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Site being updated daily lately! Having issue with analytis tracking code above, reached out to them and am awaiting response from their customer service. Will have it fixed eventually!

This is a nationwide project, but it is being launched from Florida. That is where the 850 bias comes from. Note that there is a state by state activism page on the site here, which links to a page for all 50 states, individually.. It is under construction but I have a few states listed.

This page is under construction but currently still a lengthy and good read. Always hit F5 to refresh the page when you're on my site because I updated it so often, even when a page is published it isn't finished.

The Enemies Plans, What Really Happened In 2016-2021ish


(I free-style, and then touch it up after. This is rough draft for now. All claims are backed up with evidence all throughout this website from authoritative sources as well. I've connected all the dots on this page for everyone.)

If you Google "what happened to edens ethnos" you'll find my botanical guides blog at the very top. Here's that link: https://botanicalguides.com/what-happened-to-edens-ethnos-disclosure.html I have learned that I still have dominion in the search results. They merely blocked all my kratom pages but are allowing new content to flourish on the first page. I will get back into my marketing now. I pray perhaps another real company will come alone that's willing to pay me what it's worth soon. Until then, I just advertise for free for wholesalers ( including ghetto wholesalers who don't require TAX ID ). I advertise for the benefit of the entrepaneur and consumer now. I won't promote a shop unless I feel they are worthy of it. They targeted Sabastian guthery and John Sloan and Me because we were all influential people. The way society has wound up, is not natural. We got where we are because of socialist who kill, steal, and destroy. They have taken down every major influential person in history, from JFK, to MLK, to "Edens Ethnos" Edens ethno's was also an activist, and he is tied to the birth of the American KRatom Association as well as the KRatom Trade Association. That's why they illegally prosecuted him and stole his stuff. I guarantee you Edens Ethnos kratom was shipped to other entrepaneurs around the country to destroy them so the socialist could come steal it while ruining their reputation at the same time. Don't forget to read the story on bouning bear botanicals as well because it all relates. Me and Bouncing Bear Botanicals, and Edens Ethnos were all targets because of our influence.

Where to get Kratom from Indonesia for $50 a kilo

More info illustrating the neo nazi spamdex seo attack on my site. My traffic was the highest ever thanks to the help of Mike from phytoextractum(left coast kratom/soulspeciosa). So the FBI and police lied and slandered me and tried to spin it like It was me doing the attack ( on my own project? and I continued after learning it was lowering my income? That's a poorly chosen lie. ) They also lied and said I beat my grandma and dad and all of this ( I have disproved this and backed it up on the main page of the site. ) Here is the disavow file[What's a disavow file?] and where I found the nobodyhasthe.biz site that's a neo nazi page. Between that and the kissicks and joe coleman sr stealing that kratom off our property, we know now who did it. The local authorities however are slandering me and I promise them I would embarrase them with the truth. Here it is . Here is a gab post with more screenshots from me and mike as well to show that I am the one telling the truth. I will add this to my full page on the subject here

Oh Joe coleman sr. "hires"(he's not a boss but works for other people but pretends to be a boss) other people and doesn't pay them. He steals. He's a white supremacist who hangs out with prison guard friends who say things like "money don't hide boi". How do I know this? He did it to me for one, and Him and danna kissick wound up with that kratom after the robbery so we know they and their group sent it. Kissick openly uses the N word. I'm the one who stood up to him and blew the whistle but they have slandered me all over town. I asked kissick before I ratted him to the feds out by the mailbox if he was in posession of that kratom he smiled. I back up what I say though, they can't. They all steal grand theft quantities of drugs that belong in evidence lockup. Him and danna kissick are in a neo nazi cult, the odin brotherhood. They are the ones behind nobodyhasthe.biz ( I doubt coleman knew about a lot of it tho, he's just a hater who doesn't know better ) He probably thinks he's still right. His two daughters have a history of prostitution according to eye witnesses.(billy alger and matt lewis, and matt lewis is on colemans fb friend list) He's also friends with a known meth dealer and prostitute. He smokes marijuana but hides it probably because it is stolen. His friends in the county are erasing crimianl history from their records. His daughters have been to jail for cannabis their whole life but have a clean record due to the favortism and supreamcy.

