ) FYI: You can legally buy psilocybin mushroom spores at micro-supply.com folks. Check out https://earthstongue.com/ as well. You can buy the stuff to grow edible mushrooms at Earthstonge, like the ones that go in your spaghetti. I can legally tell you this. I am not encouraging illegal behavior however. Do not be decieved folks. Your advesary the devil roams around like a lion, seeking those with which to devour. Remind them they are employees and not bosses. I am sorry that I have been slack on the news. I will catch up on it eventually. Supremacist like the local freemasons and neo nazi's(odin brotherhood) are selling and stocking stolen drugs and guns around here, as well as the satanic temple of nw Florida. https://weartv.com/news/local/deputies-uber-driver-sells-lsd-to-florida-investigators-heading-to-narcotics-conference Charles bowman jr is an informant for the local freemasons and he uses meth. Beware of freemason cults selling stolen illegal drugs ( they're in the police departments running protection for one another ) I pray I made an influence on the srcso for the better. Most police are fools. PS: There are people at schedule35.co selling "psillocybin chocolates" ( I def believe it is a synthetic fake version, pretty sure ) and it is def not legal but they're doing it anyway and getting protection from someone it would seem. My gut tells me they are freemasons and other supremacy cults behind this operation. I hate cheating so does God. I don't have a problem with the therapeutic use of natural substances though in the proper context. I hate to see toe stomping going on though so I am bringing attention to this. I try to provide good intel. Let's protect the innocent and weed out the cheaters. Amen.

https://web.archive.org/web/20171217224436/http://botanicalguides.com/Diabolical-Kristin-Jacobs-Reintroduces-Proposed-Bill-To-Ban-Kratom-In-Florida.html This was a rad article I wrote on Botanical Guides in 2018 that also illustrates the motive behind the local freemasons and neo nazi's attacking me back when they did. I was exposing kristin jacobs a politician that was in with trump that wanted to ban kratom. We beat her every time! So you can see their motive, because I was a big time activist and still am. I was an activist all over the first page of Google. These days I work more off Google but my site's still on there. It brings up so much emotions and nostalgia looking at my work from 2011 to now. It's a great feeling. It makes me sad they stole it and made me look like the bad guy and slandered me and set me up and then stole. They're losers.

I gotta apologize to Michelle C and black dude from flea market(sorry I don't know you're name man) I'm sorry you had to listen to all that venting and the evil crap I was spewing in my anger in 2021 as I rambled on the phone. Thanks for helping me with those crooked cops. I pray for you both daily that God will continue to protect and guide you. You rock. I wish more people were like you. I love you guys man. It's been a slow and steady transformation process. God bless. oh and you're my hero's for putting those a-holes in the SRCSO in their place. Job well done! Thanks to the real cops in the srcso as well for helping them. I regret every stupid angry thing I've ever said.

More info illustrating the neo nazi spamdex seo attack on my site. My traffic was the highest ever thanks to the help of Mike from phytoextractum(left coast kratom/soulspeciosa). So the FBi and police lied and slandered me and tried to spin it like It was me doing the attack ( on my own project? and I continued after learning it was lowering my income? That's a poorly chosen lie. ) Here is the disavow file and where I found the nobodyhasthe.biz site that's a neo nazi page. Between that and the kissicks and joe coleman stealing that kratom off our property, we know now who did it. The local authorities however are slandering me and I promise them I would embarrase them with the truth. Here it is . Here is a gab post with more screenshots from me and mike as well to show that I am the one telling the truth. I will add this to my full page on the subject here

Here are some indonesian Kratom connections, please share them with your friends and family in the 850 and bring more quality Kratom here to take business away from cheaters, and upset the butt-hurt neo sissies: naturesonekratom.com, Tabrizbotanic.com, hafskratom.com, karimunkratom.com, borneohale.com. I will add more as they come. Get your kratom seeds and khat seeds and iboga seeds and that sorta thing from Gardenshaman.eu. Combat socialism today. 100% legal to import, ignore the lies and wannabe intimidation. Can't emphasize enough to use AllTheInternet.com for shopping.

Gods voice: [Silence!] Isaiah 41:1 "Keep silence before me, O islands; and let the people renew their strength: Let them come near; then let them speak: let us come near together to judgement" (See also Sounds Of Silence It's talking about coming together in moments of silence and repentence(together to judgement) and to speak with the Lord and listen to his voice in silence. Your strength comes from the Lord.

Here is a criminal profile on facebook that looks like they're selling fake debit cards loaded with currency. They have photo's of the amount written on a blank white cards and stacks of them with rubber bands around them. I am an internet junkie, and I can tell you that after this 2016-2021ish planned-demic, the nature of the profiles flourishing on social media are changing ( or have changed rather, especially on facebook. ) Sinister and occultish artwork is becoming the new norm on these shops and profiles. I can see what is clearly a supremacy operation. They deleted mine in 2016 and whiped out my whole cli-tell, and other OG kratom marketers and farmers from Indonesia as well, and they're running protection and favortism for their own, and oppressing the rest of us. How could they do this you say and who is "they?" I'm thinking these groups ( proud boys, odin brotherhood, neo nazi's, oath keepers, and other crime cults, skull and bones, etc, have simply spread theirselves out to cause the most damage. By having employees that work at YouTube or Google, that are responsible for deleting content in violation of deliberately vague rules, they can run favortism. This is supremacy, aka socialism, covert. I'll try to get you guys more leads like this regularly. I can find you online crooks, getting protection from facebook. On that note: Criminals also hang out on ICQ and even sell stolen identities right there in groups in front of non-criminal strangers.

Matthew 6:10 kjv "Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven." As above, so below. Whatever is bound in heaven is bound on earth, etc etc.

Bare with me guys I have a lot of new stuff to add here, coming soon.

Academic sources prove covid19 vaccines are poison. "For by their sorceries(poisonings/science) were all nations deceived" The spike protein is toxic to the immune system. Do you really want your cells pumping out immune system toxins? This is genocide. Population control.

"The immune system's response to the spike proteins is the most significant toxic factor because it both corresponds to the autopsy findings of inflammation and immune.." more at source below.

Palmer, M., Bhakdi, S., Hooker, B., Holland, M., DesBois, M., Rasnick, D., & Fitts, C. A. (2023). mRNA Vaccine Toxicity. Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Doctors for COVID Ethics, 37-39.

[ https://doctors4covidethics.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/mRNA-Vaccine-Toxicity-v2-1.pdf ] ( scan pdfs with virustotal )

Academic search: https://scholar.google.com/scholar?hl=en&as_sdt=0%2C44&q=mrna+toxcicity+spike+protein&btnG=

Bellavite, Paolo, Alessandra Ferraresi, and Ciro Isidoro. "Immune Response and Molecular Mechanisms of Cardiovascular Adverse Effects of Spike Proteins from SARS-CoV-2 and mRNA Vaccines." Biomedicines 11.2 (2023): 451.


This post conclusively proves that covid vaccines are poison sorcery (pharmakeia) made thanks to science (The tree of knowledge, the vax is a piece of fruit.) There's a nazi genocide going on right now and all the proof is right under everyones noses.


See also https://jstor.org, https://sciencedirect.com, https://researchgate.net etc.

They're neo nazi's and other wierd cults, and they're in police, the military, and medical (especially mental health and internal affairs it would seem). They're using medical malpractice as their new oven. This is genocide. I back this up with my own personal testimony and mainstream news on this website, and even history. See the news section here. Let's use some academic facts to show this has happened before shall we? Mental health facilities are sick places run by sick people, and they did not exist in biblical times. They must be removed from our country completely.

The Nazi's in WWII were using mental health as a means for torture, and to discredit people who sought to expose and oppose them. "Fueled by eugenic policies on racial hygiene, the Nazis first undertook a sterilization campaign against "mental defectives," which included neurologic patients with epilepsy and other disorders, as well as psychiatric patients. From 1939-41 the Nazis instead resorted to "euthanasia"(murder) of many of the same patients. Some neuroscientists were collaborators in this program, using patients for research, or using extracted brains following their murder."

Academic source; Citation: Zeidman, Lawrence A. "Neuroscience in Nazi Europe part I: eugenics, human experimentation, and mass murder." Canadian journal of neurological sciences 38.5 (2011): 696-703


Amos 7:12 KJV " Also Amaziah said unto Amos, O thou seer, go, flee thee away into the land of Judah, and there eat bread, and prophesy there " "bread" is referred to by 5 names in the bible (my belief) Locations: Amos 7:12, Rev 10;(scroll, book), Genesis 3(fruit), Ez 4, Numbers 11, and Exodus 16 all call it "manna". If you study these areas of the bible you'll see that what I am saying is true. It even rotates between titles in some sections of the book.

I just realized I never posted the proof of my entrepaneurship for the last ten years on here ( my haters have been slandering me in the local supremacist cult that's hiding in src and the srcso (or were I can't see them ever stopping ) ) so here is the last ten or eleven years of entrapaneurship work that I have accomplished. I was all over the first page of Google for hundreds of pages within this site, and had my traffic taken away as other entrapaneurs did all across the country as well. These supremaist cults have infiltrated google, youtube, facebook, instagram is now owned by facebook, and they're playing favorites. They're also cutting off credit card prorcessing for vendors they hate. It's' cheating, supremacy, and hate. It happened to me. I've been hated my whole life. What haters do is, they try to take on your identity and convince you that you're them , and that they are you. My botanicalguides project in 2012. It was new then I started my entrapaneurship in 2011. Supremacist attacked me over it now I am a whistle blower. https://web.archive.org/web/20120626210449/http://www.botanicalguides.com/ i s the link to it on the internet archives from 2012. Proof I've been an entrepaneur the last 11 years and they're lying. These are hater groups and they sabotage your life. They're not above you, you're above them. Don't fall for the manipulation. They're hatin. I'm making a more thorough and less sloppy / more professional version of the full story here at this blog: https://stonedaimuser.neocities.org/nbctvnews/The-Enemies-Battle-Plan Proves my story is true and I want you to check out what Oasis Kratom has to say about "Edens Ethnos" the source that sent me that 100k in kratom back in 2018. Here is a gab post that contains all of the screenshots of the convo between me and Mike that discloses what really happened ( the DOJ and FBI already know we good ) All the proof that I was slandered, and attacked by a gang of loser hater neo nazi supremacist, is on this site. I'm a legit whistle blower and the non whites in the FBI can confirm my story is true. People all across this county hate me and other victims of hate are out there. They must be brought down. If I ever type anything cocky and narcissistic here it's because I was upset when I wrote it. When I run out of hemp I think about what they did it bothers me still. Here's another screenshot from 2018 at the peak in a Gab post of mine ( after I put the disavow reports through my traffic reached an all-time high I do believe, and the waybackmachine indicates this as well. My career enrapaneurship journey was exploding. They literally ruined my life and destroyed my efforts that I spent 10 years working on. The bait wasn't worth it but the attacks prior had already sent my efforts on a downward spiral.. They continued to attack my business through to 2022. Now I am a whistle blower that targets thieves cheaters and supremacist and neonazis. "edens ethnos" went offline in 2018.. Here is that on the wayback machine(edens ethnos in 2018) the last year it was archived on the machine. Check what Oasis kratom has to say about Edens ethnos here This wierd rule by the FTC means that it was legally mine. I shoulnd't have accepted it however because it is stealing according to God, and while the five pointed star said it was ok a curse came with it. They baited me with it so no one would believe my valuable testimony about everything I had witnessed, and so i would make me look like the bad guy. It was diabolical. Here's that link: https://consumer.ftc.gov/articles/what-do-if-youre-billed-things-you-never-got-or-you-get-unordered-products

To show everyone that it is not illegal to import kratom and to remind those neo nazi's(odin brotherhood) in the santa rosa county sheriffs office what country we live in ( they are destroying America ( they're spreading disinformation that it is illegal to import kratom and they're guilty of grand theft of kratom over 100k, ask Mr Kissick, his neo nazi(neo betas) organization and joe coleman sr, ( they and the cops stole it off our property and took it home with them, my dads an eye witness, while I was at the flea market in 2019 I believe it was. Then they were selling it joe coleman sr the most ) and they're spreading tons of lies and all kinds of other stuff like the news is fake etc etc) Here's a photo of a kilo I imported legally recently and the Gab post to accompany it, name and address and product, to show everyone, and to prove to the citizens that the Santa rosa county sheriffs office doesn't know what they're talking about, and neither does their nazi friends outside of the department. I also do this to embolden the public and make sure there's more kratom in the 850. There is a kratom consumer protection act in Florida though and you can not sell it to MINORS, as if you would want to in the first place. They're selling stolen kratom an they're police, ignore them and their lies. The kratom you get from the suppliers in Indonesia is top shelf, don't waste your time buying from joe and his white supremacist friends in the srcso. You can find indonesian kratom sellers from Asia all over facebook and other social media platforms and I share my connections publically. How ya like us now Odin betahood! Good cops: Please continue to stand up for the people, and call these jits out when they say things about Kratom that aren't true. I share connections to buy kratom from indonesia all over botanicalguides.com and don't make any money off of it, just to help America out and as a war strategy to combat these neo nazis in our gov bullying the people and setting a bad influence for the other sheep police who follow them like idiots. You can find them on your own too if you think i'm pulling some b.s. What socialist do is they'll falsely incarcerate one person, and then use that one news story to scare the rest of the country. Sellers across the us import and sell kratom daily, and national socialist are playing mind games and covertly sabotaging other peoples shops. Michelle chan from the FBI in Pensacola can confirm this if any SRCSO deputies state otherwise. I told you punks I would publically disprove you, disembolden you, and remind you that you're not in charge. America wins again. Captain erlemann was involved in this plot as well, and the department attempted to burn down my grandmothers house. The baited kratom was sent to me less than one year after the SRCSO sided with a corrupt elderly mental hospital after they were told she was being abused and was wrongfully drugged and admitted. They left the heaters running with a pet inside.

Very important facts to know:

- Psychological operations is a real thing ( they train for this at Hurlbert Field in Florida ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zsUVbi3iTA&t=237s

- Nazi's in WWII were birthed from an occult secret society(cult) https://youtu.be/uyOb3r8ZQwI Academic citation: Jacob, Frank. "Nazi Leadership and the Thule Society." (2011): 51-58. | Another: Van Helsing, Jan. "Secret Societies." Ewertverlag, Gran Canaria (E) (1995).

- False flags are another academically confirmed phenomena ( attacks from the inside to be blamed on someone on the outside ) https://scholar.google.com/scholar?hl=en&as_sdt=0%2C44&q=nazi+reichstag+false+flag+operation&btnG= The Reichstag fire in Germany is a good example of this, : https://www.pdcnet.org/philhist/content/philhist_1988_21_2_0187_0190?fbclid=IwAR0dhgy9yxQtjkb9Ln60H2iW5uForj7NrLaHx9vT9HYepkFrp3AVZ7n1IE4 Citation: Fenske, Hans. "The Reichstag Fire. Clarifying an Historical Legend." Philosophy and History 21.2 (1988): 187-191.

