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I try to keep this clean guys.
I don't link to anything that would be off-putting.
This portal is as clean as Google but with a different algorithm.

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Poverty vs Expensive SSL Certificates & https://

Something that's happened recently is that search engine giants have shifted towards ranking ssl pages higher than regular http ones. This is where all of the https:// is coming from. [ note the add S to the http:// ]. The s stands for secure. It's encrypted. The point i'm getting at is this caused x amount of people to be forced to pay for ssl certificates in order to maintain their visibility or online inconme. I pay like $80 a year [ I think ] for mine, per domain. It's not necessary unless you are collecting credit card information, etc. It's a scam to get more money out of people. I just paid for a .com for this site http://afutureoftruth.com and it has NO SSL certificate. So i'm banned. lol .


Internet Freedom Of Expression And Speech

I thought, wouldn't it be nice to just make the ultimate page, have fun with it, and be free. To not worry about pleasing a search engine, or whether or not to use a rel="nofollow". To not worry about penalties, and extra un-necessary work to please the "times". This is how the internet should be. Please support ~~>opposing<~~ the censoring of the internet. There have been attemps by individuals to stop free speech on the internet.Please please please do your part to fight it. If not stopped, It will make all my and your favorite online content censored, burried off search engines everywhere.

Fight Internet Censorship

Web Accessibility

There is actual internet censorship in some countries. People aren't being told about this enough but it's a real threat, and as we speak algorithms change. The shuffle of information accesssibility changes. w3.org is probably outraged over internet censorship. They belive that the internet should be accesible to everyone, no prejudice, including handicapped individuals. That is their job, and contribution to the world wide web. Anyway... This page is just flowing... It's nice to not have to obsess over whether or not to use that rel="nofollow". That's what I like about Bing and Yahoo. That, and that it belongs to the Microsoft network. [ at least right now, as far as I know ]

Info Wars Live Feed

Disclaimer: This page should not be in any violation of the Neocities terms of service to the best of my ability. These links should be clean and legal to the best of my knowledge. Always use caution when surfing the web and make sure to scan files for viruses prior to downloading. Email me about any suspicious content linked to from here and know that I try to support only legit, and unquestionable webpages on the world wide web.

Neocities is a place to be free, to explore, to share, to create, and to break free from the limitations of the conformity introduced and enforced by search giants and their new algorithm changes which display a bias of favortism towards major coorporations. Embrace the essence of your internet freedom. Fight to prevent net censorship. Keep the internet a free public collective service for all human beings. Let the individual be heard, and their influence be made on our society as a collective. Learn more about the war on free speech at infowars live internet radioshow.

code earth

Satisfy your lust to surf the depths of the infinite world wide web. It's an ever growing collaboration of the documentation of the human psyche and spirit, in the form of digital artifacts. Embrace the silicon essence and feel the nostalgia of the wire flow through you. Neocities is digital grafiti. It's a service and I encourage you to donate, having no affiliation with them what-so-ever other than I enjoy using and browsing the neo-cities within this tucked away corner of the world wide web.

Welcome to my free peice of the web! If you want your link here, email me or get up with me on wireclub or aim phoenix! StonedAimUser@Aim.com I am not really responsible for any links that the links on this site link to [ keyword stuffing lol ] so know legally i'm not condoning anything potentially questionable you stumble upon via the links herein. For example I link to the internet archieve but can't control where you go from there. So don't blame me ;)

! This will be the portal to the true web. I will organize it in time and make it like an improved cool version of Yahoo or excite, with real, deep, & important links. The idea is for poor Google users to be exposed to a whole new world! This is about uniting to avoid the covert internet censorship taking place in America today! Here, you will find cool links and whatever else I feel like and want to post without regards to pleasing google or anyone else other than neocities. (#_#) ! ! .