Let me start by showing the last ten or eleven years of entrapaneurship work that I have accomplished. I was all over the first page of Google for hundreds of pages within this site(botanicalguides.com been online sense around 2011, and had my traffic taken away as other entrapaneurs did all across the country as well(but not all of us only some of us , why? [supremacy that's why] Rivalries, cheating, and toe stomping, and rigging of industries.. These supremaist cults seem to have infiltrated google, youtube, facebook, instagram is now owed by facebook, and they're playing favorites it appears to me. They're also cutting off credit card prorcessing for vendors they hate. It's' cheating, supremacy, and hate. It happened to me. I've been hated my whole life. What haters do is, they try to take on your identity and convince you that you're them , and that they are you. My botanicalguides project in 2012. It was new then I started my entrapaneurship in 2011. Supremacist attacked me over it, now I am a whistle blower.

https://web.archive.org/web/20120626210449/http://www.botanicalguides.com/ is the link to it on the internet archives from 2012. Proof I've been an entrepaneur the last 11 years and they're lying. These are hater groups and they sabotage your life. They're not above you, you're above them. Don't fall for the manipulation. They're hatin. I'm making a more thorough and less sloppy / more professional version of the full story here at this blog: https://stonedaimuser.neocities.org/nbctvnews/The-Enemies-Battle-Plan Proves my story is true. All the proof that I was slandered and attacked by a gang of loser hater neo nazi supremacist is on this site. I'm a legit whistle blower and the non whites in the FBI can confirm my story is true. People all across this county hate me and other victims of hate are out there. They must be brought down for their crimes of covetness, envy, cheating, lying, slander, and hate, among other things.

Here's another screenshot from 2018 at the peak in a Gab post of mine ( after I put the disavow reports through my traffic reached an all-time high I do believe, and the waybackmachine indicates this as well. ) My career enrapaneurship journey was exploding. They literally ruined my life and destroyed my efforts that I spent 10 years working on. The bait wasn't worth it but the attacks prior had already sent my efforts on a downward spiral.. They continued to attack my business through to 2022. Now I am a whistle blower. "Edens ethnos" went offline in 2018.. here is that on the wayback machine(edens ethnos in 2018) the last year it was archived on the machine. Check what Oasis kratom has to say about Edens ethnos here This wierd rule by the FTC means that it was legally mine. I shoulnd't have accepted it however because it is stealing according to God, and while the five pointed star said it was ok a curse came with it. They baited it with me so no one would believe my valuable testimony about everything I had witnessed. It was diabolical. Here's that link: https://consumer.ftc.gov/articles/what-do-if-youre-billed-things-you-never-got-or-you-get-unordered-products

What the enemy did in 2016 through 2021 was they created distractions while they destroyed peoples businesses and pulled the real damage covertly right under everyones noses. They committed grand theft all across the country(in the DEA and Police(primarily on kratom and cannabis sellers(legal and street, and other drugs too, and real estate and blog traffic), and theft on the streets looting[people are crowd followers, one person steals and a whole crowd follows]), and set up selected targets to bait (they quietly and covertly set people up with bait(shipped kratom to the wrong people to bait entrepaneurs etc and probably legal thc products too[long story, but it isn't illegal to accept anything mailed to you by mistake, so they have exploited this fact]), and used a slew of methods to attack small sellers and entrapaneurs, including deleting their social media pages, taking away their Google traffic, gangstalking their small business(police), slander, and other methods..(That is a run on sentence, no? [when sentences become paragraphs by Scott Hermann]) It was meant to distract, destroy, cover up the evidence thereof, and keep people from seeing what they did.. What they did was, they setup a beast system, murdered a bunch of opponents medically, stole enrepaneurs businesses, and then established shops across the country with stolen goods for sale. Looks that way to me. They're rigging the economy where the American people will be fortune 500 slaves. They're coming after entrapaneurship. Google is now rigged to favor fortune 500 and only those who serve it and bow down to it. Other big tech companies are following.

