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Freemasonry, Supremacy, & The Occult

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Random quick note to authorities everywhere:

Please avoid GEIN: Government employment induced narcissism (or G.E.I.N. for short.) - a form of narcissism caused from being employed by the government. Or another way to put it is: Narcissism induced from being an employee of the government. Don't be a government supremacist. Police are supposed to ask the cop caller and the "suspect" questions, and not just one person. They are supposed to be thorough, de-escilate, and avoid getting in their emotions before the call is thoroughly investigated. Otherwise, as a cop or authority figure, you're just going to make decisions based on your emotions, and if a sociopath can get you to hate their victim, you're just gonna go get them. You've made a habit of this bad and un-thorough behavior, and it has pissed off the entire country in the process. You need to check yourselves. You're not even following your training, and are behaving more like jezebels who think they're tough because of a badge induced delusion ( graven image hypnosis, "spell of the badge", five pointed star of soul death ) repent.

I want to start off with some academic sources and citations. Traditionally they are added to the bottom of a research paper, but this is the internet, and I want to try things a little differently. These sources were found with academic databases that are credible, and verifiably accurate. This can be confirmed via educational institutions across the country. Scholars use databases like Google Scholar, and Jstor.org, researchgate.net, sciencediret.com and others. Here are a view Universities that confirm the legitimacy of Google Scholar: https://library.shsu.edu/research/guides/tutorials/googlescholar/index.html,

I back things up with the Internet Archive Save Tool as I go. Always use virustotal to scan pdf files before opening them.

McLaren, Kevin Todd. "Pharaonic Occultism: The Relationship of Esotericism and Egyptology, 1875-1930." (2016).

Tillett, Gregory. "Modern western magic and Theosophy." Aries 12.1 (2012): 17-51. [archived]


Olausson, Magnus. "Freemasonry, occultism and the picturesque garden towards the end of the eighteenth century." Art History 8.4 (1985): 413-433. [archived]

I could provide tons more, but you get the idea. So as you can see, the Freemasons and the occult go hand and hand. They are heavily into Egyptian occult magic.[3] Remember in the bible, the Egyptians had slaves.(reason for all non-whites to be concerned with the masons and their agenda) So if you learn to recognize Egyptian symbolism, and occult teachings/philosophies, it can make it easy to identify supremacist types, because pagan traditions and supremacy go hand and hand. Satan is the ultimate supremacist. I need to add more on their symbolism on the identifying hate symbols page within this website. I work on this page often folks, so check back. and remember to hit F5 to refresh the page.

More sources and resources and writing:

https://www.history.com/news/freemasons-facts-symbols-handshake-meaning The history channel is a great resources, and quick and easy to cite one as well. Gotta love backing things up.

https://www.history.com/news/freemason-symbols-hidden Another history channel link on freemason symbols.

https://www.amazon.com/Egyptian-Masonic-Original-Unabridged-Ninety-Six/dp/0282911251 Here is a book on the Egyptian Masonic connection. There are freemasonic book stores that sell books on Egyptian Occult Magic.

If the Egyptians were the enemies of God, and JFK warned of secret societies, and the Freemasons are the worlds oldest secret societies, and JFK was murdered after that speech, might that not be related? They are pro slavery folks, and idolize the Egyptians. Danna kissick the neo nazi in santa rosa county ( in the Odin brotherhood ), is also a freemason folks. This is good intel. They are the ones into the false god of Hermes, and that is his graven image on the side of the ambulance. He is tied to the false greek gods of medicine, and asclepious. These groups are in numbers. Join the church, and help us serve God by bringing them down. They gotta go. There are freemasons across the Florida panhandle, and them and the Satanic temple of NW FL, the Firedance Church OF Wicca, the Odin Brotherhood, are all the enemies of God, freedom, and the American people. There is a pagan supremacist core to all of these supremacist groups. The kkk ( grand WIZARD ), the neo nazi's are supremacist, nazism was birthed from the occult that's supremacy, at their roots, these groups are birthed from pagan traditions.

