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Yeshua Yahweh Jahova Jesus Christ God Almighty The Most High

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Site last updated: Oct 22, 2023!

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This website is about the real, uncensored, peoples internet, and finding what's left of the old web while it disappears before our very eyes, as lucifer attacks free speech from all angels. It's a place of freedom, community, whistle-blowing, entertainment, creativity, art, news, hobbies, nostalgia, and the documented collective consciousness. It's our hangout, our playground, our peaceful war-zone, and our place of victory over evil. We're not hiding, nor will we be oppressed. Victory is in the hands of the righteous, as it was intended to be from the beginning. Please bookmark the page and share it with friends, as well as save it in case it gets removed. Feel free to upload it elsewhere and even reach out if you want to contribute.

Exodus 15:26 "And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the Lord thy God, and wilt do that which is right in his sight, and wilt give ear to his commandments, and keep all his statutes, I will put none of these diseases upon thee, which I have brought upon the Egyptians: for I am the Lord that healeth thee."

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Deuteronomy 29:29 "The secret things belong unto the LORD our God: but those things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children for ever, that we may do all the words of this law."

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Latest Update: Oct 22, 2023

Random, wanna share these urls: write.as, and urlscan.io they are rad. I've been workin on this page a bit. I removed a bunch of old stuff at the bottom to make the page a bit smaller to improve loading and surfing for users. I'm adding links to the database as well. If you run a small business and you're not a supremacist, and just a regular person that's struggling or whatever, let me know. I'll gladly support you. Most of the stuff I link to here is non profit. I make no money from this page what so ever. It is abouve providing a service, maintaining the true link structure of the peoples internet, and supporting others. 850.news is my latests and most greatest project..

Updates: July 6, 2022

Updates: July 4, 2022

Check out NBCTV.NEWS, not related to NBC. I'm working on it. I have to share this chicks video because I find her to be one of the best story tellers that I've heard on the subject thus far. She reminds me of myself. Anyway this is her story of realizing that it's real, and coming from witchcraft and divination to Jesus Christ. She has talent, and a way with words. I hope you enjoy. #newage #jesuschrist #god #salvation

Link: Testimony: How Jesus Saved Me Out Of The New Age And Withcraft

Updates, Entering April, 2022

I apologize if this page takes forever to load. I need to separate it into segments like it has at the bottom ( It has page numbers but it's not being used yet as of April 2022 ( or 1 day from April 2022 ) I'll get around to it eventually. I really don't work on this page often. It's way cool though. In case this image doesn't load right away or at all, here is a direct link to it. rev10lionlightning.png It's an awesome bible quote with a photo of a lion and a lightning bolt under it from my Neocities portfolio @ nbctv.new

revelation 10

As we enter into the month of April, 2022, we are reminded that things have changed. In 2021 the seventh angel from the book of revelation chapter 10 had sounded, and the mystery of God was finished to those whose destiny it was to find out. Now the time is critical for you to do your work, and complete your mission. Do the Lord's work, God's work, for the greater good. Understand the enemy and its secretive nature, that seeks to discredit, project, and inflict illness and psychological distress... They target your soul ( mind, will, emotions ) They being the far right lunatics and their fallen angel companions. This is the age of new age occult guru false teachers and cults It's important to not be ignorant of what is happening. Please follow me on my social networks to stay up to date with scripture and bible study. I post my own content and others, and anything important that the world needs to know, as cited from scripture with my interpretations as well. NBCTV.NEWS no relation to NBC will take you to my Neocities portfolio page (#_#) Thanks

I'm also removing all the spammy ads from herbalism.blog ( botanicalGUIDES.com ) and totally revamping the content, adding biblical context, more citations and resources including pubchem, putting extra emphasis on God's word, promoting the bible and ten commandments, as well as more academic resources and citations and I'm also adding some links to other peoples awesome related content even embedding some videos just to "pay it forward" as it is said.. What else.. Updating some images, highlighting the key parts of paragraphs, using the underline tag, and... Rewording some disclaimer text, etc. I'm giving away free seeds with every order at herbalism.shop Prayer works, use it.

