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The USA Had the chance to ban nazi speech at the U.N., but voted not to..

This site uses real facts, real sources(and citations), real news, and real personal testimony.

They're neo nazi's, and they're in police and medical. They're using medical malpractice as their new oven. This is genocide. I back this up with my own personal testimony and mainstream news on this website. See the news section here.

Point: News Reporters Arrested For Doing Their Jobs! Plenty of other horror stories shared herein about activist and anti-nazi activist in particular being stalked as well and threatened in this sites news section which backs up the main claims that I make on this site(about the legal medical genocide going on), mostly my own personal testimony, and what happened to my 90 year old grandma., I think neo nazis are the culprit. See this news clip as more evidence they're in medical also using malpractice as a form of legal covert genocide. Nurse yells "hail hiter" at city counsel meeting... There ya go.

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Note: I am not an agent, a cop, etc. I do not work for the government,
nor do I get paid from anyone to post anything on this website
(I don't get paid to do this).
I am a civilian.

GREAT NEWS! The ball is getting rolling, get embolden, stay on course. PRAISE GOD AND GO VOLUSIA COUNTY SHERIFF! HE IS SPEAKING OUT AND ACTING OUT AGAINST NEO NAZIS! I AM REACHING OUT TO THEM AND THE FEDS AND ALL DEPARTMENTS AROUND THE STATE. WE NEED LAWS PROTECTING JOURNALIST AS NEO NAZIS ARE TARGETING THEM AND ACTIVIST! Watch the news story here or see it embedded below. Reach out to this Sherriff with any tips about neo nazism and share this url with him and thank him! Other Sheriffs, follow his lead! Go Chitwood! I am so relieved to see a REAL COP step up to the plate! We're on a roll folks be glad! Praise the LORD! His email is: ( It's on their website ) Note: Neo nazis are targeting journalist, based on mainstream news, and fbi bullitens, and personal testmony(me as well). Fact: They're in law enforcement(white supremacist too){mainstream news, I link it here on the site, see the news setction.}, and are even arresting journalist. Journalist and activist are being targeted. That link before this sentence, is a cnn article about one of their reporters that was arrested. Freedom of the press, remember? We don't arrest news reporters. The press is under attack, and free speech as well. This is why I believe they're targeting power grids, to whipe out communication. I'm about to provide you with a list of Fl counties: Reach out to each on social, by phone, email, etc, and tell them to follow sheriff Mike Chitwoods lead down in Valusia county, fighting neo nazism. I have reason to believe they're infiltrating departments and medical and wanna help, share my site with them becauase i lay it all out with real sources too, and spread the word.


He addresses the GDL, a NEONAZI GROUP IN FL Learn more about the GDL HERE Look for petitions, and any type of activist projects that you could help support in any way: Google search for "ban nazism in florida"; and a Duckduckgo search for "ban nazism in florida". Look for petitions online and sign and share them on social media. Post on your local sheriffs office facebook page. Beware they may start to gangstalk you. Have cameras ready and be prepared to reach out to the write people, contact Chitwood if this happens and email me as well, I can forward to authorities. They intimidate whistle blowers, and frame people as mental patients. I believe they're(neo nazis and white supremacist) in police and medical, a lot of recurring melpractice and drugging going on in Florida. I use some mainstream news as evidence of this, and from real sub stations for the major networks too, mainstream news, real news folks.

God is working in Santa Rosa county! The smell of weed can no longer be used against you because hemp is legal !!! and a cop called someone a douche bag, used excessive force, and made a false arrest because he wouldn't let him run his name twice. ( he came back clear the first time ) lol #news That news article was from March 2023. The Body cam footage from that is here Haha got ya all documented suckers, showin everyone what you're like, how ya like that freedom of press?.

Latest update: April 8, 2023
(Previously April 7, 2023):

I am in the process of getting everyone used to this sites new url which is , as well as going through and finally perfecting this page. When I first started, the situation had escilated to the SRCSO pounding on my door in response to me exposing the neo nazi cult operating in SRC Fl and what happened to my 90 year old grandma in relation to a medical malpratice murder, attempted arson on the house(they left all the heaters running after arresting all occupants of her house), and mental health fraud, that I expose herein that I posted all over their facebook feed.(They really don't like you exposing neo nazism and white supremacy on their facebook feed.). Because of that, I was under a tremendous amount of stress, so wasn't worried about grammar and sentence structure, writer perfection and that sorta thing when I typed it up back then, but rather, getting the word and point out to the proper authorities via this website. The deputies and FBI agents I spoke with, I asked to follow me on this site, and to view my evidence and points herein, I also asked them to look past the sloppy lack of organization and the typos and spelling errors, because it was more about getting the word out quick, and showing these deputies and cops the message, more so than being a perfect writer. I want to perfect the page now so today I am working on cleaning it up a bit! I do have immportant updates to share to please check the page, and I removed some old text that wasn't necessary anymore. and are for sale and will eventually go to someone else. I am selling them for cheap at Not much has changed, I added some more 911 clips proving bombs going off etc in link form below. I believe the url to the channel is there as well ( please be a patriot and back these up with an online Youtube Video downloader or software that records your screen and audio or by whatever means possible ) Keep working for God folks, we gotta war to fight. Don't be fooled by this false sense that everything is now again normal. Stay ambitious about bringing these nazi cells down. Call, write, and Email your representatives(contact congress), the the senate, your state and federal officials ( via their websites, like MyFloridaHouse.Gov, and tell them to ban nazism, and nazi symbols, and hold crooked cops, and doctors accountable for recurring malpractice and nursing homes as well as assisted living facilities and mental health places are very sick and cruel and nazish. Repeal baker acts and other fascist nazi laws, etc. Tell them about my website, and how it has mainstream news clips from both national and local news stations from across the country, very cool, and FBI bullitens! Get them focused on the REAL issues #R Call, and write them as well!. LEAVE VOICE-MESSAGES! BE CIVIL AND KNOW YOUR STORY I will make and add more petitions to this site, please sign and share them and the URL and REALNEWS.AGENCY! It will greatly help, then we can go get em.!

Previously, I forgot to add the Meet the Press interview with bush and kerry where Tim russert asked them about the secret society skull and bones they were both in at Yale University. The BBC has exposed them as well. I've had it on my twin sight at ( previously ) for some time though, hopefully you've seen that. The skull and bones symbol was a nazi symbol. I remember telling this to the cops and promising them I would get those videos posted herein as well so here they are {I'll post the actual url's on here today to the videos, huge list} ( I am all the time remembering something I wanted to point out, that I missed and forgot to add here! so that's exciting to see the evolution of this page! Plus I have a few new news clips I want to spread and add and they will be posted below! ) Here's a page on them on my Angelfire site {RealNews.Agency} ( the YouTube videos are embedded, of the news clips, with the interview with John Kerry and George Bush ): Sorry I haven't updated this in a while. Remember I have a twin page at which is much more organized, loads faster, and isn't as crowded. Thanks to everyone who follows me and spreads the word about these important points and facts. Thanks to the righteous cops and FBI hunting neo nazi's and real criminals. Thanks to the Most High God.

My other project is on Angelfire at
(currently RealNews.Agency)

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Important updates below!!!!

Important updates: This has to do with the upcoming 2024 election and shift in our country. Christians and Jews get ready for spiritual battle, and make sure you're abiding in God. Make sure you vote for whoever runs against Trump and Desantis. Below is what is happening: very important:

I encourage all christians who support Trump to wake up and vote for the other guy. Thats why they tell you woke is bad. You vote for trump, the white supremacist and neo nazis and far right will again be embolden by their acts of anarchy, and hate, and violence that comes with it. We dont serve and bow down to the five pointed star(badge) or the medical caduceus, or trump or biden, not the w.h.o. or the u.n., we bow down to and serve God and only God. When we do this, no bad fruit(evil) comes from our deeds. America is about serving God, not socialism. Thou shalt have no othet Gods before him. He aint sent by God folks and you need to look up psychological projection and reseaech nazi Germany from credible sources. They're neo nazis. See Jeremiah 11:9-11 In this news clips and speech by Trump, he projects, lies, tells you straight up hes gonna rig the system, and silence truth tellers, by calling them "fake news"(psychological projection). Hes blaming the patriots for what hes doing(again psycholoical projection). Here hs is announcing this:, even if he was the nazis couldn't win. The only thing a nazi ever succeeds at is losing. Projection is when someone blames you for what theyre doing. He says it is his opponents doing all the evil but it is him. To get you behind censoring and destroying free press and free speech he will call the truth fake news. Right out of hitlers playbook.

Please email, write, or call your representatives in Florida by clicking that link, or manually navigating to:, and warn them to oppose Desantises dangerous agenda to ban free press and free speech online. I'll be making phone calls today. leave messages on their machines. pray. serve God. We gotta get em outta there folks and behind bars, so get to writing bills folks. cmon get on the ball, everything else is illegal, bust your coworkers for a change(or political enemies of this country). We need to block any attempts at targeting the press or free speech, make it illegal to harrass, or intimidate anyone for any act of free speech that's involved in journalism. You come up with the idea senators and representatives, but we need to somehow make these nazis and white supremacist and what they're doing illegal, and sense they're nazi's and they killed 6 million jews, then we need to make an exception to certain rights and or use their own tactics to somehow bypass previous rules with bogus exception clauses like prohibition, and censorship, and "red flag laws", aka "excuse to bypass the second amendment nazi policy", like they do, because nazism can not be allowed ( we don't give pedos and rapist and serial killers guns, so why give a nazi one ). We don't give nazi's rights. That's what imprisonment means, you have no rights, no freedom. You're dangerous, so you get to be excluded from society. That's where neo nazi's belong. Search for truth, research what I talk about on this site at the library, a school library or scholarly source.

