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Very important: Elohim city exposed: Wikpedia | BBC Documentary On OCB

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You're going to see ALL the evidence my friend.

Oklahoma Activism

Quick note: Here is an ADL Hate Map by state, showing the most infested area's of the country. I am going to start working on those states first. Please do your part and spread the word about what you learn here, and call, email, and write your representatives and even those in washington, not just your state. Spread this truth by word of mouth, or in person. Know that I have evidence that local neo nazi's in my area are using something called Metasploit to spy on victims, it comes with kali linux at and there are tutorials online on how to use it. They are also known to gangstalk activist and journalist, and are in police and medical. I tell you this so you can protect yourself from gangstalking. Be discrete, but effective. Get organized, and remain peaceful. Our goal is to get through to the righteous folks in Government, because not all of them are bad, and a lot of them are just being distracted and manipulated. We gotta hold nazis accountable and get them out of our land.

Get involved.

I work on this page a little at a time. It's a lot of work. Always check back later.

Important: This page is new, and these are being constructed. I share them on my socials. I use different news stations from major cities and viewing area's from around Georgia.

It's right in front of you, hidden in plain sight.

Quick News Archive Searches: "medical malpractice" | KFOR TV neo nazi | KFOR Oklahoma County Sheriff Arrested Oklahoma Sheriff's Arrested Oklahoma Sheriff Arrested Oklahoma Neo Nazi News Oklahoma Doctor Arrested News

The links above just open up a Google search for and then the keywords. This is so you can see what is hidden in plain sight. There's tons of news about medical malpractice, neo nazis, corruption in police and medical, white supremacist, and police being arrested, even by the DOJ and FBI. PBS tells us that white supremacist seek affiliation with law enforcement. There's plenty of evidence (I'd say proof) all over this site, that we need police reform, and that they're in police and medical. Nazi's don't work at burger king, they infiltrate government. KFOR is a local sub station for Oklahoma county Oklahoma. I share evidence all over this sight which indicates that neo nazi's and white supremacist might be in medical, and we know they're in police. confirms this in this article: FBI warned of white supremacists in law enforcement 10 years ago. Has anything changed?

The articles below are just a few. I pulled them up rather quick. It's all right in front of you folks. Put the puzzle pieces together and what do you see?

Important stories:

KFOR Former Nazi Guard Jailed For Aiding Murder

Display containing Nazi symbolism at Shawnee Mall causing a stir

Woman shot multiple times after being dared to steal Nazi flag from front yard

Credit Suisse faulted over probe of Nazi-linked accounts

Hospital offers to discharge alleged malpractice victim’s bills in exchange for silence, daughter says

Dallas Jury Finds Local Hospital 'Willfully and Wantonly Negligent' in ER Delay Case

Operator of health facilities convicted of Medicaid fraud arrest of public officials:

Former Oklahoma Undersheriff Pleads Guilty to Federal Civil Rights Charge for Using Excessive Force

Former Lieutenant in the Mayes County Sheriff’s Office Pleads Guilty to Stealing Drug Evidence

Former Mayes County Deputy Sheriff Surrenders to Authorities for Stealing Drug Evidence

Former Police Officer From Oklahoma Arrested on Federal Child Pornography Charges

Oklahoma City Police Officer Charged with Concealing a Federal Crime and Making a False Statement to Federal Investigators

Former Tulsa Police Officer Charged with First Degree Murder

These are just a few. I found these just searching " oklahoma sheriff arrested" which searches the website for those keywords. Amazing what is hidden in plain sight isn't it? Real news. search for "oklahoma sheriff arrested"
So this is a collection of news stories from the website about oklhoma police that were apprehended by the feds. Real news folks. Make use of what is right in front of you.

Former McIntosh County Sheriff, Under-Sheriff Sentenced on Civil Rights Charges

McIntosh County Sheriff and Associate Charged in Deprivation of Civil Rights

Former Oklahoma Deputy Sheriff Indicted for Federal Civil Rights and Obstruction of Justice Violations

To name a few. Please email me with stories related to white supremacist, neo nazi's, medical malpractice especially related to mental health, gangstalking by police, intimidation, etc, and any type of corruption really. I share all mainstream evidence that suggest that neo nazis and white supremacist cults are in police and medical, and running medical malpractice mills. They are in Florida, and I have tons of evidence to back that up here, on the Florida page. My email is thanks.

If you have any important news stories from the area from legit real news agencies, please email them to I'd love to hear from you if you're with the media. I am looking for stories related to neo nazi's, white supremacist, especially in law enforcement, medical malpractice especially related to mental health, gangstalking of journalist, etc.

Original Oklahoma city bombing news clips:

These paint a totally different picture than the official story that came out later that day, and contradicted the original. Looks like corrupt government officials ( neo nazi's in this case ), gaslit the media. The BBC documentary I link to exposes the neo nazi connection and elohim city connection to the bombing. The ATF recruited an "ex" neo nazi according to the BBC documentary.

Oklahoma city bombing VHS ripped news clips archive!

Oklahoma City Bombing Original LIVE News Clips 1

Oklahoma City Bombing Original LIVE News Clips 2

Oklahoma City Bombing Original LIVE News Clips 3

Oklahoma City Bombing Original LIVE News Clips 4

I will be back to add more folks. I am making pages for all 50 states and it is a lot of work. I first started this project for Santa Rosa County Florida, and you can view that page by clicking the words "santa rosa county Florida" back there. You can see there is enough evidence to show it is happening here in my neck of the woods. My intention is to expose it in every county in the united states, and get people on board with reaching out to their representatives and police and medical and working together as a community to denazify America. We need doctor accountability, something you don't hear much about. They're framing people as mental patients in Florida, and they may be doing it in your neck of the woods as well. We also need police accountability, politician accountability, etc. Government must be held accountable. We don't want nazi's and white supremacist in police, medical, or the government, or military. You can find contact info for all of your representatives both locally, and federally online. You can email them, write then, call them, etc. Please encourage them to do something about this. They need to hear it from all of you, because they're being distracted right now with tons of other b.s. and nazi propaganda.

Phones are the least censored form of communication, so I suggest calling. I would email, write, and spam their social media pages with truth and real news as well. Feel free to share my link to this website all over the place It is at the top of every page and type up a quick blerb to go with it. Alternatively, any url I use forwards to: this url so bookmark that one.