They spread deliberate distortions in the truth meant to create dis-belief(partial truths mixed in with lies, to discredit the truth), trained everyone to stop paying attention to the news, before 2016 even, they were training the masses to believe that the internet is a place for stupid people ( when really it was invented by a professor for education, and houses the largest libraries on the planet, and electronic databases full of academic facts and information ) ( scholar.google.com, jstor.org, researchgate.net, and sciencedirect.com etc. ) Confuse someone enough, they become tired, they need rest, so they give up. There's every news station in the country and planet there, every news story, and it is a way more valuable resource than television. If you're basing your perception of reality off of Fox News and Hollywood, then you're not very well informed. They used divisive war maneuvers(psychological operations) to keep people trapped in this left right paradigm ( democrats vs republicans ). I find it a postulated(self evidence truth), that they're in both parties, spread out. They work in different places, but function as a unit. Judges, lawyers, police, medical, military, etc.. This gives them the ability to pull favors for each other, and destroy their victims lives more easily. It's cheating ( supremacy ) Freemasons, oath keepers, proud boys, neo nazi's, pagan cults, satanic temples, are the culprits folks ( secret societies ) Satan hoards and hides secrets to have psuedo-power over his opponents, and God reveals those secrets through revelations and prophecy to empower his warriors to expose them.

It sure looks to me like they used Qanon and Alex jones to train people to not believe anything they hear online, and strategically oppressed specific targeted individual, and entrapaneurs, activist, etc. However, the internet is the best place to do research if you have discernment and stick to authoritative sources like scholarly sources and credible news agencies. They used propaganda to make people who could sense that something wasn't right behind the scenes look like idiots.(and it worked because they fell for that propaganda!) [ Mixing lies in with the truth is an effective means of discrediting that truth ] Anyone these nazi cells thought would be the type of influence on society that woulnd't further their agenda, or would expose them, they targeted. They used metasploit to monitor victims and even government employees. The enemy is aware that communication is critical in war. In order to combat the mass brainwashing of large amounts of sheep, you gotta engineer a social movement large enough to compete with the enemies propaganda. That can not be done by a devided army. Division is how they keep their opponents from being effective, it keeps them from getting stuff done, keeps them from getting to the bottom of the truth, and most importantly it keeps them from fighting back. Divide and conquer is meant to win wars.

The following events occured covertly while the US was distracted by propaganda, false flag attacks meant to incite followers ( burnings, lootings, smashing in windows, theft, etc ), and slanderings...:

  • - Supremacist cults used their connections at the banks, paypal, and social media to have kratom sellers (people not in their groups were targeted) cut off from having credit card processing. Supremacist owned shops got to keep their credit card processing though, and freemason owned shops as well. I wrote a full blog exposing what happened to Bouncing Bear Botanicals ( how they had their credit card processing cut off and kratom stolen by the fda and were essentially sabotaged out of business, and the store owner served time for crimes never comitted ) https://botanicalguides.com/Bouncing-Bear-Botanicals-Out-Of-Business-Government-Corporate-Tyranny.html

  • - Targets(victims who would then become the 'dirt-bag') were set up with bait ( large kratom shipments etc were sent to entrepaneurs as bait to ruin their reputation and give LE an excuse to watch them and slander them, and I bet they're doing or will do the same with these hemp products ) members of these groups would sent a huge shipment to someone on the companies mailing list that lives in a location where their group members are in police and dea, and then they'll steal it during a raid, or claim they stole it ( theirs a loop hole law where a package sent to you by mistake is legally yours as long as it has your name on it and they're exploiting this ) They did it to me, I accepted the package because I knew the company and figured they were just sending it to everyone on their list to get rid of it because the FDA was harassing people at the time. Later on I found out it belonged to someone else ( eventually a gang of neo nazi cops an joe coleman sr stole it, my dads an eye witness ) over 100k in kratom. Turns out they sent it as bait so they could steal it so this is how I know this!

  • - Insane numbers of Americans were medically murdered, frame as mental patients, prisoners, elderly victims were robbed of large numbers of cash, large numbers of drugs were stolen by these groups in the dea and police, cheaters made tons of money off of covid-fraud related crimes, property theft took place across the country..