Florida Patriots: This isn't legal what desantis is proposing. It is a blatant violation of our freedom of press and free speech. Desantis needs to be fired and impeached and jailed and investigated and make neo nazism illegal already and ban the swastika.

Good news, there's a trend of political movements popping up to ban nazi stuff(thus making it where we can go after them), but we need SERIOUS PENALTIES ( 20+ years in a federal pen, or Guantanamo ) I reached out to some senators to propose that they ban nazi symbolism and do something about this and crooked doctors murdering people with recurring malpractice as well. Here are some places, where they are banning nazi symbols, it's a start!: and another follow suit usa! especially Florida! PLEASE SHARE THESE to inspire other people, and so the idea can spread. This is how we herd people politically. The enemy tries to herd, so we must herd as well. We are servants of the Most High. We serve by hering people with truth, to combat how the enemy is working to herd with lies.

Note: When I say the news is real, that doesn't mean there's no coverups. IT doesn't mean I agree with their narrative, or that they don't have an agenda ( mostly Fox with the agenda crap ) It means the stories happened. Let's separate the stories from the banter shall we? The news goes by what they are told, and what they can see. The truth is, there ARE coverups, but it is corrupt government officials(sociopaths specifically), who gaslight the media after an event that are the culprits. They are the liars and conspirators, infiltrators in our Gov, nazi infadels(not all Gov officials are sociopaths, don't be a segregationist). The truth will be on the air live right in front of everyone, and then they'll(these nazi socialist infiltrating our Government) step in and tell them a different story, and that story gets repeated, and wired in. They operate on hitlers methodology, and that's to repeat the same lie over and over again, and eventually people start to believe it. So, it's not 100% truth, and it's not 100% bs either. but... This idea.. that there are crisis actors faking things for the news media so they can trick us, is bs, and that "911 was hollywood" or some crap, or CGI and all this, total b.s. it happened. and this lie that the news is totally worthless and completely fake, is not only wrong, it is dangerous. It's also dangerous to believe that the official story is always 100% true too. BUT, the original live news clips expose to us the truth about how we were gaslit, and deceived. Let's separate the stories from the banter shall we? The truth is in those live clips that are aired during the events, and then the gaslighting begins. The neo nazi's hate the news because they hate truth. Remember, Nazi's burned books in WWII, and even bibles. Our libraries are under attack right now, and I def believe it is the neo nazi's doin it. That's why this push for trans crap. I think they're using it to frame the democratic party and stir up devision and make people hate, and attack. RealNews.Agency

The proof is in the news, see the news stories by jumping to that section here, this highlighted sentence..

Disclaimer: I am NOT an fbi agent, nor a cop, nor government employee.
If you came here from then you should know that I am not with nbc, not the real nbc, don't get paid by nbc, nor anything else like that, I am not associated or affiliated with NBC either, in any way.
Turn your phone the widescreen way vs the other way to see which looks better.
Please excuse typo's and mis-spellings for now! I fix them as the page evolves. I free-style then add in citations via clickable links and use old school citations here and there as well. My page has never been so dangerous to the nazi agenda as of October 2022. I tell things as they truly are and do the best that I can to back them up. In 2017 there was an attempt to frame me for crimes never committed, no charges were ever filed because the state could not provide any evidence after the time limit was met, the case was dropped. The police and adult protective services report proves when compared to the local news media that the story was covered up and distorted ( slander, illegal ). It was a narcissistic smear campaign against me and my family, and that claim of mine is easily provable.

Not all government employees are nazis, and Not all cops are bad either, but organized crime and neo nazi groups I do believe have infiltrated agencies, and have malicious plans for the general populus, and bullitens leaked by the FBI and other news and information on this site back this up, and I do mean the real mainstream media news articles detailing this. Nazi's infiltrating our government, are the enemy, or the enemies right hand men, is a better way to say it. They're "bad actors" ( they are God-haters ). They are wolves in sheeps clothes, and they are OF the enemy, and they seek to infiltrate and blend in, and use our government against us, and turn us against our governement, and divide us, so they can conquer us, and enslave us. There has never been so many people dying, and malpractice is rampant, nazi's are in the streets, and yet people live comfortable lives and do nothing to combat it. They pretend to be the good guys, and try to blend in. The name of their game is infiltration and rigging the system for their benefit and our oppression. See JFK's last speech to understand their basic game plan. All of this based on my research and the information presented, and the bible as well. I am working on making sure the phrase "far right" is changed to "neo nazi" on all of my content, because that's what "far right" means basically, they both refer to the same phenomenon, and "nazi" is a far more accurate title I believe, plus they call theirselves neo nazis and sport the swastika so I mean, cmon. (The news calls it by many names, which in my eyes I feel downplays the true nature of the culprits. Nazi cult is more accurate.)

Latest Update: Conner kissick has nazi symbols right on his facebook page, look -> link here and here's another from his wall about his germanic nazi religion: -> link here I noticed the other day when checking the mail he had a new smock on with no symbols(keep in mind investigators, he had years to get rid of it) The original smock had like 20 graven images on it, and that one from his fb, was on his smock, with the three triangles. Here are some more september 11th clips, exposing the bombs going off, indicating an inside job: Here's the channel: Back these up by whatever means possible, online youtubve video downloaders or some type of software that records your screen ( search on ). I apologize that this page takes so long to load and that it is so disorganized but it is very important. We the people of the USA, the real Americans, the Christians and other righteous religious folks and all righteous, those who refuse to be oppressed by wicked tyrants and bad actors pretending to be real authority figures.. cops and civilians alike, judges and suspects alike, choose to fight evil legally, to stand up against and bring to justice the wicked, and these neo nazi 911 cults..

We need to share notes, and get together, as a community and as non-sociopaths of America and fix this Nazi thing. If you're a cop or FBI agent, and you're not a nazi, or terrorist, or pagan, or satanist(same thing), and you're Christian or in an abrahamic religion, then you need to posse up. Get together outside of your work ( cops, fbi, etc ) and have meetings with the other righteous cops. Park where people can't see your plates, and hide your phones in another room ( there is a local hacker ring around here obviously, see to learn how they're doing it (YouTube "hack android phone" and share the news with others so everyone can know how they're doing it ) Infiltration is a real possibility, the bad guys may try to join just to see what's going on. We don't need the enemy spying on us. Don't let them call you terrorist either, Christians meeting up off duty to chill and talk is not a terrorist group, it is Americans being Amerians. We need righteous only medical personnel to take action as well because we are fighting corruption in 911 ( hints why the nazi terrorist chose 9/11 back in 2001 )

Focus on news and information on medical malpractice, and cops ignoring it or helping ems(serving the graven image and with malicious evil intent), with illegal baker act or questionable baker acts, and stuff like that, general crooked cop stuff, the malpratice ring ( and any white supremacy neo nazi connections to that ).. We're taking names, collecting evidence, and identifying suspects. ) Please be on the look out for info on any type of gangstalking, or kratom businesses being stalked as well(any business actually but I was gangstalked as well so), {Remember Nazi's carried out Krystalnacht and have a history of smashing in jewish owned buisnesses, makes sense they would ganstalk one as well, or one running one from home online, or online at home activist.} and people who have friends in the sheriffs office only to use their position to get favors from the department ( supremacy basically ) or to play "above the law", basically(organized crime) and anything else really.

I suspect they're out in neighborhoods and have their spies out to talk to neighbors, but with the intent of collecting information, rather than genuinely being friendly ( acting as a covert prey, like a Fox ). Why? Because that's what the one on my street did to me, and so if they're doing it as a group, then they're doing it in your neighborhood too, assuming they're there. Beware, predators are on the hunt in SRC, covertly, and based on the evidence presented on this site, they're in a nazi like 911 cult. Please also consider looking for fake snitches ( people who bare false witness ), and those who are trying to falsely red flag law patriots ( in an attempt to disarm America ). They like to provoke and get you in fight or flight to make you APPEAR to be the bad guy, but it is a lie.

Remember, Q brainwashed the right to think you're a communist baby eater because you're registered to vote as a democrat, in order to convince their cult that you're a "communist" so they can come get your gun, weed, and property, they're fools and wolves, followers and satans leaders. R out, *Tschkt*... ( joke lol ) Remember, nazis' are socialist and they're all about manipulation, control, and getting you behind THEIR plot, thinking you're doing what is right.

The proof is in the news, see the news stories by jumping to that section here, this highlighted sentence..

If this website wasn't truthful and imporatant, then I woulnd't have been hunted for so long prior to it going up, nor gotten this death threat posted on our tree out front (geared towards my dad ) (Check out this subtle death threat) Either my aunt Lori put this up or Dana kissick ( It's so cute when they come up with passive ways to pretend to be intimidating lol ) It didn't scare me but it sure pissed me off.

