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Ameria is being infiltrated by right wing neo nazi domestic terrorist, and I know what they're doing. Let's work together to stop them legally. Here's what is going on. They're in medical and the police, and they're neo nazi's.

Main points:

  • - Nazi's told everyone communist took over..
  • - The "communist" were their victims..
  • - They practiced witchcraft
  • - They weren't ONLY after Jew's, but all non-Nazi's.
  • - The "socialist" are not democrats, but Nazi's.
  • - They rely on secrecy.
  • - They're in medical and police (hints 9/11;911)
  • - Nazism is a far right form of government..
  • - This is why they are attacking democrats.
  • - Demorats are not communist.
  • - Calling yourself a dem doesn't make you one.
  • - Joe biden is a nazi, not a democrat or communist.
  • - Neo nazi's exist, it's a confirmed phenominon.
  • - History is trying to repeat itself.
  • - You'll have to play dumb and outmaneuver them.
  • - They have their boys answering phones.
  • - This helps them find those who resist.
  • - They target those who resist or know.
  • - Free masonry is connected to nazism.
  • - Everything is spiritual, and God is real.
  • - I can back all of this up with real sources.

  • I want to first start by talking about the history of Nazi's, so we can understand what is happening today in America. At the very end, I will point out how this all ties in with the Bible and the symbolism which confirms it. God's given us clues and signs that we can identify, and rules to protect us and keep us in his safety. The first point we need to understand is this hype about Democrats being communist. It's called propoghanda. The Nazi's did it in WWII, when they told the gullable German people that Nazi's were there, infiltrating, had taken over, and must be stopped. This was fuel for them to over-throw the government. It sounds a lot like what you hear today from Fox news ( 20th century Fox ), telling us Democrats are communist, and we're the bad guys. The reason they call democrats communist, is because Nazi Germany can be described as a FAR RIGHT form of government. The people they call communist, are actually the innocent victims. Narcissist do this, and I believe it's called projection, read about it on wikipedia. It's also important to understand what Gaslighting is to avoid being brainwashed by a Nazi. Discover more about it as well on its wikipedia page.

    So Narcissist, and wicked people in general tend to blame their evil deeds on their victims. In psychology this is called projection. Basically, they're the bad guys but they'll tell you that their victims are the bad guys, or as they like to put it "communist". This is what is happening in America today. In reality, history is attempting to repeat itself. Nazi's tell you that their victims are crazy, and so do narcissist. The two phenominon are two sides of the same coin. A nazi is really just a narcissist who'se evolved in their evil and diabolical nature, by embracing the satanic doctrine of the Nazi, because that's what it is whether they realize it or not, it's satanic doctrine. It's the doctrine of satans service, the grim reaper of the state. 911 is the devils phone number, the serpent. Don't call 9/11. Reply on God for deliverance. See psalms 91:1-END, or as I call to call it, Psalms 911. Most important verses from it: 91:1 "He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High, will abide in the shadow of the Almighty."; 91:3 "For it is HE who delivers you from the snare of the trapper and from the deadly pestilence."; 91:13 "You will tread upon the lion and cobra; The young lion and the serpent you will trample down."; The lion is the MGM lion, and the serpent is medical. The lion also represents the police, as they roam around like a lion looking for those to devoir. I've included some graphics below that illustrate this interpretation. Please note that the second commandment also refers to this, as the images below are the graven images in which the second commandment is refering too. {insert 2nd commandment here}