Here are some citations, academic of course:

Vail, Charles H. The Ancient Mysteries and Modern Masonry. Cosimo, Inc., 2005. [archived]

Dillon, Matthew PJ. "Hermes Trismegistus." The Classical Review 49.1 (1999): 39-40. [archived]

I've decided I will start to use social media to compile a public list. People who are into freemasonry will be listed. I will look to find connections between that organization and the local Odin brotherhood hiding in plain sight. I will expose them herein. If anyone knows a dude around here named David who is a freemason, wears camo, works as a mechanic, he's a mason, add him to your list if you know what I'm talking about. He knows about the lacing of weed around here by crooked cops, and is in their cult. He is also a poser and steals and pretends to be the people he hates.

Go give this restraunt some love, don't let the Odin brotherhood sabotage their buisness. I'm certain it was them, ahole losers. They're posers. Here is the facebook page of that Japanese sushi bar: https://www.facebook.com/NikkosJapaneseSteakHouseAndSushiBar/

On another random note, I notice that the local freemason locations here are viewing my site. Patriots, use a VPN. FEDS: Note that these guys may try to login to my web stats and get the IP's of everyone who views and watch them. Take my advice about your phones, they are monitoring targets. If you follow me, you're a target of theirs. Be on that red team go ****. Plenty of more great content is below the following two videos. Keep scrolling if you want to learn more.

For example, here is a witch who is married to a pinellas county sheriffs deputy. That's a very corrupt county, where doctors have been busted for multimillion dollar drug crimes. These organized crime cults are cheaters, thieves, and supremacist group that are trying to take over America right now. Anyway, here are two screenshots from her profile that expose her interest and affiliation with freemasonry, and witchcraft. She has a ouija board on her pictures[archived here, and used to use the username "witch_devil" but changed it. I archived the images and Gab post here(post), and here(image one, image_two, image_three, image_four) Her current Wireclub profile is here: https://www.wireclub.com/users/dilary_huff, public. Feel free to scroll through the photo's and see for yourself, the witchcraft is in plain sight, and freemasonry. The very art of witchcraft is cheating and manipulation.

Occult Alchemy, and Freemasonry Are Connected

I don't know what people are told when they enter freemasonry, but my grandfather was a 33rd degree. I can tell you that they operate like a pyramid scheme cult. This means, only certain members are aware of the true intentions behind the organization. They're an occult organization, that safe-guards ancient Egyptian occult knowledge[Source, Citation: Collis, Robert. "Freemasonry and the Occult at the Court of Peter the Great." Aries 6.1 (2006): 1-26.]. They are the enemies of God, and America, health, and freedom. The Egyptian occultist were the first to really pioneer pharmaceuticals, as they were not happy with what God made, and wanted to transform the created into their own creations ( aka modifying natural medicines through chemistry, to create new and different forms of drugs, aka pharmaceuticals, or back then "alchemy" [Carrico, David. "CHAPTER TWELVE FREEMASONRY AND THE 20TH CENTURY OCCULT REVIVAL." Scholarly search, source.](archived here) ). We see this today with the new "hemp industry" which is really mostly a modern pharmaceutical industry. The tranforming of free-based(isolate) CBD into various forms of THC, is modern alchemy folks. We can see the occult symbols all over their products as well. They are poisoning America with proplyene glycol and other toxins such as MCT oil, and that's just what we know about. I suspect, they or similar occult cults/groups are behind the poisoning of Tobacco products as well, something that is never discussed at all.

Just to stir up discussion on the subject, because I want to see this point grow socially acorss our nation and globe...,
I asked Quora, "Why are tobacco companies poisoning tobacco products?"