Here's something else from back in 2022 a "brotherhood" sign with occult, police, and medical symbolism on it ( graven images ) They're white supremacist and occult. On the Pythagorean numerology chart ( I'm a Christian, this is just an interesting fact ), the letter 0 = 6, so the three 0's would be 666. Here's a link to that chart as grabbed from Wikipedia here. Interestingly the word fox also equals 666, and xxx. A fox is also a thief and cunning animal, sneaky and deceptive, means to "baffle or deceive". Here's a link to the definition: link here ( just typed "define fox" in Search. ) Moving on. When I pointed this out, they removed a comment on their page that read "nevermind the tree" ( there was a tree in the bottom right of the still, with the brotherhood sign in the back ). When I first exposed the truth on their facebook page, then they came pounding on my door and nazi dude across from us put fake papaerwork(false claims) through so their friends in police could harrass and silence me. So feds, you can set up a sting, and actually prove this if they're still doing it. If you expose them on their facebook page, they'll pound on the persons door and try to intimidate them into silence, or even drive by and blare sirens, and or gangstalk the neighborhood or actually hunt that individual with malicious intent, and even go as far as forcing mental health on the indivisual ( fradulently and maliciously ). The sissies backed off finally though. Bunch of school girls, white trash. Whew ok, calm down Scott. Stay in the holy spirit. We all drift but hearken unto the voice of the Lord, may his staff herd you in the proper direction, Amen.

New point I'd like to make ( I forgot to add these clips ) There are a large number of hate crimes and mass shootings in this country targeting muslims, jews, christians, minorities, and jewish synagogues and christian churches. check out the mainstream news articles detailing such. I argue with people online all the time who claim that "the left" are violent terrorist. The enemy is labeling the left as the new jews, and the right (not all of you, but...) are becoming a posse of blind followers who bow down to(extreme unholy loyalty to; idolatry;) and serve Q, Alex Jones, and Trump... and the graven images(the badge, no exception to what you're told) and socialist(dems do this in their own way but this qanon alex jones trump maga stuff is all right wing, and extremely dangerous neo nazism). This is why they are attacking the left, because they are dividing the country, and they want the obeident on one side, and those who resist on the other. That is why the left is being labeled as communist. It doesn't mean either party is the "correct" party. That's irrelivant, so don't be offended ( both parties suck ). It simply means they need two groups, obedient, and those who refuse to submit. Most of the shootings are cult like groups, and white guys, and most are hate crimes targeting minorities, jews, christians, muslims, etc. Those who need to defend theirselves are the ones angry, in fight or flight, provoked, and are being projected with the enemies guilt, and labeled as "communist" and the bad guys. This is their plan. A lot of people on the right say socialist have taken over, but then they turn around and bown down to the same government, and defend the same governemnt, that they claim is taken over by socialist. Consider that perhaps God may not approve of you enforcing certain things, or being too loyal to that badge(the five pointed star, a graven image) I'm not praising democrats by saying this, they suck too, so relax. (They want people divided into 2 categories: those who bow down, and those who refuse to submit.) Not all republicans are bad, but the true socialist ( the national socialist, neo nazi's ) are ruining both parties. It doesn't mean to become a terrorist, but it means prepare to defend and fight the infowar with truth. Here are a few example news stories that illustate most shootings are white folks:(doesn't mean most white people are bad but the white supremacists are spreading disinformation that black people commit most of the crimes and this simply isn't true.) [1] CNN [2] NYTIMES [3] CBS NEWS [4] NYPOST Again, this is why they tell you the news is fake. If you don't believe the news is real you won't understand what is happening. Satan is the father of all lies. Meme's are not citations, and these people say everything is fake, but yet they have no actual soure for their "facts" other than gab meme's and inforwars. It's like they don't even realize that not everything is true, and have been sold on the lie that all truth is "fake", simply beause it is a popoular belief and their idol Q and Alex jones back it up..

The proof is in the news, see the news stories by jumping to that section here, this highlighted sentence..

I want to expose and oppose this local hacker ring going on around here too, which I also believe is this neo nazi cult I believe we got operating here in the county and in medial and police. Don't download any weird snitch apps.. I will expose how crooks do this soon, on the site here, so come back. Come to think of it, I have a website for that, Grey Hat Laboratories .com, no spaces. Go to the blog section, tons of resources, tutorials, and how to's and I expose how to prevent hackers from attacking and all that. Use Linux first of all. Free Kali Linux Live Download

Moving on: I have added a couple new news articles, one from PBS, the other from Yahoo news, about the FBI warning of white supremacy infiltrating law enforement ten years ago. I also found some easy to find proof that Withcraft is well established in the 850 and SRC by googling "santa rosa county florida witchcraft". If the cops in Pensacola suspect a murder of being tied to Witchcraft.. than may medical genocide also be tied to it and its graven imagery? I am making this page more professional as it was a rough draft prior, and I am replacing on this site and on all "far right" with "nazi" because this isn't a right vs left thing, we need unity not division. As for the latest updates on any storm(s), visit: national hurricane center official website.

I also added a section that proves witchcraft is here in the 850, related to a case with the Escambia county sheriffs office on WEAR news, and a murder. I told you. It's real. Now take my evidence seriously, I am backing things up with academically confirmed historic facts.
: My page has never been so dangerous to the nazi agenda as of October 2022

As we can see, Alex Jones was sued in a defamation case. It is important to back up the things that you say with evidence. When I talk about what happened to my grandma on here, and the abuse by local cops and the medical institutions around here, I know it is true and can be backed up in an investigation. I call it a "mill" or "ring" based on the proof(I show news clips, FBI bulletins, etc) that these types of treatments are routine by the local medical facility and even around the country. If they felt embolden and secure enough in their crimes to do it this time, why would it be the first? The evidence I present herein clearly backs up what I am saying as truth, not theory. These are not conspiracy theories, they are historic facts and mainstream news... and what is history but old news.. It is valid. The medical and police personnel in my grandma's case behaved as if it was routine, and the mainstream news clearly indicates that it is, along with the FBI bulletin about elderly abuse on the rise and the news from TX of the nursing home that was drugging that old lady, putting crushed up pills in her drinks and food.(see news story below). Those 3 particular deputies in my grandma's case, acted as though we had upset their routine, and interfered with what would have otherwise been a smooth operation. In other words, they were upset that I noticed and spoke out. When an elderly woman you spend every day with suddenly changes her behavior 360 after being given large doses of insane amounts of pharmakai drugs, then it is obvious. She even had a cat scan at the hospital to show that there was no damage to her head from any type of injury. She was covertly treated as a mental patient when we thought she was getting physical therapy. It was more of that sneaky neo nazi crap.

Ban neo nasism and occult symbols, and let us put some God back in our nation. I know my words are truth and God has my back so I fear not, as I serve him. This is why I do this. If you make claims though that are as bold as mine, and don't back them up, you're treading on dangerous territory.

Someone blew up the Georgia Guidestones early, on the morning of July 7, 2022 ( that's 7/7 '22{11:11} ) | My conclusion based on the evidence I have both personally seen and that on the news and from history leads me to believe that they are in fact neo nazis(white supremacist), the news is real, and they're in police, and medical. 9/11, 911. This is covert genocide. 11:11 Jeremiah 11:9-11 (notice 911 sequence){11/11}) This has to do with the 2nd commandment as well, scary. Abide. You best abide. "9 And the Lord said unto me, A conspiracy is found among the men of Judah, and among the inhabitants of Jerusalem. 10 They are turned back to the iniquities of their forefathers, which refused to hear my words; and they went after other gods to serve them: the house of Israel and the house of Judah have broken my covenant which I made with their fathers. 11 Therefore thus saith the LORD, Behold, I will bring evil upon them, which they shall not be able to escape; and though they shall cry unto me, I will not hearken unto them.". I find it significant, has everything to do with my story, which I won't go into.

Deuteronomy 29:29 "The secret things belong unto the LORD our God: but those things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children for ever, that we may do all the words of this law." I will throw this verse in there too: Exodus 15:26 "And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the Lord thy God, and wilt do that which is right in his sight, and wilt give ear to his commandments, and keep all his statutes, I will put none of these diseases upon thee, which I have brought upon the Egyptians: for I am the Lord that healeth thee."

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The proof is in the news, see the news stories by jumping to that section here, this highlighted sentence..

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Worshipping the Most High wards off Satan. Just do it.

" Please use Google Scholar ( ) or another peer reviewed database to cite academic sources when correcting extremist neo nazi propoghanda on social media platforms , and .. They're using meme's and exploiting the stupidity of sheep to brainwash blind followers, so we must be thorough in our stomping their ignorance and fake news. 20th Century Fox Holly Wood narrative(not the stories) Electrickery IS the fake news. I have to correct this myth that google scholar is not accepted by academic institutions, check this url: they straight suggest it, on a .edu a educational institution. I love proving my claims, it is fun. Here is a clickable version of that last link

Other Important Links & Resources For Citations:

King James Bible Online

More coming below soon:

Google Scholar ( Academic citations Peer Reviewed Journals )

Use Google Scholar for correcting nazi propaganda online. These people who make false claims about history, cite them and link them to the true information from a scholarly source. The engine, Google Scholar just helps you find it, scholars publish it and keep it going throughout history. - An electronic database of academic facts and peer reviewed journals, books, and other scholarly information. Credible information!

National Hurricane Center Official

Wikipedia, Use it INSTEAD OF FOX News, and Hollywood, and neo Nazi Propoghanda eh?


PubChem - National Library Of Medicine

Researchgate, An Electronic Database For Scholarly Research

Internet Link Database Free Speech!

My Neocities Internet Directory

Get listed free, reach out to me on my social media for a free listing.
I'm in the process of removing the new age stuff from there, it is old.