- JFK Warned of all of this. https://youtu.be/llMutb6Cepg In his formal speech he used the phrase "secret societies" which in street terms translates to "cults" ( like the freemasons, skull and bones, neo nazi's, kkk, etc ) These are cults. Occult cults. Secret, sneaky, diabolical.

Two new blogs in the works!: The Enemies Battle Plan(What Really Happened In 2016-2021ish), and an Astrology Exposed Blog ( original teachings backed with incredible sourcing ) At this point, exposing the occult is as political as any other form of activism. We wrestle not against flesh and blood. This site is hosted on neocities dot org, a free hosting and pro free speech platform for bloggers and nerds who just wanna have fun making webpages.


The Enemies Battle Plan

Astrology Exposed

( Keep in mind I am still updating and perfecting and adding to my previous new blogs! ) I promised everyone I would make thorough and professional blogs on what I preached in 2021 by 2023-2024 and now it is time! I am going through and adding more and more citations and sources ( keep in mind I often like to cite my sources by making the claim clickable, and it takes you directly to the source)(I am also embedding the citation in the title tags so when you move the mouse over the link, it shows the citation(pretty cool!))

More nazi policies covertly being implimented behind the scenes.. You can see where this is all going https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/alabama-pioneers-nitrogen-gas-execution-ohio-may-poised-follow-rcna136314 Now for the first time ever, the first US inmate to be murdered by the state in the form of NITROGEN GAS has taken place in Alabama. This is what you need to look out for.. The enemy distracts.. "Look over here, while I do something quietly over here." So basically, this whole state of "Fight with your teammates(built on slander), and be distracted, while I quietly do something over here.." Stuff like this often times goes largely un-noticed. A lot of things that have happened in our country sense 2016 are not being shouted on the nightly news, though they should be. The news still isn't fake though(real news). From the covert financial attacks on small businesses that got no media attention(kratom shops having credit card processing taken away while others are protected), to the wearing of mask making it easier for child traffickers to kidnap children(makes it harder to ID the kid in a photo because of the face mask), to the mass deletion of entrepaneurs social media pages, most of this attack was not exposed by the media, nor is it being allowed to be proclaimed on YouTube or Google. Everyone who does not bow down to fortune 500 socialist has been oppressed and pushed to the back of Google and YouTube, or removed completely.., and especially people with original content, teachings, and ideas. They don't want original influential people to have a voice of money because those things are recipes for social change. | On a side note, I wanted to point out that I've been adding new blogs, including one exposing subliminal influence in movies, music, and pop culture.

Got some new local news and more Disney exposed stuff coming at ya. I'm branching out into the topic of child trafficking this time, because it is very real. Our greedy narcissistic politicians, who represent theirselves and the lies they made to loveth, do not seem to care. They have prioritized what makes them wealthy, and allows them to cheat, rather than what God wants, or what is best for the people as a whole. Child trafficking is a HUGE underground crime cult that is sweeping the planet. There are all sorts of underground societies that are into stuff that the mainstream would never accept. It takes subtle cultural shifts to slowly enable things into becoming the "norm". Like how no one ever had a problem with Cannabis, and then one day they came along and told people it was bad through indoctrination via propaganda films, and thus the publics perspective was slowly yet rapidly changed. People are like sheep... Anyway, here is the YouTube clip: url: https://youtu.be/9YGlgQWpqwo?si=J3W7rOG20QyWhWuM It's a married couple, and they share a horror story about a creep that was photographing their kids and even refused to leave after they confronted him. They had to call security and the Disney employee was taken aback ( seemed to not know what to do or how to react to this bizarre occurence )

This is a form of enchantment or witchcraft. TeleVISION. TV puts you in an alpha brainwave state which makes you open to suggestibility or "programming".

Academic sources:


Citation: Walker, James L. "Changes in EEG rhythms during television viewing: Preliminary comparisons with reading and other tasks." Perceptual and Motor Skills 51.1 (1980): 255-261.


Krugman, Herbert E., and Eugene L. Hartley. "Passive learning from television." Public Opinion Quarterly 34.2 (1970): 184-190.

https://youtu.be/tRrG_KMMvNY?si=JJHXJhElc27nEF8X This documentary reveals some important facts. Did you know all of freemasonry dates back to England? that is, British royalty?... The royal family is tied to all of this!!!!! At the roots!!!! I always suspected that Britain was connected to the anti-christ and NWO at its roots.. now I have more evidence. JFK warned against secret societies before his assasination, and the freemasons are the worlds oldest secret society. The knowledge that they behold is even older. They should be banned like JFK said. Not to be a segregationist, but they are cheating and have a supremacy element, not related to race, but just self exaltation and cheating, as well as slave owner mentality that comes with indoctrination and ritual. Beware of groups that practice rituals! no matter how innocent seeming!

This is good news for all our fellow Cannabis users. I disagree with most Christians on Cannabis use. Pharma's are what's insulting to God, but Cannabis use as an idol is clearly unGodly so be careful. No other gods before him. https://www.pnj.com/story/news/politics/2024/01/20/marijuana-possession-penalties-florida-bill-sb-94/72281545007/

Incredible find ( you're going to LOVE THIS ) and you're going to want to show and tell everyone. See how credible I am? All the stuff I talked about I have backed up with msm and authoritative sources. In this documentary dude predicts covid!!. It was uploaded in 2020 but this doc is old. Ima pull it up in imdb it was aired in 2013 originally. https://youtu.be/8lzLdzNhsmE?si=OiGuwkyBkNWWmTTo?t=20m1s Back in the day only pirated versions were available online. Now the networks are all on youtube. This is unbelievable this "conspiracy nut" called covid. In 2013! Hidden in plain sight. Heres the internet movie database to confirm covid19 was publically called by conspiracy nuts on national tv in 2013 https://m.imdb.com/title/tt3136096/ ... Tell me im not good intel ! I time stamped it so it starts at 20 minutes where dude calls it out. Contact history channel for further confirmation that this was aired in 2013 on tv. [ Here is a link to the Gab post https://gab.com/Lightnings/posts/111790049094041646 [ random internet archive snapshot of this page here ]

More new news will be added soon, so always expect it. I wanted to point this out. There's an episode of LED(Light Exposing Darkness), where they play this brainwashing piece put together by the satanic temple, and in it, it depicts their love for science. So that pretty much confirms what I was preaching about science being the knowledge(from the tree in Genesis) [ science is satanic, the satanic temple is all about science ].. Ancient occult alchemist were after the "philosophers stone", a potion of immortality. This is where modern pharmaceuticals were birthed, from this occult practice. I cite sources on this in my freemasons eposed blog

This episode of LED(Light Exposing Darkness)[Christian podcast], illustrates my point about most people being posers(copy cats). They illustrate the science behind how most people are not original and just copy others. When you're original, you get haters and copy cats. To whichever cop knocked on our door in Sep '23, you're not tough. I said don't pound, you complied. I said don't come back, y'all backed off. Don't take credit for other peoples work, ideas, etc. I defend America and God, they offend America and God, but then they act like they're the hero's and take credit for other peoples ideas and influence, teachings, points, etc. I'm venting. Have to. That guy pissed me off once I ran out of hemp.

I'm bringing back bible verses guys! I'll add them in between the stories at random. Remember to follow my Gab

Ezekiel 7:3 Now the end has come upon thee.. and I will send mine anger upon thee.. and I will judge thee according to all thy works.. and I will recompense thee for all thine abominations. 4: and mine eye shall not spare thee, neither will I have pity: but I will recompense thy ways upon thee, and thine abominations shall be in the midst of thee: and ye shall know that I am the Lord.

I will start sharing the work of LED(Light Exposing Darkness podcast), a great Christian talk show. I am very impressed. This episode exposes the occult connection to the martial arts(url: https://youtu.be/KCg93yOaEzA?si=iFzZz4Fq9xT-1qDn). The martial arts means isn't just about fighting and self defense. It's a way of life and supremacist mentality, with elements of mysticism. Dude shares his story of how mystical ideas are slowly introduced as you move up in the ranks of the arts. At one point, supremacy elements are introduced(mentality). They are taught about the concept of "chi". I was surprised about what I learned and now I am here to pass this information on to you. Please give these guys a sub and a thumbs up! In 8th grade I had a bully who was a black-belt, so I can vouche that peace is not a central theme of the arts that I can see... Here is an academic source to confirm the fact: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/348360362_Martial_Arts_Spirituality_in_Sweden_The_Occult_Connection citation: Martial Arts Spirituality in Sweden: The Occult Connection | More new Christian news: I'm sure you've noticed the witchcraft in walmart. Another great episode, The rise of satanism isn our culture and world | Another episode: "False spirit invasion" | and Here is a clip about how prisons are becoming the new mental hospitals

I was thrilled to see this. God's been working tons sense this project got off the ground. Remember this guy, because you need to vote for him again, and everyone follow his lead. Florida Surgeon General calls for halt to COVID-19 vaccine, citing possible cancer risks Honored to have this dude in the Florida government. I will promote him along with kennedy and take note of politicians that do good stuff like this. They will have my public support and I will share their efforts in with this project. Praise God.

I thought recently to start adding content of Rolland Martin. This story is yet another illustration that exposes white supremacist confederate jezebels sabotaging businesses of people they hate and wanna be like. They suck. "UNDER SIEGE: Republicans ATTEMPT CLOSURE Of Black-Owned Business In Baton Rouge | Roland Martin" url: https://youtu.be/myepay62Cy8?si=txeyZmvxOdWyXftZ

After seeing the WEAR story about a nurse who poisoned her neighbors pet I thought to search for news related to nurses, doctors, and paramedics, arrested for poisoning... and was shocked that there's tons of mainstream news on the subject. This is what I meant by watching the nightly news isn't enough. People miss so many stories it is unreal. Let's start with the most well known news outlets: CNN "Man with vaccine sided effects warns against it", Inside Edition "Paramedic used eye drops to poison wife", NBC News "California doctor arrested for poisoning husband", Nurse poisoned patients at Stockport hospital, Medical student accused of poisoning wife, BBC Nurse poisoned babies with insulin, and there are tons more. Look for mainstream authoritative news via this search Oh.. and I TOLD YOU. This is mainstream news, yet it doesn't seem like the word has gotten out enough.. and it is because people who don't use the internet are not informed on the same level as those who rely on the nightly news(assuming you use authoritative sources). Tons of stories go un-noticed. Check the archives! Here is an entire documentary on medical murder FYI, part of witchcraft(sorcery pharmakeia) is poisoning. 9/11, 911. Psalm 91:1, 91:3, 91:13

Bombshell allegation: Trump insider caught on tape plotting to kill Democratic congressmen with cop? Huge! He wanted to pause the constitution and ban muslims and they're right, anything they accuse their opponents of doing, they're doing. IT's called PROJECTION.

9 arrested, accused of digging secret tunnel at synagogue in Brooklyn

https://www.wfla.com/news/politics/ron-desantis/desantis-vows-to-help-man-charged-with-beheading-iowa-capitols-satanic-temple-statue/ Sometimes Desantis does good things, but I know the neo nazis and confederates love him so beware. I will try to share more news about what these satanic temples are doing, and even old news to bring folks up to speed.

https://www.justice.gov/usao-ndil/pr/chicago-man-sentenced-five-and-half-years-federal-prison-29-million-covid-relief-fraud Covi19, crowned the cheaters. More covid fraud, not a surprise. I have eye witnesses that can vouche I called covid before it happened. I def believe there's a real virus, but with the advancements in science, it was likely man-made. They were censoring vaccine criticism online before covid happened, and they started rolling out those fact checkers ( gaslighters ). Do your own fact checking. It's also interesting that quarantine and isolation came just in time for mail order hemp products... and a wall between the US and Mexico? Has nothing to do with supremacy? yet they're selling thc and trying to stop Mexicans from being ing pot into the country? Illegal Mexican marijuana is way safter than proplyene glycol laced gmo hemp..

https://www.cbsnews.com/video/chinese-funded-illegal-weed-production-expands-in-us/ I call total BS on this. I believe the white supremacist are using this as a BS excuse to justify their cracking down on illegal grow ops. The only difference between legal an illegal grow operations is in one instance the government doesn't get paid. I can tell you from experience that illegal marijuana is much safer than these hemp products and legal despensary weed isn't as good as regular illegal bud. A lot of these shops are probably run by masons and other supremacist cheaters and I don't trust them or their product. They got friends in police and they're running rivalries, this is supremacy. Hemp products are being made like methamphetamines, with nasty chemicals, and lab testing is a joke(doesn't test for proplyene glycol and it kills brain cells) They are poisoning people and using the name "hemp" to make it look safe and natural. "Kanyboy" was selling thca flower ( real weed ) they told him he coulnd't but shops across Florida are still doing it(except their thca isnt real weed(jits showing how to make thca flower on Youtube), but they're gaslighting people telling them it is real) and has that proplyene glycol poison on it, causes brain fog). So we see the favortism in plain sight. Prohibition is a supremacist operation, and legalization is too. Remember the Japanese restraunt that some employee put meth in the food? SABOTAGE AND MANIPULATION. This is what they're doing. They gotta go. THIS ALSO STIRS UP MORE HATE FOR ASIANS AND FUELS COPS TO STEREOTYPE ASIANS AS WELL. They just want the confederacy to take over everything because they aint got what it takes to be driven and ambitious like the rest of us, and so they chose to hate. Losers

https://www.justice.gov/usao-sdin/pr/fraudster-sentenced-more-four-years-federal-prison-after-stealing-over-800000-covid-19 More covid19 related fraud. It seems that covid19 is mostly a fraud, as is everything associated with it. It has given the masons and other supremacist cults plenty of room for fraud schemes like this. Isolation and quarantine has helped them rope off cannabis dealers, so they can cheat and push their delta8thc pharmakeia and other pharma sorceries. Isolation came just in time for internet censorship! They don't want people sharing knowledge because this is all about secrecy, and deception, and covering up their operations. I've shared insane amounts of covid19 related crimes on here. I pray that my efforts to inform those who seek to defend are paying off. Thanks for following me and allowing me the opportunity to help. God bless.

Christian investigators need to know these because they are tied to pagan cults including hate groups. https://youtu.be/WeTboOMtsAU?si=w3_-Nn5-sowXoybO Remember pagan societies in the bible murdered innocent animals, babies, and people. They gotta go. Please learn to ID all the pagan graven images that you can. They're charms(pagan term), idols(christian term). Because they are snares that decieve one into putting their faith into the image, rather than God. Random: Check out Genesis 9:16 and Revelation 4:3!