  • - Trump put up the wall between the US and mexico because: He's racist, and two, to keep Mexican pot out because they legalized delta8thc and all kinds of synthetic weed that's being poisoned with proplyene glycol and other forms of tocicity then was being pushed on the public.

  • - A huge chunk of America was stolen
  • - The enemey saught to cover up his tracks
  • - Division was used to keep people from figuring it out (distractions)
  • - Information and truth fell under attack
  • - The public was sold on excuses to violate their rights.
  • - The church was herded to serve the enemy.

  • Quick note about the kratom: They told everyone I stole it but the truth is that Edens ethnobotanicals sent it(they went offline immediately after this and their phone number offline too), and I was used to getting packages from them because we were a business relationship type deal ( they were a warehouse of wholesale kratom in the us and I was on the very top of page one of google rockin it, had all kinds of connections from all over the world. ) Every day I would gets tons of emails and messages and friend request from kratom dealers in Asia. It was awesome. It was all stolen from me eventually(most). I accepted it before I realized it was someone elses with the wrong name on it but by then I learned the FTC rule says you can keep a package under this circumstance as a "Free gift" ( us LAW ), so I legally kept it(have sense repented and I am no longer in posession of it). My traffick, my social media was deleted two years before the setup thou and the attacks against mine and other online marketers and sellers is nothing new, the dea and police tried to set me up with kratom ( again, it came from edens ethnos or it had them on the label turns out it beloned to someone else. they put the wrong label on it on purpose to bait me and hurt another business ( two stones at once, killing two birds with one stone as the saying goes. ) I accepted it because I knew the company very well that it came from. It was so much ( 100 thousand dolalrs over, and worth over 400k when sold ( it's all gone now, I list the culprits names who stole it in here further down ) but anyway now I am a whistle blower but I didn't steal it like they said I did and Michelle chan from the FBI in Pensacola can vouch that's the truth and I am a legit voluntary, non paid, whistle blower and informant so to speak. I'm not part of no contracts, I'm not employed, just a vigilante and a servant of the Most High God of the bible. Amen. I enjoy what I do here. Hey what I speah here is truth ask the non whites. I'm legit please follow me on Gab gab.com/Lightnings

    This happened to my website botanicalguides.com was hacked at once point, had pharmaceutical spam added to it ( someone got in my computer ) and, someone setup a negative seo attack on my site where they put out these thousands of spam links(combat with a disavow file, send to Google with their Google disavow tools ( mike from soul speciosa can confirm this(I've shared some of our convo to dislose of this information publically) or he was fired rather but our google hangouts conversation has all the details that proves what happened with the shipment of 100k in kratom that was sent to me as bait by the dea and police and the neo nazi cult in the srcso that is in posession of it right now them and the satanic temple of nw florida ( I know this because that corey ward anderson creep is with the satanic temple and they all are in together and stole it, and joe coleman sr and brad baney and jason erlemann and "kit" ( that neo nazi from the flea market which sold bongs and knives that it now looks like he sells stolen stuff pretending to be an OG (he's an informant and a neo nazi don't buy from him he participated in the 100k kratom theft if he's selling it is stolen ) contact Michelle Chan from the FBI In Penscola. Watch his a**.) I have given this report to the non-whites of the FBI in Pensacola florida and stand by it. I am here so it's not like I havent' shouted this from the mountaintop before. It's all throughout the pages of this blog.

    In 2019 I had my traffic stolen ( google started shadow banning web pages and ruined a lot of affiliate marketers income and small business, now it looks pagan themed shops are trending, and these fake weed store selling tainted products(somes legit but most is tainted trash that rots teeth and causes brain fog straight up pharmarkeia), as there was this huge drop among people all across Google in their traffic, a straight plummet towards nothinginess. My traffic almost hit zero at one point. During the early phases of this, it was in 2019, just before covid. Conspiracy theories were popping up in real time across the platforms, including reddit. People were talking about vaccine criticsm being removed from the internet in real time, and bloggers everywhere were complaining. In 2016 facebook deleted my account and i had cli-tell all across the country. I ran a side business selling kratom under the table. I eventually got my tax ID and right around that time those punks int he srco stole it and took it and divied it up amongst theirself(corey anderson in with the satanic temple of nw florida knows where it is too, corward ward anderson he's a snitch avoid him). . long story but I eventually found out about it ( the full story is really on the main page of this site (I don't feel like typing it all up here agian). Now I blow the whistle and back the federal government. The truth is a weapon. Repent an serve the Lord. God is my defender and protector. When you walk with him you can walk on water. Abide. Psalm 91:1. Anyway, don't be proud.

