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Grey Hat Laboratories

A Late July Blog Just For Fun

So this is a little for fun and a little for work. It's great to express yourself through the means of computer code and the internet. It was one of the most exciting times for me as a kid, being able to explore the never ending realms of information available at my finger tips. Decades later, and i'm still captured by the sophistocated glory of these fun little machines. I thought I would use this nostalgia and excitement to share a little bit about the future of GreyHatLaboratories.

So what I'd like to do with GHL, is use rel="nofollow" tags, to show google that i'm being legit with my links, and to give back. I want to share something cool that other programmers have created on the web in return for people visiting my website and checking out my software. I want to encourage other nerds like me to enjoy their lust for computers, code, and technology. Embrace your internet junkie nature! It's awesome! (#_#)

What i'm doing to help encourage this, and the general exploration of THE REAL INTERNET [ yes, there's more than just the first few pages of google out there ], is adding links at the bottom of every page on the website called "A Few Random Azz Cool Sites". They are usually neocities sites, but others are listed as well. I will of course de-reference them for the search engine so they are not viewed as attempted "high quality back links". Even though to me, quality is more about sacrafice, light weightness, effectiveness, beauty, and compromise. All of these attributes come together to manifest quality. I believe the same motto should be kept in mind while creating all code. Check out with another creator has to say about this type of thinking:

Grey Hat Laboratories

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A couple random cool azz websites:

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