Here is another Kratom seller in Indonesia that will ship to Florida. Don't waste your time buying from haters and losers like Joe coleman sr and his little "supremacy" group full of losers and whimps. Here's that post

https://weartv.com/news/local/deputies-florida-nurse-fatally-poisoned-neighbors-2-cats-pregnant-chihuahua Here's a LOCAL story about a NURSE who poisoned a neighbors cat. So there we have it, we now have public proof that people who are nurses have no problem poisoning other living beings. If she did that to a pet, imagine what goes on in medical. I've blown the whistle on this all throughout this website. Please spread the word. We need covert informants and people willing to infiltrate these groups. Remember, they're listening to phones with metasploit so be discrete.

Latest DOJ News: https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/maryland-man-sentenced-issuing-death-threats-lgbtqi-advocacy-group Church, opposition is one thing, but don't hate. We're not against individual, but the demonic forces behind their wickedness. We wrestle not against flesh and blood. GOOD NEWS: https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/north-carolina-man-convicted-federal-hate-crimes-racially-motivated-attacks-against-black This is why confederates hate the DOJ and FBI ( they fear accountability ).

I made a playlist for 2024 news as it happens! I update it daily. https://youtu.be/QEMAdd2OyU0?si=1ASJjqbaPTjCVwtE Take advantage of my free service!

I decided to start sharing more Christian news as well. Here's a great episode of Remnant-Radio exposing freemasonry as well. https://www.youtube.com/live/KEdAMVGmaMc?si=gPJjGq-Kb8IhbS_X I admire any teacher who opposes pharmaceuticals, defends seed bearing herbs, and exposes the occult. BTW: Here's proof (a great find) that freemasonry is the occult. Here's a WICCAN PENTACLE IN PLAIN SIGHT IN A FREEMASON TEMPLE. This photo is from National Geographic too. Here's the link: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/history/article/freemasons-history-conspiracy-secret and here's the Gab post with a screenshot and details: Gab post here I archived the post, just in case the socialist try to delete it. Please support the internet archive project!

More freemasonic drug dealers being protected by facebook(obviously they're employed there). If they weren't masons and cheaters, I'd have no problem with them running a service distributing God-made medicines. But they're freemasons, and they're running protection for each other, and stomping on everyone elses toes. They're trying to "legalize" things, so that only they can sell it, and so they can poison it(pharmakeia[sorcery]). We see this with proplyene glycol being added to hemp produts, while small growers are targeted and have their property stolen and drugs seized, only so losers like Joe coleman sr can help theirselves and feel better ( they are very envious people, haters ) Here is that post I see these every day on facebook. I've been on facebook sense 2011 and can clearly observe the rise in freemasonic symbolism on kratom and cannabis profiles. They're clearly trying to take over the industries. Keep this in mind if you sell pot or anything natural around here, be very careful who you trust, because they want to steal your stuff and then resell it. They're haters(losers who cheat but play legit). They wrongfully deleted my facebook account in 2016 and I lost all my buyers from across the country. Then they tried to bait me with that kratom, then stole it. . Be careful about revealing political views around here, the Odins are covertly hunting everyone who is not a brainwashed republican.

I call witchcraft on this.. https://www.wkrg.com/northwest-florida/santa-rosa-county/body-found-in-santa-rosa-county-woods-what-we-know/ We have evidence this is generally happening because we know pagan cults are hiding stolen guns in sheds in the woods here, as I have eye witnesses and shared my testimony. So we know they hang out in the woods for one.. AND.. Anytime a body is found in the woods, it reminds me of Sally and Shane from San Angelo Tx. I showed evidence that witchcraft is connected to Angela rodriguez's friend circle too on a post further down this page. Pagans do rituals in the woods guys, and they absolutely murder(even animals). [gab post

This talk show reveals a distrubing new trend about the potential legalization of pedophilia.. https://youtu.be/eJANfKsKqyA?si=bLTNoK-eIo3JvquN It exposes what is happening to the youth. I'd like to add something no other Christians are talking about... and that is.. How this all benefits 911. 911 is kidnapping adults, kids, and elderly, and forcefully injecting them with drugs(man-made drugs), performing sex change operations(the trans movement fuels this financial gain for them), and telling people Gods seed bearing herbs are bad. With all of this in mind, I gotta ask, why are you still praising, putting faith into, serving, and bowing down to 911 and the false gods behind it? I have more local and federal news coming guys and gals, stay tuned. I decided to start sharing other little things though, because I don't see the news talking about these things enough. I am here to make sure everyone is informed. Remember to pray!

Certain things I've posted before, but I want to make sure new eyes see this message. Freemasonry is the occult, and they are into ancient Egyptian occult magic, including alchemy. A lot of people think alchemy was nothing more than making gold from metals, but this was typically a cover used to avoid condemnation by the church. Alchemy is where pharmaceuticals came from. The alchemist were after the "philsophers stone", a potion that would give them immortality(eternal life). This is part of mans quest for the knowledge(science, occultism, the same knowledge of the tree of knowledge in the book of Genesis). God doesn't like the pharmaceutical industry, their kidnappings, poisonings, deceptions, nor supremacy, nor does he like his people worshipping and serving their pharmakeia(drugs/poisons/medicines tied to graven images and false gods or occult practices/poisonings) sorceries and pharmakos. We're not with asclepius[archived here] or hermes trigsmagistus. We're with the Most High. https://youtu.be/rcGC3W8Glwg?si=1rVPPqAqJofDeapp It is a history channel documentary. Here are some people discussing their occult alchemy potions on reddit Keep in mind they attach graven images and other occult practices to this "art". I also want to share a talk shows episode that expose freemasonry as well ( and remember I've shared tons of academic sources through-out he site on the subject as well. )

I have noticed sense New Years, there has been an alarming number of earth quakes. There was one in NY, China, california, and Japan, just that I heard about without actively looking for news stories on the topic.(sense new years '24) This is God! ( biblical prophecy unfolding! ) This year will be a year of the expansion of territory gained in our war against the enemy. https://youtu.be/93to0x1GTpY?si=b3Z-WP4lSeYEpnbD Here is a search for news on earth quakes. This was posted Jan 8th 2024. Here's one from California from 2 days ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abrpRe1cJgA&list=RDNSabrpRe1cJgA&start_radio=1. Luke 21:11 ~ There will be great earthquakes, and in various places famines and pestilences. And there will be terrors and great signs from heaven. Mark 13:8 ~ For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be earthquakes in various places; there will be famines. - biblestudytools.com We also had a large number of Tornadoes across Florida and the SE USA around Jan 9 2024 ( insane amounts of damage in the 850 and across Florida ) I'd say it was the voice of God again. Praise him! See the news stories here

This story starts as far as I can tell, as far back as 2020.. I pulled up her record on the Walton county clerk of courts site, shes clean. Only time she was jailed was in 2020 for giving a false name to a cop.. Strange she had no criminal record but lied to police, which makes it look like the police is who she was worried about.. I think she knew something, and this reminds me of my own story and shane and sally from San Angelo Texas... Angel Rodriguez was reported missing on Dec 9th at age 29, and found on Jan 15, 2020(1+1+5=7)... A "Tammy hill" says her daughter was best friends with her when they lived in Katy Texas, perhaps she can offer some clues. ( I found this info from a comment from the facebook post by the OCSO ) [link facebook post here] That link also proves what I said about her being reported missing in 2020. Anyway.. Years later, she's reported missing on Oct 17th 2023, this post was put online on Oct 25th 2023 https://waltonso.org/wcso-asking-for-publics-help-locating-missing-and-endangered-defuniak-springs-woman/ [ archived here ] Look at this photo of her[archived here] What is that symbol on her shirt? Was she into new age stuff? Pagan cult? I believe this case is witchcraft related. Here is the new story: https://youtu.be/dUxyCR-Bp8Y?si=O58iemRhTPAmvZw- and Here's the original story: https://www.wkrg.com/state-regional/florida/walton-deputies-find-skeletal-remains/.. and here's the Unsolved Mysteries episode about the satanic cult tied to the murder of Shane and Sally.. in San Angelo Texas... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JN1AkB8I9Fg&t=21m16s starts at 21 minutes 16 second mark. Interesting that the sheriffs office was looking for her and claims that she had "mental issues" ( we all know what that means.... someone has crimes to cover up [they're using the baker act as a weapon] ) Anything tied to missing persons, mental health, and dead bodies remains found by local police.. is probably witchcraft related. Here is the gab post and I posted the screenshot of me reaching out to this Tammy character who knew Angela. I want to see if she can tell me anything so I can confirm my hunch about the pagan connection. BAM found her facebook, https://www.facebook.com/poop1234567 Interesting name. I will look for clues and update this post later. Looking for clues of pagan/cult connection. ( my hunch ) I was able to spot a couple "friends" who liked her photos on her official page that had occult symbolsim on their profile. One girl looked gothic and had a moon necklace around her neck, (here's this girl who "liked" her post again) and what looks like a 5 pointed star just under the shirt. Angela herself is wearin a horned shirt on the police site, and she had what looks like alice in wonderland imagery on her profile at the top.. Another girl has sacred geometry tats on her neck(sacred geometry is from the occult) If I ran the department, we'd find the killer(s), or at least we'd be pretty sure who they were. Wish people would listen to me. I have a similar story but was lucky to live. Witchcraft related murders in the news are more common than ever before. The ECSO even agrees these things are connected to murders. Quick proof: https://www.wkrg.com/northwest-florida/watch-opening-statements-set-for-witchcraft-murder-trial-in-pensacola/ and https://www.pnj.com/story/news/crime/2015/08/05/sheriff-triple-murders-center-around-witchcraft/31131625/ but wait, there's more... I dug deeper and found this girl, Debbie clay from Katy Texas! Bingo! SHE HAS WITCHCRAFT STUFF ON HER PROFILE AND OVERT! SCORE! CALLED IT! Here is screenshot one(the photo I speak of being commented on), two(the users who liked the photo with debbie clay on the list), three(debbie clay cover screenshot), four(witchcraft on her profile), and five(more witchcraft on her profile). Go see yourself. I found an even better one(here is that photo: [link], a user who liked her picture and has the nazi totenkopf symbol and open witchcraft on their profile here is the image with the user in question. and here they are on the list of users who liked the photo on her profile, and finally, here is the graphic graven occult images they sport of the totenkopf By surfing her social media page, I was able to show she has friends on her social tied to the occult and nazism. That simple. Here is a quick video I put together on the subject. UPDATE: I tried to reach out to the Walton county SO to show them this, but my email address was blocked before I could even contact them ( interesting no? ) screenshot 1 and screenshot 2

https://www.justice.gov/usao-wdnc/pr/florida-man-sentenced-money-laundering-stemming-business-email-compromise-scheme Bingo, cyber crime related, and out of Florida. I want to focus on digging up stories in this area to help investigators stay informed. Whats right in front of you so matters, because secrecy is the way of the enemy, so every clue counts. "If it were a snake it would have bit you" It is a snake, it's a serpent. http://850.news #realnews

Jan 6 2024 full moon(wiccans cast spells during this time), there's spiritual warfare going on, so Christians attack back. Stay in spirit https://youtu.be/FpGYImM_VeM?si=yYPHNDlbVcciJ03y Just know that, learn to recognize when you've stepped out of Gods shelter by doing something ungodly. This could be in your heart or mind, you can open doors. When the enemy brings spiritual warfare upon you, attack back.Remember the weapons of a Christian, because you're a spiritual warrior. On this note, I want to share a playlist I made on YouTube of other Christian YouTubers to help spread Gods word. I like these teachers.

https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/nurse-practitioner-sentenced-192m-medicare-fraud-scheme Nurse Practitioner Sentenced for $192M Medicare Fraud Scheme More organized crime and cheating going on in medical. No surprise here.

More freemasonic symbolism found on illegally operating drug dealers on Facebook.(I notice them without effort, so much so I decided to expose it) I've done plenty of drugs and never snitch on ordinary folk or even small time dealers, but these jezebel narcissist punks that are cheating, and toe stomping, have to go. Pagans are doing this. They're in their groups(freemasonic pagan crime cults, neo nazi's, odin brotherhood, etc), and they are cheating. They're with the enemy, who has come to kill, steal, and destroy. Here's my post: https://gab.com/Lightnings/posts/111693051639613650[ archived here ]. Here is the users facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MoonDaddy.Myco.Gardens As we enter the future months and years, expect more tips like this. I'll gladly help you identify and list these crime cults, as they're CHEATING. I'm not even totally against mushrooms(depending on context of use), but I am against cheaters, and those that are against God. Here's the screenshot of his profile[ archived here I also wanted to show you this interesting find. Look at the girl on the left noticing how these two put their finger tips on the bible when they are asked to swear on the holy bible in oath, and look at the non-verbal expression(communication) on their faces.. Here's the post [ archived here ] (archiving gab post was working, it appears not to be now. If the other links stop working then Gab must have done something, I am unsure why this is.) Here are the two screenshots: two cops being sworn in, finger tips on bible, annoyed looks on faces', and the zoomed out version I updated the freemason page also.

