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The first thing I want to do is ask you a few questions. One: Do you take pills?(man made prescription drugs), Two: Did you know that science proves Cannabis kills cancer cells while protecting healthy ones? ( Academic source/citation/search: ) There's more on that on a separate blog I wrote here I cite academic sources there as well. All those years you thought Marijuana wasn't medicine, you were condemning a seed bearing herb that God made which kills cancer cells and protects healthy ones?. You think God appreciates you for that?

Cannabis has been legal and socially acceptable by the whole world for 99% of human history. Only until the 1930's did it first become demonized and out-lawed through a grey-area law called the "marijuana tax stamps act". If you got a document from the government you could legally posess Cannabis, but they didn't give them out, except their own ( supremacy ) (Bible says Satan is the slanderer and thief) I challenge anyone to find an academic source on cannabis prohibition anywhere before 1930, including in the church, because it can't be done. People are too quick to repeat what they hear is popular(while accepting it as truth), and not quick enough to consider the history of a matter, and to do their own research, and combine that with common sense. It was only until prohibitionist spread propaganda against it did the church start to hate. Research the history of Cannabis and the Christian church. The church today is not the same church from back in biblical days. Marijuana was legal across the US up until the 1930's when a racist mob of prohibitionist used racist segregationist propaganda to attack Marijuana and the people who use it, especially minorities. Around this time, opium was banned from over the counter sale and use, and serpent medical(big pharma) began its slow covert take-over of America's healthcare system. During this period the church was slowly brainwashed by this covert satanic operation, to believe hat their drugs are medicine, and Gods seed bearing herbs are "drugs". The church now whores after pagan gods of medicine, their graven images, and modern occult alchemy concotions(pharmakeia, pharmaceuticals) Their faith and trust is with scientist, police, government, and the fruit of the knowledge(the drugs of the knowlege of chemistry) In biblical days, the only Godly drugs were God-made seed bearing herbs like Kratom, Cannabis, Coca, Khat, Opium, and not fentanyl. Seed bearing herbs good, pharma's bad. The church is brainwashed.

Academic Citations:

Slaughter, James B. "Marijuana Prohibition in the United States: History and analysis of a failed policy." Colum. JL & Soc. Probs. 21 (1987): 417.

Becker, Howard S. "The Marihuana Tax Act." Drugs and Politics. Routledge, 2017. 55-66.

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Prohibition Of Opium In The USA

Pharmaceuticals are made with nasty toxic solvents that could kill you if ingested. Small amounts of these poisons can cause permanent organ and brain damage(sources). God designed you, and the seed bearing herbs that drug companies steal the chemical components of to make cheap knock off's of Gods medicines with.(see phytochemistry) Who knows how to heal your body better? God or scientist? Psalm 103:3 "I am the Lord thy God Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases;" FYI: Some of the same occult symbols that date back to ancient alchemy can be seen in modern high school chemistry books, and the staff of hermes and rod of asclepious as well, which I'll talk more about below.. Modern drug companies are nothing more than modern sorcerers, as they work with poisons, have graven images tied to pagan false gods attached to their practice, deny Gods intelligent design, while using knowledge they stole from him(science, God's blueprints to reality), only so they could deny his perfection and claim their own supremacy over his work, and take credit for it, after they copy him. These are called "God-haters", and they literally are taking credit for Gods work, while adulterating it with poisons, and ruining its divine design.

It is also clear that our communication needs improvements, and we need to encourage the church to stop following the crowd, including the majority of the church, you need to be set apart from them too. I am reminded of the great flood from the days of Noah and the Ark, and the moral of this story stands today. The government is planning to reschedule Cannabis, thus making seeds potentially illegal, so you need to stock up now, and only buy from breeders in Europe, as there are GMO seeds floating around in the USA. It looks like they are trying to rope off everyone so they can force feed us that poisoned fake pot that they are pushing on the public now, and the seeds thereof. Eventually, they will push their new gaslighting campaign and do like they did with Tobaco, that is to poison it, and then claim "it was bad all along, we were wrong". This, other pharmaceuticals, and the pharmakeia in our food, along with GMO foods, mRNA tech(a violation of the second commandment as it is a copy of Gods work, made in the likeness).