Segregation Scam

Divide and conquer is a real thing. They are segregationist, because segretation is divide and conquer. In 2016, mass segregation began. They use this method to keep the people fighting, so they are distracted while they pull strings behind the scenes to manipulate, herd, and change the "rules" behind the scenes, like rigging voting, and the system for their benefit, and our demise. I saw a news clip about Ron Desantis having people arrested for voting ( said they were illegal, they happened to be black ) I think he's a nazi and they're coming after the American people folks.. He gave money to 911 instead of the people who had their windows smashed in, and their family members medical murdered while cops ran protection for them, yep, nazi. This is supremacy. Let's be real. Do you really think that is it possible for every single democrat in this country, every man woman and young adult, and elderly person, that has democrat on their voter id, is a communist that eats babies and suffers from pedophilia? and is in a secret cabal? No dude.. There are secret societies, JFK talked about that, but the enemy is using left and right to divide and conquer. They're in both parties, and both parties can be manipulated. All humans are susceptible to manipulation, pride, and other carnal tragedies. We must focus on good and evil and eliminate left and right mentality. This was the invasion of the Jezebel, and the idols, and false teachings, lies. It was a rise in stealing, killing, and destroying. Stop behaving like Nazi's. We live in America, and in this country, we do not bow down to graven images, the people who follow them and prop them up, or what they stand for. We don't bow down to them, and we don't serve them. We serve God, and only God, of the bible. [ Remember to check out my other project that is just another version of this at ! ]

The Run Down On What's Happening In America Today

The proof is in the news, see the news stories by jumping to that section here, this highlighted sentence..

Everything I say on here I back up with: main stream news stories, my own personal exiernece that can be backed up in a federal investigation, historic facts from academic credible soures including even the mainstream television, encyclopedia, history channel, and even more scholarly sources as well. I need to be more into it on citations but everything can be backed up and I link to Google scholar where I get a lot of information and you can easily search it as well. I have recently added citations to this page! Cite your sources, and make sure they came from a scholarly source, and the news is also valid but use mainstream news because there are extremist propaganda sources out there pushing nazi propaganda.

Cults, groups, pagan societies( see JFK's last speech ), white supremacist and neo nazi's(the beta's to God's Alpha and Omeganess, they're "God haters"), are serving the enemy(they are lucifers army), being set in motion through the heiarchy of Satan's temporary false kingdom on earth... In a nuttshell, evil is real and it is seeking to take over, oppress, and use intimidation to reinfore its efforts. Calling all righteous to fight for their country peacefully, legally, and through the power and will of the Most High God. Do not stand down, and flex nutts at the enemy a few times, they will eventually stand down. Keep up the good fight. They're using mind training to teach everyone to think like a segregationist. This is a divide and conquer political scheme. Here's a good wikipedia page on the subject of mind-training Did we forget what happened in Charlottsville with white supremacist running through the streets? It's NOT fake news guys. It's called gaslighting, they're telling you the sky is orange and training you to doubt your own senses as a form of psychological manipulation. They want everyone on board and following them blindly thinking they're doing the right thing. They want you to be complacent and to follow along with their false narrative.

The proof is in the news, see the news stories by jumping to that section here, this highlighted sentence..

Citations and sources:

Clifton, C. (2006). Her hidden children: The rise of Wicca and Paganism in America. Rowman Altamira.

Jones, P., & Pennick, N. (2013). A history of pagan Europe. Routledge.

Gardell, M. (2003). Gods of the blood: The pagan revival and white separatism. Duke University Press.

Strous, R. D. (2007). Psychiatry during the Nazi era: ethical lessons for the modern professional. Annals of general psychiatry, 6(1), 1-6.

Posner, E. A., Spier, K. E., & Vermeule, A. (2010). Divide and conquer. Journal of Legal Analysis, 2(2), 417-471.

Sweet, P. L. (2019). The sociology of gaslighting. American Sociological Review, 84(5), 851-875.

Welch, D. (2014). Nazi propaganda (RLE Nazi Germany & Holocaust): The power and the limitations. Routledge.

Google search for: facebook witchcraft societies groups to show how large their numbers are folks.

JFK's Speeches JFK!

Long version of JFK's Secret Society Speech

John F Kennedy mentioned secret societies and secret oaths in his last speech before his assassination ( it's what led to his assassination I BELIEVE(but can't prove and don't know for sure, seems fairly obvious to me though but again my belief ) This speech, plus the academic citations that I have included, and the history channel documentaries, is all historical proof that these secret societies exist and are not just stupid conspiracy theories. They are even in the bible, like the ancient mystery schools of Babylon. Also, I believe "secret societies", is just another word for cults. They are groups, with an agenda they hide from outsiders. Outsiders are their prey basically, and they operate with a slave owner mentality, that of a psychopath. They are wolves in sheeps clothes. I believe Q Anon is a psy op designed to discredit messengers of truth. I'm not Q anon. You will seen the proof that the nazi's were heavily into occultism, and they projected their crimes onto their victims, labeling them "communist". There is a direct connection between occultism and nazism and the rise in bizarre weather and hate in the us and across the globe today. I am here to spread truth and expose this agenda. Hollywood and television won't educate you the way you need to be educated. You need to use the bible and history books and wikipedia and peer reviewed academic sources, check out google scholar as well,, and I have to correct this myth that google scholar is not accepted by academic institutions, check this url: they straight suggest it, on a .edu a educational institution. I love proving my claims, it is fun. Here is a clickable version of that last link

Academic citations/sources:

Erickson, B. H. (1981). Secret societies and social structure. Social Forces, 60(1), 188-210.

Gist, N. P. (1937). Structure and process in secret societies. Soc. F., 16, 349.
Searched via:,44

Stefansson, L. V. (2022). Fascism and Nazism in the United States: News media response TIME magazine and the New York Times coverage of the rise of Fascism and Nazism in America (Master's thesis).

Hedesan, G. D. (2014). Alchemy. In The Occult World (pp. 552-563). Routledge.

Internet Censorship

The internet censorship that began in 2016 is not as bad as it is in CCP controlled China. Basically, big tech and fortune 500's pushed back a bit, but there is still general freedom of information if you know where to go. Nazi's from Germany in WWII had what they called "book burnings" where they burned books. The reason they did this was to cover up any history, or anything that would expose what they were doing, or help inspire or empower a resistance. Today we are seeing a modern book burning, aka a neo nazi book burning. From everything to the flat earth ( check out the UN and WHO maps ( they both have flat earth symbolism on them ) ), to Q anon, to Trump being some type of hero messiah, a bunch of balogne in the form of propaganda propped up, deep fake videos, propoganda fake news sites ( mostly on Gab ) and other forms of oppression. Facebook blocked me from posting cnn cbs and just truth in general, even backed with scholarly citations. This is a modern book burning. Turn to for true social media with no censorship unless it is nazi crap. They are moderated by only block disturbing content that is R or X rated. Mewe will never limit you other than that for just being a normal American who isn't sick in the head like these neo nazi scum. The internet is still valid just find better platforms than those that oppress truth tellers and small business. Mewe rocks because of this! Follow me for more great information. Use and for hosting free sites! You can forward domain names to them and even forward with masking where it shows your url and not theirs, but give them credit, it is a FREE SERVICE!

Oppressing Competition

Look up Kristallnacht, when the nazis targeted jewish businsesses and smashed their windows in. Real WWII fact folks. Remember 9/11 (911) ? The world trade centered represented a peoples economy on a global scale, and they brought it down. They're attaking small business. Remember the smashing in of small business windows during the start of the pandemic? That's evidence as well as 9/11 that there are neo-nazi's and they're targeting finances, they want us broke and bankrupt and reliant on socialism. The attack on Kratom, and laws that restrict the little guy from selling, are also attacks on our economy..

I am going to tell you where all Kratom comes from, and how you can easily find it online from Indonesia for as low as 35-50 dollars per kilo, with free shipping. Join my group where a bunch of Kratom dealers from Indonesia hang out, and I invite more everyday. Here's the group: Message Saharun. He'll gladly get you fire kratom at a good price. Don't waste your time paying high pries from a local seller in Florida, when they're just buying kilos for 50 bucks and then raping you financially. You don't need any type of business license or anything for that price either. I make no profit for sharing this, merely for the cause. Here is another group where tons of Kratom suppliers from Indonesia hang out, area code 62 on Whatsapp ( is how you can tell they're really Indonesian and not scammers, they have country code +62 ) The group is Saharun from Indonesia has $50 kilos with free shipping you can reach him on Facebook or Whatsapp Tell everyone so they stop getting ripped off by socialist run shops that are selling kratom they stole from their neighbors ( ask Joe coleman where he got all that kratom, being the friggin hater, thief, sissy, and loser he is. )

The swastika was a graven image that the German people bowed down to and served. This is why God forbids them.

Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, nor any likeness of anything that is in the heavens above, nor the earth beneath, nor the sea, nor therein. Thou shalt not bow down thyselves to them, nor serve them. For I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, unto the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, and shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me and keep my commandments.

Graven images again are "sigils", or idols, and are tied with black magic. Below are examples of graven images we must not bow down to and serve:

We don't bow down to creepy images, or dictators, or big government aholes in this country..
We don't bow down to them and we don't serve them.
We serve and bown down to God, the Most High God of the bible, and only God.
Do not turn your badge into an occult idol.

world health organization serpent bible
five pointed star graven image bible 2nd commandment exodus 20
serpent from bible, graven image second commandment exodus 20

See the serpent? The cobra? The snake? In the bible it represents Satan. Psalm 91:13 You will tread upon the lion and cobra; The young lion and the serpent you will TRAMPLE DOWN!! {NASB By Zondervan Bibles} Google "serpent medical" and tell others to do so, when explaining this to others. Spread the word. See the Star? It's from the satanic pentagram, often hidden in plain sight throughout various cultures. Acts 7:43 "You took up the tent of Moloch and the star of your god Rephan, the images that you made to worship; and I will send you into exile beyond Babylon."