    Anyway, then in 2017 I was falsely arrested by the sheriffs office beause I blew up on joe coelman sr. cuz the punk hired me under the table and then stole the money I earned and woulnd't pay me. He gave me 20 bucks and I did like 8 hours of physical labor. (I think he only hired me to distract me from my entrepaneurship, and I only accepted to help his old weak butt out[he's out of breath]). We took maybe a 30-1 hour break for lunch. He did no work. Anyway, then the cops side with him and don't ask me a single question. I would have told them about the illegal under the table theft that he pulled on me but they didnt care. It was vaughn. MY POINT, is that the colemans called the cops, and yet I have a domestic violence carge on my record that was a false arrest. My dad signed an affidavit and I provided eye witnesses to the sheriffs office to show this was a b.s. arrest. It was thrown out too. False arrest. My dad or no one here ever called the cops that day, we weren't having problems. It was me and Joe. So it makes it look a certain way it isn't, which means it is a lie. I impoted Kratom for 10 years and still do. Today I do it for personal. So I know it isn't illegal so spread the word. Socialist are spreading lies because they're cheating and rigging the kratom game. Don't buy from them or believe the rumors that it is illegal or going to be or illegal to import. Kratom is 100% legal. Some states though have bans, but Florida is good (you can legally import kratom to Florida and santa rosa county as a consumer or seller yes. legally. If you have any problems with the SRCSO give me names please, especially if they act like they're in charge or pretend to be intimidating. (the socialist are lying saying you can't but it's not true ) or under 21.(or maye it's 18 go look not sure. 18 or 21)

    MOVING ON Then two months later my grandma gets framed as a mental patient. ( we're still in 2017 folks ) now 2018 moves in and that's what the kratom shipment of 100k in kratom shops up from edens ethnos who had long time tried to sell to me. It had my name on it I thought it wasnt unusual onther than the large amount of it. I accepted it. I Found out it wasnt mine but law said I could keep it so I kept it. Still not illegal. I gave it all away(what was left after robbery that is), sense then and most of it was stolen by those crooked cops and joe and them. but now I am a whistle blower because of it. Kinda cool. So yeah I am a legit whistle blower and there are legit cops and dea baiting people with large shipsments of barely legal drugs so they can raid the place and steal the product(the drugs) so they can discredit the victim, make them look like the dirtbag, and keep them quiet. I had a lot of good intel and that's why they targeted me. I was all over the first page ( and still have a website that's gotta good reputation and lengthy history ( domain authority ) still but they robbed me of my traffic mostly ) yea I was all over the first page of google with hundrds of pages within one site I had customers all across the country I was set for life. I kept it small delierately because I didnt wanna ( the gov wanted to ban it so I was being kinda, whats the word, not hiding but, mainginting things at a small level. I didnt want the fire to get too out of control. so another words, I was deliberately staying where I was with the amount I was dealing with.

    Yeah back before 2016 I had it going on. This was before facebook didn't let the people they segregated not have traffic like the ones they're allowing to get the traffick. They have throlle settings now where they can cap people they don't like. It's so difficult to be an effective activist on there using groups like you used to be able to do. My new methodology is using the comments on various government social media pages. It's effective in distribution of my message and the sources herein, which fully illustrate this very important national security informational briefing and operation. ( all vigilante [ I am not a government employee nor am I paid by anyone. This is merely voluntary and for the cause ] )