There is only one un-authoritative video/link below, the rest are authoritative. I want to show you that Isaac newton was an occultist. This shows that these individuals were in high places of power and influence in society. It seems to me that they want to remove all personal freedom and small business, control everything, slowly poison us, and reduce and control the population. They want nobody to have the business except for them, and they want the majority dying while they take sacred God-given seed bearing herbs that they stole, and keep them for theirself. God can make you sick even if you have medicine, remember that.(Psalm 103:3[=7{1+3+3}]) Anyway, point is, major figures in science, and what your kids learn in high school, came from occultist like Pythagoras and Isaac newton, among others. Pythagoras was the Greek mathematician who discovered numberology.(which became an occult science when they turned it into divination). He was also a FREEMASON Why does it seem that I am blaming freemasons for everything? I am not, rather I am pointing out the over-lapping efforts that these various secret societies have in their influence on society. They are acting as shepherds, and all(if not most) seem to have pagan origins, as well as ties to ancient Egypt and the occult knowledge of the mystery schools. All pagan cultures(secret societies(cults)) think like narcissist and slave owners by training, for it is the very essence of pagan theology , to be "god-like", and "Superior". Satan is the ultimate supremacist. They gotta be de-exalted.

More resoures:

History Channel - The Secret Magic of Alchemy | Ancient Mysteries (S3) | Full Episode | History

This guy shares some of his knowledge on the subject.
(He's the non-authoritative vid)

[archived here]

[archived here]

Newton, the Last Magician. https://www.neh.gov/humanities/2011/januaryfebruary/feature/newton-the-last-magician
[archived here]

Smithsonian Magazine, "Isaac Newton Thought the Great Pyramid Held the Key to the Apocalypse" Papers sold by Sotheby's document the British scientist's research into the ancient Egyptians and the Bible!
[archived here]

[archived here]

Fun facts, and interesting ones at that, the symbol on the side of the ambulance, belongs to the false god of Asclepius: "Asclepius, Greco-Roman god of medicine, son of Apollo and the mortal princess Coronis"[Source:](archived here) So because of the Greek and Egyptians both serving the same Gods, and sharing the same knowledge, they are always connected with one another at heart, remember this. The Rod Of Asclepius is what you see on the side of the ambulances, and it is tied to this ancient Greek god, the "god of medicine" ( the false god of poison(sorcery), truly). The Greeks would murder people medically, see pharmakos.[archived here "A slave, a cripple, or a criminal was chosen and expelled(segregated) from the community at times of disaster(false flag operation, terrorist attack,ie:nazi plot) (or famine, invasion or plague) or at times of calendrical crisis. It was believed that this would bring about purification. On the first day of the Thargelia, a festival of Apollo at Athens, two men, the pharmakoi, were led out as if to be sacrificed as an expiation." To confirm this phenomena further, here's a scholarly search on the subject yielding good results. It's a "Graven image" as the bible puts it ( a covert idol, occult symbol; sigil ). The freemasons can tell you all about Asclepius, and Heremes trigsmagistus as well, as they are the guardians of such knowledge. That's their big secret, and it is hidden in plain sight, no secret.

Academic source: Eidinow, Esther. "The Ancient Greek Pharmakos Rituals: A Study in Mistrust." Numen 1.aop (2022): 1-28. Citation:
[archived here]

https://www.britannica.com/topic/pharmakos "Sacrifice, Rituals & Cults | Britannica"
[archived here].

It's my belief that the knowledge of the fruit of the tree, in the book of Genesis, is that occult knowledge that these secret societies(pagan cults), are guarding. They don't want people to catch on to the fact that they are all supremacist by training and nature. Paganism is about self exalation and gaining power, and what you want out of life. They also don't want you to know that there are not special people born with psychic gifts, rather we are all both able to hear in the spirit. God just wants us to listen to his spirit only, is all. Things like types of self exalation practices, are appealing to jezebels and supremacist-types. Lucifer wanted to exalt himself above the throne of God, and be like the Most High remember? Supremacy is satanic. It is to be like satanic, which makes it "satanic". I also believe the knowledge was first channeled to these pagan cultures, most likely the Egyptians after they literally ate the fruit(psilocybin or a similar psychedelic plant species[psychedelics are heavily tied in with shamanism, witchcraft and the occult]). The experiences that people have on these substances, plus the cultural lore, and other things, have led me to firmly beleive this. I will not delve further into it however. See Revelation 10; and the rest of the bible.