Never guess what a word means, look it up, like I did, and in multiple dictionaries, and read all the meanings of the word. The word graven means carved, or wired into the mind. You can engrave an image into your mind, and an idea. When the bible was written, people didn't have color printers and stuff, they carved images and symbols into things like stone. That is why the word graven is chosen. To understand this further, one needs to learn about the existence of what's called Sigil's A sigil is a graven image, an occult idol, something that invokes or summons demonic presence, something that represents an evil idea, and something that people submit to the false authority of, and serve ( work for ). The five pointed star that police wear is also a graven image which the second commandment warns not to bow down to or serve! The police in this country don't need flame throwers, hand grenades, tanks and military grade weapons to bust people for dime bags of weed ( when hemp derived THC is legal, really? ), and to write speeding tickets. We have a military, and don't need militarized police. Again, the five pointed star they wear is a satanic / pagan symbol which represents fallen angels, it is a graven image. Acts 7:43 No, you carried your pagan gods, the shrine of Molech, the star of your god Rephan, and the images you made to worship them. So I will send you into exile as far away as Babylon.

Speaking of Graven images guys...,, The Santa Rosa County Sheriffs Office, and the United Nations and even the W.H.O. logo, the proud boys graven image, and even some symbolism that the nazi's used in WWI all have one thing in common.. they are all bordered by the free-masonic trim.. ( more freemasonic symbolism ) which to me, indicates a connection between the source of these symbols. Look at the third eye symbolism on there as well, and compare it to this freemasonic symbolism, notice the clock pointing at 911. I wonder if they're gangstalking Kratom sellers all around the state and country as a way to take over the industry and keep people buying from them and only them ( I def believe they're doing this, and by they I mean the supremacist in general ). They coulnd't ban it so this is an alternative. Again, remember the smashing in of small business windows during the start of the pandemic, a clear indication someone wants the American dream dead. Do not let them win, posse up and know how to use the truth to stomp their lies. Become a better speak and better investigator, and learn how to spot deception and call it out. They hunt in packs, so you need to do the same if you're righteous, and posse up to rescue innocent civilians being hounded by neo beta's. Serve God not the five pointed star. Thou shalt have no other God before him.

For even more details on the second commandment, check out THIS PAGE. It goes into further detail on the subject. It's an Angelfire project of mine, and I feel like maybe I explained it more and better there so. My goal is to inform. I am in the process of going through the pages and making sure everything is backed up and worded properly. Slander is a real thing, but I assure you everything that I say, even if worded as a fact, or sound conclusion, is based on solid evidence, so much so that, I am confident a federal investigation could uncover a massive nazi cult in Santa Rosa County Florida. I suspect that it spills over throughout the state in different places, espeiclaly pinellas county as well(I'll show you why I think that today as I update the site). In fact, the state of Florida is know on main stream news to be a very infested area for nazi activity, so much so that they are even embolden enough in some areas to take to the streets with swastika flags. It is sickening. See my news post for more on that. Let me find an example real quick, here is a NBC clip to prove that: Nazi's in streets with Nazi flags in broad day light in Florida , NBC NEWS

Academic citations / Scholarly sources:
(Me backing up what I say)

Yin, S. (2010). Malicious use of pharmaceuticals in children. The Journal of pediatrics, 157(5), 832-836.

Roos, A. M. (2008). 'Magic coins' and 'magic squares': the discovery of astrological sigils in the Oldenburg Letters. Notes and Records of the Royal Society, 62(3), 271-288.

Miller, C. E. (2007). Graven Images. Xlibris Corporation.

History Channel Series: Brad Meltzer's Decoded: Season 1: Episode 9: Secret Soceities

History Channel Secret Societies Documentaries

Gaslighting Truthers Is The Neo Nazi Narrative

You need to know what Gaslighting is this day and age. It is a form of lying, but much more lethal if you are not familiar with it. Gaslighting is when someone basically tells you that the sky is hot pink. You know it's blue, but they play it off and insist that it is hot pink and that perhaps you have mental issues or something. They're framing people as mental patients as a war move. The official narrative of these neo nazi's is, that if you tell the truth about what's really going on, you are labeled mentally ill. It's fake, but if you believe it you're insane, and emotional reactions to wickedness is for "dirty liberals".

Sweet, P. L. (2019). The sociology of gaslighting. American Sociological Review, 84(5), 851-875.

They're in police and medical and I will link to news articles below ( mainstream articles, abc, cbs, nbc, and affiliate stations ), to expose that this is in fact mainstream news and the pieces of the puzzle are right in front of you. Pretty sure there are neo nazi's on my road unfortunately, Joe Pruitt Road.(Again, dude(Danna Kissick on Joe Pruitt Road) ( he hangs with Corey Ward Anderson, the satani pentagram dude ) told me he had nazi war plans from his "friend" in Germany, and is openly racist.) Notify the FBI if you have any information about white supremacism, neo nazis, and especially malpractice because this is a medical genocide, a covert one.

Examples on social media:

(I don't know these people in real life nor am I implying that they're involved in any of the allegations herein. I am simply pointing out how this is the default narrative floating around out there among people in the SRC Fl Area )

Gaslighting / Neo Nazi Narrative Example 1
Delusional, Claims Fake Nazis @ Charlottsville Example 2
Proof Of Baker Act Agenda, Narrative. Punishment For Talking Example 3
Talk About What They Did To Your Family, Get Labeled Crazy - Example 4
"You're ridiculous" For what? Posting a mainstream news clips about nazi's stalking journalist and activist? Wow.

Notice how they jump straight to mental illness if you encourage any type of activism in the community, tell your horror story of how the authorities behaved like nazi's, expose malpractice or even share real news articles from CNN. These people are most likely involved in these groups in some way, or are just brainwashed sheep, proud to support their own corrupt elect, elect that views them as property. You can test this for yourself and prove that it is the neo nazi narrative that truth tellers, activist, and whistle-blowers are all "mentally ill". Just make a post encouraging people to get involved to clean up the nazi infestation in police, medical, and the military, and you'll be attacked. Based off the evidence, the mainstream news, history, and what they did to my grandma ( murdered her with malpractice, framed her as a mental patient ), I would say they're running a malpractice ring, mental health malpractice ring(see the news stories). I'm telling ya, I think they're using malpractice as a politial weapon, as their new ovens. In 2017 Cops protected the place rather than investigating it when they framed my elderly grandma as a mental patient. All of this after Trump first getting elected? It was an organized attack on our country. They tried to gaslight all of us, and used the fact that we knew, against us. They tried to cover it up, and I have told the feds all this because it is true. They forged an arrest warrant according to our public defender, and they censored the police report with what looked like white out and then copied it it looked like. They filled in the blanks years later when I asked for them to send me a copy of it. I sent my mom the original. My dad still has his. Anyway, they tried to frame me and my dad and the state didn't have enough evidence to file charges, so the case was eventually dropped. This all proves false arrest, and malicious intent, and that they are protecting doctors who are murdering people with malpractice and as mental patients. Her past medical history clearly indicates there was no evidence of mental anything. It was nazi torture.

UNLESS you talk to the right cops, You won't get any help from the police where I live, evidence suggest that they are the organized criminals. Obvously this doesn't apply to all of them and there were many who helped me when I needed them the most, so to those cops thanks. I don't want to offend them, beause they are not the problem.. I'm willing to bet this is all based off nazi doctrine from WWII considering they're importing nazi crap into our country, while trying to de-christianize it ( banning prayer in school, removing God from everything{under the Bush admin in the early 2000's}. What makes me say this? Again my neighbors on Joe Pruitt Road in Navarre florida told me out by the mailbox ( he was holding the package in his hand ) that he got Nazi war plans from some battle in WWII in his hands from his friend in Germany, and he called him his friend in Germany yes. Another local who had a bong with a lucifer sticker on it and defended hitler told me he knew them, so based on that I conclude they're in a nazi cult. It's a safe assumption, someone who has lucifer stickers on anything and defends hitler and hangs out with someone who has nazi paraphanilia laying around their house is in a nazi cult folks. I asked the dude he woulnd't say no, so. The next day they had people over and I am guessing they moved these plans. They tried to come over and pound on the door for a few months after this first happened. I told the FBI everything. I even told them about other agents I suspect may be helping cover it up. I def have evidence of a nazi cult around here in police and I believe they're also in medical and based on what they did to my grandma, I believe it is routine, which would make it genocide. Get involved to fight these scum, legally. I told the feds about my neighbour, out by the mailbox giving himself away, with his nazi war plans from his friend in Germany he says, there's far neo nazi groups there too. Watch their mail! The reason I think they're in medical is the nature of the crime, the fact that we have nazi's in this country in 2022, and the fact that nazi's commit genocide so, it seems up their ally.. All the clues indicate medical genocide is taking place if you ask me. That's why I am so confident in the way I say things like they're facts, because the puzzle pieces seem bring into sight that very picture. ( PS The guy across from me WAS the one who initiated the court thing initially!!!, I got a letter in the mail where his court hearing was canceled to prove it. He was gonna try to get me away from my dad by bearing false witness against us claiming that we were fighting. I bet some good cops probably heard me and my dad talking and backed us up. Anyway, so it was him and then I am guessing they went and got my aunts down here to deflect from that. ) Everyone know's the truth now and it spreads more daily. Game over Nazi's.

Academic citations / sources:

Sweet, P. L. (2019). The sociology of gaslighting. American Sociological Review, 84(5), 851-875.

McKinnon, R. (2017). Allies behaving badly: Gaslighting as epistemic injustice. In The Routledge handbook of epistemic injustice (pp. 167-174). Routledge.

Mainstream news articles on white supremacist, neo nazi's in police (and honestly I believe they're in medical too), mass medical malpractice, gangstalking by nazis, and more.

