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You're going to see ALL the evidence my friend. I do my citations by making the statement clickable(look for underlined sentences), and it takes you directly to the source via a new window. I cite them also throughout the site and especially on the main page and will add more as time progresses and more statements are made on more pages.

Georgia Activism

Quick note: Here is an DOJ Hate Map by state, showing the most infested area's of the country. I am going to start working on those states first. Please do your part and spread the word about what you learn here, and call, email, and write your representatives and even those in washington, not just your state. Spread this truth by word of mouth, or in person. Know that believe based on what I have seen and heard and know, that local neo nazi's in my area are using something called Metasploit to spy on victims, it comes with kali linux at and there are tutorials online on how to use it. They are also known to gangstalk activist and journalist, and are in police and medical. Hard to believe there's a medical genocide going on? Look at this news article about Florida doctors being allowed to murder repeatedly here Nazi's commit genocide don't they? I tell you this so you can protect yourself from gangstalking and worse.. Here's more evidence, a private investigator says police stalked and tried to initimidate him. Be discrete, but effective. Get organized, and remain peaceful. Our goal is to get through to the righteous folks in Government, because not all of them are bad, and a lot of them are just being distracted and manipulated. We gotta hold nazis accountable and get them out of our land. Medical murder is such a problem in Florida, that non profits are popping up to try to end it. See for proof, and an entire page full of stories on Florida's medical corruption to back this up as well here.

Get involved.

I work on this page a little at a time. It's a lot of work. Always check back later.

Important: This page is new, and these are being constructed. I share them on my socials. I use different news stations from major cities and viewing area's from around Georgia.

The truth is right in front of you, hidden in plain sight.

Let's start with a very important article about white supremacist seeking affiliation with law enforcement!

Quick News Archive Searches, & Resources: "medical malpractice" | WSBTV neo nazi | WSBTV Fulton County Sheriff Arrested |
Georgia News Witchcraft | Cyber crime in Georgia | FBI arrests | | GA Hate Crime Stats/Database | Georgia Activist Against Neo Nazi's | Georgia FBI | | BBC Doc Exposes Neo Nazi Connection To Oklahoma City Bombing Anti-Semitic Flyers Littered Across Cobb County WSBTV

This is across America as well folks. just look at all the stories coming in across the states, same stories, different states.

Are Alex Jones and Q-anon just being used to discredit the validity of the internet?
and whistle-blowers, and amatuer journalist and press in general?
Q-anon and Alex Jones are made in the likeness of the truth.
Mix 1% truth, 99% b.s., and you have yourself a successful batch of white wash.

Phones are the least censored form of communication, so I suggest calling. I would email, write, and spam their social media pages with truth and real news as well. Feel free to share my link to this website all over the place It is at the top of every page and type up a quick blerb to go with it. Alternatively, any url I use forwards to: this url so bookmark that one. Where I live in Santa Rosa County Fl they will gangstalk you for this type of activism, especially if you post on their facebook page. Feds setup a sting! cross country! If you're thinking, BULLS****! Here's a department of justice release about a neo nazi leader arrested for intimidating and threatening and stalking journalist, so you know the evidence is there. and let's not forget about that article about white supremacist seeking affiliation with law enforcement! and remember to be anonymous and discrete in your activism because a private investigator says police stalked and tried to initimidate him. and they did it to me too, and others as well. They're framing people as mental patients in Florida. Are they doing it in your state? Learn about narcissist and their crazy making behavior For more scholarly use

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The long url for that is: that's 7 5 5 4 7 ... Gab group's are always cool because you just need to remember something shorter than a phone number to know the direct url. pretty rad (#_#) The vast majority of nazi propaganda that dominates the news feeds there is NOT rad however. I am there to combat disinformation.

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