Graven images, are perhaps the most potent weapon of the enemy. Freemasons, wiccans, neo nazi's, white supremacist, kkk, all use them.. A graven image is a type of covert idol, a snare(trap), in the form of a symbol, like the swastika or five pointed star. Graven images are symbols that people worship, exalt, and follow. They shift your loyalty, worship, faith, and service away from the real God, and channels it to demons, the same demons behind those graven images. Those symbols were taught to the ancient mystery schools. The Egyptians knew the power of the graven image. They were heavily into occult sciences remember? They adored the pyramids, believed they had power(will add citation[ ]). Pyramids consist of three equal angels of 60 degrees. Reduce that 60 using the Pythagorean metho, 6+0=6, so 666. Three angels of 6, when reduced, = 666. This is part of the obsession with pyramids, and triangles in occult symbolism.

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I Can't Believe It's Not YouTube!

I have been exposing organized freemasonic drug dealing crime cults all over social media lately on my Gab and here. It has become my new unfolding focus of the mission. It is obvious to me that people working for these platforms are running favortism and protection for them. They deleted a bunch of profiles in 2016-now and are behaving as supremacist basically, covertly. This is happening right under America's noses. https://gab.com/Lightnings/posts/111699595239138132 See the pagan pentacle? 5 pointed star. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/history/article/freemasons-history-conspiracy-secret that's inside a freemason building... more at http://850.news The article is archived at https://web.archive.org/web/20240104204553/https://www.nationalgeographic.com/history/article/freemasons-history-conspiracy-secret #freemasonry

Freemasonry and covid19.

Jeremiah 23:30 Therefore, behold I am against the prophets, saith the Lord, that steal my words.. every one.. from his neighbour. ( Don't be a poser )

Incredible find ( you're going to LOVE THIS ) and you're going to want to show and tell everyone. See how credible I am? All the stuff I talked about I have backed up with msm and authoritative sources. In this documentary dude predicts covid!!. It was uploaded in 2020 but this doc is old. Ima pull it up in imdb it was aired in 2013 originally. https://youtu.be/8lzLdzNhsmE?si=OiGuwkyBkNWWmTTo?t=20m1s Back in the day only pirated versions were available online. Now the networks are all on youtube. This is unbelievable this "conspiracy nut" called covid. In 2013! Hidden in plain sight. Heres the internet movie database to confirm covid19 was publically called by conspiracy nuts on national tv in 2013 https://m.imdb.com/title/tt3136096/ ... Tell me im not good intel ! I time stamped it so it starts at 20 minutes where dude calls it out. Contact history channel for further confirmation that this was aired in 2013 on tv. [ Here is a link to the Gab post https://gab.com/Lightnings/posts/111790049094041646

https://youtu.be/tRrG_KMMvNY?si=JJHXJhElc27nEF8X This documentary reveals some important facts. Did you know all of freemasonry dates back to England? that is, British royalty?... The royal family is tied to all of this!!!!! At the roots!!!! I always suspected that Britain was connected to the anti-christ and NWO at its roots.. now I have more evidence. Check out that blog on my Angelfire here JFK warned against secret societies before his assasination, and the freemasons are the worlds oldest secret society. The knowledge that they behold is even older. They should be banned like JFK said. Not to be a segregationist, but they are cheating and have a supremacy element, not related to race, but just self exaltation and cheating, as well as slave owner mentality that comes with indoctrination and ritual. Beware of groups that practice rituals! no matter how innocent seeming!

Here is a Derek Prince sermon on Generational Curses where he exposes Freemasonry briefly, and how it is an occult organization. You need to be covert, note that they use both divination and metasploit to monitor you, and repent. Expose them covertly, and take the metasploit and divination thing seriously, which means to expect trouble. Psalm 91:1; 91:3; 91:13; Nasb by Zondervan bibles. https://youtu.be/K2HbHuGvhoo is that url. Learn more on my Angelfire blog here