Neo Nazi Busted, Planned Mass Shooting

(I told you, they're the ones behind mass shootings.) I believe they do this so create fear so people get behind red flag laws. They don't follow the rules, and they abuse laws, including wellfare checks, red flag laws, and mental health related ( baker act etc ). They're sick. They want your gun, republicans want your gun too. Don't let them fool you on the right or left. They're in both parties playing a divide and conquer game I believe.

Somethings going on with the video below, it was there then it isn't then it is, here's a search for it and you can find it there:
KING5 - Investigator Targeted By Neo Nazi Cult {if the vid is down use the link above it to find one that isn't}
Update: FBI ARREST Nazi members who gangstalked King5 Journalist from Above!

This confirms publicly when I had been saying. They gangstalked me for years until I finally unwraveled what they were doing. They were afraid I would talk. Once I called the sheriffs office and called them out on their white supremacy and neo nazi involvement and threatened to talk to the FBI, 6 years of gangstalking came to a screaching hault.

Yahoo News FBI Report Finds White Supremacist Seek Affiliation With Law Enforcement

Bingo. Yet another mainstream news article that proves white supremacy aka nazism and law enforcement do have a connection. It is unfortunate, but it must be severed. We must denazify our government and land, legally and peacefully. They're nazi's, and nazi's take over government, and they don't do that by working at Wendy's.. they attempt to take over by infiltrating the government, blending in, and rigging it to be used against us, by coming up with ways to bypass the rules set in place to protect citizens from tyranny, ways to falsely try to justify them, so as to bypass and allow their tyranny in discuise as justice.. Nazi's are like pirates. They come to kill, steal, and destroy. I believe they are after real estate, drugs, money, any type of financial asset. They are delusional people into dark occultism, possessed and influenced by wicked spirits, literally.

Officer Guilty Of Neo-NAzi Membership

Nazi's infiltrate police departments, proof, not evidence, proof. American Gestapo. Don't defund, or over-fund. Don't militarize, or shift resources to mental health.. Screen, and downsize mental health and serpent medical, and fully decriminalize weed. Separation of serpent medial and state!

PBS - FBI Warns Of White Supremacist Infiltrating Law Enforcement Ten Years Ago

BINGO! Thank you PBS! Now, neo nazi's and white supremacy go hand and hand. There's your evidence that this is what is happening across our nation. You need to be woke now more than ever America, and act, peacefully and legally. Do not stand down, and hold your faith in God. Serve him in this war against the wicked, for the victory belongs to God and his people and has already been guaranteed to us. Abide in him. Keep an eye out for symbols, as the nazi's are fascinated with occult symbols (sigils) and they are vital clues for investigators when investigating these groups.. Symbols can get you leads.. Research nazi symbols, and secret society symbols (thule society) , or

Cincinnati Cop Racist Outburst On FILM

Further evidence of white supremacist in law enforcement.

Fl Doc Charged With Hate Crime

Told you, they're in police and medical. The reason I state it like I "know for sure" is because of the overwhelming amount of evidence that it is happening in bulk, all around us. I saw what I saw in person, with my own two eyes, and gaslighting doesn't work on me. I didn't see anything in person to lead me to believe witchcraft is involved, but with the nazi war plan guy on my road, and this witchcraft stuff going on around here, I believe there may be a connection. (also remember the nazi's in WWII were into occult stuff and pharmakaia as well...) Also the medical caduceus is a sigil(similar to the swastika), a violation of the second commandment, and modern pharmakaia came from plant alchemy, an occult science that made use of astrology and more, which was pagan in nature, and involved idolatry and other sins against God. That and the wierd witchcraft cult around here, and the nazi stuff, makes me think it is related, it's all related, creepy, and needs to be brought down, in Jesus Christ name, and in the name of the Most High God, Amen.

Nazi Pleads Guilty, Hate Crimes & Trying To Intimidate Journalist

Bingo. They did the same thing to me. I can actually summon them on the spot if any FBI agents want to see. All I gotta do is go on their facebook page and make a post about how they're neo nazi's and BAM here comes EMS medical and police driving down the street with the siren blaring. Go visit the FBI in person if you have information about their operation. They put their boys on the phone to maintain the silence. Never go through the the wrong 911 for justice, always the Most High( I had to correct this it was like that for a while wow! ).

EMT Worker In Virginia Suspended For Nazi-like Speech On Podcast

Clear proof that there are racist people in medical. Are white supremaist and neo nazis not racist? It matters because of the rise in hate crimes, and nazi cults, and that genocide is very real, and always has been throughout history, including the Holocaust.

Pensacola Cops Left With Baby, Found Bleeding

The Pensacola department under investigation for injuries caused to a baby while in their care. He was a black baby too. There's enough evidence on this website alone for a movement by the righteous to be stirred up. I pray that God uses my efforts to get this ball rolling, and he is granting me that request. We gotta get them out of politics, medical, police, the military, and out of all positions of power. Commune with your legislators and request laws to hold government accountable. We need more rules to govern those who govern, and more freedom restored back to the people. Like JFK, I too would like to see excessive power stripped from those who are not responsible or righteous enough to handle it.

Medical Malpractice Proof, Journalist Shows Nursing Homes Drug Elderly On Purpose ( the original clip keeps being removed, but you can still find it via a search which i linked to. try the url:

This is the medical malpractice I was speaking of. They even go as far as to frame people as mental patients(dang sure did it to my 90 year old grandma and the cops helped and ignored our plea for help), and I believe that the neo nazis are doing this and using it as a political weapon. It makes sense that they would, they target those who seek to expose them as we can see. I believe they would have tried it on me before I exposed them and got some locals on board and reached out to the department and the FBI. When I make bold claims like that on here and don't back it up, it is because I believe it firmly based on what evidence I have seen. I am in the process of perfecting my wording herein.

Elderly Abuse Exposed In Facility

The cops here refused to investigate malpractice on my 90 year old grandma. Instead they got mad, got in our face, arrested us ( case dropped no evidence ) , tried to burn the house down by leaving all the heaters running, and baker acted her. She was deliberately drugged and treated as a mental patient. We have more than enough evidence to prove it as well. Her medical records and tons of eye witness testimony all agree, it was malpratice. The police know, and did nothing .. but instead, they gangstalked us for years starting in 2017, one year into the Donald Trump Presidency. That's in NAVARRE FLORIDA by the way. Contact the FBI if you have any information about these guys but go visit in person and you want to talk to Michelle Chan. Tell the other agents, that as what to what it is about, tell them you can not say. If they refuse to let you talk to her, get their name and take it higher. Tell the righteous agents about any other agents who are covering this organized crime up. Fight America, Fight damnit.

Medical Malpractice Routine, On Teens

This is similar to what I was telling you happened with my grandma, and I link to another story below which proves what happened to my grandma is taking place. They deliberately drugged my elderly grandma to make her look crazy but it was drug induced psychosis, pharmakaia. She was wrongfully treated as a mental patient and kept on the mental floor of a local place our in Gulf Breeze Florida. It was abuse. They came after me for speaking up and trying to get justice. I was gangstalked for years but now the neo nazi's have retreated and the local FBI and police are now notified and war is taking place in the pandhandle of Florida legally. May God lead the righteous to victory.

Mental Health Facility Under Investigation

I told you, they're in police and medical. They're committing covert genocide. Woke means AWAKE, AWARE. What's the opposite thereof? Asleep. Yeah.

WideSpread Police Misconduct Exposed

That's because they're neo nazi's and they're in police (and I'm pretty dang sure they're in medical too because there is a LOT of sick malpractice going on and straight genocide ( recurring malpractice that ends up in death is called genocide ). Remember George floyd, and white supremacist and neo nazi's and Charlottsville? It's right in front of you, and it is mainstream news. Recurring malpractice by the way is called genocide, and it is in violation of international nuremberg codes. Ban nazism, make it illegal and arrest them all before they keep killing, stealing, and destroying.

Hundreds Of Florida Doctors With Multiple Malpractice still seeing patients. (protected)

If vaccine makes can kill and not be sued, and doctors can kill and not be sued, woulnd't it be the perfect place for neo nazi's and psychos? Is everyone blind? Hello?!?!?!?!?!? This news story basically exposes what I have been saying, that there is medical genoide going on in Florida. We have a nazi infestation as well, as anyone can see on the news, and they're the ones telling everyone the earth is flat and that the sky is hot pink. The news is real, not fake. They're in polie, and medical. The news alone is proof of this. It is the evidence that I submit to you, along with history, and my grandma's case. Wake up for crying out loud, and do something.

WPMI-15 - Nurse yells "heil hitler" at city counsel meeting..

Nurse yells "heil hitler" at city counsel meeting.. Yup, they're in medical and police like I said. 9/11, 911. See Psalm 91:1 and Psalm 90:11 and Psalm 91:3 and 91:13 Heck see Psalm 91:All. Please get involved and share this url with others and tell them about what you've discovered hidden in plain sight right here. It's mainstream news folks. Put the puzzle together and look at it, neo nazi genocide. 911.

Cali Department Under Investigation

FBI Warns Of Elder Fraud Crimes

Santa Rosa County Florida is proof. They helped a place frame my grandma as a mental patient. That's murder, medical genocide. I believe they're neo nazi's because this guy on our street said a ton of beyond suspeious stuff to me about nazi war plans he had and other stuff as he praised police and took joy from my story about my grandmas suffering and murder. I do believe they're in the police department and these local medical facilities. I have names for FBI agents of course. Scott Haines is another example, of a cop who stole over 10k from an elderly woman. They abuse your elderly family and frame you as the one who did it, which is projection, psychological projection. They tell you that you did what they did. They're idiots. The police report when compared to the local news stories proves that they covered it up, and that their IQ is like negative ten billion.