Note: I don't want to lead anyone in the wrong direction. On this page I try to make non-bias arguments, and not push anything on anyone. I quote scripture, make points, and acknowledge potential spiritual dangers associated with cannabis use, and the potential ungodly context that exist when it comes to Cannabis consumption as well. So my take is, it's only bad if used in the wrong context, and as a replacement for alcohol, or like the rastafarians, imo, is perfectly biblical. This is based on the facts that the only drugs God made for human consumption, were plants. God didn't invent pharma's, and the modern church is now submitting to pagan over-loards for their medicine, when God is the one who gave man every seed bearing herb. The bible refers to wine specifically, over and over again when it speaks of drunkenness(although it meaning to be responsible and don't be sloppy I will agree with of course), and the pharmakeia it speaks of has to do with: pharma's, and God's sacraments that pagan cultures use in abominatory context(as idols, replacement for God, to "awaken the god from within", etc etc. "shamanic", etc. Beware! Context matters. Feel free to disagree, but don't segregate and hate.

Warning: Drugs(medicines, etc) CAN be idols, but are not by default, but this depends. You can't treat drugs black and white, because it depends on if the drug is being idolized or used in an unGodly context, and it depends on what the drug is as well. I wrote a whole blog on how pharmaceuticals are sorcery(pharmakeia) and why the industry is modern sorcery(I explain why). They are tied to pagan gods ( the medical symbolism, rod of asclepious, staff of hermes ), and their graven images, and pharma's were birthed out of copying chemicals that God made, that exist naturally in plants. For example, morphine is a GOD-MADE chemical when it is in the opium poppy. When drug companies make fentanyl ( not a natural God-made opioid ), in the likeness of that which is in the earth beneath(the opium poppy), they are taking credit for Gods design, and obtaining the praise and worship and exaltation that belongs to God. They are GOD-POSERS.

Disclaimer: I am not encouraging anyone to consume Cannabis because that's between you and God. I am however, defending what God has done for us by giving us every seed bearing herb including Cannabis, and calling people out on their bogus non-sense. I can not encourage you to use, or not use Cannabis. I will encourage you to not buy tainted "hemp" products, as they are synthetic pharma's made from free-based(isolate) CBD... They are made with poisonous solvents, the "knowledge", and are made in the likeness of what God made(REAL THC found in Cannabis, vs their fake crap laced with neurotoxic proplyene glycol(causes brain fog and difficulty functioning), bleck!) There are videos on YouTube on how to make thca flower ( so know that most of it is fake, but they play it off like it is real, it isn't. I've seen some nasty looking "bud" that doesn't look like any cannabis I've ever seen and I am a seasoned smoker of the real.) Most of these products will make you sick, I am an eye witness to that. Regular Marijuana is much safer assuming it comes from a non-socialist source. I will also encourage you however, to stop the hate, segregation, and lies, and to be set apart.. Part of being set apart is finding your own answers in the scripture, and through God, rather than following the wwg1wga crowd ( the same crowd that drowned in the days of Noah and the Ark ). Other people will tell you all the wrong stuff. Most importantly, God wants you to obey his rules.. so when the governments rules go against his rules, you should chose God instead. God will not hold guiltless those who are follower of government over God. Those that idolize, exalt, praise, and serve the graven image of the state(and all it represents, including who), in place of God, will be held accountable by his judgement.

St John 4:24 God is a spirit, and they that worship him must worship him in spirit, and in truth. ( So keep in mind, if you're wrong about something the bible says, and you're pushing it, then you're pushing lies.. Whether intentional or not, God does not like it when people push lies. Healthy debates are not a bad thing, but segregation and hate, based on disagreements over interpretation of scripture, don't work. If you can't change someones minds, leave it at that. All you can do is try, but it needs to be de-escilative. People are so stubborn though, and will never venture off course from the WWG1WGA mentality.. Again, Noah and the ark and the great flood come to mine. ) Don't be gaslit either. A lot of people can never agree when they are defeated in a legitimate debate that's based off facts and sourcing, and will just gaslight you because they're upset that you proved them wrong with facts and sources. Also, sadly the science of pharmacology is sketchy, because the whole planet is fighting over drugs right now. It's a fact the government ran propaganda campaigns back in the early 1900's to push prohibition(segregation). Because of this, and the fact that academic journals related to the pharmacology of different chemicals can't agree on things(they contradict one another often, one study says one thing, another a another thing), one can not fully trust the "science" on marijuana. It comes down to , who do you trust more, God or scientist? Personally, I trust God, my own senses, and what the bible says. And it tells me it is cool as long as the context is not ungodly. Government and scientist lied about Cannabis before, why would they not do it again? and How many of these studies are being tested on tainted products? like thc laced with proplyene glycol? because that will yield deeptive results. Also Scientist can lie and be deceptive, and even make mistakes[like setting up experiments that are flawed from the start, and not noticing this, then publishing wack results and conclusions]. They're NOT PERFECT. GOD IS.