    My third point, the Nazi's practiced witchcraft. This one is critical because at the end of the paragraph above I used some of the Bible to show you how this is all connected. So the point is, where there is witchcraft, there is nazism. Witchcraft leads to nazism, even if it's not the ones practicing the witchcraft engaged in the nazism. The two will always neighbour each other. Where there is paranormal activity, witchcraft is near. I want to back this up, and so I will list some documentary clips. JFK mentioned secret socieites, and there are history channel documentaries on it as well. Visit and there are some good links there on this. Please share this information. Hitler utilized mandrake root, which was believed to be magic ( it was a cursed object because of the practices people often did with it ) The point is, the events taking place then, and in America today in 2022, are supernaturally driven. God is real, and so is evil and lucifer, so join team saved, and let us win this war, as we are. In 2021, a shift happened ( 7x3=21 ) {God's number is 7(see Rev 1::). The shift had nothing to do with Joe Biden(He's a nazi, just has dem on his voter registration card). Bottom line, people are now awake, where they were not before. I firmly believe that things will get better for the righteous and worse for the wicked from this point on. The time to redeem yourself with God is nearing an end, so get right with him now.

    The neo nazi's we have in America today are after everyone who is not in their click. They operate in secrecy, and target anyone who knows about their crimes. They have come to kill, steal, and destroy, just as lucifer does, because they are satans service. They are in police and medical and use it to carry out their genocide. They try to indimiate ( with their little easy bake over hand guns), they gangstalk, they target past victims families, they steal property, they steal from the elderly and the poor, and target people to keep them silent so they don't blow the cover on their operations. You have to be smart, play dumb, and quietly report them to the FBI. Don't just call the feds directly, get an Agents number directly that you know is legit. The reason why is the front desk can be filled with corrupt ( nazi's put their boys on the phone so they can find out whose on to them, and so they can bounce you all over the unit from one of them to another, this way you get nothing done ) It's a way to keep the secret from getting out, and for them to know who you are at the same time. They won't tell you their names or badge numbers because they're more afraid of You than you are of them. They're also trying to red flag law democrats, because we're on the left, and remember Nazi Germany is a far right thing. This is why the news was talking about a rise in right wing extremeism. It's true too, it's not fake news. There is truth and lies everywhere, and it's kinda not black and white you just gotta take it as it comes and try to tell which is which. Often times lies and the truth are mixed together, or from the same source.

    The very word Occult means secret. Remember, Nazi Germany as verifiable from history channel documentaries, encyclopedias and other sources, was started by a secret society called the Thules society. It was an occult operation. Occult is all about secrets, and witchcraft. They don't want people to know what they're doing because if everyone knew, then an angry mob of Americans would tare them apart limb to limb, because that's just how America rolls. It's that one place in the world where everyone who refuses to be abused and raped join forces to make sure that evil gets its ass whooped on site, any time it decides to rear its ugly little face. Justice and righteouness prevail in this country, because in God we trust to back us up and in God's name we fight for what is right. The very genocide taking place in Nazi Germany is happening today in America. The only difference is they're not using ovens and gas chambers, they're using medical and psychiatric drugs, and the polie are helping them reel in their victims. It's sickening. I bet you a million dollars their likely putting covid19 on death certificates to make more money. It's all about laundering money and stealing with them. It's literally about killing stealing and destroying with Nazi's. They're wicked, straight up. It's not all rainbows and unicorns, or Q anon and conspiracy theories, it's real.

    They're in medical and police. This is why 9/11 is called 9/11. It was on the 9th month, 11th day, the two towers ( 11 ), at 9 am (9AM:11), 9AM, the two towers, 911. 9/11 means 911. The occult are arrogant and stupid, so they always leave clues that give them away right in your face, they just try to hide them and make them look like an accident. The SRCSO does this, and I posted an example on my Gab at NBCTV.NEWS reach out to me if you have trouble finding it. The Bible says: "Let he that hath the understanding calculate his number, for it is the number of a man and his number is 666". Fox in pythagorean numerology is 666 ( forgive me I will go back later and add madd citations, but feel free to research this with or other encyclopedias ). 20th century fox is hollywood, it's the lion from Psalms 91:13 "You will tread upon the lion and cobra, the young lion and the serpent you will trample down." The serpent is the snake is the devil is medical. See the images in the previous paragraphs, I used as citation.

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