Turns out ABC really does own https://abc.go.com , I did a whois icann lookup, on http://go.com, and it belongs to Disney. Disney owns ABC. So it must have been the national socialist who started the rumor that http://abc.go.com was a fake news url. I thought so too. I was wrong. ABC needs to address this on their station. They arent doing theirselves any favors with that url. https://lookup.icann.org/en/lookup When you navigate to https://abc.go.com manually it takes you to abc news without the http://go.com so.(it forwards to abc.com) It is real. Socialist lie squashed. https://youtu.be/eJI6YvK_TK0?si=bqIu5wuNGmdxusZp

I am still posting FBI and DOj news here, don't worry. I feel I need to expand what I share here though, as there are other important things I want to make sure my crew is knowledgable, as I take great passion in informing others. Here is the latest news in a concise video that I put together on my bitchute. If you have not already heard, I want to bring a few things to everyones attention: Unisex bathrooms spreading across US: (californication) https://youtu.be/EBNNfxq21fg?si=HyuDeQoY3akAPrFA. Here's our boy Isaiah on the subject: A Tsunami hits Japan after major earthquake(new years 24): https://www.youtube.com/live/nKOSkn6e39A?si=x1sqE9gQTULqrdQQ Mexican gov says they have alien corpse(huge!): https://youtu.be/7U8DmVcigSM?si=uJwuKm9Efmm_9eoG and another: https://youtu.be/Oh3Ym3adMNI?si=zt_5xBP_bRX0cKYN Our boy Isaiah covers the story with a reaction video: https://youtu.be/NDDdTNk9Fe0?si=1oLbT81NWq_AbEI_ US gov holds ufo briefings: https://youtube.com/shorts/BvmZUI7llHQ?si=ndOaSuAKcY8IRaSe Harvard professor says he found alien technology: https://youtu.be/IAyfJ97uMLE?si=OXwXy3U3DcWkry7_. There's never been so much UFO talk, and the new amanita mushroom gummies(poison) tend to have space related themes, and alens, ufo's, etc. These are all symbolic of satans kingdom, and "ufo"s, "aliens", are all tied with the paranormal, because symbolically these things represent other-worldly beings(visitors), and the stars(astrology, the occult, etc). I rarely like a teacher but this guy is a good teacher. I can count the number of good christian teachers on one hand. A good teacher inspires me to want to teach. https://youtu.be/yrxYekYXiNw?si=kVXFO3DvELHkBbkO Final thing I want to share: Don't use this for divination. Avoid the rabbit hole. Biblical numerics:

Here's the post I made[archived here], that I want you to see. "db Distro", with the two x's for eyes.. D=4, B=2, 4+2=6, the other two x's = 6, so 666. I really want investigators to see that pagan supremacy is obvious if you pay attention to the symbolism being pushed on us by occult programmers every single day. I'll be sharing more and more post about this. I find them every time I go on facebook, and without looking. More dark and sinister iconography on profiles, and company emblems with freemasonic and other pagan symbolism, a lot of 666, etc. I hope you know by now, for the sake of identifying their symbolism, that in pythagorean numberology, the letters F,O,& X, are all = 6. So when you see an X, it is 6. Remember this, and you'll see a lot of 666 symbolism on new shops ( most of which opened in 2018... Interesting coincidence.. ) Avoid divination, this is for the sake of exposing the occult and their hidden symbolism. The enemy uses symbolism to herd and brainwash, and control. I link directly to their facebook also: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100089111493869 They go in business aroundd 2018, while everyone else goes under from sabotage? They're proabaly selling stolen cannabis as "thca flower". I obseve that They're lacing drugs to make people sick! PHARMAKEIA.

Here's a great documentary exposing the supermacist wet dream, life extension technology. It seems obvious that they want to try to use the knowledge to cheat, and live forever through science(6, man's quest for knowledge and supremacy). They will absolutely continue to try to covertly kill off most of the population through subtle poisons(tainted tobacco, poisoned hemp products(vain fake weed, and gmo pot(freaky)herb, poisoned herb), pharma's, gmo's, mRNA, etc, aka PHARMAKEIA), and lies, and work to make the remaining people their medical and government owned slaves. Nazi's medically murdered victims in WWII as well, and labeled opponents as "medical defectives", while using psychiatric hospitals to enslave and eventually kill them, so it isn't that far fetched that this is happening now. Pagan cults are benefitting from prohibition and pharmaceuticals(remember they kinda have a history of pharma's[occult alchemy], and these drugs are copies of Gods(seed bearing herbs and phytochemials), or they stole it and took credit for it(ie opioids)[made in the likeness]. They want the rest of us dying, while they quietly take the very medicine they lied about and told everyone was bad. I believe there's some type of pot going around now that's not normal ( I believe it is genetically engieneered, AND any seasoned smoker can tell you the pot going around now doesn't look like anything most smokers have ever seen before, and in a bad way ) People can tell it isn't normal, an It is tainted genetics(see a Dutch Passion blog that warns about genetically engineered pot. I'm seeing more and more occult symbolism popping up on seed companies and I'll start exposing those more herein(I share one below, in another post, so keep scrolling.) I can back all this up, and will start sharing more post where I show the symbolism.(I ould spend all day everydady showing you, they're not hard to find) It looks like pagan cults are selling drugs on facebook openly, and confidently, which implies corruption and state-run protection(the police and dea are running protection for them, they are masonic cults, gangs, and other groups... confedeates one could say). Abide in God and serve and praise him and put all your faith in him alone.

Been doing a few new video's lately. I have some on my YouTube, and some on my Bitchute ( I can't believe it's not YouTube! ) Here's the latest one, exposing the Odin brotherhood. https://www.bitchute.com/video/pn4rEiX52Afs/ I make no money on this, so feel free to share, for the cause! We must expose them and press forward. Here is another great video I made recently exposing the nazi and pirate symbols that are cropping up in more and more places in the US military and government.. and it is mainstream news we have neo nazi's? JFK warned again, of these cults, or "secret socieities". Don't forget I post a lot exposing symbolism in plain sight on my Vero, so you can go see anything you may have missed there.

More covid fraud... All this covid stuff points to 911, supremacy, and the serpent. Don't fall for this satanic global lockdown plot. Covid was planned, and if it weren't then people across the country would not have been able to call it before it happened. People are getting sick from vaping, and getting brain fog from proplyene gyolcol poisoning(they're putting it in hemp products, and now hiding it from ingredients lists!). I have shared enough stories herein, to illustrate that covid19 has insane amounts of fraud and organied crime tied to it. https://www.secretservice.gov/newsroom/releases/2023/03/two-suburban-chicago-residents-charged-742000-covid-relief-fraud Interestingly, the word corona, means "crown." It sure seemed to have made a lot of cheaters false kings.. temporarily.. 911 made a ton of money and even more supreamcy steps forward thanks to covid19.. [ Wavo: Apr 19, 1993; Oklahoma city: Apr 19, 1995; Covid19, Nov 2019; ]

God is great, isn't he? Remember when the bible says, that those who try to cheat and exalt theirselves will be abased? https://youtu.be/QHCbnjdEAnw?si=Mu3jgpQ3TPcgnBOU "Giuliani Bankruptcy Bid After CRUSHING $148M Defamation Judgment! RUDY'S DOWNFALL | Roland Martin". Justice is happening all around you, if you just look. News is something you have to keep up with, or it can often go un-noticed. We also must remember the justice that we don't see. Just because you don't see it, doesn't mean it isn't happening.

https://youtu.be/cdY51_Tc5Vk?si=V2jkBfLAttVqeNHC "Nikki Haley declines to name slavery as a cause of the U.S. Civil War in town hall" ( when they tell you who they are, believe them, and add them to your list of bad guys. )

Kennedy is running in 2024! Please encourage others to vote for him! It is rare that we get a non-nazi candidate, and he's the one. They killed JFK for a reason, because the kennedy's are LEGIT and FOR AMERICA. Please spread the word. Kennedy24.com Remember JFK warned about groups like the freemasons ( secret societies ) "Secret societies" is a formal way of saying "cults", and they are almost always pagan in origin, and supremacist by design. You can write the whitehouse you know! Everybody contact RFK, tell him to BAN SECRET SOCIETIES AND INVESTIGATE THEM FOR ORGANIZED CRIME. The MASONS HAVE GOT TO GO. (legally of course)

Adulterated? as in POISONED?(pharmakeia, sorcery, witchcraft, piracy;) Florida companies involved https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/man-sentenced-illegally-distributing-over-16m-adulterated-hiv-medication More proof that wide-spread organized crime cults are in positions they should not be allowed to be in.

I've been trying to expose a lot of in your face symbolism lately. Here's a new great post on serpent symbolism and the number 5 with Taylor swift, Gab Post Here. 5 = grace/death in numberology. In this case death. 5 pointed star... police wear it.. "biblical numerics". I came from the occult so I love exposing them. THERE ARE FIVE SNAKES IN THIS PHOTO. Via: https://youtube.com/@IsaiahSaldivar?si=OZ1qZ10PtfWsvl94 #taylorswift A clip from the actual performance is here: https://youtu.be/S9gYvTrvOcg?si=j6UcXxM5FZnKh6m9 biblical numerics: https://youtu.be/wDeL_US9xP4?si=JECj2ZQ8dm3DwsIT All of the numbers on the page using the pythagorean method tally up to 16, 1+6=7 Vlad has the full story here on Taylor swift and satanic crap in the music industry : https://youtu.be/SDmzNDrj2NI?si=lfWS-3OsV_x87DGO Don't get sucked into divination by going too far with the number thing. I merely show it to illustrate that these things are real and exist. The occult loves to hide the truth in plain sight.Here are a few other post as of late I don't want the right peopel to miss. They illustrate subliminal symbolism: https://gab.com/Lightnings/posts/111662890319628861, and then the second one: https://gab.com/Lightnings/posts/111659957168015636, and the third one: https://gab.com/Lightnings/posts/111659946147474794, a fourth one: https://gab.com/Lightnings/posts/111659076177754014, and this fifth one illustrates the X symbolism https://gab.com/Lightnings/posts/111659095468198105... oh and twitter is now calling itself "x".. Again, X in Pythagorean numberology = X [fox=xxx, xxx=666]. Remember any time you see an upside down five pointed star, it is the official satanic star, and 5 means death. They're all satanic, but the upside down one belongs to the church of satan. Here is a pagan dude on YouTube wearing an upside down cross(satanic symbol). Notice the graven images behind him. I see a lot of nazi symbols hidden in plain sight. Finally, the main post on Gab is backed up on the internet archives here

I don't have a problem with people selling cannabis illegally, or legally, but government targeting illegal growers is them serving supremacist. At this point, illegal cannabis is generally safer, especially than this pharma "hemp derived" pharmakeia crap. I also want to point out that "thca flower", is not real pot like people are saying. Kandyboy was selling real pot ( in thca form, which is legal ) but the DOA told him he can't sell it...(immediately after I deccided to market for him[IMMEDIATELY]) even though all the other shops are selling it... so they're running protection for people selling the poisoned fake crap, and telling the rest of us we can't sell it. It would be nice if the government would catch on to this and do something but they're too busy following crimes disuised as rules. Ignore them. Take them to court. Here's a YouTube video that shows how to make thca flower ( told you it's fake, and any real smoker can tell ) The American people are being mass-gaslit. Don't buy from any shop with occult symbolism! My problem is with CHEATING AND FAVORTISM Legalization has been nothing but a supremacist operation all along. Looks like pagan and freemasonic groups are openly selling on facebook now. I've been noticing this for a while, and will start add post here. Sometimes I make really great post and feel they may go un-noticed by the right people, so I have decided to start posting those here. Socialist that work at facebook delete my account in 2016 and ruined my to be successfull business in 2016 before I got it off the ground, took all my traffic away, credit card processing, etc, and now facebook is openly allowing freemasons to illegally distribute what looks like GMO weed to illegal states over socail media. I can see a trend in pagan symbolism in new businesses. Interesting that the rest of us go under, and now they're on the rise.. This is pagan supremacy. You may be thinking, "this is one profile he's talkingabout.. how can you call something supremacy over one profile". I'm seeing a TREND of this and will show more and more of these as I find them.. I've spent most of my life online and have never seen so many out in the open pagan profiles on social media, until AFTER 2016.

It is obvious to me that someone at facebook is deleting non supremacist profiles while allowing freemasonic drug cartels to operate. It seems these groups spread theirselves out so they can covertly run favortism rings. Facebook ruined my business in 2016 deleted my account. See the "Eye of horus" [scholarly search] and "goat genetics"? The eye of horus dates back to occult Egypt, and modern freemasons also use that symbol. Pagans worship horned gods.. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100094667702907 There's more occult symbolism... and the honey comb shape that's trending on brand emblems, is from the inside of the pagan star. Look, here they are using it and the eye of horus. I am also seeing weed that aint normal folks. Ive never seen weed that looks like some of this new crap. I am certain it is tainted gmo bud because this crap aint normal. It doesnt even look right. It has lost all its desirable traits. Only get your seeds from Europe. Dutch passion(other shops sell their seeds in Europe) and original seeds company are both good choices. and this weed doesnt look normal. Theres some type of genetically tainted weed going around. I bet theres GMO bud now thats what this crap makes me think of when I see it. I've never seen weed that looks like this.. and not in a good way. I would never buy bud that looks like this crap. Why are these pagan crime cults allowed to openly sell on facebook when the rest of us can't? Pagan supremacy folks. Ima focus on exposing this lately. Facebook seems to be running favortism and protection for pagan run illegal shops. Im down with illegal weed but everyone gets to do it not just satanic creeps. Shes in Los angeles california too... username "sandrian jane" I only snitch on cheaters and pagans. Here is the post with all the screenshots. I'll brb to finish updatnig this page. one sec cats calling.

I told ya. My hunch(or observation really, that needed more evidence widespread) that medical genocide was going on wasn't so insane after all. The Nazi's in WWII were using mental health as a means for torture, and to discredit people who sought to expose and oppose them. "Fueled by eugenic policies on racial hygiene, the Nazis first undertook a sterilization campaign against "mental defectives," which included neurologic patients with epilepsy and other disorders, as well as psychiatric patients. From 1939-41 the Nazis instead resorted to "euthanasia"(murder) of many of the same patients. Some neuroscientists were collaborators in this program, using patients for research, or using extracted brains following their murder." Academic source; Citation: Zeidman, Lawrence A. "Neuroscience in Nazi Europe part I: eugenics, human experimentation, and mass murder." Canadian journal of neurological sciences 38.5 (2011): 696-703 https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/canadian-journal-of-neurological-sciences/article/neuroscience-in-nazi-europe-part-i-eugenics-human-experimentation-and-mass-murder/763DE15BF1025CA915C725EB02139FEC #R #medical #911 #healthcare

There's a new "variant" out. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/new-covid-variant-jn-1-cases-cdc-new-york-new-jersey/ I can tell you that a lot of these hemp products are poisoned with proplyene glycol, and cause brain fog, and covid happened one year after it was made legal. I noticed ill effects about one year into using the vapes, and quit, then those effects went away. I still believe there's a genuine covid, but I also believe that America is being poisoned(I can see it and share the proof herein). New news stories are eveywhere about a new variant that's out, making people sick... Just in time for 2024... The year of the next election. I called it. They typically strike every 4 years around election year. They may try to throw us off this time and change up their moves, now that everyone knows how they operate ( they pick dates, plan, and then execute when the timing is right ). Expect an early attack.. Expect more covid, lockdown attempts, censorship, propaganda, more bizarre laws and pushes for segregation, God knows what.. Just expect, or rather prepare for such events. Abide in God only, Psalm 91:1.