Very important: Language is more complicated than a lot of people think. Words have multiple meanings, and when translating, often times poor choices for words are chosen. A good example of this is in the book of Genesis when it says all seed bearing herbs shall be for meat. A plant and meat are not the same thing, so what it is talking about here? Think about the symbolism of meat. Meat is something you consume, so the word they were looking for had to do with consumption. So it means: God gave man every seed bearing herb that they shall be for consumption(nourishment, food, medicine, well-being, to be consumed). In Hebrew and other languages, a word can be both plural and singular. Keep this in mind when studying the bible. It helps to learn more about language, including using a thesaurus an dictionary to get a broader understanding of the words.

First let us start with some definitions and some scripture.

Ecclesiastes 9:7 "Go thy way, eat they bread with joy, an drink thy wine with a merry heart; for God now accepteth thy works" - Translation, "You can have a glass of wine or consume some cannabis to relax now. You worked hard today, and now I accepteth all your works. You earned it. Just don't go over-board."


In the verse above, we can see that the consumption of a psychoactive substance is permitted. ( allowed ) This implies there is a distinction between drunkeness, and the responsible and appropiate consumption of psychoactive substances like wine or cannabis, or perhaps others for medical purposes. Furthermore, the bible repeatedly complains about people drunk on wine(sources), but never once mentions or complains about a person "drunk on herb(s)". The bible doesn't even mention drugs. One could argue that it covertly does mention drugs with the mention of "drunkenness", but drugs didn't exist in biblical days, other than pagans and their alchemy(pharmakeia[pharmaceutical[free-bases, pagan potions, witchcraft, etc]).To state again for emphasis, "pharmakeia" or "divination" is the other mention of drugs in the bible, but a covert one. In the bible the words "Divination" and "pharrmakeia" are often used interchangable throughout various translations( if memory serves[provide citation]), and divination can include the use of drugs to enhance the practice, but doesn't necessarily have to. pharmakeia can be done for divination so the two are closely related.

Bottom line, the translators should have used a better word from this thesaurus: https://www.merriam-webster.com/thesaurus/drunkenness, because we can see that responsbile wine use is permitted by Ecclesiastes 9:7, so why would the same not be so for Cannabis? It is one of EVERY herbs that exist, is it not?. A better translation for "drunkenness", I believe would be "sinfulness"(over-indulgence["use that is idolic in nature", "excessive" ], or "the type of use that interfers with your relationship with God and your responsibilites", "unhealthy doses", "sloppy use", "irresponsible use", "dangerous use", or something of the like, a type of consumption patterns that throws you off your guard, or allows the enemy to snare you, or lead you astray. Just because I don't believe the bible doesn't flat out condemn cannabis use, neither recreational or medicinal, doesn't mean I don't also believe there are some spiritual dangers. Again, the use of Cannabis in a religious context, that involves any other Gods than the Most High, is pharmakeia, and I don't approve of. So shamanic context, is not ok, for Christians to engage in. Don't be fooled by new age cults.

The bible very explicitly tells us EVERY SEED BEARING HERB, "HERB" SPECIFICALLY, and TREE. When the bible condemns something, it is very specific and detailed. It doesn't even mention cannabis, unless it is under a hidden name.It does however, repeatedly connect "drunkenness" with wine use. It never comaplains about someone using Cannabis, ever. I'll agree one should not go over-board, and use responsibly, but I don't see any thorough proof that the bible actually condemns cannabis use, in any context. And the Rastafarians use it to worship, and this is a common practice among many cultures. The Rastafarians are the only people I know of on the planet, who have decided to use Cannabis to worship God. I think that's cool. Just don't idolize Cannabis or have pot leaf statues or images, as those are graven images.