    So to recap: In 4 years: my entrepaneurship/business in the making was deleted by facebook, I was falsely arrested in 2017, then again in 2017 my grandma was framed as a mental patient, then in 2018 I was baited with 100k in kratom, my web traffic was stolen by fortune 500 via Google, I had my credit card processing cut off, I was slandered from every possible angel, the cops were gangstalking my street.. then in 2019 is when the traffic, my google traffic for botanicalguides just plumitted and hasn't been the same sense. The srcso was going to try to frame me as a mental patient because I blew the whistle but I got the word out in time and God defended and now we're on top again. They walk on eggshells now. They slandered me to all my friends and the public, and now I disprove them call them out and expose them, and they are using metasploit to hack and monitor phones. I've shared this story many times. Anyway yeah man every year was a different thing. Now I just serve Go and blow the whistle and enjoy my life. I back the righteous in the government and oppose the wicked in the governmnet. I found out that it was a neo nazi cult called the odin brotherhood they're in the santa rosa county sheriffs office and the medical and ems and even firefighter department here oh and mental health. I expose way more details about this on the main page and the new news page

    Note: This is a rough draft.

    Shadow bans are a very effective means of censorship that the socialist have implimented sense 2016. A shadow ban is where they don't delete your account, but they turn the throttle on your traffick way down so you can't get anywhere. A lot of small YouTubers were cut off and quit getting paid. I was one. They took my traffic and stopped paying me. The reason why is Google owns YouTube, and they only want people who bow down to fortune 500 companies. It's not YOURTube anymore, it's fortune 500 tube now. Fortune 500 is there to make money, and entrepaneurs are competitions if they sell products not made by them, so they won't want you to be on YouTube then. If you're going to strive for independence and refuse to be their financial and medical slaves, then they'll segregate you, digitally, and otherwise. That's exactly what we're seeing right now. This was MASS SEGREGATION, and they're segregating against people who don't bow down to doctors and pharmaceuticals too. It's sad to see the church brainwashed thinking that God is ok with pharmaceuticals, the baker act, and much less mRNA technology. This is why the enemy is emboldened.

    Covid face mask are bad for health, lower oxygen levels in the brain ( will provide citations for this ) It makes it harder to communicate because you can't read a persons non-verbal communication, and in court they should be illegal because a jury needs to see microexpressions to make good judgements, and mask interfere with non-verbal communication by masking the face. You can not look for expressions of contempt on someones face if they're wearing a mask. It makes it harder to ID children too, which only benefits kidnappers and child traffickers. It subliminally tells people to keep their mouth shut, and makes people want to talk less and keep a distance from one another. Social isolation was meant to keep people from sharing things they have seen and heard. They don't want people talking because people will figure things out when they talk. I was targeted and isolated for this reason. They are actively framing people and destroying their lives who figured them out and saught to epose them. Psalm 91:1

    What's To Come

    Here are some educated predictions about what the socialist will do next. We now see that Alabama has been the first to murder an inmate with nitrogen gas ( starting to sound more like nazi Germany ) and we know we have neo nazi's so. You see my point? This gasing inmates to death like in nazi Germany may trend, and sadly as they attempt to strip the people of their voting rights, con them into getting behind laws that are there to destroy the country, and herd the people in the wrong direction, it will be harder and harder to work as an activist, or as a civilian that seeks to participate in their own democracy. We have to all find our niche and fight this war.

    If they institute this form of punishment now, they can start using it for less and less severe crimes, and eventually will probably straight try to gas all jews, Christians, etc. This is something serious to consider and people in this country need to get involved and get their facts straight so we can ramp up this war to stop them now. I still say we should just ignore the rules and go gang up on them. Right now the rules are being rigged in their favor and if rules are setup so losers can cheat, then they need not be followed. I say we just go get them. If crap hits the fan, we know where they live in the 850, so. They are trying to rig voting and are using red flag laws to falsely disarm those who have figured it out. Note that are using metasploit to listen to phones, so plan accordingly. More viruses and death jabs will probably try to be instituted. Next time they instigate a planned-demic, we need to go get them and stop them and confront them immediately(peacefully of course, but agressively and sternly) Confrontation works.