Feb 1, 2022

Jan 10, 2022

Oh We won again with Kratom, the UN and WHO finally stopped bluffing ( they acted like they were gonna ban it lmao )

Update Nov 28, 2021

Here are some cool videos you should know about. It turns out there is infact an invisible realm around you filled with Angels, and fallen angels, and other unexplainable events. Science does not know everything, and this is why the book of Genesis is so vague. For the most high has not even revealed to us the blueprints of the universe in their full context and vast libraries, and we have still created and participated in the ultimate sin, the sin of allowing man to modify our RNA which is THE SOURCE CODE of our human existence! This is sick, it's wicked, diabolical, and un-righteous. It is the most wicked sin ever contemplated and put into action against the population of our planet. Many people come to know Christ by having encounters with paranormal realities. If you ever decide to want to know, pray to Jesus Christ and seek proof that the spirit of this benevolant being exists. You can prove it to yourself! That is the best part! The most high won't give you whatever you want, because what you want isn't always what you need, and a lot of the times what you want will lead to your own destruction. He will deliver you, but he will not buy you cars, and hoes, and anything else that's gonna lead you to living like your own god that has no rules or sense of righteousness, and simply "anything goes". Lucifer and his legion will give you worldly things, but they will never deliver you from evil, because at the end of the day, their objetive is to deliver you INTO EVIL and bondange, and not out from it. Psalms 91:1-3 "He who dwells in the shelter of the most high, will abide in the shadow of the almighty. For it is HE who delivers you from the snare of the trapper, and the deadly pestilence. He will cover you with his pinions, and under his wings you may seek refuge. His faithfulness is a shield and bulwark." Please read Psalms 91-95 Thanks.

Prophetic Events To Come - Lion Of Judah Channel

O Holy Night

Angels In The Bible

Signs The Enemey Is Messing With You

Free Daily Bible Quotes & Bible Study! Follow Me!

Update Nov 25, 2021

I'm adding biblical stuff now as well. Please join my Gab Group for free Bible Quotes daily here! Follow my Gab at http://NBCTV.NEWS Free daily bible quotes! #holybible #god #jesus #christ #yeshua Please share it with your friends, family, and strangers as well! http://CNBCTV.NEWS also works! I'm in the process of revamping http://herbalism.blog from new-agey to Biblical! It will be fun. I am also selling bibles and will expand my stock of them soon enough! http://herbalism.shop

Update Nov 14, 2021

If you would like your church or organization listed, please reach out to me via Gab via the url nbctv.news which will take you to my Gab profile. I encourage people to research all religions and hope that they find Christ and God. I post some new age stuff to expose the indoctrination and I also post gospel. I post so people can see the bigger picture and examine all the evidence that leads to it. I post so that those seeking truth can find it. I pray that are all led to the one true god, that will defeat the Anti-Christ and lucifer along with his dark forces. I do believe that the new age cult movments are very dangerous, especially people like Teal Swan. I'm making it my new methodology in my ativism to expose indoctrination in general, esepcially that which is endorced and spread via the media, hollywood, and new age theology, as well as its connection to world events, be it Nazi Germany, or the current political social situation of the world today at large. Gods people will awaken those that we can and spread the truth. Good will prevail over evil in the end. God will destroy all of the evildoers as prophecy promises.

Update: Nov 14, 2021

Research The Flat Earth Via DuckDuckGo.com and other non-controlled search engines like Mojeek.com as well. The Bible details a stationary earth that is "fixed and unmovable" which contradicts what Nasa claims to prove, as well as Nasa's own imagery ( it appears to all be fake my friends ) [ research it ]. I've added some other updates here including biblical stuff. I'm posting new age warnings to help prevent people from learning the hard way if that is so gods plan for them. Be ware of false new age religions based on faked space phenominon and main-stream sience used to indoctrinate the masses into the new world order new age religion falsehood deception. Enjoy the rest of your days! Bye for now. I will be back with updates! I am sorry it has been so long. Check out my news feed on my Neocities via NBCTV.NEWS which is mine and I am not with NBC or anything like that as a quick dislaimer, to be clear. Thank you very much my followers :)

Update August 24, 2021

The video above I thought was so profound that I had to embed it... I've added a few Gab groups, a few new links, social media, video hosting platforms, some cool informative pages, etc.