Cannabis can be used in many ways. It can be used in an occult fashion, to tune into the spirit, and tap into that sixth sense(to hear and see in the spirit) ( like the Hindu's to serve false gods and worship them ), or it can be used medicinally, rereationally, or some may even suggest as an "entheogen"(wine, cannabis, etc) to better worship the Most High God and be in the spirit. I'm not suggesting you try this, nor that it is true, merely that you can expect to see this, or something similar to it often, with the rise of the idolatry deception trending throughout the USA and globe for that matter. (example, the elevationist idolatry cult("church") in Colorado) With pagan cults on the rise, and new age creeping into the church, these idea's will become more and more popular. I won't state my views here, merely try to provide you with valuable teachings from the bible, definitions, and clarity, and to avoid misleading anyone, but I will warn against false doctrines.. Cults tend to use substances, especially psychedelics, for divination and worship of false gods. They won't tell you this however, they just call it "magic", or "manifesting", or some other term to hide the truth. All pagan ritual that involves drug use, is false god worship(idolatry and pharmakeia also). This includes getting high on psychedelics an channeling energy into "healing crystals", or using LSD to tap into psychic abilities, and that sorta thing, as well as using psychedelics for divination, and worship of fale gods.

God didn't invent pills. It makes no sense that you think making drugs in a lab is ok with God, but using a seed bearing herb isn't. It makes no sense that you think making drugs in a lab and then putting them in your body, is ok, and that it is ok to hate on people, steal their stuff(prohibition; property theft by state in drug deizures), and segregate(prohibition, anti-user propaganda) against them because they use a seed bearing herb instead of a drug made in a lab(pharmaceutical). It makes no sense to proclaim to be Christian if you truly feel this way. This is now how holy people think and feel about things. Why would you want to put a solvent made drug in your body and then bash people who chose to use a seed bearing herb? One is healthy and the other isn't? Oh I forgot, people still believe enemy propaganda.

Ecclesiastes 3:1[=4=1111] "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:"

Ecclesiastes 9:7[=16=7] "Go thy way, eat thy bread with joy, and drink thy wine with a merry heart; for God now accepteth thy works."

Ecclesiastes 9:7 is saying, you worked hard today, you're aloud to have a couple beers or some cannabis to unwind and relax. I am happy with your labor. That's what it means. I don't think you should tell someone they're bad because they drink or smoke, but rather just warn of potential spiritual dangers(ie use of cannabis for magical arts(pharmakeia)). I can't agree with most of the church when they flat out label certain things as "demonic", in the case of cannabis context matters, and while I want to defend recreational or spiritual use, I will refrain from doing it. I can't see where the bible condemns the use of cannabis for Christians in all context though(again drunkenness and non-sloppy consumption are two different things), unless it involves other doctrines, or idolatry, or false god service.(pharmakeia), then it becomes demonic. Christians drink, and cannabis is safer and more beneficial, not this fake "hemp derived" pharmakeia though, a lot of which is tainted with neurotoxic proplyene glycol. God doesn't like most of this new "hemp derived" market(it's synthetic). Believe what you want about the scripture, but I believe what it says, based on thorough meditation on the meaning, looking up the words and contemplating the translations, using a thesaurus, dictionary, and asking God for more clarity. So my interpretations were obtained the proper way, rather than following every one else in the church.

Genesis 1:29-30 | 29 And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for --==>MEAT<== It is in reference to that which is consumed for nourishment, sustinance, health, and medicine.

1 Timothy 4:3 "Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.", full below.

Meat is in reference to herbs(food) here(poor translation imo) EVERY seed bearing herb is for food, every. There are no forbidden ==>MEATS<== so it makes sense this way and not the other way. There are forbidden(illegal) herbs, cannabis, coca, khat, etc. Genesis refers to herbs as ==>MEAT<== as well so there you have it(proven, squashed, cased closed son). We can see from the context and know that it uses the word meat in place of the words: "health", or "nourishment", "consumption", or "to be consumed", because this is made clear in Genesis 1. Meat means "to be consumed". Let us look at the context one more time: Genesis 1:29 And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for --==>MEAT<==(to be consumed) [It isn't talking about oreano in your soup. The Hebrew word for "culinary spices", doesn't translate to "meat". It looks like it generally translates to "food" https://biblehub.com/text/genesis/1-29.htm (shows the hebrew)] Food means consumed.