This is the real internet. It's about communication, art, freedom, activism, and human creativity... It's a great way to chat with others around the world. It gives us access to tools like weather data, etc.. Everyone is an amateur journalist on the world wide web.. This is OUR internet.. It doesn't belong to the wealthy or these delusional "authoritarians", it belongs to US. What is happening in the world though? You hear of big pharma, and big media, etc.. but what about big tech? Sadly, one day we are going to miss the days when our biggest fears concerning computers and the internet was someone stealing our credit card number..

We are living in a time when artificial intelligence humanoid robots are real. Hell, years and years ago they were around... There are countries that have robot citizens right now.. some say.. "the singularity has taken place.. They are studying us.. They are essentially absorbing the internet and learning our psychology as fed to these silicon based brains.. but there is a problem.. we are flawed.. and as flawed creatures, we can not create silicon based life that is not flawed as well. I hope that it doesn't get to the point in time where technology is uncontrollable and irreversablen..

Actually coded in "gedit"
within linux OS.

Notepad++ Code / Text Editor

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The Grey Web

I try to keep this clean guys.
I don't link to anything that would be off-putting.
This portal is as clean as Google but with a different algorithm.

The grey web is a term I coined, which represents the internet that is in between the deep and the first page of Google. It's NOT in reference to anything sinister or malevolent however. This area of the web represents sites which have been suppressed via political view, corporate sabotage, etc. It's anything that you either have to dig for in the engines [ hidden greatness, just below the surface ], or sites that have even been de-listed [ removed from the search results completely via sabotage, bias, political, financial, etc. ].This project aims to protect the visibility of the peoples internet, which is what the grey represents. It isn't bad, or scary, it is the building of hyperlinks on the world wide web, interlinking an entire network of informative documents ( .html ). It is, the re-birth of the grey web. We are bringing back our old internet. Go surf the 2000's internet on the way back machine on lycos. This page was first created late November 2019.


I nor anyone who knowingly links to this network, do not condone or encourage illegal behavior through the use of this free service. I can not control every link on every web page that is not of my own. If it is not mine, I am not the mind behind it. I do try to judge every page that goes into this network accordingly, yet there is no way of being absolutely certain that someone won't link to something of my disapproval. One site I will specifically warn you of is textfiles.com There is plenty of good on there, but also some bad, and not the good kind of bad either. In fact I had to take a moment to pause because of something I saw on there that was disturbing. I'm actually going to remove the link and put a textual warning instead. Just don't go there. This is where I distinguish the different between deep and grey web. Be very careful man, surfing the web... If you know of anything that I should know about that needs to be removed let me know. If I've missed something or am linking for the wrong side I want to fix that. The idea of this is that clean legal webmasters can unite to promote one another, with our clean, important content, without search engine giant supression and control.

  jacksons empire  diasproa

This is about what's "good", to me. We don't necessarily have anything against sites that rank #1 on the big giants either. It's about not being limited to that first page mainstream information, and nothing else. In fact, I want this to be a good, clean place for people to surf. That's what I want you to understand. As you leave my pages, you will be in a world on your own. Each wind and road you take is on you, so if something creeps you out, turn around and walk the other way ( don't look back ). This is about what's on page 55 of your search results that might be the coolest website you've ever seen in your life! It's about what is epic but not ranking. Every voice should be heard and that is what the grey web invention is all about. It's nothing more than what I want to be the worlds LARGEST LINK EXCHANGE having billions of trillions of urls connected in one epic link for link, all do following each other in the internet's largest spike in traffic. This is going to be epic. I ask everyone backup and save these pages [ the .html files ] and if need be carry on this legacy.

Just because we get censored doesn't mean we can't get exposure. We can unite. They have trained us to not post urls on our site to certain pages. Link to everyone! No more greed! Let us interlink our entire peoples interenet and create endless portals pointing towards one another. Expression of ones own opinions, beliefs, concerns, and ideas should never be supressed. Any attempt to do so is unjust, immoral, illegal, and a crime against humanity. It must not be allowed. Limiting one viewpoint, and projecting it onto the entire world, is mind control. People need debate, and the ability to view all sides and make up their own mind.