Expert Warns Of Rise In Malpractice

Hints, covid19. I told you. The news backs up my claims. This also illustrates how critical the news is. Please take this time to share this page with your friends, family, and strangers. What I have to point out is absolutely critical. May God help us continue to hunt down these nazi cells and bring them to justice, legally. Amen. Get off of Gab and on MeWe!

BBC Documentary Exposes Neo Nazi Connection To Oklahoma City

The BBC exposes the neo nazi connection to the Oklahoma City Bombing in this excellent documentary. They are a good new agency because of this and more. Timothy hung out in a off the grid town called "Elohim city", in which Wikipedia has an entire page on. They exposed it. Take all of this seriously and pray our FBI cleans up this nazi pandemic. Praise the Lord for his authority. Amen. Do you part. BTW, that guy Danna kissick on joe pruitt road, the nazi war plan guy, the dude whose sun wore the smock with graven images on it ( nazi symbols and such ), as he would approach me by the mailbox, before he slowly started bringing up the racist stuff, I had brought up a few topics like 9/11 and oklahoma city, and I mentioned how the BBC exposed the neo nazi connection and he behaved very strangely. I mentioned that I had the original news clips and he was very nervous. Also I mentioned Elohim city as mentioned from the documentary, and he chucked, and goes "I know about elohim city", all excited, like I mentioned his favorite strip club or something.

Arrested Neo Nazi In Chandler GA

A message to neo nazi's everywhere, that you are NOT invinsible. Sign my petition to screen all forms of government and medical for neo nazi's, white supremacist, kkk, and other extremist and terrorist. We need to continue to drain the nazi swamp, and not by our own strength by but the power of the Most High God and his authority and works through us. Bring it up to other people in social situations: We need legislation that makes neo nazi groups ILLEGAL, DOMESTIC TERRORIST. Start hunting them., get em out of medical.

Neo Nazi's Spread Propoganda On GAB

Folks, Gab is so cluttered with these milita and neo nazi groups, and kkk, and white supremacist, and other dissidents, who say and post such horrible and distubring things that all normal people have had them removed from their platforms.. They're posting fake news and telling everyone CBS and ABC are fake, when it is the other way around. They have been attacking our democray behind closed doors, using our critical internet, to defame it, so they can attack our free speech online, using their free speech as a weapon to further their own agenda(this is what I believe based on what I can see and what is presented here, and what's going on with real estate being stolen). Come get on MEWE instead.

Department Of Justice: Former Santa Rosa County Deputy Pleads Guilty On Federal And State Charges

Not only did he rip off an elderly woman for what, over 10k or something like that? ( a SANTA ROSA COUNTY SHERIFFS DEPUTY DID THIS! ) but he also was busted for lying to the FBI. Contact or reach out to agent Michelle Chan with any information related to crime in the panhandle for both medical malpractice related, and police. TALK, and do not hesitate to reach out to the FBI. The more people know, the more disembolden the little nazi punks will be. Mwa,ha,ha...

WEAR SRC Cop afraid of Woman at traffic stop, slams door on her violently & escilates

The shot shows the deputy's arm in the shot, looks like a wierd occult tattoe to me. It's the swirls and tatttoes. There's a good FBI url somewhere online with a list of symbols they identify as related to white supremacy and other criminal cults. These are known as graven images in the bible, and the second commandment forbids them. The swastika is a good example of a graven image that "thou shalt not make unto thee", and the consequenes of violating this rule is serious. God rules.

Escambia County Sheriffs Office WITCHCRAFT

This shows that there is a witchcraft cult operating around here and I want you all to take it seriously. There is a connection between witchcraft and nazism and I have evidence that there is a nazi cult operating around here in the 850. I have told the FBI multiple times, as well as deputies in Santa Rosa County, who I believe there are cops involved. Based on what they did to my grandma and the other evidene I believe they're in police and medical.

Google search for: santa rosa county florida witchcraft proves further that it is in the area. Christians beware, it is real, and a lot of you are being misled by the wrong shepherd and in the wrong direction. Now's a great time to read the word yourself, get in a bible study GROUP, and stand your grand and give your input. There is a church of Wicca just outside pace. It's real, not fake.

Nikki Fried Speaks Out Against Nazi's In Tampa!

We need to clone her. See that ball starting to roll? Keep the enemy on the retreat, disembolden, pray, abide in God, and continue to follow in people like her and my footsteps. The mere fact that the numbers of those who see the truth that is hidden in plain sight is growing, will ensure when combined with the will and grace of God, that our victory unfolds. For victory is already his, the Lord God Almighty.

Neo Nazi Runs For Sheriff In AZ url: ABC News

Socialist don't work at burger king, they work for government, where they can have protection, dodge accountability, rig the system, and oppress the rest. If they're in that department, they're in ours as well. I will add more clips here about neo nazi's running for office around the globa: Check back soon.

Whistleblower Stalked & Intimidated By Police They did this to me when i exposed the neo nazis across the street and posted it on the srcso fb page. They're in police and medical. THIS WRBSITE HAS GOTTEN ME DEATH THREATS http://JEHOVAH.AGENCY #srcso Anyway, you've seen the news clips about neo nazis gangstalking whistleblowers and journalist, and heard Sheriff Mike Chitwood back that claim up as well. The more you know folks. In fact when I announced to the fbi and local police that this site was going up, and the neo nazi's across the street, and posted about it on the srcso facebook wall, they pounded on my door within 8 hours and the gangstalking reached its highest point yet. They're in police and medical folks.

SRCSO Deputy baker acts 8 year old?

SRCSO Deputy baker acts 8 year old? Did I hear that right? They cuff a special needs student? Who is this deputies name? His family sues. Repeal the baker act in florida The neo nazi's in police and medical are using it as a weapon. They must be hunted own and jailed and removed from Government. Stand up to the SRCSO. Work with the good cops though, we need them on board cleaning this place up.

Complaint filed after nurse shouts "Heil Hitler" at Mobile City Council meeting - NBC 15 WPMI

The title says it all. They're not in police and medical huh? The news would indicate that they are. Email your representatives and show them this news and ask them and your local police to get on board. Expect lash back. Be prepared to defend like a real American.

Repeal the baker act in Florida Neo nazi's are using it as a weapon.

If any of the links above go offline or are broken ( they weren't the last time I checked, they can always be pulled up on the way back machine ( the internet archives ) at or the

I did some thorough blogs on my other project at that I want to link you to: Medicine/Drugs, 911, 9/11, 91:1, and Medical Genocide In Plain Sight All of these blog post have academic citations and I cite my sources. I also use mainstream news sources as citations for some claims and to show that my grandma's case is already mainstream news type of stuff. She was framed as a mental patient, drugged, tortured, slowly murdered, and the state acted as though it was routine. That is GENOCIDE.

Pharma rips off God's designs from phytochemicals in plants:

Bruneton, J. (1995). Pharmacognosy, phytochemistry, medicinal plants. Lavoisier publishing.

The Rise In New Age Occult & Narcissism Connection Please note that I have already backed this up with academic citations, so the blog I link to and the search are just for reading pleasure, because these facts I have already proven. Feel free to check things with, a database that links you to school libraries across the country and globe.

New ageism and narcissism, and its connection to the nazi and far right movement.. This article said it very well, just as I have been saying, "This might seem like an extreme example and it is not to compare the outcome of the two, but when it comes to the fascism/spiritual crossover we are seeing this year, something that was somewhat similar happened with Hitler and the Nazis, who used esoteric beliefs to promote their brainwashing tactics. It is often predicated on hierarchy and feeds off of fear and misinformation while claiming to set you free of the very thing it is promoting under disguise." The neo nazi's are in police, medical, military, politics, but they are outnumbered. They're using medical malpractice as their new ovens, and their narrative is anyone who knows the truth is mentally ill. They're using the baker act to prey on the elderly and those who have figured them out, typically by them framing your grandparents as mental patients and then you call them or the doctors out and then you find out, they're neo nazi's. The news isn't fake about the neo nazi.

Academic citation / source: Goodrick-Clarke, N. (1992). The occult roots of Nazism: Secret Aryan cults and their influence on Nazi ideology. NYU Press.

Check out my biblical dream dictionary in the works here!

God is mad at Germany. I'm guessing it's the rise in neo nazis. The video below illustrates how God speaks through weather. Psalm 93 95 98 147 and Revelation 1:15 "and God's voice is as the sound of many waters" ( as in hurricanes, floods, hail, pouring and howling rain, etc. )

Scary night in Germany! ⚠️ The night turned into lights! Terrible thunder storm hits Konst

gods voice

I'm not gonna lie, I question and wonder about the images above, because of the second commandment it says "or any likeness of anything in the heavens above or the earth beneath. Because the word likeness means a reproduction, symbolic of, a clone, similar to, in the similarity of, a fake, an emulation... it kinda fits the definition of a photograph, and while I understand it generally is written because of idolatry, if we wanted to be literal and technical, any photograph of anything on this planet or in outer space would be a violation of this commandment in exodus 20. I ask God for understanding in this area. Everything in the grocery store is in violation of this commandment if it is meant this literally ( boxes of tea for example may have chamomile flowers on them which would be in the likeness of that which is in the heavens above if we are going to take it super literally ) but I can tell you it certainly applies to graven images such as the w.h.o. logo ( has a serpent on it ), the medical caduceus ( has a serpent on it ), and others especially the five pointed star or any star for that matter, and synthetic drugs, made in the likeness of organic chemical components of plants found in nature, as designed by God and placed there. It certainly applies to statues and objects, like my grandma collected little elephants, and kept them on the shelf. That's an example of an object made in the likeness of that which is in the earth beneath.