1 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;
2 Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;
3 Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.
4 For every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving:
5 For it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer.

In the clip below, you should note that I personally will warn against iolatry. Do not make Cannabis an idol. Neither should you(don't) use it as a replacement for God. A lot of people make that mistake with plants and drugs. God made seed bearing herbs including Cannabis, Kratom, Coca, Khat, but don't let them be a replacement for God, a false replacement, aka an idol. They can act as charms in a way. One must use great caution when using seed bearing herb as a Christian at all times, because enemey propaganda(pagan doctrine) teaches one to make habits of turning everything into a charm(an idol) in ones heart and mind. Beware of this. Certain context of use are certainly not permitted by the Most High. Beware of "shamanic" doctrine and other false pagan doctrine tied to seed bearing herbs.


The woman above and people in her group mention "feeling judged".. Well, you will be judged. Sometimes we feel judged when we are guilty. Other times, narcissist are projecting that we are inferior or guilty onto us as a way of justifying their hatred and verbal abuse ( gaslighting, and other forms of attempted manipulation are used on a victim in order to attempt to influence their views, beliefs, or perspectives on a subject, in this case Cannabis use. ) Now any Christian that habitually threatens anothers life with violence isn't too much of a good example for the rest of the church to follow. These are my thoughts on the group above. Just don't REPLACE God with Cannabis... Some are idolaters, who replace God with Cannabis, few are legitimate users in a Godly context, imo. I wrote a perfect blog discussing how LSD was pharmakeia(a drug IDOL) worshipped in the 60s and 70s...[archived: here] It illustrates my warning about drugs and idolatry, even God-made drugs.. remember CONTEXT IS EVERYTHING. Note: LSD is NOT ok for Christians. Here is a good sermon on this subject of deception in the end times and new age cults: Derek Prince, Take Heed That You Are Not Decieved!

Academic sources on cannabis use in the occult:

Bennett, Chris. Liber 420: Cannabis, magickal herbs and the occult. TrineDay, 2018.

God didn't make Cannabis for the occult, he made it for his people. It's a shame that pagan's have stolen it, brainwashed the church, and flipped the truth into a lie. It's also a shame that there are cults using Cannabis as an idol, or in ungodly ways, just to get away with bypassing the law. I do believe some are sincere Christians and use Cannabis, but others are doing it in a context which is not deemed acceptable by God. Bottom line, avoid other doctrines tied to false gods, and avoid idolatry! Cannabis can be used without comitting idolatry! or in ways that are non-occultic. I'm not as quick as other Christians to label things flat out demonic, as I don't believe it's always that black and white. I understand "better safe than sorry", but I want to remind you if you're wrong about something, and you push it as truth, it is still a lie, even if unaware(unintentional). Keep in mind also, just because the occult uses things God made in an abominatory fashion, doesn't necessarily make that thing bad ( example: Wiccans use chamomile in spells, but chamomile itself is not evil, or forbidden by God. ) God makes things for his purpose(Ecclesiastes 3:1[kjv]), and the enemy finds a new purpose for them. He uses them as demonic devices ( and it is through the doctrine he creates surrounding these things, that it happens. ) Doctrines are teachings btw.


The first group of people with the female host I agree with, and feel are not using cannabis in an ungodly context. This elevationist church however, feels more like a new-age cult, and that they have made Cannabis the idol. It's one thing to be a cannabis-friendly bible study group, but to be a church that's central theme is cannabis, is more of an exaltation of cannabis than a Christian church. That's the point of this place, it's more of a "bring all religions under the same roof" scheme... The satanic religion of the end times is a hybrid blending of all faiths, into one satanic occult CULT, global in scale.

I want you to be particular when you're studying the bible. Teachers are great, but you gotta test the spirits. I advise to avoid any pastors who put on a performance, so to speak. You should walk away from the end of the sermon feeling stuffed(full) [ like after eating at an all you can eat buffet ]. If you're hungrier than when you came, somethings wrong.