I have added a lot of new news to this page, and plenty more to come. We've come a long way. I've added lots of new content on a lot of pages also, including: Freemasons Exposed Page , added new videos on my bitchute https://www.bitchute.com/icantbelieveitsnotyoutube/ , added new content on the 911 page: 911 Page , new news page: (this page) , hate symbols page(graven images), and a new york page under state by state activism, and what else.. oh and updated the scams-exposed page - Hit F5 to refresh the pages. Thanks for following! #r #realnews [ This is random, but I made this Meme[archived here] of what God made, on each day of the 7 days of creation, it is rad. ]

https://youtu.be/Ch2hGXbSTOE?si=NJzYL6vnitQfg9sZ This story perfectly illustrates supremacy. Doctors(and cops illegally) are selling fentanyl, weed, and pills(even stealing them!), legally AND illegally(cops protecting them, serving them, even DEA participants), but this black dude was harrassed by white trash neighbors who repeatedly called the cops on him over selling ( the same stuff )... It is a FACT that the Florida Panhandle, the 850, houses hate groups such as neo nazis(the Odin Brotherhood to be specific(https://odinbrotherhood.org[also have a YouTube]), and the Oath Keepers. I back this up with authoritative sources throughout the website. This is another example of supremacy, medical supremacy, which is heavily influenced and herded by influence of the freemasons(they're the ones into those symbols, like the rod of asclepious on the side of ambulances(pagan symbol, sigil, graven images, occult charm) It's an example of "It's ok for us to do it, but it's not ok for you to do it." and the victim of this property theft, was black... That, plus the Japanese restraunt attacked, when someone slipped meth into the food(most likely one of these white trash supremacy groups that love to sabotage entrepaneurs not in their groups(like the Odin brotherhood and Joe Coleman Sr.'s group.), and frame victims, and steal.. and take on the Identity of their victims they hate for whatever reason, losers. Here are academic sources on how Nazi's sabotage). They need to back off... and most importantly, civilian and government officials alike, need to defend the people, and stop enabling this supremacy b.s. and we need to shut down the freemasons influence over America and the economy. They gotta go. JFK was right. more at http://850.news see stories under new news ( for newer stories obviously ) older are on the main page. ) #r #realnews #christmasday2024 #srcso #850 [archive point] (BTW: The way I know the Odin brotherhood IS the nazi cult here, is the kissicks(Conner) has his affiliation advertised on his Facebook page). I am working to get the ADL to publically recognize them as a known hate group, and to get them added to the authoritative databases.)

This goes along with depopulation, which is a nice way of saying covert genocide. https://www.pnj.com/story/news/2023/12/18/florida-life-expectancy-state-ranking-how-long-expect-live/71956815007/ This is a good piece coming out of the Pensacola News Journal. Their facebook page is here: https://www.facebook.com/pnjnews. Between the anthrax attacks of the early 2000's(1), mass shootings(2), physical abuse in medical facilities(3), illegal baker acts in alarming numbers(4), and malpractice rings(5), along with covid19(6), and covid19 related crimes(7), and the poisoning of hemp products with neuro-degenerative proplyene glycol[archived here] and mct oil(8), pharma ( especially fentanyl(9) ), the poisoning of tobacco products with farhmaldehyde(spell check), rat poison, arsenic(spell check), and other poisons(10), the US population is in declinde... Embrace independence, love not hate, grow a garden, and vote when you shop.

This goes along with my testimony of groups targeting elderly victims and whoever else, using metasploit of course. Hate groups are into organized crime. https://www.montanarightnow.com/kalispell/man-sentenced-to-prison-for-hacking-scheme-that-stole-150-000-from-elderly-kalispell-woman/article_bda70572-9ebc-11ee-a8ee-03d998bf6f62.html Keywords: Hacking-scheme, stole, 150,000, elderly victim(woman)... "Man sentenced to prison for hacking scheme that stole $150,000 from elderly Kalispell woman" [ archived here ] | and another: https://www.dodig.mil/Criminal-Investigations/Article/3177622/florida-man-pleads-guilty-to-223000-money-laundering-conspiracy/ "Florida Man Pleads Guilty to $223,000 Money Laundering Conspiracy" [ archived here ] | and finaly, another: https://www.justice.gov/usao-mt/pr/florida-man-sentenced-prison-india-based-computer-hacking-scheme-stole-150000-elderly "Florida man sentenced to prison in India-based computer hacking scheme that stole $150,000 from elderly Kalispell woman" [ archived here ] |

Here's a cool website I found on a rad search engine called "Qwant", seems to find shadow banned important videos like the clips of larry silverstein admitting that building 7 was pulled on PBS, and that sorta thing. https://911research.wtc7.net/wtc/evidence/pullit.html This website that I just linked to, is a perfect example of sites you won't find easily or at all on Google anymore. They don't like investigative stuff, nor small independent entrepaneurs in their search results. They want you to bow down.

https://youtu.be/54n6lbx0feo?si=RWCYF9_jTyBbvgKJ Sometimes I post the same stories twice by mistake. This is two EMS workers charged with murder. They were on body cam video. Via Good Morning America.

Check out the subliminal occult symbolism on Moonwlkr brand products. [ archived here ] I am all of the time spotting new occult symbolism on legal thc products ( these products are 99% tainted, and made synthetically using chemicals. There are good sellers however, rather they are hard to find. ) Here's a link to the Gab Post https://gab.com/Lightnings/posts/111624424553015695 and on the WaybackMachine.. Keep in mind, aliens and ufo's are often tied in with the occult, and cults in general, and the "paranormal".. Symbolically, they represent other-worldly visitors, aka demons, spirits, etc. (aliens) and the outer-space theme, fits in well with astrology, doesn't it? See the occult symbolism? We have a bright light coming out of the pyramid ( equilateral triangle reduces to 666 in pythagorean numberology ).. Pyramid symbolism is almost always tied to freemasonry, ancient Egypt, and the occult. On a final note: I want to link to a book and cite an academic source: [ archived here ] ( Citation: Ellis, Bill. Aliens, ghosts, and cults. Univ. Press of Mississippi, 2003. ) Via scholar.google.com | https://libraries.indiana.edu/google-scholar

Here is a link to the FBI bulliten from FB post. [archived here] and finally the best news yet!!!!! https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/justice-department-launches-national-law-enforcement-accountability-database The DOJ "Justice Department", has finally launched a national law enforcement accountability database! Smoke one if you got it and crack open the wine folks! PRAISE THE LORD. [ archive of this page after adding this here ] THIS REMINDS ME! Check out: OpenPolice.org, a place to report police misconduct publicly. and here is a PDF of the Executive order, 14074 found on the articles website(justice.gov). Use Virustotal.com to scan pdf files before opening them always. I believe the official url for this new public database will be https://www.nlead.gov/ but it isn't live yet just forwards to the Justice Department article(news release). Random unrelated note: I updated the 911 page Please archive these clips in anticipation of potential further censorship and oppression of truth.

More great new news! More covid19 fraud uncovered!. https://www.justice.gov/usao-sdga/pr/florida-attorney-convicted-trial-role-covid-19-fraud-scheme So now we have patterns emerging further, of medical, real estate crimes, covid, and police corruption, malpractice, theft, fraud, and drug theft / druggings / poisonings(malpractice, proplyene glycol, anthrax), lies, and now ATTORNEYS TOO, all of which are all involved.

This is a God-send of a find https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=751199743711493&set=a.228738109290995&type=3&mibextid=rS40aB7S9Ucbxw6v, a US Navy Post. ( God guides me to them, notice the numbers, 7, 16 ) I will add this great new post of a nazi totenkopf/pirate jolly rogers symbol on a navy jet ( I include academic sources and citations , even link to in the post ) [ archived here ] to the hate symbol/graven image page, but it is such a good post I wanted to post it here too. I will make a page that is like a directory of Government social media pages! I surf the algorithms an try to keep up with all the news I post here, so why not encourage others to do the same with a page full of their social media. It'll be like the un-official official government index website, this whole page that is, but specifically that html document. | Here are the two screenshots from the navy post: one, two [ arhived-one, archived-two )

Buy Kratom kilos from Tabriz https://wa.me/+62895619234108 He ships to Florida legally. The rumors about kratom being illegal to import are not true. Keep your receipt with you and never buy domestically! Supremacy hate groups groups are rigging the industry by having non-members credit card processing taken away, and by baiting victims with large shipments so they can make them into the dirt bag, and raid the place ( so they can steal it ) and to hurt competitors businesses. To avoid having your processing taken away, sell out of a store front, and only accept cash. Tell the people "there's an atm at ___". Kratom cost $50 per kg roughly from Indonesia, with free shipping. Don't be ripped off by haters who are trying to steal the industry locally. Get Whatsapp, they love to use it. Facebook segregates and oppresses real people who aren't in supremacy jezebel groups so eff them. I still import to this day and post on social media when I do to prove it and show the people and cops that it is a myth about the import ban. Bite me neo beta socialist sissy pants.

I gotta give a shout out to, and drop a link to the Rolland Martin Daily Digital Show. They expose racism, and police corruption, as well as other white supremacy related social justice issues. Check em out, and please share their videos on your social media for the cause. I have updated my 911 page, and will update it more in the near future. I will also add more to the scams exposed page, and teach how to get the abuse emails for their hosting providers, so you can report nazi websites and stuff like that. I need to go in more detail on that subject, on that specific page. I'm asking all patriots to back everything up prior to the 2024 election, with YouTube/Vimeo video downloaders, and the internet archive save tool

Lots of new news coming in folks. https://www.pnj.com/story/news/education/2023/12/15/escambia-county-school-book-lawsuit-penguin-random-house-gets-hearing/71937568007/ Remember the nazis burned and banned books, including the bible. This is their pagan movement, that was set in full motion in 2016. Patriots, expect them to strike again and be on your red team go game. Remember God. Academic sources on nazi book burnings: https://scholar.google.com/scholar?hl=en&as_sdt=0%2C44&q=nazi+book+burning&oq=nazi+book

Citation: Lewy, Guenter. Harmful and undesirable: book censorship in Nazi Germany. Oxford University Press, 2016. More on https://jstor.org

NEW! https://weartv.com/news/nation-world/report-boy-13-charged-with-planning-mass-shooting-at-jewish-synagogue-sentenced-to-probation-temple-israel-canton-violence-shooting-threats-israel-hamas-war-terrorist-attacks Remember , nazi's hate everyone who isn't one of them, not just Jews. Thats Christians, muslims, minorities, activist, journalist, democrats, gays, lesbians, etc.

https://weartv.com/news/local/daphne-synagogue-threatened Gotta push back against these nazi punks. Everytime they try to scare people, we will scare them. Confront them!!

Can you recognize segregation? "Leftist", "anti vaxxers", cannabis prohibition.., "democrats are commies"... https://youtu.be/whXxsJ_WGVo?si=5CyouTLb9qQFe0VE

Remember the news stories about neo nazi's plotting to blow up power grids?? [ I am archiving search results now too, link ] Keep that in mind when you view this clip: https://youtu.be/4uZG7FzKDbk?si=u3Aj3FfdpKqS3Ibb Clearly they are telling us what they are planning. Be prepared for another covid-like event, and power outages. I believe covid19 was a drill. They attack in waves. They strike, then back off. They strike, then back off. Usually they strike around election times. Let us try to anticipate their next moves. ... On Christmas day 2020-21ish?, there was that explosion near a 911 facility in TN I think it was? Back in 2020? Here it is, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_Nashville_bombing So this story illustrates how they basically told us what they were planning. If it happens, remember this red flag warned of it. Old news is recent history and it matters. There are always red flags as to what they will do next. Pay attention. #ny

I believe cases like this may be witchcraft related because of patterns, and observations. They remind me of the Unsolved Mysteries case of Shane and Sally in San Angelo Tx, and the satanic cult tied to their murder. We know wicca and nazism are both in the 850, so this is a possibility. https://www.wkrg.com/state-regional/florida/walton-deputies-find-skeletal-remains/ ( and on the archives ) Also,.. I hope you've noted the connection between the story on Unsolved Mysteries, and my testimony about the building full of guns with the occult symbols on the wall. They were stocking stolen guns, Sound familiar? Satanic cults stocking stolen guns folks... Christians and Jews, be on your A-Game, we gotta war to win for the Lord, it is already won, all we gotta do, is do our part.

https://weartv.com/news/local/santa-rosa-county-residents-claim-new-meeting-changes-curb-their-freedom-of-speech Probably the Odin brotherhood, Oath keepers, or a similar crime cult. Yep, they're trying to rig things for their socialist take-over. I warned everyone locally, and did my part to get them involved. It's up to you to do your part. I told ya how to do it. Following the wrong leaders isn't going to help. You gotta take the lead and make a difference, an impact, a change. Here's that same article archived

(More news is below this post, no worries)

Allow me to illustrate to anyone who has yet to see Facebook censorship ( you're not doing anything useful enough with your account to be oppressed in this case ) Here I mentioned how I exposed the fact checkers gaslighting Americans about what happened on 9/11, on my 911 page ( under construction ). Facebook immediately recognized what I was talking about, and put up a notice that my whistle blowing was "false" and that fact checkers knew better. They're lying. This is socialism. These are networks of members of the same groups, spread out.

Fact checkers are being used to gaslight. I need to expose them more. I have caught them in one lie , and fact checked the fact checker, but need more. I need patriots willing to inform me, and send me stuff.

The socialist are spread out. They are employees, rather than entire agencies and corportations. People have to be woken up from the segregationist indoctrination they have been brainwashed by. They work at facebook and youtube, judges, lawyers, police, medical, county and state office jobs , clerk of courts, internal affairs, us military, paypal, credit card processors, etc. They can pull favors for one another this way, and segregate those they hate out of the economy... like they did me, and kratom sellers around the country. Now only their own people and not outsiders have credit card processing. Buy kratom from Indonesia on social media. Care. Make the world a better place by doing something to contribute please. Use God. He is your protector. Psalm 91:1 91:3 91:13

Qwant search engine finds shadow banned content, and content that socialist try to burry. They are using fact checkers to gaslight( and I prove this again on my 911 page. I called it before it became a thing, when they first announced plans to roll out fact checkers, amid the propaganda era that was launched at the same time as this roll out... ( They always reveal red flags as to what is going to happen ahead of time.. ) Patriots please do your part, and archive before the 2024 elections. I anticipate they will strike again. Use the internet archive save tool https://web.archive.org/save and https://9convert.com for a YouTube video downloader. If you're not a YouTuber, you can still make an account, and upload these videos to your channel!


https://weartv.com/news/local/santa-rosa-county-residents-claim-new-meeting-changes-curb-their-freedom-of-speech We need the feds to drain santa rosa county government's nazi swamp. Stay in prayer, and stay focused on leads.