To combat and counter neo nazi propoghanda, I'm putting some REAL truthful documentaries below that expose how occultism and nazims are related. There was a massive rise in new age occultism around the world and 2016-now are a result of that. Where there is witchcraft, nazism is near. I want America to realize that occultish stuff, like psychics, tarot, and new ageism, is a path that leads to nazism. The Nazi's in WWII were heavily into occultish satanic crap, so don't be fooled. Again, this statement can easily be verified via the history channel, history books, Google Scholar ( connects you with academic information from scholarly sources like schools and universities. ). Other electronic databases allows you to connect with academic facts as well and even makes it easy for you to cite citations. The The internet was invented by a professor for education, it is just that people like Qanon and Alex Jones have abused free speech and slandered people and spoke without backing up their words, and this has made the internet look bad.Follow my lead, and cite your claims, and take advantage of news archives from mainstream sources like the BBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, and other online outlets popular on YouTube like The Young Turks, Rolland Martin, RC NEWS, Vice News, and others. There has never been a better time to point out things about World War Two and what the nazi's did back then, because they are here and people are distracted. We are fighting NAzi's, and it is a spiritual battle. You need to do your part in the physical but walk in the spiritual with God and his army. Abide.

Occult History of the Third Reich (Documentary Film)

Hitlers Last Secret
( Exposes Connection between black magic and nazism )

Nazi Quest For The Holy Grain
( Also exposes the nazi / occult connection )

Here are a bunch of academic sources that confirm that nazi's and occultism are innertwined. The information on the search engine below is good enough for a professor, hints the word "scholar", that means they are from SCHOOLS, universities, etc.
Google Scholar search for academic facts related to nazism and occultism being related

Look for history channel documentaries on these search engines:

DuckDuckGo Search Secret Societies Exposed
Use discernment, and look at mainstream documentaries, particularly the History Channel, which also proves that the truth is hidden in plain sight, right on TV.

PetalSearch Search Seret Societies Exposed

Familiarize yourself with the concept of a Psy op, "psychological operation". It is a real war maneuver that you need to understand. Also note that you can also prove this point using any database any school in the country uses. Different colleges and universities typically tell their students about an "electronic database", which is a library online of academic facts (that means your professor will ok it as a valid source of credible information, the kind that works for a school research paper as valid and real, not fake. ) Google scholar is one such place, Do your own research, and note that everything I say on here is in fact baked up. Florida law seems to protect serial killers who call theirselves doctors. It sure seems obvious to me they are abusing elderly people, and exploiting the fact that they're old and defenseless. We need laws to protect them, and we need to repeal wellfare checks and the baker act completely. Downsize mental health, and investigate and screen these places. Weed out all extremist from mental health and note that in WWII the nazi's had mental health facilities, and sense we have them in the USA this is VERY DANGEROUS. Stop acting like reality is silly conspiracy theory. The truth, it's right in front of you folks.

Feel free to check out the other portion of this site which I will be removing the new age stuff from it soon. It will be replaced with sites and blogs and videos that expose the new age movement ( as what it is, witchcraft ) and then expose its connection to nazism. The URL is: , a clickable version here:

Gaslighting is like someone telling you that the sky is orange when you can clearly see that it is blue. It's something that crazy people do. They seek to try to sell you on the lie that you're crazy, insane, or "mentally ill". They theirselves are mentally ill, and do this in order to control victims. There is a spiritual connection to this phenominon. Bible teachers refer to is as "the jezebel spirit". Check out pastor Robert Morris, he's a good teacher and did a sermon on this. I have linked to it using his name in the previous sentence.


Want to really find out what is happening in Ukraine? Talk to an actual real person from there in real time. I found this person on neocities, they had followed me, so I followed back. Anyway if you scroll down on their site is a chat window and you can talk with the site owner any time. So there you have it, a live feed from someone in the Ukraine, someone who spends a lot of time online like me, another tech nerd. They'll be glad to share any news they can with you or answer any questions in the chat.

Citations are found scattered through the page here.
Others: directly linked to

Link exchange? Reach out!

I cite scripture and science below. The citations will be updated over time. Deuteronomy 29:29 {11:11} "The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may follow all the words of this law." The bible is real, and is very mis-understood. Another one of the biggest deceptions is the pharma situation. The whole world is turning to synthetic pharmaceuticals that are built on sorcery. These chemicals are just knock-off's to one's that God already made. They tell you the seed bearing herb is bad, and then turn around and extract chemicals from it, and then alter them using their diabolical sorceries. The second commandment forbids this, as they are fake copies or reproductions of that which exist in the earth beneath.


Job 33:14-18 "14 For God speaketh once, yea twice, yet man perceiveth it not. 15 In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed; 16 Then he openeth the ears of men, and sealeth their instruction, 17 That he may withdraw man from his purpose, and hide pride from man. 18 He keepeth back his soul from the pit, and his life from perishing by the sword."

God's Voice:

Psalm 93,95,98,147
The Psalm's above describe his voice as the weather.
Revelation 1; 1:15; "and his voice as the sound of many waters."


Job 33:14-18
Same verses from Dreams above.

DMT, Pineal Gland(Third eye):

Revelation 7:3 {7*3=21 or 7+7+7}
Rev 7:3 "Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads."

Revelation 22 {11:11}

The whole chapter of Revelation 22 is about the place which the pineal gland is capable of sending your soul, to the heavenly realm of God. It's designed I believe, so when the rapture takes place, God activates it, and we are all trasported to his realm, on a spirit level, aka you leave your body to go be with God during the rapture.

Revelation 22:4 "And they shall see his face; and his name shall be in their foreheads." 5:"And there shall be no night there; and they need no candle, neither light of the sun; for the Lord God giveth them light: and they shall reign for ever and ever."


Deuteronomy 29:29; {11:11}
Deuteronomy 29:29 "The secret things belong unto the Lord our God: but those things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children for ever, that we may do all the words of this law."

Romans 11:8-11:9 "According as it is written, God hath given them the spirit of slumber, eyes that they should not see, and ears that they should not hear;) unto this day. And David saith, Let their table be made a snare, and a trap, and a stumblingblock, and a recompence unto them."

Luke 8:17 "For nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest, nor is anything secret that will not be made known and come to light."

Luke 12:3 "Therefore whatever you have said in the dark shall be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in private rooms shall be proclaimed on the housetops." ESV

Ecclesiastes 12:14 "For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil."

Proverbs 25:2 "It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter."

Matthew 13:11 He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries(secrets) of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given.

God is NOT a giant dude, he is a Spirit:

Revelation 1:15 {7} "and his voice as the sound of many waters" (hurricanes, floods, hail, etc; (weather);

Daniel 10; "Then I lifted up mine eyes, and looked, and behold a certain man clothed in linen, whose loins were girded with fine gold of Uphaz: 6 His body also was like the beryl, and his face as the appearance of lightning, and his eyes as lamps of fire, and his arms and his feet like in colour to polished brass, and the voice of his words like the voice of a multitude."

John 4:24 "God is a SPIRIT, and those who worship him must worship him in spirit and in TRUTH/"

A few pineal gland resources of academic origin for further proof:
"Where all thoughts are formed..." most fascinating..

All content from this point on is new, and will be positioned into the content above strategically or linked to for its own separate page.

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    So there you have it.. I have used John F Kennedy's points, historic facts ( cited from academic sources ) mainstream news sources and even the department of justice's and FBI's own websites ( ) and CNN, NYdaily, CBS, ABC, NBC, wear 3, etc, as sources to show you that my grandma's case, and all these other horror stories are happening and real mainstream news... I believe they are related, and that it is these nazi cult's(secret societies, hidden in plain sight(mainstream news) that are doing it(attacking us from within). The guy on my road and his friends who said what they said to lead me to believe they are in a nazi cult need to be watched, until they can be brought to justice. I believe they're all in the same group, including the doc, the assisted living facility ", the cops, and these punks on our street. My evidence is real, and my words are truth. The truth is hidden in plain sight, right in front of you. In your bible is the truth, and your history books, and the encylopedia, and online on pubchem, and wikipedia, and and and other electronic databases with academic information for anyone who wants to learn. Any school will provide you with an online electronic database where you can get accurate scholarly information online ( on the web ). You have so much truth and knowledge right in front of you for free, and yet they train you to think it is all fake and that all that is real is a lie, and all that is a lie is truth. It is deception my friends. Now be woke, because the only other option is to be a sleeping cow, in a line to be executed and robbed. Know that on this website there may be broken links at times, it is odd that videos will suddenly move or be taken down or their url will change.. I have replaced the same video's url's several times now.

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    If you have any tips about neo nazis reach out to: and the FBI and post about it online and hash tag #fbi #doj #atf etc. Sheriff Chitwood will know who to contact. Communication is key in this fight against nazism. Thanks for all who help.

    I'm leaving you with links:

    Oklahoma city bombing urls:
    (Original live news clips on YouTube)
  • Oklahoma_city_bombing1; URL:
  • Oklahoma_city_bombing2; URL:
  • Oklahoma_city_bombing3; URL:
  • Oklahoma_city_bombing4; URL:

  • Bush/Kerry Skull And Bones Secrety Society MSNBC Interviews urls:
    (Original live news clips on YouTube)
  • Skull_and_bones1; URL:
  • Skull_and_bones2; URL:

  • Thorough page on Skull and Bones ->Here

  • Charlottsvile

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