I still like certain teachers that I disagree with 1% of their beliefs, but generally find them as truthful, honest teachers. I want to share their work with the world! These are people with a message that I felt was unique and powerful enough to share. I stand by what they do. I don't always agree with them on 100% of things though ( usually it is Cannabis that most Christians disagree with me on, and pharma's ) Because of this, I made (and am making), a YouTube playlist of other christian content creators work! I will add some of my own videos in there as well.

Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_T1X5PCI5Br-_URXas-r_yBwd87KFFnO


Below is an illustration of occultic use of Cannabis. Just because these cultures used Cannabis to commune with their gods, doesn't mean that Cannabis is "demonic". God makes things for HIS purpose. I agree with the Rastafarians about using it for worship of the Most High, but don't encourage those who don't consume Cannabis to start up. That's between them and God imo.

Url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x26A57P5VFY&t=299s

YouTube Video Downloader

Many teachers( who are not necessarily false teachers, but misinterpret things and preach them in the wrong context(ticks me off), spewing blasphemies while thinking they are serving and pleasing God), will tell you that because Cannabis was used by cultures in occultic ways that it is now "demonic" and "bad". This argument is nonsense because it holds to this view that everything God-made, that is used by any non-Christian culture, in an ungodly context, is now evil. While this CAN hold true, it doesn't NECESSARILY. So Wiccans use chamomile and peppermint in their occult practices, by their logic that now means peppermint and chamomile are "demonic". This isn't the case. It would be more respectable to encourage people to avoid things based on a "better safe than sorry mentality", but making claims that things are "demonic" due to other cultural uses of them, is not acceptable. God made things for his purpose, and pagans always pervert this[Ecclesiastes 3]. Pagans have been quietly herding the Christian church behind the scenes all these years. Satan, his legion of demons, and pagan cults, have been influencing the church. 99% of them are wrong about a few things. God bless the real ones who know, care, and preach love.

I gotta calll Christians out on something else... Someone will make the argument that "Well Christians drink wine what about that?" and the counter argument is "yeah but they're not getting drunk off of it.." ( Look..., Alcohol is a narcotic, and you can't consume alcohol without getting a buzz, unless you're drinking a few drops using a dropper and a glass bottle, then you're getting a buzz ) So if the bible tells us that we can consume a narcotic ( wine ) without getting drunk ( Ecclesiastes 9:7 ), then why are you claiming that the same can not be done so with Cannabis? Because inebriated, and over-board are not the same, nor does your argument make sense. On the one hand you claim that you can consume the narcotic of alcohol without getting drunk(correction: You can't consume wine without getting a buzz), and on the other you're claiming that a seed bearing herb is explicity forbiden by scripture(which it is not, as no where does it specifically forbid Cannabis or any seed bearing herb in scripture, other than the fruit of the tree in Genesis, which it doesn't even tell us what it is, so obviously it isn't meant for all of humanity to know about), and drunkenness repeatedly aludes to alcohol, so to claim that it is meant for cannabis, but that it is ok for drug companies build on pagan practices to sell fake thc(marinol pills) made in the likeness of that which is in the earth beneath(copies of God-made chemicals found in plants(phytochemicals)?(You got it bakwards church, that isn't ok. Gods seed bearing herb is ok, and marinol, doctors, and scientist are NOT ok), and all modern medicine is just a knock off of chemcials found in seed bearing herbs.. so once again, the church is wrong. They need to start following God and what the bible says, and stop following false teachers and commonly believed myths that are holding the church back. God is not happy about this.

Church fam, let God be your teacher, and the bible be your guide. But remember, it is a supernatural book, and you gotta really try to get to the bottom of it. It was translated from Hebrew, and the translations are not perfect, so use a dictionary and thesaurus to get a better understanding of the translations. Don't listen to other people, rather listen to what God speaks to you through the spirit and his word. Most people are wrong and I cite Noah and the Ark and the story of the great flood to back that up , every time. Thanks for listening folks! Please share these points if you agree!

One last thing I want to point out before you go... That is also tied in with the pharma agenda of the enemy.. Sex change operations, all point to 911(modern medical).., which means this drag queen, boys as girls, girls as boys thing, benefits medical(911), as they make money off of it.. It's THEIR agenda.. IT's all satanic. Their emblems are satanic(graven images; sigils; charms) So the enemy has several forms of pharma: pharmakeia, pharmakos, and pharmaceuticals. Pharmakeia is the occult use of, or the use of drugs for poisoning, which is also tied to pharmakos, which is a ritual sacrafice made by poisoning a victim. Modern medical is doing this.