Added Rumble, Twitch, Telegram

I also added a really cool lucid dreaming multimedia link consciousdreaming.com http no https on that link, not sure why. It loaded with no issues or warnings in my 2020 browser. For those who are not aware of the pandemic and depopulation agenda, go see the evidence on Bitchute. The globalist have been telling us for decades, almost a century in fact... They have a way or wording things friendly enough for people to smile and nodd in response to..

Software company: SSuitOffice.com Software

Here's another post human warning: Post-Human Warning {Eugenics Fraud!}(58mins)[Mini Documentary]

Update August 19, 2021

Some action in the tropics!

We had a couple of tropical storms going on. Fred came ashore near the Mexico beach area 10mph shy of hurricane status with a rather somewhat impressive appearance. Linda I believe it is, should still be churning in the Pacific. It looked very impressive.

YouTube transfer still in progress..

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update this with more cool shat

Update August 14, 2021

Adding some bad ass links including a really effin cool Video platform I found called ToobNix under UToob Alternatives [ Alt Video ]

Update August 12, 2021

Still waiting to find out what the tyrant nazis at the world health organization will say about this retarded azz attempt to ban Kratom internationally and turn the global health population into criminals and captured slaves. We're not having it. Please follow the American Kratom Association to fight these diabolical morons.

Added some new links; Under weather: https://zoom.earth/ I also found these other two cool sites: https://www.act1.tv/bmenu.html and https://www.cinema16.net/

Update August 10, 2021

Creepy things Microsoft admits..

I've added some other links to the page as well. Surf!

Update August 9, 2021

No updates regarding the WHO Kratom thing. May they miserably fail. Keep fighting for freedom. I've added a section exposing transhumanism because I feel it's very dangerous and needs to be exposed and ended ( banned ). Ban transhumanism! Ban fascism! Also, for everything potentially scary but true on here, I will post something light hearted and dopamine inducing. Not all of the links on here are political or of whistle blowing nature. It's a pretty vast database and growing. Feel free to submit them to me. Contact me on Gab with urls at http://nbctv.news ( forwards to my Gab profile ). You can pay me for advertising space on here as well. I do links for free but if you want one of the randomly placed side ads, it'll cost you. I have good prices though. Again, contact me on Gab. Thanks. I also added a very cool alternative investigative journalist called TruthStream Media They're amazing.

Update August 5, 2021

The FDA claims they're going to hit up the World Health Organization on the 9th, in 4 days, and ban kratom internationally. We'll see how well that goes over ( not happening ) Please do your part though and see the American Kratom Association to fight this rediculous non-sense. I'll be adding a few more updates to the site. I'm also now using NBCtv.NEWS to forward to this websites GAB feed. That and CNBCTV.news :)

I'll see if I can't add a few little other updates throughout the sections on this website. By the way if you haven't already, you can zoom out on a PC (laptop or desktop computer) by pressing and holding control then minus. I love exploring the depths of the internet and breaking free from the first page of censored communism land where transhumanist lerk behind the curtains being creepier than ever, having martinis with scientologist. I don't hate these people, but I certainly see them posing grave danger if they try to covertly push their stuff on the population. I'm looking for authors who'd want to contribute to blogs for this website. If you want content published send it my way. Catch me on My Neocities Feed By the way sites like Neocities are a form of censorshipless social media. Gab is also great, get on Gab.com!

predictive programming odd tv

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I try to keep this clean guys.
I don't link to anything that would be off-putting.
This portal is as clean as Google but with a different algorithm.

Derek Chauvin Trial Begins Soon!

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