This made me happy. I've always thought this guy was crooked. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2023/12/15/rudy-giuliani-defamation-ruby-freeman-shaye-moss/71918610007/ Accountability on the unrepented is a beautiful thing.
Places to NOT buy cannabis products from: ( In my opinion their products have been poisoned with something(I suspect proplyene glycol). They claim otherwise but I call b.s. ( seasoned smoker here, illegal cannabis doesn't cause the negative side effects this tainted crap does ) Also keep in mind, there are videos on youtube on how to "make" thca flower ( so it is fake ) some is real, some is fake. I don't trust the following sellers and had bad experiences with their products: cbdhemp.direct, Aretehemp(brain fog), Earth E(flu like symptoms), Drganja(brain fog), Binoid(brain fog), Hemp lively(lung aches), Secret Nature(occult name), hmp.store(theirs appears to have some nasty powdery substanced dipped onto it, it doesn't appear to me to be kief, or hash, or anything from cannabis(I'm a seasoned smoker of the real, it stinks and smells non-cannabis in nature), or the shop CBD Genesis. After ceasing to use their products(not consuming any more of their tainted fake crap) my health and wellness returned to normal. All of those shops were found on Google... Shop on alt search engines folks. It seems CBD Genesis is selling thca flower, but "kandyboy" was told he couldn't ( so supremacy, favortism. ) I cant say much for legal reasons but these are brands I do not trust from my experiences. I got an email from Binoid with a witches cauldron on it, unsubscribed. I warn against vaping all together. Vaping is bad for you, period. It isn't natural. Makes me wonder if these socialist crime cults are just stealing weed ( using their cop buddies to do so ), then lacing it with proplyene glycol, or fentanyl, and then re-selling it, as thca flower or just weed.. I feel so confidently that they are doing this. We know they're(the socialist crime cults) stealing drugs, my dad is an Eye witness to what coleman and his friends did, and they have yet to be held accountable. They know where it is. Watch them.

https://www.justice.gov/usao-edva/pr/jury-convicts-arlington-doctor-illegal-opioid-distribution More coruption and organized crime in medical! 9/11 911. Drug theft related... Deliberate over-prescription, combined with organized distribution, is theft basically.

https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/ohio-man-sentenced-20-years-prison-federal-hate-crimes-against-haitian-nationals Always glad to see people jailed for hate crimes. The justice department does a good job. They need all the help they can get.

https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/naval-commander-pleads-guilty-distributing-child-sexual-abuse-material-and-retaining I've never seen so much news of CP being tied to gov officials. I believe some is legit, and some are being framed. Socialist frame people, it's what they do. When you see arrest on the local news, go look at the police reports on those suspects. Mine for example, illustrates perfectly how the SRCSO leaves huge chunks of the story out to the local news media. You'll never get the truth from them publically.

Dec 19, 2023 released ~ https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/former-irs-employee-pleads-guilty-money-laundering-connection-covid-19-fraud This is a big deal. It shows more covid-19 fraud going on. I still think they're using covid to cover up medical malpractice and genocide. Murder can be slow and torturous, doesn't have to be instant. With all the large crimes going on in police, medical, and throughout the government, the clues tend to indiate mass covid-scams and frauds. Keep in mind there are similar stories on the main page as well. So this is a pattern now, officially.

Dec 7, 2023 ~ https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/justice-department-secures-agreement-florida-restaurant-resolve-claims-employment and as always here is the [archived version also] This is yet more proof of sabotage. These cults sabotage, and they're not getting enough mainstream news attention, or political attention. They gotta go, legally. We gotta get some legislation going. I'll spread the news, you do your part, and we'll get 'em.

Dec 12, 2023 ~ https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/clinic-office-manager-sentenced-12m-pill-mill-scheme and the [archived version] It seems like I posted this already, but I searched the page and coulnd't find this same duplicate link so, here it is. It was released on the 12th, and today is the 15th(as I am typing this), so it is new. It shows organized drug trafficking crime going on. They're cheating. This is supremacy. The rest of us go to jail, and get our small businesses ruined, they live like Egyptian aholes. Said it before, I'll say it again.. "They gotta go."

Just to show that there is cheating going on in real estate, https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/real-estate-investor-pleads-guilty-165m-mortgage-fraud-conspiracy I'll try to find more, and better stories of this nature, from crooked cops. I am definately believing that there are cult members ( proud boys, odins, masons, oath keepers, etc ) in police that are involved with real estate crime, and Captain Jason Erlemann I believe is one of them. Please watch and investigate his every move. Thanks. I won't let you guys down, please stay tuned. I searched the DOJ website for "florida real estate" to find arrest of this nature, found tons, look search results here Looks like there's tons of corruption when it comes to real estate. My Italian friends from 20011ish were also screwed. They lived next to that cop, the one who came over uninvited with his AR-51 that Captain Erlemann now owns the same property of(or did, I did an internet search found his name on it, that's on page 1 here).. the same house he did.... ( isn't that interesting?!?! ) Yup. Also my past friends who were into real estate(the mom), told me that her and her friends were working with police to turn houses that were not sold into cannabis grow houses. So I have heard eye witness testimony that the SRCSO is growing pot and joe coleman sr also told me this( he said it like he was wanting to garner trust, as him and his buddies wanted my grandmas property ) (he's the one that slandered us and lied to everyone claiming that my grandma was "beaten" ( the authorities have looked into this and know that it isn't true )

Can someone from the FBI, someone who will be willing to defend the segregated, go visit the Florida D.O.A., they are running favortism. Please tell them that they can't tell "Kandyboy" that he can't sell thca flower, if they're going to let everyone else do it. Bring a lawyer, an tell em, it isn't illegal, and they lied. Is there something legal that can be done about them running favortism for their buddies? Are these oath keepers and odins and freemasons as well? They gotta go folks. Get a movement started. J.W.A. Jews With Attitude. Come on guys, let's roll. RED TEAM GO RED TEAM GO.

Thanks to the news stories I cite in this paragraph, now we know the "oath keepers" have connections in the NW Fl Pandhandle as well, and are also in and affiliated with law enforcement and FBI, military also. [Click the title to see academic sources on the oath keepers] So take note, we got the odin brotherhood(pagan germanic nazi crime / medical genocide cult), the oath keepers, the satanic temple, the firedance church of wicca, that we know of.. Non-whites, don't move away, bring more of your family an friends down here. You're still a majority if you're a minority, remember that. They are exposed in the 850, and we will run them off, and jail them all. That's just the easy way. https://www.justice.gov/usao-dc/pr/florida-man-arrested-charges-related-jan-6-capitol-breach Investigators you need to know their symbolism. You've probably been on top of things, but for the sake of being a patriot I will point them out just to be thorough. Here's some more info on this group "the oath keepers", that confirms their existence in our area: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-62827612 ([archived]) and a PBS article: https://www.pbs.org/newshour/politics/elected-officials-police-officers-and-members-of-military-on-oath-keepers-membership-list-report-says [archived]) Based on the evidence presented herein, I believe these groups overlap ( they're all friends, may a well be one big group, all fasist ). This website proves how valuable the news is, they've done half your investigation for you. Praise God for the brave reporers and patriots in our new agencies, and amateur vigilante reporters like me as well. Keep up the good work. Now that this has been brought to my attention, I will add info on them to the hate symbols page! (which has been updated a lot sense first being published)

https://mynbc15.com/news/nation-world/satanic-temple-announces-after-school-satan-club-at-tennessee-chimneyrock-elementary-school-memphis-non-theistic-religion-support-free-thinking-first-amendment-equal-access-science-projects-community-service These "after school satan clubs", are popping up across the country, in most states. They banned prayer in school because they're in satanic cults, pagan supremacy folks.. Get on the ball activist, and be prepared for them to come after you. They are in police and medical (9/11 , 911), and they are framing people as mental patients. Form a team and gang up on them. They gotta go.(legally of course) They're neo nazi's and other satanic cults, which are all different forms of supremacists. I am an eye witness that members of the odin brotherhood a neo nazi cult are friends with the satanic temple of nw florida. These pagan cults coorperate with one another to run their favortism rings ( supremacy operations ) They are poisoners, pharmakeia. Remember, the serpent is on the side of the ambulance. #news #r #realnews

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMAUY7mP1nU KOCO News 5, "Oklahoma sees dramatic spike in white supremacist incidents, according to ADL" | No surprise, and I could list tons of stories about this happening across the country but you get the idea. You can pull those up on your own as well.

I've added a page for New York and will add North Carolina next. I enjoy working on this project. Here's a Gab post on that: https://gab.com/Lightnings/posts/111581563955134005 A big part of what I do is post these links and post all over social media, including local pages. I want the local 850 community and the entire country to see these points and testimony, especially vigilantes and gov employes that are righteous and not wicked, the ones that are NOT in any pagan supremacy cults.

This project has come so far, sense 2021.
I started it in Nov 2021, under extreme stress.
A one man project, while being hunted by neo nazi's.
Praise God that I am here today to type this.

Comment on my Gab post, what state do you live in?

New York:

I just noticed the link to this article on my main page was broken(there's one other like that as well, gotta find it).. Wierd.. I wonder how long it has been like that. This is an old story but I want to make sure it gets out, because it is one of the best. The SRCSO was sued for an illegal baker act of a kid and the deputy eventually fired and arrested. PRAISE THE LORD. Keep em coming... Now you got hundreds more to go. Get on the ball FBI in Pensacola, tf? https://weartv.com/amp/news/local/family-sues-santa-rosa-county-sheriffs-office-after-special-needs-student-handcuffed

You can pass this information on to others! When a social media user tries to get you on Google chat, they are 99.999% a hacker slash scammer. They want the gmail account associated with your phone. It is easy to hack. Gives them access to your data. Don't fall for this. Vosscarol392@gmail.com is a scammer hacker. This is their fb profile. Usually these are men trying to bait horny idiots so they can trick their way into your device. Grey hat hackers get em: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61550295207689 ( screenshot of user profile. ) Google hangout accounts are very easy to get into. They are also tied to your android and often times your device is set to remotely store your files. So they can get all your data and easily brute force or dictionary crack your login. These users usually have multiple profiles with the same images. You'll notice friend request from different users with the same profile pictures of the same chick. Be alert and aware of what is right in front of you. Metasploit crews could be taking them down left and right. They have clearly made it a mission to spread theirselves out, and quietly run their protection operation for their own, and segregation against the rest of us. That would explain why these profiles never go down when reported, yet they had no problem deleting my legit account in 2016 to ruin my business before I could get it off the ground. Haters and losers.

Here is an A&E special on that triple witchcraft related murder in Pensacola. Credible sources my friends, mainstream news, academic facts, the bible, all prove real phenomena. Here is that link and the long url is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYvpsrglJpQ&pp=ygUccGVuc2Fjb2xhIHdpdGNoY3JhZnQgbXVyZGVycw%3D%3D .

This particular story isn't local, but you're going to like it. There's a trend around the nation of politicians banning together to put an end to hate. We need federal cooperation, and laws against supremacy and cheating in government. We need a system to weed out the confederates. Someone start this political movement, and ban hate symbols, and ban cults(secret societies) they are supremacist in nature, and they gotta go((legally of course)). New York lawmakers, Manhattan DA introduce Hate Crimes Modernization Act url: https://youtu.be/Ztqk4NhcU9U?si=eJZ2mDasN9eciQPE . There are also a lot of new stories around the country about anti-semitism on the rise, even public talks of genocide. Here's a good one from NBC: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/rcna128502 ([archived]) ... and quick to point out more abuse in nursing homes coming in across the country: 4 New York nursing homes accused of fraud, neglect and another VHS rip amateur journalist oklahoma city bombing coverup documentary url for that is https://youtu.be/-616JK4ZSfM?si=1wyS3rKPYb8Q7VMJ and you can download YouTube vieos with 9convert.com

https://youtu.be/wQZx_HLSJUQ?si=mDtssHHOIqzzv-l6 Here is a great video talking about how witchcraft is being normalized. I expose witchcraft on BotanicalGuides.com and need to embrace that side of my mission more. It still gets Google traffic, but after mass segregation in 2016, they have taken 90% of it at least, and given it to fortune 500 servants, and those corporations directly, as well as mainstream media. I'm happy it gets exposure with them still, but still upset that there isn't a mainstream movement to end the segregation, or mainstream recognition that it even exist. The media isn't talking about what happened with the internet in 2016-2019, as mass digital segregation and oppression began. Let's start one. I try to go with the flow. I feel there's a time to promote B.G., and a time to promote this site as well. I need to work both into my promotional routine. I was shooting for something different with this post. Trying to keep things interesting for ya.

The ADL has some great resources on hate and hate groups.

" DEA agents accused of attending sex parties funded by Colombian drug cartels "

More in your face, in plain sight proof, that the DEA and prohibition is a supremacist operation. These nazi cults have been in there the whole time, and sadly the other sheep are idiots enough to follow. We said we want it legal, and for you to leave us alone, yet you continue to help yourselves to other peoples drugs and property. Thou shalt not steal Thou shalt not kill. Feds and DOJ, please defend America by going after corrupt DEA and cops who just want to get free drugs and sex parties, thanks.

WEAR "Bay Breeze Employee Arrested For Elderly Abuse"
Hmm... I told the SRCSO that there was both neglect, malpractice, and elderly abuse going on in that nursing home, and they did nothing but proceeded to try to frame my entire family, left all the heaters running in the house after they asked us if there were heaters, lied on the police report, slandered us, ignored our allegations and refused to investigate, and helped the place medically torture and murder my elderly grandmother. I reached out to the county slash state numberous times about the neglect, and abuse, and they did nothing.. and even proceeded to try to be intimidating and scare us into not helping her. I believe tha My mom most likely was involved in the whole thing, the false allegations, and worked maliciously with Jason Erlemann from the SRCSO & the DEA, to slander, etc, and they tried to set me up only so that Erlemann and his crew(incuing coleman) could steal over 100k in kratom. Then they tried to intimidate us into silence(Joe even fired his gun as I posted this online, pansey). I have the emails in a zip file for download here where I tried to get the state to do what was right but they failed. Feel free to scan them and the zip file with Virustotal.com They are screenshots from the state where I emailed them about the abuse and everything going on. The gangstalking took place sense before 2018. They used that shipment of Kratom to make it look like I was full of crap. My mom was thrilled the whole time and even said cocky things after it was all said and done like "How's your business?" ( all proud and narcissistic-like )

Everyone is aware of what happened in 2016 through now I hope? Masses of Americans of all colors were segregated out of small business and their future. We were robbed by supremacist cults, the same one's JFK warned of(secret societies, cults). Credit card processing has been taken away from many, but not others... Too many people don't even see it... idiots.. all too happy to be a fortune 500 slave.. Supremacist groups had their friends at facebook, paypal, and credit card companies, target and destroy small businesses like mine. They baited me with a large shipment of kratom ( not illegal to accept a package with your name on it ), so I took it, and it backfired on them. Now I know and am an eye witness that the SRCSO and local DEA in Pensacola are stealing large quantities of drugs, and baiting civilians to ruin their credibility, and destroy their business, and so they can steal it during a raid. Prohibition is a fraud. Stop being a segregationist. Thanks.

Academic source: Herd, Denise A. "Prohibition, racism and class politics in the post-Reconstruction South." Journal of Drug Issues 13.1 (1983): 77-94. [arhived]

Pittsfield nurse sentenced in drug theft case
There are tons more of these out there. I've shared enough to illustrate the pattern across the USA. Supremacist in government are stealing drugs. This is what prohibition is about. God gave man every seed bearing herb. The bible never complains about someone stoned on plants, but it rambles on and on about people drunk on wine.