Bremmer, Jan N. "pharmakos." Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Classics. 2015.

Roberts, Morley. "The pharmakos." Folklore 27.2 (1916): 218-224.[via Jstor]

If you disagree with me fine, but I don't even call people "false teachers" over one or two disagreements. There are Christian teachers I love, and yet I don't agree with 100% of their teachings(and can prove them wrong with scripture and valid points). but I genuinely believe these specific teachers are not being deliberately deceptive, and are generally just wrong about a couple things(as they were taught as such). I look past it. I don't attack them. There are others however, who are deliberately misleading people, and those are true false teachers. I have acknowledged all of the potential dangers and ungodly context in which Cannabis can be used on this page, including: divination, idolatry, pharmakeia, alchemy, or to commune with false gods. Avoid anything with a pot leaf on it as this is a violation of the second commandment. Thank God for Cannabis and never ealt it above him in your heart. If you do use it, use in moderation, and hearken unto Gods voice.

Follow m e on Gab @ Gab.com/Lightnings I have a blog solely for botanicals at BotanicalGuides.com I don't make any money off of it. I started turning it into a Christian blog around 2021. I still have work to do on it, always. I have been so dis-satisfied with the current teachers out there, that I decided to step up the plate myself. I will be attacked for sure. I'm not one of these guys that tells you everything is ok either. Astrology is NOT ok, symbols are NOT ok, pills are NOT ok(with rare eceptions), and you can't mix the occult and Christianity. It's NOT ok to take LSD and snort things up your nose either. So please, don't get me wrong. I won't follow the crowd though because of societal peer WWG1WGA pressure.

Arguments people often make in the church against Cannabis:

My Argument: God made it.

Their Response: Not so you could use it.

My response to their response: I suppose air isn't meant for breathing. If it werent meant for us 1) We wouldn't be hard wired to receive its benefits, 2) it wouldn't say "God gave man every seed bearing herb to be for nourishment"... but people love to make up exceptions to this rule.

Their response: Bible says be sober.

My response to that: I looked up the Hebrew version which says sober minded. We know cannabis is allowed because it tells us in In Genesis and we know inebriation is allowed because of Ecclesiastes 9:7 (eat thy bread drink thy wine and be merry) so it cant mean total abstinance. and drunkenness is in reference to excessive or sloppy use that causes one to stumble. Furthermore cannabis use brings sober-mindedness to many which is why it is so popular. The bible always complains about drunks on wine and is specific to mention wine in these instances. It never complains about herbs. It also tells us that sorcery is forbidden and pharmakeia is another word for sorcery, which involves making drugs like crystalized drugs out of plants(occult alchemy). Drug companies do this and alter the chemicals, making pharmas in the likeness of God made chemicals found in plants that are often condemned by ignorant people. Pharmas are tied to the medical caduceus and other occult symbols which have 2 serpents and the rod of asclepious and hermes trigsmagistus symbolism on them. These are Greek slash egyptian gods. Thats 2 violations of the second commandment. People pump their faith into these scientist, and doctors, and condemn seed bearing herbs. Thats blasphemey, idolatry, and sorcery. God made drugs, man perverted them. The bible mentions drugs when it mentions sorcery which is pharmakeia aka pharmaceuticals and pharmakos. The only drugs and medicines meant to go in the human body are plants.

Their response: *ignores all valid points that cant be rebuked* Then says "Wine, not cannabis. "

My response: Youre going in circles now. "Every seed bearing herb", squashed. Address what you ignored now.

At this point expect gaslighting, projection, false allegations, and narcissistic rage.

Romans 1 18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness; 19 Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them. 20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse.

This tells us that God shows us what is for us, and what is not for us. Just because a pagan uses something as an idol or a charm, doesnt mean you cant use it properly. There are exceptions to this obviously. Like ouja boards, are flat out condemned, under all circumstances. So seek God and follow not the crowd. The book of Daniel states that there is a God in heaven that reveals secrets.

John 8:17 For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open

"There is no secret that shall not be revealed. Nor anything hidden that shall not be made manifest."

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