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Electrickery by little people

This is one of the most misunderstood things that whistle blowers preach. Recently, I saw on YouTube ( after the main stream media took over ) a report where they actually went to the streets and talked to "conspiracy theorist". The point of the news story was obviously to make all free thinking individuals look like idiots, and to push the idea that this type of free thought is dangerous in order to ban free speech under the guise of "hate speech". The reporter said to the person in question "So am I controlled then?" This was to make us all look like idiots while covering up the truth. In the next paragraph I will explain how this works. I want to encourage you to do further research into who owns and influences these media corporations from legitimate sources.

Here's the deal folks. If you flip between all of the news channels, you will see the same exact opinion being portrayed on every station. There's never any true opposition to the employees of these news stations. They are owned by the same corporate big-wigs who intentionally use social engineering to push their agenda. It's always an excuse being sold to the American people as to why they should hand over their rights. While these threats are somewhat legit, the end goal is to get the American people to back an idea that's actually being used to manipulate them out of their rights. By labeling those who turn to alternative media and social-networking as "crazy right wing", "terrorist" "racist, "UN-American", they destroy any opposition to attempts at free speech platforms online.

They have also used race, religion and sexual preference to start social wars between the masses. This has kept people distracted and fighting among their-selves instead of fighting the true enemy, which is corruption. By convincing people that we are the problem, we have focused our energy and frustration on each other. The truth problem is this situation on planet earth involving a corporate elite. The federal reserve banking system is controlling inflation, and poverty, along with those who are in control of jobs. By taking our jobs and handing them to those over seas, corporations are able to pay poor populations less money, which results in them making more money. It also results in situations like what happened in Detroit and Flint Michigan.

With the on-going internet censorship movement and socialism taking place in America today, we are looking at a potential and total take-over of the United States of America. As further evidence of this socialism, imagine a scenario where there is no opposition. Imaging everything on the internet going through a corporate and government filtering process. This would essentially influence everyone in America to have the same opinion. By labeling all free speech as "hate speech", and making it a crime, any opposition would be jailed. This result would be a society of complacent yes-men and women. Essentially, they want to weaponize technology and create a technocracy where everyone does exactly what they're told, which is not in their best interest, but the best interest of those in power.