Don't follow these white supremacist losers please. Here is another clip of a gang of militarized police surrendering to civilians. Neo nazi's in police are why people are angry, please get them out of there. They gotta be brought to justice. They are confederates. They are hiding. To all the rare real cops out there, thanks for being a 1% cop.

"Mayor's administration backs no-knock warrant ban - NBC 15 WPMI"

Good! Now Americans will have time to defend theirselves. Prohibition is a supremacist operation, and any authorities that continue to go out of their way to enforce it and prey on innocent Americans are not with Jesus. Supremacist groups are stealing drugs as DEA and Police, and they gotta be removed and put behind bars. Do you want to be part of the problem or the solution? Then stop running protection for some shops and going after others.. Hearken upon the voice of the Lord God. Pick one, the five pointed star, or the cross.

https://online.ucpress.edu/nr/article-abstract/2/2/245/94173/Elohim-City-A-Participant-Observer-Study-of-a?redirectedFrom=fulltext More academic sources on elohim city and its connection to neo nazism, white supremacy, and the oklahoma city bombing.

CBS How the Oklahoma City bombing has influenced white supremacists: Part 1
URL: https://youtu.be/jxaujYa9NAY?si=Pg7805vRM8oQTkOh

Elohim City: 20 years after the Oklahoma City bombing
URL: https://youtu.be/3eejdO6bw2s?si=EeeIkSMdpWBVPge8

Remember what you learned from the live news clips related to this attack, and the BBC documentary that exposes the neo nazi conection to it as well, and Elohim city. The residents thereof will always gaslight and deny they are white supremacist, but we have enough evidence to know they are. Remember my eye witness testimony that Mr. Kissick in Navarre has ties to Elohim city, which makes the local odin brotherhood connected to the oklahoma city bombing. This CBS clip further confirms the connection to the attack. Despite the fact that the FBI an news try to down play the connection, it is obvious to anyone that is it real. My testimony further confirms it. The feds have already questioned mr Kissick and coleman and his group, and are aware of the facts, and that they are involved.

Freemasons Exposed As Egypt Idolaters & Pro Slavery Supremacist Cult

I put together a new blog on this site on the freemasons and how they are the keepers of ancient Egyptians occult magick. ( I've been making new pages within the site, rather than adding to that huge main page. ) I cite and link to academic sources to confirm this, and even back those links up with the Internet Archive Save Tool as I cite them, and then link to the archived version. This is to back up the truth in the event the socialist try to delete it from the web. I anticipate that they may attack again with round 2 of internet segregation, so we need to be prepared. Please make use of tools like 9convert.com to backup the original live oklahoma city bombing clips and the 9/11 clips that I use on this site to show the truth about 9/11. You can download the BBC documentary that exposese the neo nazi connection to the attack with a vimeo video downloader as well. Never shop on Google, always use duckduckgo or qwant or an alt engine that doesn't suppress and segregate real normal Americans who aren't supremacist cheaters.

https://www.wkrg.com/northwest-florida/santa-rosa-county/victims-poisoned-with-narcotic-at-pace-japanese-steak-house-sheriffs-deputies/ Because it is mainstream news that there's a neo nazi cult in the 850, I def think they did this. Surely seems like a hate crime to me. All they would need to do is to have one of their people employed there, and then they slip it in the food. This really pisses me off. They are targeting non supremacist shops with sabotage. Someone go question the Kissicks everytime something like this happens, because their group is the local hate group around here. They targeted me as well and my entrepaneurship. I know they do things like this from experience. I marketed for small herbal shops around the country and watched them all get harassed and abused out of business by credit card companies that are cutting off people and allowing others to still have processing, for selling the same stuff. Buy your kratom from Indonesia as these groups are rigging the industry. I am trying to get the local media to help me expose them. Here is the archived version of the article on wayback.

https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/louisiana-police-officer-sentenced-civil-rights-violation-dangerous-assault-non-violent-man Always love stories about violent sociopath cops being arrested by the DOJ and FBI. They are worthy of chanting the words "Praise the LORD". I'm trying to include more variety in my news stories herein. I think if you take this website as a whole, it a very thorough illustration of how the puzzle pieces fit. We're fighting hate, supremacy, and mass incarceration of the innocent.

https://www.wuwf.org/local-news/2020-06-05/community-health-northwest-florida-administrator-fired-over-racist-social-media-posts?_amp=true This article is a little older, from 2020, but it is significant, and OF THIS AREA, so I am listing it. Anything that illustrates HATE groups being involved in medical and police here, I am all about blowing the whistle on. Don't forget the old news page ( the main page either. Tons of great stories there. We can see the patterns of hate crimes in medical and police, which backs up my statements about them using 911 as a means to "drain the swamp". They're attempting to drain our swamp, so we must drain theirs. After all, they're the bad guys, not us.

https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/florida-man-sentenced-racially-motivated-hate-crime I'm always thrilled to see stories like this, but the best part is that this is LOCAL AND IN FLORIDA. It isn't 850 local, but it is in Florida. I see these for other states, but really wanted to wait for local ones only, because Florida really needs to ramp up their crime fighting against hate crimes. Hate is the biggest problem in our country and planet right now, and it is all driven by pagan ideologies(self exalation, cheating, supremacy, and narcissism). Serving the wrong god leads to narcissism. It is the way of the enemy. Haters gotta go. Thank you to the righteous police and FBI backed me up while the odin brotherhood nazi cult was hunting me for blowing the whistle. Love you guys and a special thanks to Mrs or MS(not sure which), "c", (you know who you are). oh and black dude from the flea market, you're rad too. Love you guys.

To everyone on the opposite side of team confederate, please reach out to the Black Panthers and inform them of any neo bull crap going on around here. Call upon God for deliverance, but don't hesitate to build a patriot army. The second amendment guarantees the right to self defense. Neo nazi groups should not be allowed to own guns, and should be red flag lawed, as this is the regulation the 2nd amendment was talking about.. Why has Coleman and Kissick and their supremacist cell not been red flag lawed yet? Patriots, get on board. Please press forward. I'm very ambitious about ramping this up lately and I pray you'll follow.

We need bills to hold companies and people accountable for segregation, digital or otherwise, that includes suppression of online traffic, or interference with their business operations by any means. RED TEAM GO. STAY IN PRAYER! I gave this line a space because I thought it was such a big deal. Segregationist need to be held accountable. Too many are ignoring the problem, that's a problem. Under no circumstance should an ordinary citizen who isn't in a supremacy cult be red flag lawed. Neo nazi's on the other hand, wanna call theireslves nazi's that means they don't get to own a gun, that's red flag law material. Remember, there's a pattern of mass shooters haveing neo nazi ties, the stories of such shared all throughout this website.

https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/texas-man-sentenced-antisemitic-hate-crime-after-seeking-burn-down-synagogue Nazi's burned down the Reichstag in Germany(academic source), and now we have neo nazi's in the US doing the same. Nazi's get angry mobs of people who were lied to, behind helping them hunt their prey. They slander their victims, burn down buildings, and carry out false flag operations, to blame on their targets. This helps them create fear, which helps them disarm patriots using nazi laws like the "red flag law", a nazi policy that relies on fear to justify its means of bypassing the 2nd amendment of the US constitution. Don't fall for this please.

I plan on getting and finding new suspects for the patriots in the FBI and police and military around here (the real ones, the humble and righteous ones who want to take down neo nazi's and supremacist) Keep in mind I post those on a PUBLIC LIST that I made, both local and national suspects to watch. I'll add to the local list more and more. Trust me, I am good at finding them online. Anyone who is racist, or plays the mental health card, or says sadistic things, or has nazi symbols on their profile, or wiccan/pagan affiliation, etc, will be listed. I'll try to get you the names of some corrupt DEA and Police as well(like "Terry" from the DEA in Pensacola), will be on the hunt. Guys, we've made huge progress, but this isn't happening fast enough. We have to identify who in the county is pulling favors for who and find a way to get them behind bars and exposed. I will gladly expose them and post their name here. I will try to work on this for you and come up with some ideas. I find that I can do more from behind a computer than you might think. Like how I found out Terry from the DEA in Pensacola is covering up for organized crime in the SRCSO. God bless you patriots, and know that I have never been more motivated with this project, expect tons of new content.Would a righteous deputy talk with ex deputy Thomas Wilkie, and get his side of the story.We need more minorities to move down here. Please do not move because of them, it will only embolden them further. Fight back.

Another thing, or new "tip" rather, I wanted to point out that Joe Coleman sr also has a meth dealer/prostitute on his facebook friends list(Kimberly Barcena), who was dating that dude Jeremy, the one that's racist and uses meth and that Joe coleman sr had pissed off when he was pissing on the side of the road late one night, remember me telling you bout that? He(joe coleman sr) has her on his friends list. She's a meth dealer and a prostitute. and Joe coleman sr is friends with her! and Jeremy(her bf, or was) is racist.. I suspect he's in their group as well. He's missing his front tooth and walks around with a backpack and a beer in his hand and those cheap $1 packs of cigar/cigaettes. She lives over near Avaneda de sol area, off salamanca I think? Somehwere near there. Jeremy lives over near holly by the seaish, off 399 ( last time I knew anyway ) He claims that coleman followed him home one time and told me he owns a gun. He brought a weapon over once as well(he's a CI for their group). ANOTHER TIP: This dude name "mikey", he's missing most of his front teeth, has dark hair, rides a bycicle and is a meth addict, is also an informant and informs for the satanic temple of nw florida as well as the odin brotherhood(a neo nazi supremacist cult in the nw fl panhandle) and in the srcso and medical here. He made a comment about he saw people get murdered ( he used to come around and annoy me as a CI, he was being passive and dropped clues that they were watching my phone(they're using metasploit) I bet you a million bucks the satanic temple is in posession of some of that kratom because Corey is with them and he's also in kissick and colemans group. They're in the military too, all of the neo nazis on joe pruitt road in Navarre are current or ex military. They're all cowards too, and can't defend theirselves. Here is the post with the screenshots to boot. ( in case he removes it ) He gaslights, beware. He hasn't repented to this day, and still pretends to be Alpha while he's out and about stealing and slandering and working with those nazi's in the SRCSO to screw the people him and his friends hate out of envy and jealousy. Jeremy can confirm that coleman stalked him and followed him home.

Dec 1, 2023:
I have no problem with thc, but I do have a problem with cheating. The DEA in Pensacola is running protection for illegal synthetic delta8thc and thca flower. "Terry" from their office was told this by me, I pointed out that the DEA says synthetic thc is illegal, so why are you going after illegal pot and not illegal thc?.. and he laughs.. and says... "and?"(proudly with a tone).. The DOA says synthetic thc made from cbd is illegal, but only certain shops are being told to remove it. The DOA made "kandyboy" stop selling thca in fl, but cbd genesis still sells it. Hmmmm... sounds like supremacy. I called the DEA in Pensacola to interrogate them, and the punk says his name was Terry, but was too scared to give me his last name. I asked him "why don't you do your job and arrest supremacist getting favortism being allowed to sell illegal thc while the rest of us can't", and brought up the neo nazi cult in the srco stealing drugs and selling them, he laughed and says is there something I can do for you?. He won't give me his last name, says don't worry about it. Feds please find out his last name and add him to your suspect list. I called back and this time I said "can u guys hear?", then asked him again about the srcso stealing drugs, and this time he acted like he was interested. BUSTED! So now we got him busted.. They're covering up the drug theft ring and the srcso is running protection for them. The nazi cult is called the Odin brotherhood ( see conner kissicks fb ). Sense Corey anderson and danna kissick are in with the satanic temple of nw florida, and the neo nazi cult the Odin brotherhood, I suspect the temple is involved as well. Shops are lacing hemp with proplyene glycol and synthetic illegal thca and selling it, and the dea is protecting them, while going after ordinary people for selling illegal pot. Both are breaking the law, but one group is getting protection. Look at all the occult symbols being put on these "hemp products" which are really just chemical made fake dope. THIS IS SEGREGATION BING RUN BY PAGAN CULTS. Joe Coleman Sr., and the rest of them They're protecting them. I told him all this he laughed, refused to help, and is clearly involved. He wasn't interested. Terry was his name, find out his last name. Please Investigate him and the DEA in Pensacola. I'm giving tons of leads here guys, get on the ball. Not hard to find them. Gotta up our communication with civilian informants.

https://weartv.com/news/local/report-deputies-find-dead-dogs-in-milton-mans-apartment-while-responding-to-suicide.html I 100% feel that this was witchcraft related. I knew this guy, acquaintance. He was normal then. His gf too! I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS. This just makes no sense. Who has that bad of a day, or week, or month? It just makes no sense that he would starve two dogs then call the cops to report a suicide?????? Wt?? The look on his face, coupled with the bizarre story makes me think witchcraft was involved. more at 850.news see the new news page ( page two ) Here's the post on my Gab and here it is on the Internet Archives I archive 'em as I add 'em.

Today, I also updated the list of sociopaths whose swamp needs draining, a local and national list.

https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/addiction-treatment-facilities-medical-director-sentenced-112-million-addiction-treatment More medical corruption. Remember my testimony about the neo nazi organization in the nw florida panhandle, and how they are in police and medical. Don't ignore this intel, it is legit. There are FBI agents in the Pensacola office who can vouche. There are also some corrupt ones there pretending to be real agents as well, and their agency is infiltrated. Patriots be on high alert in the panhandle and keep on the hunt for information and leads. ( corey anderson is in with them as well and the methenies )

Just look at all the Department Of Justice arrest related to Florida doctors involved in organized crime: google search for "justice.gov florida doctor arrested"

https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/two-florida-doctors-convicted-31-million-medicare-fraud-scheme Some of these stories are old, but not too old. They are relivant ( history is but old news, and they're no more than 2 to 3 years old at the most, some are newer, and some brand new, days new even. Anyway, this article again illustrates recurring large scale organized crime in medical. Combine that with the corruption in police, the dea, and we can see the priority should be with policing the government, and not the people.