    In the event that they try to enforce lockdowns, we need righteous police, fbi , and vigilantes to defend America (non-violently but yea use God too pray), and stop any police, fbi, or any government employee who tries to enforce these policies(idiots who enforce lockdowns and arrest pastors and stuff, they must be stopped). Psalm 91:1 I'm talking about we need RIGHTEOUS POLICE, FBI, and vigilantes to step up to the Derek Chauvins in the department, and stop them cold in their tracks. Police are supposed to defend America and its people, but they have been herded into offending America and its people, and most are too herded and habitual, to see it. They're all hopped up on that badge induced delusion I like to call Graven Image Induced Hypnosos[learn more here] ( or "spell of the 5 pointed star" ). In the event they try to mass baker act again, we need righteous government to step in and say the hell with the rules, no. (non-violently of course, but seriously.) When the rules are crimes in and of theirself, and they go against God, they must be broken. We also need more cops to stand up against enforcing Cannabis prohibition. Please be an American and avoid enforcing these nazi policies, as it is just unGodly and unAmerican, and cannabis prohibition is not of God. You gotta nip this nazi crap in the butt. )

    I have a twin blog on Angelfire. Here are some of my best pieces of work: 9/11 911 91:1, Graven Images & The Second Commandment, Gods Voice As The Weather,God And Disease[Illness;Pestilence;Pandemics]

    Neo nazi's and other groups in the SRCSO are targeting people who know about their operation and destroying them by any means possible. They are slandering their victims to the rest of the department so know this. Police in this county need to do a better job and these crooks are walking on such eggshells that it is hard to arrest them. Always pray and remember God. God will get you leads. Psalm 91:1 91:3 91:13 91:16

    About the HEMP FARM BILL. They may try to make a lot of these products, or start going after them using "grey area laws" to target people not in their supremacist groups, and then run protection for their buddies. So they raid people not in their groups, protect those that are. They use grey area laws ( laws that are hard to understand ) so they can claim technicalities on their enemies, and defend their friends. I know I said that in different ways several times but wanted to ensure the point was gotten across. Also expect that they may try to bait entrepaneurs like they did me in 2018 with large shipments of the stuff. They have clever ways to get the person to most likely accept the bait.


    Local news sources for 850 (official websites):

    Eglin News  Hurlburt News
    WUWF  WFGX  PNJ  NWFl Daily
    Fl Press  MyNWFl.com
    NorthEscambia.com  Navarre Press
    FBI.gov/NEWS  Justice.gov/NEWS
    Defense.gov/NEWS  NPR.org  PBS.ORG
    AJ News  Vice.com  FBI  Justice.gov
    Rolland Martin D.D.S.  SSRNews.com
    LED[Light Exposing Darkness]

    Official social media pages: Why keep up with these? To stay informed, as having all the puzzle pieces makes it way easier and faster for you to solve the puzzle. Think of the truth like Wheel Of Fortune. You don't need every letter, just enough of them in the right places, in order to solve the puzzle.

    WKRG Facebook, WEARTV3 Facebook, FOX Ten News Facebook,
    WUWF Facebook, NPR Facebook, The Weather Channel Facebook
    ECSO Facebook, SRCSO Facebook, OCSO Facebook, WCSO Facebook.

    Always heed my warnings below.
    Expect trouble if you make it known,
    that you publically oppose them...
    As they hunt us activist.
    Be covert!

    Always use a fake facebook name and try to mask your ip even, if whistle blowing on the official departments social media comments section that suffers the corruption. Otherwise, their team using metasploit, will see, and notify the rest of the gang. You must understand these domestic supremacist pagan crime cults are using metasploit to monitor targets phones and computers ( a hacking tool, see kali.org and learn more online readily, from YouTube, free ebooks on Amazon.com etc )

    The quickest way for me to find these was with with a Yahoo search BTW for "Wkrg facebook.com.. weartv3 facebook.com..." etc etc..

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    This is random but here is Independence Day from 1996 on the Internet Archives. I'm not sure how that is legal but it is there, and they are in a grey area of the law. Not on me but on them. I am glad that they exist and are able to provide such a service for us. Here is the url: https://archive.org/details/independence.day.-1996.1080p-dual-lat/Independence.day.1996.1080p-dual-lat.mp4