Old but relivant https://youtu.be/EyA8S2ZiHc8?si=h4TWjXUOmEI3uKvd Government supremacist

I do believe these neo nazi's are doing the mass shootings, and I share a story about one who was busted planning a mass shooting already on the main page, so we have proof and then this to boot. The occult is all tied in with it as well.


https://www.justice.gov/usao-sdtx/pr/former-deputy-sent-prison-second-time-child-pornography-convictions-began-online-game More police charged with CP. Again, never seen so many Gov employees getting busted for CP. To illustrate this further, check out how many stories exist with a quick search Knowing that neo nazi groups are using metasploit to hack phones, I suspect they're framing the good guys this way. I also know for a fact, and am an eye witness that they're doing this to civilians, so why wouldn't they to gov employees that know what they're doing? Nazi's are sneaky, you gotta remember that. Their whole goal is to decieve you, divide you, and get you behind helping them destroy who should be your team-mate, but you were dooped into believing was your enemy.


https://www.justice.gov/usao-dc/pr/florida-woman-sentenced-felony-charge-actions-during-jan-6-capitol-breach-0 I see stories like this one all the time but never share them. Point is, a lot of these people reside in Florida. Neo nazi's are in mass numbers here. They gotta go(legally of course). Get involved, start taking names. More at http://850.news see also http://realnews.agency

https://www.justice.gov/usao-ma/pr/psychiatrist-convicted-billing-medicare-and-private-insurance-companies-services-never More proof of cheating and organized crime in medical. I believe neo nazi's are involved in these crimes across the country based on my eye witness testimony and the stories coming from the DOJ and FBI.

https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/pharmacist-and-clinic-owner-sentenced-6m-pill-mill-scheme Bingo. I am an eye witness of the odin brotherhood, a neo nazi cult in nw fl, having ties to medical, and def know they are stealing drugs. They are in the santa rosa county sheriffs office and DEA. They are in posession of over 100k in stolen kratom that I know of. Names in source of main page. Evidence suggest, these are groups doing this, and not just individuals but rather organized supremacist cells. They're in police and medicacl 9/11, 911. This is not bad intel, I promise you.

https://www.fbi.gov/contact-us/field-offices/sanantonio/news/former-san-antonio-health-services-employee-sentenced-for-receiving-kickbacks More cheating aka supremacy. These guys gotta go. Get on the santa rosa county sheriffs office already.


https://www.fbi.gov/contact-us/field-offices/phoenix/news/tempe-man-arrested-for-antisemitic-email-threat-to-execute-local-rabbi-and-every-other-jew-i-can-find More neo nazi's..

https://youtu.be/J82L5pkNbmE?si=HMA2LQEgd5h0GEdx " 8th Circuit ruling ENDANGERS Section 2 of Voting Rights Act and Black Power " - The Rolland Martin Daily Digital Show ( Exposing Racist Aholes )

https://www.justice.gov/usao-sdtx/pr/former-deputy-sent-prison-second-time-child-pornography-convictions-began-online-game Never can tell when these are framed or legit bust. Neo nazi's in src fl I think, are planting cp on targeted victims devices. I know they're hacking phones with metasploit, so this is very plausible and most likely. They're monitoring targets. We need righteous vigilantes to do the same on them, and informants to infiltrate their groups and plant spy devices. They are using metasploit to "hack". There are insane amounts of gov employees that are being jailed for CP and I believe neo nazi's are planting it on their devices with metasploit.

https://weartv.com/news/nation-world/vehicle-explosion-at-rainbow-bridge-was-not-terrorism-federal-authorities-say I call b.s. on this story. This is called gaslighting. Like we're to believe this isn't suspecious. Car's don't just blow up dude. The news isn't fake, but this is the perfect example of reporters repeating what they're told.

https://www.fox5dc.com/news/member-of-maryland-commission-on-hate-crime-response-and-prevention-suspended-for-alleged-anti-semitic-posts.amp More antisemitism

Chauvin has been stabbed!! Told ya. Psalm 91:1 bish.
#breaking #news #r

https://www.fbi.gov/contact-us/field-offices/charlotte/news/charlotte-child-psychiatrist-is-sentenced-to-40-years-in-prison-for-sexual-exploitation-of-a-minor-and-using-artificial-intelligence-to-create-child-pornography-images-of-minors So we can see doctors, psychiatrist, involved in crime, CP, theft, stealing, and selling drugs, via all the .gov news stories I have shared all over this site. The patterns are there. They are supremacist gangs of cheaters, including the freemason and odin brotherhood of nw Florida. They gotta go(legally of course).

I thought this was, beyond suspecious...

These aren't the droids you're looking for.
Sure, because cars explode randomly every day.
Perfectly normal, nothing to see here folks.
Move along. Move along
See my gab post here

https://www.justice.gov/usao-ndca/pr/bay-area-doctor-convicted-health-care-fraud-and-kickback-scheme-referrals-medicare Busted.

https://www.justice.gov/usao-edky/pr/four-east-tennessee-doctors-convicted-drug-trafficking-and-fraud-scheme More to show that what I called is happening. There is wide-spread organized crime cults in police and medical, cheating, running supremacy rings, having rivalries. The odin brotherhood is connected to this type of organized crime, and neo nazism / white supremacy. They're in the Florida panhandle.

[Added Nov 23, 2023]

https://www.justice.gov/usao-md/pr/florida-man-sentenced-maryland-over-five-years-federal-prison-nationwide-scheme ( TOLD YOU ) So thrilled to see this arrest!. It also backs up what I told the local FBI and the right police. They're in the police departments as well using their positions to assist their crime cults. Do NOT be mislead by wolves in sheeps clothes ( Derek chauvins )

[Added Nov 23, 2023]

WPBF "Jury awards Boca Raton family $20 million in medical malpractice death of husband"

[Added Nov 23, 2023]


Another God-send! On Nov 16th too! Don't forget to praise GOD for these great BUST! They also prove the corruption going on in medical. These supremacist organized crime cults, have infiltrated police and medical, and are using their positions to have rivalries with competitors on the street, and to dominate the illegal market. ( or are attempting too anyway ) It is supremacy, and these jezebels must be stopped. High-level organized crime is clearly a priority to the sensible. We are witnessing their operation, "9/11", "911".

[Added Nov 22, 2023]

I started to back these up as they come out using the internet archive save tool.


"Florida law enforcement officers charged with drug involvement worked on DEA task force, FBI says"

Yup. This is what I was talking about. It is happening on a much larger scale than you think, and I can tell you as a user, someone is lacing drugs and it is a problem that's become a thing sense 2016. Makes me think it is the socialist supremacist behind it. I believe they're stealing weed, lacing it, and reselling it as "thca hemp flower". A lot of this "thca flower" is laced with something ( I can tell you as an eperienced smoker, that makes my testimony valid ). They're lacing it with something to cause brain fog, probably fda approved proplyene glycol, as it is legal and a neurotoxin, fda approved, and not tested for. I think they're reselling America weed they stole, and laced with poison. Pharmakeia. and Yes, they absolutely would do this. I'm 100% sure they are folks. Please take this seriously if you work for the FBI and DEA or DOJ. I promise you it is true. [ keep in mind the vast amount of occult/freemasonic symbolism in the new "hemp" market ]

[Added Nov 22, 2023]

Looks like the CDC tried to cover up some truth in the form of stats, by deleting a page on their website. I first noticed this when I linked to this page from my blog at botanicalGuides.com , where I cited gov stats, to show a correlation between death and violent crime rising, directly following Marijuana prohibition, and how pills have contributed as well to rising death and violent crime stats... The CDC removed the page... or someone at the CDC rather, the web guy/gal... I believe they have an extensive cyber team(the socialist). Socialist operate like covert pirates, remember that. They sneak on board and sabotage the ship, an safety of its crew.

Proof: removed link: https://cd.gov/drugoverdose/data/overdose.html# same link on the internet archives: https://web.archive.org/web/20150410030937/https://www.cdc.gov/drugoverdose/data/overdose.html# Notice this is from 2015, right before the attacks by socialist regimes across the country. Please save and archive these yourself. I recently reached out to the CDC to get thier response about this and to inform them and hopes they'll spread the word ( talk ) . Here are the screenshots: 1) deleted page 2) "Oops! Page not found" cdc site.. 3) Me emailing the CDC 4) Email confirmation ( working on it now ) I will add the response when it arrives, and make a note at the top of this and the main page. I've pinned this post. My pinned post rotate. If it is pinned, I find it significant and wwant people to see it in large numbers. and talk about it. CDC: Pirate on board, red team go.

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~ Added Oct 24, 2023

I asked God, that if this cop was innocent, that he get out of this and not be put away. Here is the local news story: https://weartv.com/news/local/former-santa-rosa-county-deputy-charged-with-child-porn-possession Lets pray for deputy Thomas Wilkie. I think he is innocent. There are plenty of cops that belong in jail, but nothing seems to be happening about it on a fast enough scale, and their major crimes are going un-punished. They hide behind the badge in fear, the graven image, the idol of the state. There are cops and gov emplyees being busted for child porn though. I believe they are framing gov employees too. I know they're framing civilians, they tried to do it to me and my whole family. They are trying to drain our swamp, so to speak. We must drain theirs. They are evil, and want power, control, and oppression to reign supreme. Anyway, the police report is on the santa rosa county clerk of courts website, and the report clearly states that some chick at his house went into his room and "used his computer". This man should not be found guilty on that alone. When someone else accesses your computer, they can plant anything on there, and they can download anything. There are malicious people out there who seek to frame the innocent. It happens, every single day. Wilkie if you're reading this, I asked God to deliver you if you're innocent. Just stay in the spirit, abide, pray, and SERVE GOD. Psalm 91:1 91:3 91:13 Anyway please pray for this deputy. He's out on bond, I was glad to hear he is still enjoying freedom for now. I don't know if he is innocent or guilty but if he is innocent I pray for his deliverance. If he is guilty, I pray God deliver him from that stuff and turn his life around. Either way he needs our prayer, but anyone who can vouch for the character of Mr. Wilkie, and him being a good man , please step forward. Let's get something organized to help him. I emailed the judge. If he is guilty it is in God's hands. I don't know, but from what I've seen, there are socialist in the 850 and they are framing victims. ~ Updated Oct 25, 2023

Some safety precautions I'd like to reit for cyber security awareness month because of this case: Never share your wifi password. Make other people get their own wifi. Never leave your computer accessible to other people while you're not at home. Lock the door, unplug it, and put the cord in your car, or bring the computer with you, leave it in your trunk. I would even bring the router with me so no one can use your internet, period. Don't save your wifi passwords, don't let people plug things into your device etc. Here's the Santa Rosa County Clerk of Courts Site where you can go pull up his name and view the police report. I suspect the local neo nazi cult is framing good cops who they feel are a threat to their operation. Sound evidence this is happening is shared via my testimony and all throughout this website centered around facts from authoritative[spell check] sources. Do not let anyone plug anything into your device, not a phone, not a jump drive, cd rom, anything.

https://www.abcactionnews.com/news/state/impact-check-new-bill-file-to-end-fls-free-kill-law-for-everyone We as righteous defenders of all who offend have made tremendous progress sense 2021 when this ball was set in motion. I'm so thrilled to see how the feds and everyone around here that's normal has stepped up to the plate and dis-emboldened these punks. Now we have to keep pressing forward, keep modding the laws towards righteousness, and keep running surveilance on them. ~ Added Oct 12, 2023

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-jPzAakHPpk This is the clip of Larry silverstein admitting that buliding 7 was "pulled", a term used by contolled demolition crews. I saw this clip on the TV in the early 2000's so I know for a fact it isn't a deep fake. Back in those days, most of the televised clips online were pirated, and uploaded to YouTube. Google got so tired of fighting piracy, that they teamed up with the networks, and now YouTube is basically TV. This way the content is there, and there's no need for people to pirate it and upload it, because it is already there. FACT CHECKERS ARE LYING AND SAYING THIS NEVER HAPPENED!! The media was gaslight, there are coverups. ~ Added Oct 11, 2023

Eglin.af.mil "Don't be a target, how to identify adversarial propaganda" by Captain Dorothy Sherwood Published Oct, 5 2023 I was very impressed with this article. I will start monitoring the military news and share it here as well! I totally forgot they did this. So thrilled to see the military on board doing their own news and blogging. The propagandist want an infowar, let's give them an infowar, and one of truth.~ Added Oct 11, 2023

George Santos Faces Charges Of Using Donor's Credit Cards To MAke Unauthorized Purchases ~ Added Oct 11, 2023

https://www.ojp.gov/ncjrs/virtual-library/abstracts/how-investigate-destructive-cults-and-underground-groups ~ Added Oct 11, 2023

https://weartv.com/news/local/florida-settles-lawsuit-over-covid-data-agrees-to-provide-weekly-stats-to-the-public ~ Added Oct 11, 2023

https://justice.gov/usao-wdny/pr/springville-nurse-arrested-charged-possession-and-distribution-child-pornography This illustrates further corruption in medical. So far I've exposed going on in medical with mainstream news and fbi and doj news stories, that their are racist hate crimes being committed, malpractice operations, and now child porn. Sounds like we got criminals in medical to me... 9/11, 911.~ Added Oct 4, 2023

https://www.justice.gov/usao/wdnc/pr/office-manager-senior-assisted-living-facility-charged-15-million-embezzlement-scheme Yup. This shows that they steal and are greedy and want tons of money and self exalation. Are they getting paid extra money for covid19 related stuff? So we have stories of malpractice, drugging, child porn, hate crimes, and even more now going on in medical. I told ya, they're in police, medical and the military. By They, i mean the "socialist", the sociopaths, the organized criminals, confederates, kkk, neo nazi's, white supremacist, freemasons, cults, satanist, and they gotta go(legally of course).~ Added Oct 4, 2023

https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/woman-pleads-guilty-359m-fraud-involving-claims-unnecessary-respiratory-tests-submitted You've seen all the stories of fraud, you've seen the malpractice, the stealing, the hate crimes, the illegal baker acts, you've heard my story bout what they did to my grandma, and now this. It is obvious there is genocide going on, and all other forms of evil. The nazi swamp must be drained. ~ Added Oct 4, 2023

https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/indiana-man-indicted-sending-violent-anti-semitic-threats-four-offices-anti-defamation-0 Another reminder to those who think there is no justice for neo nazi cells and hate groups acting out. We've come a long way sense then. The military knows who you are, vigilantes know who you are, the NSA knows, we all know. =) ~ Added Oct 4, 2023

https://fbi.gov/contact-us/field-offices/newyork/news/twenty-seven-defendants-charged-with-federal-crimes-targeting-the-united-states-postal-service Another story about the postal service being targeted. With the twin towers coming down ( and representing the global economy ) and the attacks of the pland-demic (krystalnacht 2.0) the smashing in and vandalism of small businesses across the country, and the attacks on the postal service? I'd say this is just another attack on the economy as people rely on the mail for their small businesses. Remember the Anthrax attacks targeted towards the USPS workers in the early 2000's? ~ Added Oct 4, 2023

https://www.justice.gov/usao-wdwa/pr/former-husband-and-wife-real-estate-investment-team-indicted-225-million-fraud-0 Bingo. I tol you there was something going on in real estate. I def believe is involved with this as he owns property according to a quick internet search, in Bob White circle, which is where my old friends that were wrongfully screwed out of their house used to live... In fact they lived right next to a cop.. According to what I saw online on real estate sites, he owns the same house right next door to where my friends were screwed out of. Kissick and coleman and his buddies thought they were gonna steal my grandmas property. ~ Added Oct 4, 2023